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Scene Title Violin Cover
Synopsis Elaine and Adel meet up while they're both trying to get some practice on their instruments.
Date December 15, 2010

Recording Studio

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In the hours before the Rock Cellar opens for buisiness, the Recording Studio may see it's most use. The tapes aren't rolling, and most of the band is absent, but one member, the newest one, is practicing on the drum set that Quinn bought her. Tapping the sticks against each other to make a sharp clicking sound, between beats, Adel makes the music almost like it's own language. In some tribal societies, the precussions told whole stories without words, and in some ways, though not as structured or complex. There's a code to it, though, a formula. But as soon as it seems to have a meaning, it drops into something completely random.

From the sweat on her brow, the brunette has been practicing for quite some time, body animated and smile wide. Despite the obvious consentration, she loves what she's doing. With a bang of the bigger drum, she finally stops, twirling the sticks once and then leaning back. Without the rest of the instruments, it's difficult to tell exactly what song she was playing.

But, surprisingly, there's someone else sneaking down to play some music. Really, Elaine was sneaking down because she didn't want to wake up Quinn… and she didn't want anyone else to hear her attempts at violin music. She was still re-learning, after all, and there was the whole mess of trying to read sheet music… she still couldn't get the hang of that correctly. Too long to translate in her head. So when Elaine spots Adel, she creeps in to listen before the woman stops, and then she proceeds to head the rest of the way in. "I don't know much about drums, but I'd say you're pretty damn good at that."

The color in her cheeks may be from exertion, or it could be from embarassment or pride. "Thanks, I'm not as good as some, but I… I'm better than the drummer they had before, certainly," Adel says with a laugh, because they hadn't really had one before her, as far as she knows. Her laugh is rather joyful, if exerted. "It sounds better with the whole band, but I have a lot of songs to learn and relearn. Can't let the band down, especially if we end up on television. People can rewind that now."

"I'm sure you'll do fine. The overall group of you will sound so fantastic no one will notice if you slip a little. I think you're doing good, though. Just keep practicing." Elaine lifts her violin. "I do." There's a pause. "Though I can imagine it's hard to get everyone together to practice these days, huh?"

"Yeah, I haven't seen the whole band much lately," Adel admits, looking down at the sticks, before she tilts her head at the violin. That will come in a moment. "I'm sure everyone's busy though. Riots, pick up, crap still happening. But I'm sure it will settle down soon." As she puts down her sticks, she hops off the stool and moves closer. "You play the violin?"

Elaine laughs a little. "More like Sable's got her own stuff and Quinn's around but has been busy with Ygraine… and then there's Magnes who is…" She shakes her head. "Magnes." She looks back to Adel. "Yeah, I learned when I was little and then Quinn bought me this violin and has been getting me back up to speed. She's hoping I'll help out when she wants to play some piano pieces so I can back her up on violin. She's been working on her Gaelic so we can do some really awesome Celtic stuff, all authentic-like."

"There's a lot of really good bands who use violins, even rock bands, but I could definitely see you and Quinn making a good duo," Adel says with a smile, bouncing over to look at the violin carefully. "Once you get up to speed with it, we could probably use you for a song or two in Mad Muse. Adding in more types of instruments means we can make different sounding music, and no one likes it when all of the band's songs sound exactly the same. Like those Nickelback guys. It's like they plagiarize themselves!"

There's a bit of a laugh. "Well, I'd be more than happy to if I get good enough, but that may take a bit. Again, lessons when I was ten," Elaine protests. "But Quinn is a good teacher, so… I can't fault her there." She offers the violin towards Adel so she can get a better look. "I don't think it'd be a very good idea for me to help out too much with the band. I feel kinda like I'm a reverse Yoko. Break up the band, but cause I broke up with a member of the band, not got together. Magnes being all over the place is my fault and he threatened to quit at least once, though I talked sense into him. Really, I don't wanna screw things up too much, you know?"

"I don't think you will. I mean honestly the band could probably continue without him— bass guitar is easier to find than some, but I don't particularly like the idea, since Sable talked about how fate brought you all together," Adel says, bouncing a bit where she stands with her lips clamped shut. It doesn't last long. "I'm sure he'll come around. This is his dream too, I think. Even if the two of you aren't together anymore, he's still good friends with Sable, and the band is something he wants. We just may have to deal with him making us costumes or something!"

