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Name Eileen Ruskin Aliases Munin
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Avian Telepathy
Gender Female
Birthdate 02/16/1989 Age 23
Height 5' 1/2" Build Slim
Eyes Gray-Green Hair Dark Brown
Residence Unknown
Employment None
Parents Sophia Ruskin †
Ethan Holden †
Siblings Nicholas Ruskin
Nick and Grace Holden †
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene A Canary in a Coal Mine Last Scene Another Endgame - And All That Could Have Been, Part I

Munin — or Eileen Ruskin, as others knew her — is a willing agent of the Vanguard, using her ability to pose as Kazimir Volken's eyes and ears in the field. She harbours some guilt over the whole "destroying the world" thing, and is presently puzzling out the best way depose Volken and return Sylar's body to him.

So far, it's not going great.

portrayed by

Darla Baker
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