Violence at the Consolidated Edison Power Plant

QUEENS — Just after 10:00pm Eastern Daylight Time, New York Police and Rescue were alerted by means of networked alarms to an emergency situation at the Consolidated Edison Power Plant. When police arrived, they discovered the bodies of Juan Carlos Rivieria, 26, Evolved, and Michael Garland, 24, Non-Evolved inside along with the bodies of seven on-duty security guards and eight members of the Consolidated Edison night staff.

Further damage was seen at the security office of the power plant where, according to initial reports, an improvised explosive was detonated, taking the lives of six security workers maintaining the plant overnight.

Police and Homeland Security were dispatched to the scene. It is believed that two of the perpetrators, scene on surviving video surveillance footage, were former members of thee now defunct Pro-Evolved terrorist organization PARIAH, which was taken down by a joint NYPD effort earlier last month.

A third un-named accomplice to the two, who was not found at th scene is described to be an African American male in his mid to late 30s, roughly seven feet tall and 300 to 350 pounds. The Department of Homeland Security will be releasing portion of the video footage later today.

Anyone with information to the nature of this attack is encouraged to report directly to the NYPD information hotline featured at the end of this article.

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