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Scene Title Vilified
Synopsis Nadira and Griffin have a pleasant early morning talk, and the newly engaged couple grows even closer.
Date January 19, 2011

Bannerman's Castle - Griffin's Room

It's a rather lovely morning, really, all things considered. The sun is bright out, shining through the window of the room that Griffin has finally procured here at Bannerman. Owain's cot is empty, the boy having gotten up early to go get breakfast and hang with the Lighthouse Kids. He's starting to enjoy himself with them. He's also been fairly tolerant of Nadira, though something might say that he's walking a thin line right now.

Griffin is curled up with Nadira in their cot, conserving warmth by way of shared body heat.
He's got one arm over her waist, holding her close to him, while the other arm is tucked under his head as he sleeps. Griff is definitely a snuggler.

Slowly, the telekinetic is awakening, letting out little growls to indicate the return to consciousness, while simultaneously kissing Nadira's shoulder.

The hydrokinetic is glad for the warmth, really. It's more than just an excuse to snuggle closer. She doesn't tend to like to deal with the cold much, it's never been something she ever quite got used to. Nadira cracks open an eye, noting Owain's already up and out. As much as she loves Griffin, being around his son still makes her nervous. She doesn't quite know how to treat him.

She relaxes a little more knowing that Owain is out, not because she wants to be rid of him but because it means, for this brief moment, there's some privacy. It's not often she gets to have Griffin to herself for a while. The kisses make her smile, and her eyes half-open to peek over at him. "Good morning."

Another low growl to signal his ascent into the realm of the awake, and Griffin gives Nadira a little squeeze. One eye peeks open to peer over at Owain's bed, and the man offers a faint smile. At leat the boy is making friends. He closes his eyes once more, relaxing as he snuggles nice and close to Nadira. "Mmf." That's the first attempt at talking.

Then, after a few more kisses on her shoulder and the back of her neck, Griffin finally manages to get out a coherent sentence. "Good morning." He raises his head, resting it on her shoulder to smile down at the woman. This is like a fairytale. Aside from the cold, everything is perfect in just this moment. One of those times he's going to remember forever.

These moments never last long enough, so Griffin seems happy to make the most of this. "You're even beautiful with bed hair." He leans down to kiss her cheek. "I really lucked out."

"You are just biased because you have to be, Griffin. However, I shall pretend that you are somehow strange enough to believe that bed hair is beautiful and enjoy the compliment. I shall strive, in the future, to wake up before you and comb my hair so as to shock you with my beauty every morning," Nadira says. She may be sleepy, but she can still form coherent sentences, even though she's letting her eyes drift shut again. "I am glad I can be here with you, Griffin."

"I am strange. I think you're beautiful, with your hair all over the place." He smiles warmly, kissing her cheek once more and squeezing her. "Don't strive to get up and comb your hair. I like it." He grins softly, resting his cheek on her shoulder once more. "Besides, I like watching you sleep. Your mouth hangs open in the cutest way. I love it." Then, he plants a small kiss on the corner of her mouth, smiling.

"I'm glad you're here with me, Nadira. This…it's been like a little paradise, with you here. Like…a vacation." A vacation where you have to do a lot of chores, but a vacation nonetheless.

"Griff, you are going to embarrass me like that… I have this horrid image of myself drooling and my hair everywhere…" Nadira protests weakly, a tiny smile still on her face as she leans in to kiss him a little more fully. "I don't know about a paradise. There's still a heavy feeling looming over all of this, but… it certainly feels good, being here with you… feeling safe."

"Oh, don't be." Another kiss on her cheek, and then he meets her kiss on the lips, squeezing her again. "I love every bit. And you don't drool, in any case, your mouth just hangs open ever-so-slightly." He raises his hand, gently touching her lower lip, before he plants a kiss on them. When he pulls away, he puts his head on her chest, apparently intent on listening to her heart beat. "There is a heavy feeling. But…for now, let's enjoy this, right?" He raises green eyes up to her, smiling. "Owain's birthday is next Wednesday…then I'd like to go back to the main land for a while."

Nadira kisses Griffin's forehead and reaches a hand up to run through his hair as she lets his head rest in close enough to hear her heartbeat. "How old is he turning? I should find him a present. I want him to like me…" She shuts her eyes as she rests again, seeming thoughtful amidst her relaxation. "It will be nice to go back for a while. I can pick up some shifts, see how Melissa is doing…"

Griffin smiles up at Nadira, squeezing her close and closing his eyes for a long moment, a faint smile on his face. He's still really warm from sleeping, thank goodness, and the down sleeping bags he brought are great at keeping that warmth in. "Owain's going to be eleven. And I'd say get him something he can do. A craft. He's been doing lots of those lately."

