Isabelle Wesley Khan

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Name Isabelle 'Isa' Wesley Khan Aliases Isabelle Ashford
Isa Parker
Isabelle Wesley
Status Registered Non-Evolved (Class N Non)
Gender Female
Birthdate November 18, 1983 Age 36
Height 5'8 Build Athelthic
Eyes Hazel Hair Brunette
Residence Yamagato Park
Employment Chemical Engineer
Parents Miss Wesley
(Actual Mom but I BBQ'd on accident)
Mike Ashford (Adoptive Father, Deceased)
Bella Ashford (Adoptive Mother, Deceased)
Siblings Thalia (Adoptive Sister)
Marital Status Married Shaw (infinite bomchickawowow) Children Namiko Wesley-Khan
First Scene Coincidence or Fate? Last Scene
Profile Well she made it, but somethings still haunting her… in the back of her mind.
Isabelle Wesley Khan
portrayed by

Tatiana Maslany


Character Icons
Virus Bright Wasteland Flood Prime
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Shahid Wesley Khan - Love…The One, however you wanna say it. Shahid is everything that is good in this world in Isabelle's eyes. His nuanced way of looking and approaching things has led to some dampening of those fiery walls she's built around herself.
Namiko Wesley Khan - How in the hell did she end up with a totally smart, totally cool, beautiful daughter you ask? Time travel. Nami makes the whole trip to the Prime dimension worth it, that the three of them all found each other is the most powerful thing in Isabelle's life.
Magnes I
Magnes J Varlane - Her bestfriend, someone she had thought died only to find out he was alive but not actually from her world? It gets even more confusing but now she and Magnes are on a journey of discovery and tend to get into dicey situations together. Even though she might be considered the more reckless of the two given the nature of her ability and her temperament, often Izzy is the voice of reason for Magnes. She does though, take his words when he offers advice. He's not allowed to bed all the Elaines.

Date Title Characters Summary
November 2011
12th Coincidence or Fate? Brenda, Elisabeth and Isa When the worlds are so close, is it any wonder that familiar faces and names pop up?
14th Best Friends at the End of the World Magnes and Isa Magnes and Isabelle reunite, and Magnes trusts one of his best friends of all time with his secrets. Isabelle, as usual, tries to guide him into the future.
15th The Last Lemon Isa and Shaw Shaw returns from scavenging. He and Isabelle discuss the newcomers. And have opinions about the world's impending doom.
28th Just A Sip Isa and Kaylee Kaylee just (not) making friends and (not) influencing people.
28th Homegirls in the Making Elisabeth and Isa Isabelle's hiding a bottle of the good stuff.
December 2011
9th Lemon Death Moonshine and Kansas Cardinal, Elisabeth and Isa Elisabeth goes looking for something to help her sleep and finds that Magnes is right — Isabelle often has just the right thing to say.
11th Butterfly Kisses Elisabeth, Isa and Shaw Isabelle introduces Shaw to Elisabeth. They discuss a number of topics from The Importance of Staying Positive, Magnes and Ruiz working on a Plan(TM), Why Precogs and Telepaths have the shittiest power, Raith is a Ghost, and Why Lynette's Mad. Now with Surprise ending inside the box.
13th Nothing Interesting Isa and Peyton …is what Peyton professes to be able to do, when Isabelle tries to figure out just what Peyton can do
21st Great Expectations Elaine, Isa and Magnes There's no Pip, Estella, or Miss Havisham, but there certainly are some great expectations.
25th We All Fall Down Isa, Shaw and Thompson It's far too late for a pocketful of posies.
21st Jackpot Isa and Shaw Isabelle and Shaw return to the Hub after their scavenging run to take stock of all that happened and what's to come.
January 2012
12th Another Endgame — Suffer the Children Dave, Elisabeth, Gillian, Isabelle, Kain, Ling, Lucille, Rico, Ryans, Shaw, and Vor The residents of the Hub launch a desperate attack against the Vanguard in a bid to leave their dying world.
13th Bonnie and Clyde Isa and Shaw After the attack on the Vanguard facility, two survivors make their way through the ruins of the city to figure out their next move.
16th Another Endgame - And All That Could Have Been, Part II
Another Endgame — And All That Could Have Been, Part III Bowie, Cardinal, Dave, Denisa, Elaine, Elisabeth, Elspeth, Gillian, Hana, Isabelle, Kain, Kaylee, Kazimir, Ling, Logan, Magnes, Mala, Peyton, Rickham, Ruiz, Shaw, Steve, Vor, and Ygraine "My loneliness is happy with that elegant hope."


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