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"Back when the virus first hit, the waves of death were almost insurmountable. The first thing to fail was public works — water, electricity, telecommunications. Nobody was around to keep things manned. So a few of us, we took it on ourselves to try and run things. This power plant's old, connects down to the New York subway system. We used what tunnels survived the bomb to ship people, food, water — whatever we could. All we did was help the virus spread. We had no idea just what we were dealing with."

"How long did it take? For ninety percent of the world to die?

"Less than five years."
Peter and Sylar — A Brief History of Time

The Garden of Forking Paths

Magnes and Elisabeth find themselves lost in another timeline, and attempt to make their way back home again.

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The Road to Ruin

Peter Petrelli sends Sylar forward in time to the year 2018, where he discovers a painting come to life.

5 logs posted for A Road to Ruin.

Date Title Participants
12/07/18 Days Of Futures Past Peter and Sylar
12/08/18 A Brief History of Time Edward, Peter and Sylar
The Butterfly Effect Edward, Eileen, Peter and Sylar
Carpe Futura Eileen and Sylar
12/15/18 No Time Like The... Edward, Eileen, Peter and Sylar
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