Elaine shakes her head vigorously. "Adel, don't open that can of worms. Lets just say there's a Hogwarts costume somewhere in that spare bedroom of his that fits me. And really, do you want to end up like KISS? I mean, I think there are better bands to model yourself after." She laughs. "Anyways, I'm sure he'll come around. I'll just hide in a cardboard box and watch rehearsals through cut-out holes. Best groupie ever, right? Such sacrifices for the band." She grins.

"It'd be fun, though…" Adel says, actually sounding a little disappointed at the idea they can't have costumes. "Daft Punk wears costumes and you never even see what they really look like— and there's a bunch of other bands too. They don't have to be outrageous. Sable probably wouldn't let him make them too crazy, but they could still be cool." Maybe she already brought up the idea to him… maybe.

"Anyway, bridge, cross, later," she says to dismiss it. "Do you need any help with violin? I played a little when I was a kid too. Like around the age you did. My mom taught me a bit."

"Well, I guess not-so-outrageous costumes could be okay." Elaine murmurs, then she looks at the violin. "Yeah? I kinda wish it was my mom that taught me. She did sign me up for the lessons, though. Thought it would round me out a bit." She offers the violin over. "Care to show me how much you remember?"

"Oh, sure— I mean, I can't promise I'll be any good, I haven't played in a few years," Adel says as she moves closer and takes the violin and the bow, looking at it carefully. She starts to hum softly under her breath, a song that's… familiar. After a few beats she starts to play. There's a wince as she plays the wrong note, and it's obvious, and her fingers slip more than once, but the further she goes, the more she gets used to it. By the second verse it sounds much better than the first.

And even if parts were messed up, it's a song that Elaine knows. A violin cover of 'Let It Be' by the Beatles.

Elaine sort of… seems lost for a moment as she listens, a tiny smile on her face. "You're pretty good." There's a bit of a pause. "Good choice of songs. That's my favorite one of the Beatles. It's probably the only one I feel confident belting out." She grins sheepishly. "Good, good choice."

There's a proud smile, though at the same time Adel looks embarassed as she hands it over. "You'll probably want to learn it on the violin, then. It's my favorite on that too, but I like a lot of their songs— I don't belt, though! Only time I do is when I have to. I can sing, I guess, but I'd rather let the instruments do the music."

"I know what you mean. Sometimes it's easier, but I feel stronger about singing right now. Languages and stuff." Elaine says, though she nods a bit. "Well, it's nice to know we've got another violinist."

"I'm not that good," Adel says, with a sheepish smile. "But in a pinch, I can definitely help. I know notes pretty well, too, so if you just need to know where your fingers go, I can give you pointers. I honestly read sheet music better than anything else. I always sucked at languages. Tried to learn Spanish and French and… nope. I never even got past one, two, three."

Elaine laughs. "You're my opposite. It's hard for me to translate music in my head… but languages, I get those." She seems amused. "Well, if you ever need help with Spanish or French or something… I'm your girl."

"I need help with English sometimes," Adel says with a laugh, moving back over to her drum set and picking up the sticks. They click together. "But I'll likely take you up on it. Where I came from I didn't really need it, but here— never know when you might need a little Spanish."

"Or a little Gaelic," Elaine grins, then nods. "Where'd you come from then?" She raises an eyebrow. "Clearly not New York… you get a bit of everything here." She points out.

"One of those suburbs. It was pretty quiet there," Adel explains, twirling the drum stick around between her fingers like it's a small baton. "So I didn't have a lot of need to learn languages, besides…" Whatever she was about to say doesn't finish, as she snaps the sticks back together and puts them down. "I should get going. I don't want to interupt your practice if you wanted it in private. Unless you want me to stay. I can totally give you pointers."

"I dunno that a violin and a drum works too well together, but I wouldn't mind the company. I don't like being alone, as weird as that sounds." Elaine laughs. "You don't have to make any comments or pointers unless you want to."

"I'm a bit warn out from playing, but I can totally watch," Adel says, dropping down into a far more comfortable seat than her drummer stool. "Consider me a captive audience." And the pointers will be few and far between, with far more praise than critisms. She's definitely a glass is half full type.

Elaine nods a little. "I'll give it a shot." She moves, picking the violin up to play. She starts, playing 'Let It Be' by ear. It's clear she's trying to mimic what Adel was doing, finding it easier to play by ear than play by sheet music. She takes a bit of time, but… all in all, she plays fairly well.

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