Visions of Sugarplums


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Scene Title Visions of Sugarplums
Synopsis Rex gets a repeat customer in Eve Mas.
Date March 15

The Crooked Point

While it's never quiet, per se, at the Crooked Point, tonight is about as quiet as it gets. It helps that there's no bombs or yowling cats today. The bar has only a few patrons, most sitting in clusters of twos or threes, drinking crappy booze out of chipped glasses and telling tall tales of better times. Or worse times, depending on the topic at hand.

One solo patron sits at a corner table. Rex looks out place due to the clean, sleek lines of his all black clothing but for the bright green scarf he wears around the lapels of his peacoat. A drink sits, mostly full, at his hand, and he looks thoughtful as he stares out at the water.

She had to sneak out, it was late and Eimi had finally fallen asleep. Eve was good at sneaking out and around though, it was fun. So with a snicker and a note saying she ran to get some sugar.. She’s off across the Safe Zone and into the murky lands of Staten Island. As Eve enters the place her eyes scan the bar with a curious expression, her dress black and covered by the long dark grey peacoat of her own, the ends trail in her wake as she moves towards Rex.

“There’s my favorite.” She says in a singsong voice and dances over to the young man, plopping down in the seat across from him and slamming her hands on the table, “Just! The man I wanna see.” She wears the impish grin as she puts her battered messenger bag at her side, her knee bouncing as her light gray eyes take Rex in, “What a pretty color, lots of green lately and blue,” And red. “That trip you sent me and my girl on? We loved it.”

Rex's dark eyes slide over to Eve as he hears her voice, and he has, for an instant, a look of worry on his face, despite the dulcet tones. Sometimes people go on bad trips and come to see him. But he schools his features into a smile.

"Darling," he says, reaching to brush something off of her shoulder. "That is good to hear. I worry, you know, when I can't test the product out for quality. It was good, then? How many visions of sugarplums writhing in your beds did you get this time?" He's all smiles. "Did you come for more already?"

There’s a look of thanks for brushing the something off of her shoulder. So POLITE! Eve leans in with a toothy grin. “I time traveled.” She cracks a laugh and pounds her knee with an open palm. “So! Yes I would like more. You still got the good stuff?” The seer is rummaging in her pocket to make sure she has cash. They spent a bunch on the drugs but, Eve is never really broke. But she might not have enough. “I got the rest of my stash stolen,” she huffs and knocks her toe against the table.

“Who knew having good friends could be such a buzz kill.”

And then that mischievous look is in her eye. “I’ve got enough for two more hits and then I can offer a service in trade for another two.” She raises an eyebrow her barter face on. It was too late to traverse into the ruins where she hid stuff. More cash, paintings, a grenade or six. “Mama’s good for the funds but you’re such a peach I wouldn’t mind doing something for you, hm? Wanna know your future? Need to prank a friend?”

"Time traveled?" Rex says, a little dubiously, one brow arching as he tips his head. "I don't think my drugs are that good, beautiful, but they do say the customer is always right. Maybe I should up the price. Retro sugarplums, then?" He winks, but then there's talk of money and not having enough.

He reaches for his glass and narrows his eyes thoughtfully, before taking a swallow of the clear fluid. He makes a face, but drinks anyway.

"I like to defy the stars, but I might be able to let you owe me for a favor. Buy two, owe for two, and the favor." He sets the glass down. "A prank on the wrong person might get you killed, and I wouldn't want to lose a good customer. Most of my friends are a bit too friendly with their guns, youknowwhatimsayin'."

“Oh I love a good shoot out, there hasn’t been one in..” she looks down at her lap and pulls out a broken pocketwatch, the hands stopped ages ago. “A very long time!” But the pranking the wrong person thing does ring a bell in her head and she nods. “I think you got a deal. Wait wait,” the seeress gets up from her seat and scurries over to the bar and after a bunch of laughing and failed flirting on Eve’s part, she’s trying to twirl her hair in her fingers but is just making a mess of it, not the sexy gesture. Before a minute has passed she’s waddling over with four glasses that she lays on the table with a little difficulty.

“To deals being made!” There’s a crack of laughter as she clinks glasses with Rex and knocks back her shot of tequila pulling the other closer to her and then sliding the other two over to Rex.

