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Scene Title Volunteers
Synopsis Delilah is restless, bumps into Leonard, meets Brennan- and the two firebirds are faced with an extra credit Quest.
Date October 20, 2009

Suresh Center

This afternoon has been overcast and quiet so far, so much so that eventually Delilah was truly not able to sit still; quite a few things on her mind, and a chill in the air that seems to be foreboding of coming winter weather. As such, the usual colorful dress on her is covered up with a green cardigan and then a jacket. She doesn't mind her legs being cold- as long as she is able to find somewhere warm to go, right? That place is the Suresh Center today, regardless of what is going on there.

Delilah checked in with reception, but other than that her traipsing around the floors is quite unsupervised. More than once someone in a seminar or class has caught her peeking through the window on the door, and she has already seen at least one person she knows in some regard; Delilah is stopping to see what is going on only after coming there, now wandering quietly around the halls on the ground floor.

And that's where she encounters Leo. Just coming offshift…he's in his rent-a-cop uniform, and looking tired, but calm. "Lilah," he says, pleasedly, as he ducks out of one of the offices, though he keeps his voice down.

Brennan's ambling through the lower floor, oldest daughter on his hip even though she's looking too big to really be there. fingers of his right hand flying through a variety of letters, talking to her while she does the same back, both hands flicking through sign language with the speed of a child who's using this as their main mode of conversation. Her stilted talking accompanies it as well, same for Brennan. Harve's not officially on today but was checking in on someone. "Shelby" A nod for the guard that he's seen, knows, appreciates. Another nod for Delilah.

Rent-a-cop is just as good as real-cop! Preserving the peace, correct? Delilah is peeking into a lecture hall with just a few people inside when Leo whispers her name; she looks up with a silent 'it wasn't me' expression before realizing she didn't just get pulled over. "Oh, hi-" She answers at first at her normal volume, but stops speaking to hop away from the lecture hall door. "-oops. I'll have you know I can never go into libraries, I'm too loud." Even being quiet, which she is now doing, Delilah is still louder than the usual whisper. And then she is able to catch the Doctor in her sight when he approaches, and can't help but observe something- mostly to herself, and the bubble of air around her head.

"I'd never get kicked out of quiet places if I knew ASL, huh."

"Doctor," Leo says, as close to genial as someone as permanently grumpy as he is ever gets. He favors the little one with a genuine smile, though. "And I know the feeling," the black-haired guard adds, as he looks back to Delilah.

"I think you have an admirer" Signed to the five year old who just giggles and brazenly blows a kiss to Leonard. "Jsut stopped in to fetch a present I was hiding here for Michelle and check on a patient. Who's your lovely friend?" Fingers still fly, not keeping his daughter out of the conversation.

Delilah, by now, is holding up her hand to wave hello to the little girl. Children are cute, no matter what. Well, unless they are creepy children. "You're a doctor here? Which floor? I'm Delilah- I really haven't met too many of the staff one on one, but I hope to meet everyone at least once- you look familiar though, maybe I've glimpsed you before." She might be a little too fast for the fingerwork. We'll see.

Leonard dares reach over and chuck the little one under the chin. "Delilah Trafford," he says, affably. "Like she said."

"Dr. Harve Brennan. Call me Brennan though, this is Marlena" He takes his time to slowly sign out her name, which Marlena does as well, though quicker before making a biting motion at Leonard when he chucks her under the chin. Not really to bite, just a rawr, fierce! kind of snap. Playing back at him. "Maybe you've seen me around here or around the city, possibly. Pleasure to meet you Delilah, I hope you're going gentle on Shelby here" A wink gottne off towards the pair.

"Nice to meet you, Doctor Brennan. And you, Marlena." Delilah is all smiles, sniggering when Marlena does her biting impression. "Oh, I dunno about that." Delilah playfully bumps his elbow with her fist, head cocked at the doctor. She's playing this accidental game. Quite the case. "I'm pretty sure that he needs to be firmly handled at all times."

Leonard puts on a little fake moue of embarassment. "Well, I like to think I can take my share of rough play. She's not usually too bad," he says, even as he teases Marlena a little more, with waggliing fingers.

Brennans enjoying the banter between the two, smiling at them. "You lurking here Ms. Trafford or do you volunteer here? I can't say that your familiar and I see Shelby all the time. One of our best that work here" There's a tug from Marlena which translates over time to 'I want a chocolate bar" Easily remedied with a dollar bill plucked out and a gesture towards the vending machines. He's safe letting her run off here in the center.

"Lurking when I can. I do come to some events sometimes- if I'm interested. I do my share of volunteer work-" Dee starts to mimic Leo's words a bit. "-though none here. Yet. I'm not particularly good at anything except waiting tables and babysitting." She frowns for a split second, but it turns into a grin at Leonard. "If he has a job, he does it well. He's good at that."

Leonard looks a little embarassed at that, making the muppet-punch, lip-curled-under face. "You're too kind," he says, finally.

