Visiting Brass


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Scene Title Visiting Brass
Synopsis The DoEA's investigation of Elisabeth Harrison gets more hands on.
Date January 06, 2011

Textile Factory 17

Once Jane was left in the conference room here at FRONTLINE central, her first order of business was to take a seat right on the table. She may be dressed like an agent, clean cut and complete with badge on her belt, but she gives off a distinctively relaxed air about her. But that's consistent with her reputation of being a little more blunt than her co-workers, and a little less strict. She didn't even bring any manilla folders or anything.

She did bring coffee, though. A vital component to any meeting.

Elisabeth was alerted immediately, but she told the guard to escort the agent through to her office and she'd be there asap — she was in the operations center coordinating a team. She flicked a glance in the direction of the conference room several times, but she didn't leave the ops center until the team was locked down. Only then does she remove the headset she's wearing and hand it to the tech monitoring the multiple screens, patting him briefly on the shoulder. She walks into the conference room, her black-on-black daily uniform the norm for the base, apparently. A single blonde brow quirks upward at the perch on top of the table, but Elisabeth nods to her. "Agent Pak. My apologies for the delay, I had a team in the middle of an operation. I see you brought your own, so I won't offer you coffee," she says with a small smile. Because her office does sport a coffee maker, which has a pot sitting on it that Elisabeth helps herself to. Her voice is on the husky side, or perhaps that's not her norm and it's merely hoarse. She sounds like she may be a bit stuffed up in the head. "I understand that for the time being, you'll be wanting to keep close tabs on the operation. Tell me how I can help you today."

"Yeah, I'm going to be hanging out, talking to people, seeing how things run around here. I promise not to get underfoot." Jane does lift her coffee, at it's mention, in a pseudo-toast before finishing off what's left. Not much, as it turns out.

"And an introduction over at Redbird would help, too. I don't want to disrupt operations here or there, but getting everything evaluated as soon as possible would be best for everyone." Jane pauses a moment there, before a crooked smile comes to her face, "And I wouldn't mind seeing your teams in action, either. Seeing how they work in a real situation, rather than a training exercise or the like. Plus, those suits are cool, aren't they?" As an ex-MP, it's perhaps, not a surprise she'd want to look at the toys, as it were.

She's not entirely what Elisabeth expected. Too…. casual. Although perhaps Elisabeth herself has just become too jaded and paranoid. She used to feel like this woman acts. She hides the faint moue of displeasure at the realization that she feels hundreds of years old, doctoring her coffee with her back to the agent. When she turns around, she lifts the cup to her lips before answering.

"You're more than welcome to speak to any of the operatives or technicians. I am assuming that you probably have more clearance than I do in terms of seeing the toys, so I don't think that will be a problem." Liz tilts her head slightly. "You're sure me introducing you at Redbird's going to pave your way?" she asks curiously. "I'll take you down there personally if you'd like, but I'm reasonably sure the owner has every intention of cooperating fully."

"I'm hoping not not have to throw my clearance around while I'm down here. In my experience, things like that put people in a bad mood," Jane says with a 'what can you do' spread of her hands. "Not to say I won't be peeking under the cushions, but bullying isn't my style. The records and files all have good things to say about your time in FRONTLINE, and I'm inclined to respect that, despite this Chavez/Nash… thing.

"As for Redbird, I'd rather not just have the Department knocking on their door one day. Give as certain impression I like to avoid. You've hired their people — or one of their people anyway, I like to abuse the networking angle." Rather than the badge, is in implication.

Elisabeth's blue eyes are on the agent squarely as she speaks. There's a brief half-smile at the 'Chavez/Nash thing' and the blonde chooses not to comment. There was no question in there. "Considering I hired their programmer only to get her into trouble, they're already well aware that you'll be knocking on their door. But I'll call down and set up a time to meet," she agrees easily. She sips from her coffee cup and moves to set it down. "Would you like the grand tour now, or did you have particular things you wanted to know from me before you walked around?"