“I make good on my favors, it’s only the right thing to do!” Eve rubs her temple, “Whispers, echoes, the river of time. It’s fun with the blue fairy.”

A look over her shoulder and then Eve is lowering her voice as if she’s about to ask about something even more dangerous then Refrain, “Do you have the hookup on LSD?” Eyes twinkle.

Rex shakes his head at her when she returns. "Girlfriend, you are a hot mess, and I am emphasizing mess, not hot, tonight," he says. "First," he says, not taking a shot, "I'll need some collateral so I know you're going to pay me for the extras. No offense. Burnt once, shame on you, burnt twice, shame on me, you know how that goes. Whatchu got to give me, aside from your whispers and echoes?"

His eyes narrow at the question of LSD. "Of course, I do. Do I really want to see you on LSD is the better question, but whatever. How much of that do you want? It's $15 a dose." He lifts a hand and shakes his head, to stave off any protests. "Don't even try the crocodile tears. We're at the end of the world and it's hard to get shit and harder to get shit around so it's what it is."

“I’ll have you know that bartender over there would bend me over the table and he didn’t have erectile dysfunction. Pfft, hot indeed,” She’s not really offended because she is a mess and she proves it by slamming another shot before snaking a hand out to nab one of the shots intended for Rex, sipping it with a pinky out. //She is a lady. “Ah ah you want shinies, I do have.” And then she pulls out a freakin diamond tennis bracelet, the gems shining in the dingy light. “I mean I guess you could just have this but you can still have a favor too cuz you’re so not hot at all like gross ew get the bucket.”

At the announcement of yes there is LSD Eve drinks the other shot with a laugh and slams it on the table. “BOOYAH!” And then she’s pondering, “Four tabs please.” Now with the tennis bracelet, the cash she has and the favor. She might be walking away from this deal very happy. “It’s real by the way, we musn’t entertain the fakes out here my love.”

A pale hand inches forward and takes the other shot to draw near her but not drinking yet.

He takes the tennis bracelet, letting it dangle in his slim fingers for a moment as he examines it, then slips it into an inner coat pocket. "Is that collateral or are you outright buying the rest with that?" Rex asks, before reaching into the courier bag he has hanging from his chair. There's a certain stealthiness to his moves, though everyone hear knows what he does, and what he carries in the bag.

They also know what he carries in his waistband and his boots.

Four syringes, faintly aglow with blue light, are brought out and slid across the table, Rex angling his body so it's not quite so obvious — the table he sits at his a bit out of the way for a reason. The tabs come out of another pocket.

He finally reaches for one of the shots. "If you put a roofie in this, I'm never speaking to you again," he tells her before tossing it back anyway. Free drinks are free, after all.

“Oh honey,” She pulls out a few bills to add to the bracelet and slide them over as she puts the drugs in her own battered messenger bag and snaps it shut and she cheers as Rex takes the shot. “I’m having a party for St. Patty’s day. Come have a drink and get ya freak on boo boo.” Eve slides a business card over reading Cat’s Cradle. “Drinks will be on me.” The woman stretches her arms out and looks at Rex intently, “You have just contributed.. To science. The nerds of tomorrow will thank you for this, decades from now.”

As Eve makes these declarations she raises her hand and tips her head back, “I, Eve Mas am embarking on a journey guided by the faeries given to me by.. My Favorite Snickerdoodle.”

“Be good. Or as bad as you like.”

The card is taken and examined. "I'm not a proper denizen. It'd be risky," Rex says with a rueful shake of his head. "Will there be pretties of my persuasion to make it worth my while?" he asks, before sliding the card into his pocket. "You know, risking being arrested and all. I really don't look good in stripes. Or orange. Or bright red. Or whatever color jumpsuits they're showing this season."

He smirks. "I'll come, as long as you promise I won't get arrested. That would not be very favorable at all. And Snickerdoodle? Lordy, that's so innocuous and not at all hot."

“Baby, for hooking me up so sweet. I’ll escort you in, I have a teleporter buddy. I’ll ask her to help me out.” There’s a wink and Eve is beginning to turn away. “Now I must be off, there are sciences to have, old fun police to disappoint and a GOOD WITCH to rescue.”

“To the horse!”

And there she goes, galloping away. Out the bar. To the cracked streets of Staten.

To her next fucking insane adventure.

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