Viral Justice


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Scene Title Viral Justice
Synopsis Magnes comes to Yana with the stress from his situation involving Colette. Yana offers a rather nasty solution in the name of experimentation.
Date February 16

Dorchester Tower Apartments - Yana's Apartment


After a quick call to Yana in the morning while sounding a bit upset on the phone, Magnes asked if she minds him coming over. He arrives not long after, knocking on her apartment door with his dark blue suit jacket over a white buttoned up shirt, jacket unbuttoned, and a pair of dark blue pants with black leather laced up shoes. "I, uh, it's me…" He says through the door, sounding a little less articulate than normal.

He is let in the front door by Christopher who opens for him to step in. Yana herself is resting on a long leather chair, which looks like something one might see at a psychologist's office, with a heavy book in her hands, reading. As he comes in, she places her marker in the center, closing it and setting it aside, "Magnes." She comments rather neutrally, though her arched brow indicates an observation, "You're looking dubiously unsettled, did something happen?"

"I… something's going to happen, and I don't know what to do. I didn't know who else to come to…" There's Eileen, but she might support matters, and Elisabeth, who, well, works for FRONTLINE… Magnes looks back to Christopher, then to Yana, clearly indicating that it's a rather private matter, while not wanting to be rude. His eyes are also a little red, indicating there may have been some recent tears.

Yana looks to Christopher for a moment, and a few looks are exchanged. After a nod from the tall man, he moves off further into the apartment, into another room. Yana rises from her chair, "Something is going to happen?" She looks deeply curious at this point, finding her way to the island counter of the kitchen, where a drink had been awaiting her. It is but a cup of tea, but still. "Here, have a seat." she sets the cup down in a place in front of a stool to indicate where.

Magnes walks over, sitting at the counter with a light sigh. "This military man, he killed a bunch of people I know because they're Evolved, just lined them up and shot them, and then kidnapped the father of one of my friends. She stopped by, asking me to help her murder the man and get her father back, and fight some new FRONTLINE team. I told her I couldn't do something like that and just throw my life away… god, she was begging me and crying…"

He lowers his face into his hands, absolutely distraught over it all. "She's so young, and she's going to do all of this and end up getting killed, or locked away. With me there she might have been fine, but I can't do it. And if she dies trying to kill this man, it'll be my fault…"

Well.. This has gone and gotten interesting already. Talking of killing someone and someone else being in danger. Yana is intrigued, to say the least. "I beg your pardon? Kill a man?" she peers at him, her eyes squinting to a narrow, "You're worried about someone getting killed, and it being your fault." As of right now, she is a little confused as to the situation, "Why don't you explain this to me, so I can get a better understand of exactly what you mean."

"My friend is going to take a bunch of people, then go after this man and his personal FRONTLINE time. She's going to try and kill him herself, but there's no way she'll be able to do this! She turns invisible, but even I can detect her with my ability, who knows what a FRONTLINE team will be able to do. They probably have heat sensors and everything…" Magnes reaches into his pocket and pulls out a white handkerchief, starting to wipe his eyes. "She's going to get killed doing this, and I have no way to stop her. God, I'm sorry, putting all of this on you, after all you taught me about being considerate…"

As critical as the news is, Yana does not appear surprised nor appalled. Her reaction could be described as the same as if he were talking about the weather. There is of course no human comfort that comes from her however. This is to be expected of her nature, she just isn't the type to offer hugs and sympathetic words. "I see." Yana remarks dryly, and takes into consideration how upset this situation seems to make him. "Well, that certainly is indeed a troublesome situation. I suppose that this person you are speaking about, cannot be dissuaded to cease her operation? It sounds to me—" she takes steps across the floor, moving over to the shelf library that resides on one side of the room, looking over the books, searching, "Like this could possibly be done a bit quieter, a little less dramatic and possibly even more terrifying. Since, you know, she is quite determined and everything." she pulls one of the books off of the shelf. "Tell me. Do you have an issue with her taking this man's life? Other than the danger it poses for her?"

"I… no, I guess not, he killed a lot of people we knew, just because they were like us. And there's nothing I can do to stop her, no, she just… she completely broke down when I told her no." Magnes frowns, resting his arms on the counter so he can hunch over slightly. "Why?"

