Venues, Pets, and Neighbours


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Scene Title Venues, Pets, and Neighbours
Synopsis Kurt and Joy discuss the mundane options of life, and Delilah is formally introduced to her newest neighbour.
Date October 22, 2009

The Verb - Kurt's Apartment

A simple but updated Bachelor suite with all the basic amenities. The kitchen is only separated by a floating wall and the coffee maker seems to be the focus point (and well used) in it's high tech, burgundy glory. The living room area is sectioned off from a double bed and dresser by a blue top sheet strung up and cut down the middle to function as a make shift wall. The living area itself contains a red futon and a computer desk area. there isn't a Television in the room but a multitude of electronics are somewhat organized to be piled near the computer desk. Two ancient but sturdy looking bookshelves contain a haphazard collection of literature (everything from fantasy to politics). A stacked washer and dryer is tucked over in the entrance way behind sliding doors.

In from work comes a tired but as normal joyful looking Kurt Campbell. Throwing down his bag on his computer chair the man heads over to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee before heading back out to the living room and flopping down onto the couch with a yawn.

Joy isn't roused from her nap immediately, but the smell of coffee causes the woman to stir. She sits up and blinks blearily a moment. "Hey," she murmurs, sleepy. "C'mover here. I'm cold."

Kurt gets up off the couch upon hearing the blonde's voice and says in that all to loving, sweet voice, "Oh sorry to wake you Joy." He looks down at her with a smile for a second before slipping into the bed beside her and trying to put an arm around her shoulders, "How was your day?" He asks, the epitome of normal.

Joy curls up in Kurt's arms happily when he crawls in with her. "Boring," she answers honestly. "I'm glad you're home. I was only sleeping because I couldn't think of anything better to do, you know?"

Kurt chuckles lightly at this and nods his head before leaning down to kiss her neck, "Well we really have gotta work on this I guess. Make you less bored cause I'm not gonna stand for a bored Joy every day. Now about that puppy or kitten idea. My computer work has picked up which means more money…maybe a bigger place than this one?" He suggests.

"A bigger place?" Joy asks, her face lighting up. "With a real bedroom? With a door?" She beams and pulls the blankets around them a little tighter. "Maybe with a balcony? I'd love to keep some flowers." A deep breath, to inhale the scent of brewing coffee once more. Ahh.

Kurt nods his head again and smiles at her delight over this idea, "Yep a real; apartment with a real balcony and a real bedroom door, with all the flowers you could want and maybe two bedrooms just so I can steal one to put the computer stuff in. I'm thinking I might quit the courier and focus on it soon."

"Really?" Joy blinks a few times, surprised by this announcement. "Do you think you can make enough money at it? I mean, it must be hard to advertise yourself - drum up business." She smiles impishly and asks, "What will you do with your bike?"

Kurt hums and shrugs at this before chuckling lightly, "Oh I can drum up the business, people already know I'm good at it. Top marks in MIT before I quit." He says but not in a bragging fashion, "Now that is a good question though, well biking is good exercise so I figure we gotta get you a bike too."

"So I can crash more?" The blonde has little trouble poking fun at herself. "Riding a bike is tough," she laments. After a moment of companionable silence she hmms thoughtfully. "This new place, though… Oh, gosh. A balcony. What if it's so high up that-" The look Joy gives Kurt is almost distressed. "I'm kind of a wuss, aren't I?"

Kurt chuckles lightly and pats her on the head playfully, "You're a little phobiatic…if that's a word. Now I'm gonna have to look it up." He winks to her, "But you aren't a wuss, never met a girl who took to roller coasters like you before." He kisses her again if she doesn't move away and gets up, "But I don't think any apartments in this building have balconies, we might have to look elsewhere. Which will suck cause my neighbours here are awesome. Delilah is the best brownie maker in the world and Juliet is a little weird but pretty cool. You should come out for drinks with me, Delilah works in the Rock Cellar downstairs."

"That might be fun," Joy admits, sitting up when Kurt crawls out of the bed. "Pour me a cup, would you? I could use some." The blankets are pulled tightly around her shoulders as she suppresses a shiver.

Kurt pours a cup for himself and one for her before heading back to the bedroom and holding it out for her, "I do love the fact you like coffee the same way I do you know. Make it simpler for the both of us." He smiles and leans to kiss her forehead, keeping the coffee steady.

Joy takes the coffee and blows the steam gently, cooling the liquid before taking that first sip. Mmm. "It does, doesn't it?" Her eyes drift over his face and slowly, Joy smiles. "You're so wonderful to me, Kurt." She crooks a finger. "Come here." Her eyes close, awaiting a kiss from her prince charming.