"Credit where credit is due. You helped in that Humanis first scuffle" scuffle. Either he's downplaying the whole helicopters spewing bullets or he doesn't know. Odds are it's the first and not wanting to attach the importance to it. "Babysitting huh. Could you handle three kids? I think Michelle and I could use a night off from kids and hospitals and patients and remember what it's like to be married"

Aw, the muppet face. Perhaps that is what she was going for, because Delilah gives him a soft bump, arm to arm before looking to Brennan when he brings up a possible bit job. "Ohhh? A date night for the lady?" The redhead practically wiggles in place, looking rather tickled. "And you've got three? I can handle three. None of them explode or anything, do they?"

Leonard offers, quietly, "Not to steal her thunder or her paycheck, but I can babysit, too. Or help. Y'know, keep her company." At Brennan's comments, he shrugs, ingenuous. "Just doing my job."

"Twins, 3 years old and Marlena there. None of them explode or the like, but it might take the two of you to do the job. I'd pay handsomely. God knows, they have the latest game consoles so you could just park them in front of the wii and they'd be so happy to be let to have more than an hour on it and stay up to ungodly hours" Two is better than one, especially with young kids. He stars plucking out a business card from his wallet, thumbing through abunch of them before pulling out one. A pen is produced and his cell number is scrawled across the back in slashy like writing. Yes, he is such a physician.

"I'm sort of that wet blanket babysitter when it gets to be too late." Ask anyone she's looked after. "But if you guys have a Wii, I can see that rule slipping as we speak." Delilah somehow stays serious, watching Harve as he scribbles down his phone number. "If they're all girls, maybe we can give Leo a makeover." Yes/no/maybe if they tranq him?

Leonard just laughs. "I'm not sure I could survive the trauma….but I'll try."

"Shelby, you can handle what happens here, you can handle three girls" marlena comes trotting back with a twix bar, package already open and a bite taken from the first stick. The second though, if proffered up to not Delilah, but to Leonard and a slightly distored "Take it?" spoken out loud.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be spoiled at the same time." Dee claps Leo playfully on the forearm, just before Marlena unintentionally backs her up by offering him a twix bar. "See?"

Leonard looks down, a little bemused, but stoops to break off a tiny piece. "Thank you," he says, distinctly. Maybe she can lipread.

Surprise, she can. Not really a surprise actually, not when your parents are doctors and you can get all the help you need. "Let us leave you then, we have to go home and Brooklyn can be a bitch this time of the day to get to. Ms. Trafford, Shelby" The either year old is picked up to the sound of a squeal, collapsible umbrella produced from his satchel and given to the young girl to hold. "ENjoy the weather"

"Crap, is it raining now?" It wasn't when she came in- figures. Delilah sighs through her nose, but lifts a hand to wave goodbye to mostly Marlena. "Travel safe. Thanks for the job, doctor." There can be a 'have a good date's whenever the time comes around. Doc Brennan has a good place on Lilah's list of people- already, no less. Not that it is too hard.

Leonard offers a little salute. "Have a good day, doc," he adds, before looking expectantly to Delilah.

Brennan saluted back, Marlena doing the same only with a twix bar and the two head out into the inclement weather to reach their car.

Delilah tilts her head back towards Leonard in time to catch the look once it starts, to which she offers a curious stare. "What?"

"Makeup," Leo says, in a bemused voice. Like he's not sure what he thinks of it.

Delilah laughs sharply, possibly alerting the people in that lecture hall. "It'll be alright. It's not that bad. You look like a red pallet to me-" She lifts a hand to brush at his dark hair. "-maybe some gold on your eyes." Okay, now she's teasing.

"I'll end up looking like one of those punks from the eighties," LEo says, mock-mournfully.

"Technically, you are a punk from the eighties." Delilah says this in an assuring tone, but the two don't really match. "You heading home? It's the end of your shift, right?"

Leonard laughs. "True, that. Never had anything pierced, no funny haircolors," Leo says, cheerfully. "And I am. Just checked out."

"Good, I can keep you company." Alternatively, he can keep her company, but Dee tries to be less obvious in her need for interaction. "And we can decide whether you'll look good in a push-up bra, so I know if I need to take one of those when we go a-baby-sitting." There will probably be pictures, regardless. "I wonder just how much damage little girls can do."

Leonard eyes her sidelong ."No. No full drag. Not even to entertain little girls."

"Aww. Okay." Delilah smiles and snickers playfully at that, shifting and heading towards the front of the hallway. "I won't push my luck any further." Makeup is as far as she'll get! It's hilarious enough.

"I'm going to regret volunteering for this, aren't I?" Leo wonders, tone entirely deadpan.

Delilah steps a pace backward to take Leo's sleeve with her fingers, tugging and directing him along with her, lest he play mule. "Maybe. But if you do do it I'll make it as painless as possible- I promise!"

Leo? Surely he's never -that- stubbborn. Ha. Right. He comes along docilely enough, wearing a mild expression. "Good."

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