Viral Video 'We Call'

The screen is black. White lettering appears on it, and begins to scroll while the Sound Of Silence plays.

We call upon all people in the United States to stand up and be counted.

We call to let it be known in the streets. In the offices of mayors, councilmen, governors, and state legislators.

James Denson, 15 Brendan Fischer, 16 Tonya Gross, 14 Nicole Graham, 16 Shasta Granger, 14 Eric Granger, 14 Jimmy Brandi, 13

We call to let it be known in the White House, the United States Senate, the United States House of Representatives, and the Supreme Court of the United States.

We call for a deluge of letters, instant messages, and e-mail to descend upon all these places and persons which states in no uncertain terms the people of the United States do not accept that this could happen in our country.

Maureen Humbert, 12 Trish Keyes, 15 Ron Anima, 14 Jane Thurston, 16 Liliana Whitaker, 14 Melissa Alston, 15 Christopher Langdon, 13

We do not accept that this nation, shining hope of the entire world, lets itself be governed by fear.

We do not accept that agents of government, hired by us to work for us, make our citizens disappear without benefit of trial as the Constitution requires.

Vincent Haven, 15 Billy Stanton, 13 Leslie Canfield, 15 Annmarie Thornton, 14 Roland Ludivine, 13 Amber Dyson, 16 Trevor Jean, 12

We call for a candlelight vigil to be held outside the Department of Homeland Security's offices in New York City, at their headquarters in Washington, DC, and wherever any employee of that agency works.

We call upon all people of the United States to call into each and every office maintained by the Department of Homeland Security and seek registration with the names of those fallen in this tragedy.

Khalil Martouf, 12 Tranter Jayma, 16 Jenessa Wayne, 12 Halldor Rigby, 14 Frannie Pollie, 13 Keisha Sindri, 14 Richard Kaelea, 15

We call for each and every agent of government at each and every level to be reminded they work for us, we do not work for them, and they have utterly failed in their tasks.

We call for the immediate and total repeal of the Linderman Act. We demand it, before this nefarious act sows more fear among us and takes the lives of any more innocent youth.

Elizabeth Myers, 12 Gregory Hilliard, 15 Mark Dupont, 13 Frannie Collins, 16 Dawn Spring, 14 Monte Ayano, 14 Simon Edric, 13

We demand the immediate release of Leslie Tippen and Jason Dexter from whatever deep and dark hole the Department of Homeland Security has placed them in for no cause other than obeying the law and registering as Evolved persons.

We demand a complete and immediate investigation into their vanishing, and swift prosecution of anyone involved in their illegal abduction.

We demand the immediate resignation of the DHS Director for failing to ensure nothing like this could ever happen.

It is past time we the people make it plain that we do not consent to the formation of an American Gestapo and the budding fascism we see starting to take hold. Let not one single person working for the Department of Homeland Security, not one single elected official anywhere in this great nation get a single moment's sleep until our core values are once again observed!

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