Ah, terrorists against Evolved. That would be the final piece that solidifies her decision, given the events that happened to her at the Gala around Christmas time. She swore her wrath upon those involved or similar. "Perhaps, it is time for our first experiment. And it could very well be the proof I need to display for our Dr. Sheridan provided fourth individual." she pop open a book, flipping to a page and riding over the words with a finger, "Acute infection with hepatitis B virus is associated with acute viral hepatitis - an illness that begins with general ill-health, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, body aches, mild fever, dark urine, and then progresses to development of jaundice. The illness lasts for a few weeks and then gradually improves in most affected people. A few patients may have more severe liver disease— fulminant hepatic failure —and may die as a result of it. The infection may be entirely asymptomatic and may go unrecognized." she lifts her gaze to look at him.

"Under the proper.. instructions, the hepatitis virus could very well be guided to not only replicate at a record rate, but to specifically seek out those cells within a body that take the virus from the general symptoms, directly into the fatal ones. If we are talking revenge here, simply shooting him in the head, or something quick isn't fair to the seeker. It also isn't as vicious as a viral death. Perhaps, you could offer her this as a solution? I am certain I could prepare something that could be administered."

"I… I mean, you're serious?" Magnes stares at her, eyes a little wide in surprise. "If you're serious, then, I think I could bring it up to her." He stands up, making his way over to stand about a foot in front of her. "You don't have to do this, you know. I'm surprised you're offering. It… it's not easy to kill someone, and even if it feels easy at first, it might still hurt later."

"For one thing. It is in the name of science." she sets the book back in place on the shelf. "I need to continue testing on the scope of my ability, and show results to Bella's associate on just what I can do, and how it would prove that our research will produce results. I've mentioned that sometimes I am willing to step outside of the boundaries of ethical experimentation to achieve these results, while in the beginning, I might have put up appearances that I wasn't. Which I apologize for. Not to mention, I have a small bit of personal stake in bringing these kinds of people to a harsh judgment for their crimes." her shoulders raise a little, showing just how unbothered she is about the situation.

"In fact.." she smirks, going to retrieve a book on viruses from the shelf again, "This could also be an opportunity for learning, a lesson to further your advancement. I would like you to select the method. I want you to take a look at the symptoms of various viruses, taking my abilities to advance and make the rarer symptoms common, and decide what you feel might best suit this person as a fitting end. Also take into consideration the availability of the virus. I have my limits as to how available things are."

Magnes takes the book, that look of shock and awe still on his face, like a deer in the headlights. He places a hand on the cover, clearly taking this all with great significance. "You must really trust me to even bring this subject up. And I didn't even know there was a side of you like this." He doesn't sound disapproving exactly, staring down into her eyes. "Every shred of logic in my mind says I should be afraid of you, while this other part of me is excited and just wants to continue trying to impress this new side of you. I must be really screwed up…"

Either way, he starts flipping through the pages in the book, taking his time to read through the numerous viruses, until finally he settles on one. "If we use Influenza B, there's almost no chance it'd spread out from him, and the symptoms are terrible…"

"I am dangerous, yes. Quite similar to handling a caustic material. There are benefits in dealing with it, yes. Though there are severe consequences if handled improperly. I find that quite a few people are attracted to danger. So you shouldn't feel bad for realizing it within yourself." If she is amused by this, it isn't visible on her face. However, she does seem a little more committal to assisting in the task.

She takes a moment to consider his choice, bringing up everything she knows regarding the specific virus from her memory. "Influenza B.. Interesting choice. I can see you did consider the epidemic possibilities. However, it isn't as deadly as it's other two variations. His immune system is something else to take into account. My ability has no effect over that. Hmm.." she considers for several moments, "Perhaps something more certain in the death rate. Gregori suffered rather badly at the ravage of West Nile. Or even something as simple as the rabies virus? Not much of a chance of it getting out, as I am sure the hospital will contain him."

"It… it's very attractive." Magnes confirms, of the danger, at least in this particular case. His eyes start making less contact after that, flipping through the book to find rabies after it's suggested. "Rabies… for someone who lined people up and shot them in the head like animals, it sounds like a suitably undignified way to go out."

"Ah, wonderful. I've been looking for the chance to work with rabies for a while now. And finding it in the city won't be too difficult. And if she were to administer it to him, he won't really know what it is he has been given before it is too late. Normally it comes from an animal bite, so there shouldn't be any suspect." She goes into a mode here, as if her thoughts are all aligning up in a perfect succession, her legs strolling a little across the floor as she continues to consider. "Perhaps, we could go with your initial idea as well with Influenza B. No one says it has to be just one, and the presence of the more minor virus can both help with the rabies infection, and throw any medical personnel from finding it."

