Vengeance Plots


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Scene Title Vengeance Plots
Synopsis Just updating the boss.
Date Feb 28, 2010

New York Public Library

After leaving the lower level, Elisabeth heads toward the place she expects to find her disembodied lover. The office, of course! "Richard, you in here?" She's not 100 percent sure she'll find him, but it seems the most likely place.

"I'm here." I'm here… The shadow is draped over the desk, a tattered spray of shattered darkness over the wood and papers there, Cardinal's form ever-shifting as he works to keep himself together as best he can.

Blue eyes skim across the desk and she watches him quietly for a long time before speaking up. "I'm going to be scarce around here for a bit longer. Not just because of the job…." She bites her lip. "We have comfirmation on Dreyfus and Kozlow…. they killed Chesterfield, and I'm next on the hit list." She shoves a hand through her loose hair. "Dreyfus wants vengeance for his son's death."

"Damn." The shadow stirs together towards the edge of the desk closer to Elisabeth, Cardinal's voice tight and concerned, "You, or your father…? Have they tracked the bastards down yet?" The bastards…

She moves forward so he doesn't have to stir his incoporeal form off the desk, standing just in front of the desk and reaching out to lightly touch him. Elisabeth's worry is clear. "Most likely my father, honestly," she replies softly. "But I can't rule out the idea that he might try for… well, not you because supposedly you're already dead." She smiles faintly. "But people here might be at risk with me actively next on the list. I, uhm… I wanted to warn you that Feng Daiyu is one of the people helping Kozlow. Veronica lead a raid at lunchtime and called me right after. He's …. I don't know. A CIA spook or something? Maybe Company. Or ex-Company. Or something."

"He was Vanguard, once… after Kazimir's death, he turned to the CIA, but I think he ran out of control. I don't think he reports to his handlers, anymore. Once, he reported to Autumn, and Kershner…" Kershner… The information's imparted flatly, and Cardinal notes, "No surprise there, given that she was using Danko as well."

Elisabeth's head comes up sharply at that information. "Oh, just fucking perfect." She sighs heavily. "The other thing I was going to tell you is that …. Cat has mentioned some new intel's come to light about Ray. I haven't followed up on that yet just because I've been kind of caught up in my own problems and the job. I haven't told her you're alive, and…. I'm assuming you don't want them to know. I'll get Cat's intel to you as soon as I can, though, just in case it's of use to you."

Cardinal allows, "Alright, but… don't.. risk yourself, or your father, to get the information." Information… A twine of darkness spills down the desk, coiling to her leg, "I don't want to lose you, Liz."

There's a soft chuckle and Elisabeth replies quietly, "Well, now you have some tiny little inkling about how I felt when you exploded in front of my very eyes." She watches him move and murmurs, "I'll be as careful as I can. I don't… really think there's more I can do than I am. I'm heading for the apartment now to inform my father that he's essentially under house arrest." She grimaces. "That ought to go well."

"Sawyer's a good agent. She'll find these bastards if anyone can, I'm certain… as for Daiyu… you should report that to Kershner. She may have some way of tracking him down. I tried to kill him once, unfortunately I only just failed…" Failed… Cardinal's substance ripples in slow, tattered motion, "And I suspect your father's going to take it poorly, yes."

"I sure as hell hope so. I'm not sure I'll survive losing you and my father in the same year," Elisabeth admits with a small smile. "It really is a shame you didn't get him the first time. I'll text Kershner with the information." She watches the coils of shadow around her and says softly, "I can't believe I said that." She snickers. "I'll see you as soon as I can, okay?"

"Once that's all taken care of… we should gather everyone together, hold a meeting," Cardinal observes, uncoiling from her form and spreading back up along over the desk in a plague of scattered shadows, "Decide what we're doing properly." Properly…

Elisabeth nods immediately. "We need that. Angelina's worried about being a freeloader, and I know Claire's feeling at loose ends too. And I haven't even heard from Gilly. So as soon as I get this all pulled together, we definitely need to plan." She watches him slither across and then turns on her heel and heads toward the door. Looking back over her shoulder, she murmurs, "Love you." And then she's gone.

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