How To App In The Garden of Forking Paths

Parallel Timeline Applications

With the Storyline The Garden of Forking Paths, you will be able to apply and play parallel timeline versions of your characters. If you already have a parallel timeline character for a specific timeline (such as the Bright Future), you may use that version of the character.

You may app ONE alternate-timeline character for each timeline we will be visiting (Virus Future, Bright Future, Wasteland Future, Flood Future). Although you are limited to one character per alternate timeline, you do not need to app the same character in each.

Please see the alternate timelines page for information regarding a specific alternate timeline's history and details:

To start, we are only accepting applications for the Virus Future timeline. As other parallel timelines open up, you will be allowed to apply a variant version of one character from each of them.

If you wish to apply a brand new character that has never been approved on String Theory to introduce within an alternate timeline, please talk to staff.

This application (submitted via +request) is a much shorter than chargen and includes only the following information:

Virus Timeline App

Give us a paragraph or two to put your pre-existing character into the context of this timeline. Please specify if they are living with the community under the ConEd Factory (which the majority should be); if you want other options, ask Queens or Manhattan.

In a few sentences, explain what your character is like in this timeline.

How did your character's ability develop in this timeline? The Virus Future branched in late 2008. Are they, like so many others, negated in order to avoid contracting the Virus, or are they one of the few risking death to use their ability to assist the community?

Do not app for ANY other timelines at this time. We will announce when you may do so.

Also. Though you may only app ONE of your alts for each of the timelines, you may request that staff reveal what happened to other alts of yours. They would essentially be NPCs or background info, but we can have Magnes and Elisabeth find out what happened to your character during their travels in timelines you do not intend to play them.

(Ex. You app Bob, but you want to know what happened to Jim. Liz and Magnes find out in a scene that Jim died horribly, or, in less terrible timelines, might even make a cameo in the background of a scene.)

If you opt for this you are putting your character's fate in that timeline in our hands.

Include this in your app request for each timeline as a tagline.

Other Alts
List alts you want to find out what happened to over the course of Virus. We will do our best to work it in somehow.

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