"Well, hopefully they're not too mad about that, huh?" Jane hops off the table there, straightening her jacket as she looks over at Liz. "I'd love a tour." That might even be genuine interest there, too. "And you can tell me who your best guys are while we walk. Anybody rising above the crowd, so to speak?"

There's a shrug. "Not angry. Just concerned," Elisabeth admits. She pauses and looks at Jane Pak with a neutral expression. "It'd be a damn shame to darkhole someone of that talent, don't you think?" She gestures out into the operations center and starts walking, letting Jane keep up as she will. "We've got an all-around good team, quite honestly. They do the original FRONTLINE 1 proud in my opinion. Each of the operatives has taken to the suit very well and they're all — aside from myself and Ivanov — from a military background, so they integrated into a cohesive unit quickly. The technicians are top notch, and they're on a rotating schedule. I've got two who are probably the best situational assessment people I've seen. They make good calls, and I've been working with them to make sure they're solid in the chance I myself have to be on the ground sometime."

"I do agree, it would be a shame if her gift went to waste. I'm hoping her case, as well as the others, get sorted out quickly. Part of the reason I'm here." Jane keeps up easily, her strides even as her hands slide in her pockets. "Sounds like you've got yourself a winning team here, Harrison. That's lucky as hell. It's nice when a shift in the chain of command goes nice and smooth. I suppose being a familiar face helped there."

Elisabeth shrugs slightly. "I suppose with the techs it helped some. They already knew what to expect from me. The rest of the squad came in brand new, so we've had the usual bumps." She smiles a little and admits, "Kait's pretty pissed about what happened with Chavez and the drone." Liz made sure the record was clear that the woman who'd been given primary partnership with the thing objected to having the check-up in the first place. The fuck-up is entirely on her own head. "She's looking forward to getting it back to keep working."

"Hey, if I was her, I would be, too," Jane says with a bit of a chuckle. "Oh, and before I forget, I have an intern, she'll be coming along with me on this assignment from time to time. Shadowing, talking to people. Nothing too intensive here, but she's been getting a taste of what happens when departments meet. Ingrid Raines is her name."

The blonde nods slightly. "I'm sure we'll manage," Elisabeth replies. She's doing her best to be courteous and friendly within reason to the agent — it was, after all, her own fuck-up that got her into this mess. As they walk, she points out the various stations, introduces Jane to several of the techs working them, just generally gives the impression that the inspection is not creating any problems for anyone.

And in turn, the agent seems to be keeping it friendly and courteous as well, far less condemning than one might expect. She's definitely the honey, as opposed to the vinegar. But she takes in the tour, seeming most interested in meeting the people around at this particular juncture, but without interrupting anything. More like a curious tourist. But when they reach Liz's office again, that's when Jane hands Liz her card. "The cell's the best way to reach me, if you have any questions or need a meeting or whatnot. From here on out I'll be dropping in… probably unexpectedly, and just poking around. I've got a pretty good idea how not to disturb the work, so don't worry about your people being distracted. For now, I think this was a good start. I'll just hang out, talk to people a bit and then get out of your hair. For today anyway."

"Yes, ma'am," Elisabeth replies. Taking the card, she says, "If you want to see the Horizon armor, please have an escort — whether it's myself or one of the unit is fine, but … they're quite the investment and I prefer to be certain visitors are escorted." There's a rueful shift of her lips. "We've already damaged a few bits, and I do hate to see the techs cry when it happens."

Jane laughs there, nodding in understanding. "Yeah, I'll make sure to. I guess that means no trying it on," she says, her tone playful. "Well, we're about to see a lot of each other, Harrison, but hopefully it'll be painless for everyone. I hope you like classic rock, it's all I listen to." And with a crooked smile, she throws a lazy, two-fingered salute to the woman and turns to go about her way. Seems she'll show herself out.

Most days you couldn't pay her enough to be a telepath. It's a shitty power. But there are some days she really wishes it. "I'll let you know about the meeting at Redbird," Elisabeth replies easily. Perhaps Aric can be around. She purses her lips and gets back to work.

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