Kurt leans down to kiss the lovely woman slowly and then smiles joyfully, "So you, me and a few drinks sounds like a good night. I think they might have pool to if you've never tried that. You'll probolly kick my butt though with those surgical hands of yours." He winks and drink half of the cup of hot coffee right away.

"You like these surgical hands of mine," Joy teases, dropping another kiss on Kurt's lips before crawling out of bed finally. "I'm just so cold. Where is that blue sweater of mine?" She shivers again and nurses her coffee. The cup is set aside and she peels out of her tee shirt, picking through a basket of clean, folded clothes. "Oh, gosh. I'm blind. Here it is." The boat neck sweater is pulled on over her head and the rest of the coffee downed quickly. Joy then reaches out for Kurt's hand. "Let's go."

Kurt smiles brightly and takes her hand after finishing off his coffee and putting the cup down, "Yes indeed, let's blow this joint." He looks her over, "that is a gorgeous sweater on you." He compliments and then heads down to the bar with her.

The Rock Cellar

A comfortable place, located in the basement of 14 East 4th Street. The red brick walls are covered with memorabilia from various icons of rock and places in rock history, creating a feel similar to that of a Hard Rock Café.

The left wall has two bars separated by swinging doors which lead to and from the kitchen. Directly across from the entrance is a two foot high stage with all the equipment needed for acts to perform there. The right wall has three doors marked as restrooms: two for use by women and one by men.

Thirty square feet of open space for dancing and standing room is kept between the stage and the comfortable seating placed around tables which fill the remainder of the Cellar.

The lighting here is often kept dim for purposes of ambience, and when performers are onstage the place is loud enough to make conversation difficult. Just inside the door is a podium where location staff check IDs and stamp the hands of those under twenty-one with a substance visible under UV lights at the two bars and by devices the servers carry. On the podium's front is a sign with big black letters that just about explain it all: If You Don't Like Rock 'N' Roll, You're Too Late Now!

Joy Saint-Jacques descends the stairs to the Rock Cellar hand in hand with Kurt Campbell with a bright smile on her face. Her free hand leaves the railing and slips into the pocket of her skinny jeans once she reaches the landing. Dark blue eyes scan the pub slowly and she leans over, pointing to a woman's back. "Is that her?" she asks her boyfriend.

Kurt looks around for Delilah once they enter the bar and shakes his head at the woman Joy points to, "No she's like just 18. Young girl but really smart, you should meet Samson later if she thinks it's okay, he's like a monster of a dog, the one we hear barking all the time." Kurt leans over to kiss Joy's cheek quickly, "Thanks for coming out hun."

The one that barks and shakes the hallway in the process. Thankfully, he does stop when told. Delilah is wiping off the surface of a table right now, one hand diverting a napkinholder in the process. Once she finishes mopping up whatever was there, the redhead wanders back towards the bar to toss the rag and peer around at the current group; she has a habit of taking stock like this about every fifteen minutes. It is a given that she at least looks for anything suspicious or familiar, not that she always picks it up. Now is one of those times, as she skims right over Kurt and Joy in favor of eyeballing a young man with a foot long orange mohawk coming in the front door.

Joy nods slowly as Kurt corrects her mistake and updates the description she had in her head. She points again, this time to the appropriate redhead. "Well, is that her, then?"

Kurt grins and nods his head, "Yeah that's my favourite bartender." He's still holding Joy's hand as he heads over towards the bar. following Delilah's line of sight an eyebrow raises at the mohawked man and he says sliding into a stool at the man bar, "Interesting choice there Dee."

Delilah watches the traffic cone bob across the room for a moment, head turning away when the pair approaches the bar. She first gives Kurt a smile, before letting it fall onto Joy. It only seems less wide likely because they've never formally met, but it is a polite smile nonetheless. "Ah? Hah. Interesting choice? What's that supposed to mean?" The redhead laughs, finding her usual place to stand, wrists resting atop the edge of the counter. "And this must be Joy."

Joy raises her brows in askance to Kurt. "Been talking about me to the neighbours, have you?" There's some trepidation in the way she speaks, but she plays it off quickly, if a touch out of the ordinary. "Oh, I suppose that's only normal, huh?" She smiles nervously to Delilah. "Joy Saint-Jacques." The hand in Kurt's squeezes a little tighter as she offers the other to shake. "You live across the hall from us, right?"

Kurt smiles to Delilah, "Just didn't think you were the type to go for the mohawked, piercing guys is all." He explains to Delilah with a touch of a jesting grin then nods his head, "Yep the one and only Joy, best lady around. No offence meant." He tacks onto the end and squeezes Joy's hand back saying, "Never said anything bad don't worry hun."