Any way for the boy to keep his mind off of the rather awful situation he's in.

"It'll be…interesting. I don't think I should return to work right now. Not after they put my face up on the news." Unless he can enlist Kendall to disguise him…note to self, speak to the illusionist boy.

"Hm… something he can make… might be difficult to find something good… but I'll find something," Nadira murmurs, pressing in closer against Griffin's chest. The warmth is nice. And it's making her drowsy again. "I know. Probably best that you don't go in. It will be safer that way. Never know who will spot you. I'd rather not have you getting shot."

The man closes his eyes, going quiet for a long moment as he simply listens to the sound of Nadira's heart beating. It's relaxing, and he's getting drowsy-ish, too, despite the bright light cast by the morning sunlight. "Mmf." He grumbles this again, before heaving a soft sigh. "I don't know what to do any more, Nadira. I'm— I think I'll always be a wanted man. I go against the Government's Agenda…and they've vilified me for it."

He's quiet for a moment longer. "Sometimes, I get tired of running."

Nadira's eyes shut. "I know what it's like to run. I just… sometimes you have to do something drastic to stop it. It took me leaving my family and friends and going to another country. I don't know that I would be able to fix things for you… but if you need to leave, I'll go with you." She states, quietly. "Maybe we can eventually find somewhere to be safe, somewhere not to run any longer.

Griffin opens his eyes, peering up at Nadira in silence for a long moment. Then, a faint smile forms on his face, and he nuzzles a bit closer to her, squeezing tight. "I don't know that they'd let me get this far. And…it's a difficult choice. I can choose to run…choose to get the hell out of here and hope they never find me…or I can choose to stay and fight. And I don't think I should be naive enough to believe that they'd let me get away so easily." Still, it's a nice thought.

Nadira smiles, opening her eyes to peek back at him. "I don't know what will happen, but I am staying with you till you die, one way or another. Or until I die. I am hoping that we will be old by then."

Griffin opens his eyes once again, smiling warmly up at Nadira. Then, he leans forward, planting a small kiss on her lips. "I hope so too. I'd like to keep you around, that's for sure." He smiles, reaching up to cup her cheek. "I love you, Nadira." He wraps both arms around her, then, and holds her tight to himself, planting kisses on her face.

"I figured you wanted to keep me around when you gave me a ring," Nadira murmurs, turning to face him a little better as she kisses him back. An arm rests around his waist while she supports herself with the other, looking back at him. "I love you, Griffin. I'd ask if we could just stay in bed all day, but I know life is more complicated than that."

Griffin suddenly grins, laughing. "I go by the lyrics of this one song I heard on the radio once. Really catchy tune. 'If you like it then you should put a ring on it' or something to that effect." He laughs softly. "I took the advice to heart." A wink, and he kisses her, rolling onto his back and tucking a hand behind his head. "Oh…I don't know. We could stay in bed a little longer." A mischevious grin forms on his face.

There's a tiny laugh and Nadira leans in to kiss him. "Well, I suppose that's one way to make sure the girl you are interested in doesn't get away." She nuzzles her nose against his in an Eskimo kiss, then grins. "We'll miss breakfast if we don't get up, though."

Griffin pulls Nadira close, letting out a small, happy noise. "S'what I figured. Besides…had to make sure everyone knows that you're my girl." He smiles, lifting a hand and gently running his hands through her hair, before he's kissing her a few times, a smile on his face. "There's always leftovers. It's not often that I get so much uninterrupted time with my fiance these days…"

"That, I must admit, is very rare. Between chores and people and Owain, it's… it's a constant zoo. There's always someone watching or someone else around." Nadira's fingers tangle in his hair. "This is nice. Just being with you. Being able to be myself and not feel like there is anything wrong in the entire world."

"Well…then let's make the most of this wonderful quite time, shall we?" Griffin smiles, squeezing Nadira into a hug, before he plants another kiss on her lips. "This is wonderful is what it is. It's…a nice change of pace, just relaxing in bed with you, like there really isn't anything wrong with the world. Let's wait a while before we go back to the other side, okay?"

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