It is as if there was a fuse lit somewhere on her, quickly lighting a chain of events that allows for this devious train of thought. "Hm, let's see. The average incubation period for rabies is about.. 3 to 7 weeks. I'm sure I can do better than that. And we can make sure that the symptoms are much more severe, much quicker than a normal infection. I'll just need a few days, in which to develop a serum. In which time, you can bring the idea up to your friend."

"You seem kind of excited. I mean, I know with you it's hard to tell, but on a scale of one to ten on the excitement scale, you're usually a one, now you're at least a three." Magnes smiles, trying to stay a little lighthearted, despite the subject, his mood having improved a bit. "So, all you need is time? And how would we give him the virus?"

"Naturally," Yana shrugs, "Two of my favorite subjects are the main topic. Experimentation, and viruses." she explains, "Nevermind the presence of murder being involved. Well, in this case, I'd rate it as bringing someone to vigilante justice, because let's face it, no one else is going to put up the right fight for our kind. Some things just need to be taken into your own hands." No need to convince her that it is the right thing to do. She has that down. "Now.. how to administer the virus. Normally, I would do it through mere touch, but since I'm just becoming a third party, the next best thing would be through direct injection. A syringe. Your invisible friend might have an advantage in sticking him with a needle, with her power."

"Yeah, that's true… I really hope I can talk her into this." Magnes shakes his head and walks back to the stool, sitting and watching her. "I never thought I'd be hearing any of this from you. I feel like I've been talking to this fraction of a person, and suddenly I'm seeing you for the first time."
"It's just another fraction of the orderly fragmentation I am." Yana offers plainly, "I would probably surprise you with the number of aspects that I have, or terrify you. It seems that the deeper it goes, the darker it is. Even I'm discovering things that weren't previously there." She is speaking with a little distance in her voice, thinking about her past and where she is now because of it, psychologically for the most part.

"If I've seen this much, is there really a reason to keep hiding it all?" Magnes is standing again, walking over to reach for one of her hands, though he doesn't touch it before looking to her for permission. "I'm friends with Gabriel Grey, Sylar. If I can look past his very obvious flaws, you should know what an accepting person that I am."

"A woman just isn't quite the same without a few of her secrets." It seems she is not quite in the physical contact mood. Yana keeps her distance where she is, though as a consolation, she is at least focused on him. "I am certain that you agree to the fact that knowing there are mysterious things about me, is apart of the general allure. What would you have left to figure out if you knew everything?" And then she is moving over to her open laptop on the table, typing in a quick email and sending it off. "Sylar. Yes, I have read about him. Rather dangerous individual in his own right. One that I hope not to encounter."

"Are we even bothering to be subtle about my whole attraction thing anymore?" Magnes asks this with more amusement than anything else, leaning his head into his palm. "And yeah, Gabriel's a pretty dangerous person, we had a fight before, when he lapsed on his ability stealing and tried to hurt my ex. But he tries to control his 'hunger'."

Yana shakes her head slowly, "I honestly don't have anything to add as a suggestion to that. The thought of destroying someone in order to gain their ability, and to have a hunger for it? It is just not something that I desire to wrap my head around." Probably mostly because she can't do it. "Though I imagine it would pay to have around some negation gas just in case, if you're friends with him."

"We don't hang out having tea parties, but I have his phone number. You don't have to worry. One, I can kill him, and two, I wouldn't put you into that kind of danger." Magnes sighs, relaxed finally, then pushes himself up. "Alright, I should probably get home."

Yana supposes that she would have to trust him with that, seeing as how she has put a decent amount of trust in him already. "That is good to know then. I do believe you when you say that, which is saying something in itself." she nods, and waits for him to rise, "Of course. Try not to stress out about the situation too much. Look at it this way, with this plan, you can help your friend, bring someone to justice, and start the first of our experiments in one swoop. So more good than bad should come out of it. I'll see you out." she moves to follow him to the door.

"I'll try, and honestly, learning something new about you kind of put me into a better mood. This trust you put into me… it's something not a lot of people give me at all." Magnes smiles, and opens the door when they get there. "I didn't really do much on my birthday, so maybe we could do something to make up for it some time?"

"Ah, another year older. Congratulations." Yana says, as sincere as possible for her. "It doesn't seem like it has as much meaning to it since the actual day has passed. Though I suppose that an arrangement of some type of celebration would be in order. At the very least, a gift. Something that you don't try to pay back this time. I'll give it some thought." she nods, "For now, just relax a little."

"Thanks, Doctor Blite. And I promise not to try and pay it back this time." Magnes smiles, then nods as he begins to close the door. "I'll see you around, and good luck."

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