"Yes, that I do." She is also the one that has left goodies on the doorstep- there was that fudge incident a couple of weeks back where everyone seemed to get some. Delilah takes the offered hand with a vigorous little shake of her own. Afterwards, she lifts a finger to shake it at Kurt. "I'm not. Tattoos are fine, but I'm not too big on outrageous hair or piercings." The girl knows he was teasing, but at least she can make it seem like a Totally Serious Matter in jest right back. "Can I get you guys something?"

Joy slides onto the stool in front of her, taking her proper seat at the bar. "Could I have whiskey?" She pauses, brows furrowing. "Better make that a whiskey and cola." She looks at her hands. She's lacking a stamp, where Kurt isn't. "Uhm… Listen, I kind of lost my ID. I'm still waiting for a new one. Could you make an exception for me? Just this one?"

Kurt curses under his breath, "Forgot about that…" He says quietly and his brow furrows a little. Trying to play it off he shakes his head at Delilah, "Well good to know, would hate to head to work in the morning and find a scary piecing man in the hallway. Personal choice though, not that I have any prejudice." He winks to the bartender and says, "A pilsner of course for me please." He slips an arm over Joy's shoulder.

"I can't do that." Delilah says this first, but her mouth is still open to finish the thought. "But I can- hey, I don't bring guys home-" Scoff. "Anyway, I can, uh- sell Kurt here his beer and a whiskey and coke- I can't control what he does with it after the fact…" A roundabout way of explaining that she can't divulge without an ID, even if she supposedly knows Joy's age- Kurt knows she's old enough, however, so he can 'share' his. Everybody wins, right?

As Delilah goes about first getting Kurt's pilsner, she glances up at the two. "If you lost your ID, you should really get a new one. They're indispensable, especially these days."

"You know how slow these things can be," Joy responds casually with a shrug. In reality, even she doesn't know how quickly one receives an ID card after applying for it. Hearsay and rumour are wondrous things. She gives Kurt her best puppy dog expression. "Buy me a drink?"

Kurt smirks at Joy and nods his head to Delilah, "I'll get a whiskey and coke too please." He shakes his head and says, "We're working on getting Joy her ID back but with all the backups it's taking a touch longer." And the fact he hasn't made fake ID since he was in high school. "and no Dee never been scared in the hallway by strange people."

One pint goes down in front of Kurt, and in another few moments the whiskey and coke joins it. "Yeeeah, they take a while." Delilah says this with such a measured air that it almost feels like she is saying to go get a fake one right there. She probably is. "I hear you're thinking about a critter?" Change of subject, if very minor.

"Yeah," Joy responds, exchanging a look with Kurt that could be one of annoyance, but it's too fleeting to tell for sure. One slender hand reaches out and trembling fingers wrap around the shorter glass of liquor, pulling it toward her. "I think I'm between a kitten or a bird. Though I'm not opposed to a puppy."

"I'm not a big bird fan…sort of creepy creatures." Kurt admits with a shrug, "Well they can be nice just not indoors." He adds and takes a sip of the pilsner set in front of him, "Thinking of another apartment too, though Joy wants a balcony and I don't think we have balconies in our building…"

Delilah can think of another couple of reasons that Joy might want to move out, but she obviously dares not voice them. Instead, she plays the part of a curious neighbor and perches her elbows on the bartop. "It's almost winter, so I feel bad for the balcony people. This part of the year, I guess. I'm not much for them myself. And, well, whatever you get- if you guys stick around the building at the same time, let me know. If you're going to get a cat, I'd like to make sure Samson knows it." Or possibly eats it, but Dee doubts that he would do that.

Joy nods her head absently to the points Delilah makes, bringing her drink up to her lips. She drinks the whiskey deeply, and then makes a face. She looks suddenly to Kurt and asks, "Can we go into Chinatown tomorrow? I want to see if I can find some little pastries that I'm fond of…"

Kurt nods his head at this sudden request, "Yeah sure, sounds like fun to me." Despite the tumoil down there and the battles between people. He smiles to Delilah, "I'm sure Samson will be fine with any animal we get." He squeezes Joy's hand again which he is still holding, "So…I was thinking of quitting the couriers, getting back into computer tech fulltime. So if you know anyone that needs anything computer wise just don't forget about me." He smiles with a slight shrug.

"You should join one of the nerd herds that pop up- people don't want to pay for retail repair, and they tend to call those guys up instead. Some of them get some nice business, and even government buildings need tech support." Delilah has never really worked for either world, so she can't advise much- though she makes an honest effort. "Now if you'll excuse me for a bit, here, I've got to go clear a couple tables that have emptied since you came. It was nice to actually meet you, Joy."

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