Viral Video

A viral video starts appearing on various sites including youtube and megaupload. It's seemingly impossible to pin who the original uploader is, but the commentary that sparks up as a result seems definitely controversial:

Black screen. Slowly, white lettering fades into view.

"On October 6th, 2008, a group of anti-Evolved terrorists entered the Brooklyn Public Library with intent to kill any Evolved they found present."

A series of images flash: the Brooklyn Public Library, headlines of the event. The black screen and white lettering returns.

"They were able to determine who was Evolved by demanding to see everyone's identification."

Another series of images: various stock photos of Evolved registration cards and people holding them in different daily circumstances. And again, black screen on white lettering.

"Do you remember the last time a certain class of people were required to keep an identifying mark by letter of law?"

Series of images: World War II shots of Jews in various stages of health from the ghettos and camps, all bearing the yellow star of identification. Black screen on white lettering:

"Your grandparents and great grandparents might."

The black then fades to a recorded scene. The only thing visible is a pair of feminine hands holding a registration card. The picture and id info are fuzzed out, but it is definitely an Evolved registration card. The camera keeps low, nevering showing the person's face as one hand disappears and then reappears with a lighter in its hand. The hands then light the card on fire, holding the card as long as it can in front of the camera before dropping it out of frame.

Once more the screen goes black, except for the scrolling white letters:


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