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Name Kaylee Anne Thatcher Aliases Leanne Edwards
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Telepathy
Gender Female
Birthdate February 3rd, 1987 Age 31
Height 5'10" Build Slender
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence None
Employment None
Parents Karen Thatcher (Deceased)
Edward Ray (Deceased)
Siblings All Dead
Marital Status Committed <3 Children None.
First Scene Whiskey Talk Last Scene
Profile One of the survivors of a dying world. Hopping from one world to the next, she searched for a place she can call home with a better future than the one she left. What she found was nothing she had been searching for, but found what she needed. Someone who understood her and accepted her for the complicated mess she is in. However, it was in a world just as bad as her own, but as long as she has Luther she can meet any challenge head on. Still there are days she misses her family of time displaced travelers.
Kaylee Thatcher
portrayed by

Blake Lively
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