Vera Annaliese Linus
Portrayed By Gemma Ward
Sex Female
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Force Transfer
Age 26
Date of Birth July 14th
Date of Death —-
Occupation Company Agent
Significant Other(s) Zachery "Jackal" Kain
First Appearance And Then There Were Four
Last Appearance

Character History:

The only daughter of a Austrian immigrant Company man, and a Russian immigrant, well.. housewife, Vera Linus was, for the first part of her life, the epitome of a spoiled brat. Her family pulled in more than enough money, thanks to her father's job, that they could afford to heap her with luxuries, and she enjoyed every minute of it.

Her grade school years and middle school years were rather uneventful; At six, she enrolled in the local girls' soccer team, and ran with that for quite a long time, even when she transferred from public school to a Catholic private elementary school about two years later, thanks to them having a soccer team.

She was relatively popular even at her age; Pretty, likeable, though certainly with the character flaws that come with being spoiled and popular - Vain, self-centered, capricious at times, with an attitude two sizes too big for her. Elementary school kids are ruthless, surprisingly.

However, when she was just about to move on to high school, at about thirteen, something changed - And it wasn't just Vera that noticed. Things would get knocked off the shelves while she was upset or angry, and occasionally something would break seemingly at random when she moved her hands. It took less than a year, honestly, to figure things out, and she wasn't the only one to notice.

Now, Jans, Vera's father, was through and through a Company agent, skilled at picking out and picking up those with abilities. He loved his daughter, too, and despite knowing exactly what was going to happen, felt it was in her best interests to give her to the company after 'testing' her ability - Basically, one night, when her mother had gone to bed, he casually brought up the subject and asked her to give it a try. He wasn't disappointed, and though Vera was afraid of what might happen when her father saw, she did show him to make him happy. And he was certainly happy.

It was less than three months later that she was moved from her school to the training facility for Company agents. At the age of thirteen, Vera wasn't entirely sure what was going on, but quickly became as convinced as her father was; While her abilities were, in a sense, dangerous, there were others out there that would use their own special powers to hurt people, normal people like her mother and father.

So, while continuing with her education, the Company did what it thought best; They began training her to be a field agent in the future. After all, her ability was hardly meant for simply studying and sitting around a research facility; It could be extremely useful when used in combat, and they could always use more 'specials' for their bagging and tagging operations.

So, Vera spent half of her time at school, and the other half training; In fact, not only did they train her ability, they trained her body to match - Combat Sambo was the end choice for the form of martial arts to train her in, and she was started immediately. Thankfully, she was already in decent shape from doing sports most of her life.

For eight years she trained and trained, and while the Company felt that she was ready by the time she was eighteen, her father had enough say in it that he was able to prevent them for another three, just in case.

And then, things went wrong. Peter Petrelli exploded in the middle of New York, killing thousands and making part of the city an uninhabitable wasteland, and the Company went on high alert for the presence of what seemed to be a new wave of Evolved people, and Jens was no longer able to protect his daughter from being sent out into the field prematurely - They needed every person they could get out there and moving around in order to contain this accident and prevent it from ever happening again.

She was all too happy to get out, honestly, though, despite the worry her father peppered her with; She was a grown woman, after all, and more than capable of protecting herself, not only with her ability but with her martial skills. Not to mention, she had a driving force behind her - Revenge. Peter Petrelli had destroyed the part of New York her mother was living in, and her mother.. had not been lucky enough to be out of the house at the time. And the Company knew who did it, so her father knew, and the next day came to his daughter with nothing but hatred and vengeance for his wife in mind. So, with her first partner in tow, she was sent out on her first missions, and certainly not her last.

Not long after the explosion, Nathan Petrelli revealed the existence of the Evolved peoples, and the Company stepped in to provide support to Homeland Security. But nothing really changed, besides having the government's support. For two years, she did her job with single-minded intensity - She was every bit as much of a Company agent as her father, and thanks to Peter's loss of control, more than willing to do whatever it takes to protect herself and her father.

Her motive is clear; Bag, tag, and imprison the most difficult and dangerous of Evolved without fail, and /destroy/ Peter Petrelli for what he did.

Evolved Human Ability:

Vera's ability is somewhat hard to explain - Most people would, at first, consider it to be a form of telekinesis, but it's certainly not. Basically, any force her hands produce can be transferred to another target - Meaning, if she takes a swing at someone, she can take the force of her moving fist, and instead transfer it into the skin of someone's face ten feet away from her, across the room, thus making it seem as though she punched her target, even though she didn't actually physically hit him.

There are limits, however; First, the amount of force she can transfer from her hands is limited entirely to the strength she can produce on her own. If she can crush a can with her hands, she can use her ability to do the same. She can't, say, crush a rock with her ability, because she couldn't do so with her muscles in the first place.

Second, the target must be within her line of sight. Her ability is linear, meaning she can't be facing one way and have her target be anywhere but right in front of her. She has to be facing her target, and her arm has to be extended in their exact direction, and the closer to the intended target, the better. While she can subtly alter the trajectory of the force, it's no more than a foot up right left or down, while the distance away from her can be altered by up to ten yards.

Third, it's possible to make contact with a target inside a structure, such as causing damage directly to a person's organs, but this is incredibly difficult, takes a huge amount of concentration, and can potentially kill a target she was planning to simply incapacitate, or even worse, not work at all. She has to judge the distance exactly, and she can't afford to have her precision off even a little bit, or it will fizzle. Meaning, if she's going to try and squeeze someone's heart, she had better have her hand pointing directly at that person's heart, or she won't get it right.

Last, just because she's carrying a weapon doesn't mean that she can transfer that weapon's force, either. If she was using a knife and took a swipe at someone from ten feet away, the force of her fist would be transferred, but the knife would not.


Memorable Quotes:

"We're not here to be friends with them. I'm here to drag them back and do my job, not be Pretty Princess Goodyshoes."

Trivia and Notes:

  • Vera's normal mode of transportation is to ride on Jackal's shoulder.
  • Vera absolutely HATES Jackal's birds. And birds in general.
  • Despite Chloe's insistence, Vera is not going to marry Jackal. Or anyone. Ever. Go away. >:(
  • Vera will kick your butt. Yeah, you. Why? Because you're a jerk. Even if she doesn't know you, you're a jerk.
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