Scene Title Waiting
Synopsis While in bed recovering, Eve takes care of a few things concerning her latest dreams as well as pondering the deeper meaner of the mysterious Munin.
Date September 8, 2009

Ferrymen Safehouse — Manhattan

Drum.. Drum.. Drum..

The tips of Eve’s fingers go as she drums them against the hospital bed she is laying in. She’s been there for a while now but instead of being upset or frustrated as most would be..

The singer is content and hums softly to herself as she drums her fingers and looks down at the pictures in her lap. Each one, meant for a different member of the Vanguard. A red envelope for each picture.

Eileen is written with a dark black ink pen across the envelope and then Gabriel.. After that Raith and Amato the word ‘Reverend’ put in quotations for Amato.

Lucrezia and Ethan are the last two addressed. As Eve places all the envelopes in a large white folder.

Then the picture of the moon turning black and the explosion that splits the earth in two are examined. “It all comes with a price..” she whispers softly, echoing Edward Ray’s words.

The dark-haired woman also draws a finger down the picture of the woman Hokuto Ichihara, someone she does not yet know.

She studies the tarot cards falling down and she closes her eyes and lays her head back, humming softly to herself before she opens her lips to sing, “Now once was lost.. the darkness reigns.. no show of light.. too much to bring..

Her words echo throughout the safehouse. “But in the end.. I’ll find thee, yes I will..” she ends as she stares down at the picture of the blindfolded woman. “Just wait.. and see..”

Light grey eyes go to the window that is open and blowing in a chilly wind. She places her things to the side and gently but with some pain climbs out of bed. She inches towards the window and looks out towards the moon, which over looks the Ruins of Midtown.


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