Vengeance Can Be A Powerful Motivator


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Scene Title Vengeance Can Be A Powerful Motivator
Synopsis Len needs someone to help him get Colby integrated. Who you gonna call?
Date August 7, 2009

Fort Hero: Len Denton's Office

Len's office has seen more action as of late as things start getting back into the motion after a month off. He's starting to hand out assignments. He still has one assignment he needs to fill, though he's stil debating doing this one himself. The case is high profile within The Company, he just needs to figure out who to take with him.

He /should/ take an evolved agent, with the 'one of them, one of us' rule, but Len isn't someone who normally plays by the rules. In fact, he has been debating on a particular someone for this assignment. First thing is first.

He still needs to work on the integration of Colby Martinez. He's asked her to remain on Fort Hero until he is certain she's understanding of everything that's going to be required of her. Now, he just needs a few agents to chat her up and welcome her aboard.

When Veronica gets the text from Len, she's actually already at Fort Hero. She was at the gym punching the hell out of a punching bag, taking out the frustrations of the last few weeks on the pleather sack. Uppercut, jab, hook, kick. The satisfying sounds of foot or fist against vinyl are interrupted by the chime of her Blackberry announcing a message. Len. She heads to his office, not bothering to change out of the baggy gym shorts and tight tank top. He's seen her look worse. She knocks on the open door, before coming in and sitting on the edge of the chair, so as not to make it too sweaty. "You rang?"

A sweaty Agent Sawyer is really one of the best daydreams a man can have, and here it is in person. Of course, Len would never say something so unprofessional, though he does give a double take when the agent drops down in his chair.


Back to business, right? He slides the paper across the table. "You've been following the news, Agent Sawyer?" The paper is folded over to the story of a therapists murder, and the suspected murderer's death. Len has kept the arrival of Colby Martinez quiet for the most part, even so, some might not make the connection.

The brunette agent glances at the story, skimming the headline. "Right, some therapist got zapped by an elecrokinetic, right? Can we rule out Elle? Are you sure?" she quips. She still doesn't know the girl, but she knows that most people think she's trouble, so she finds it humorous. Her dimples show before she straightens her lips into a flat line and looks properly serious. "Sad story though. Seems like she was a good lady." The humor might be to deflect her own feelings a touch — the basic story is not much different from the false version of her own father's death.

"Her killer was executed. By a cop. The counselor's spouse actually." Len seems somewhat impressed as he speaks. "She was able to take down the electrokenetic, and kill him." Len doesn't miss a beat when he adds. "She's coming onboard with us."

Veronica raises a brow. "Vigilante justice, huh? I mean, not that I blame her, but how do we know she's not going to come unhinged as an agent? Tragedy like that — it changes people," the agent says quietly, her husky voice softer, no longer making jokes.

Len shrugs. "We don't. I am not going to put her out there until she talks to Sheridan, but I think you, of all people, would understand where she is coming from. Revenge is a strong motive, and sometimes hard to control. She has the skills we need, but I'm going to need a few of you to give her the grand tour, let her know what to expect, that sort of thing. From your point of view. She's getting a new lease here. They wanted to send her to prison." He leans back in his chair.

Her of all people. Veronica raises her brows and nods. "I understand the idea of revenge. Though you'll note, I haven't gone after the agent that killed my father, even now, when I know where he works," she says coolly. "But sure. We'll welcome her aboard. Tell her what's what. What's her name? Where's she staying?" She means, of course, what room is she in, so she can look her up if she has to.

Len tilts his head. "I've always wondered why you haven't gone for revenge. When you told me you were leaving the country on vacation, I half expected that I would hear.. something." He pushes the brim of his hat up with his finger.

That actually gets a confused look from her, her brows furrowing together and her jaw setting in that way that makes her look like a petulant teenager at times. "I … can't believe you're telling me you thought I'd go try to murder a fellow agent, and that you weren't going to do anything about it," she says after a moment of thought. "Like that would be… normal or healthy or acceptable."

Len picks up a pen and taps it a few times on his desk as he considers what she's said. "Let me say it this way. In our line of work, we have certain.. leeways that we take for granted. There's plenty we can get away with if it suits our purpose. We can find a reason for nearly everything we do, even if we use the tired phrase of 'national security'. I'm not saying it would have been right, or if it would have been wrong. What I'm saying is that I would have understood." He lifts his eyes and puts them on her now.

Veronica gives a short little laugh and shakes her head. "I can't… you mean I could do it and get away with it and have it covered up and it'd all be all right with you…?" she says quietly, disbelievingly. It's almost like he's telling her to go do it. "So anyway," she says, changing tone suddenly. "Is there anything else?"

Maybe he is. Considering what all The Company has gotten away with since its inception, one would think this would be reasonably easy. Len scribbles some information on a sticky and hands it over. "She's on site now. In fact, she's limited to here until we get her oriented. You want to show her around, get her to meet a few of the other agents, that sort of thing. I'd appreciate it."

Taking the sticky note, Veronica nods. "Sure," she says, as she stands. "She'll probably appreciate it more if I take a shower first, of course." She grins at that, all dimples and teeth, and heads to the door.

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