Walking The Straight Line


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Scene Title Walking The Straight Line
Synopsis Len visits Minea to see where her head is at. Though he isn't a professional head shrinker, he does call one.
Date August 5, 2009

Fort Hero: Temporary Holding Cell

Minea'd never really been in the primatech Cells, except with another agent to have a chat. This time though, she was in it alone and very much on the other side of her comfort zone. She'd woke up with a dry mouth, fresh clothes on and no bullet in her shoulder. Thank you Healer, I owe you big time.

But no one talked to her. No one visited her, no one buzzed through the door and the brunette took the time to close her eyes and meditate, review what had happened that she remembered. Sooner or later Len would come for her and this was more for her safety to be in here as there were other agents who likely didn't know she was undercover and might take it upon themselves to give the traitor an accident. Oops, sorry 'bout that, didn't mean to flambe her. So the Agent is laying on the cot, eyes closed, palms spread out on her midriff and controlling her breathing.

Len is buzzed into the cell, and uses his smart card to give him access directly to Agent Dahl's cell. As the door opens, he walks in and offers his hand towards her. "Nice work, Agent Dahl. Sorry for the cell, but you've been around long enough to know how these things work. It's not uncommon for agents to switch sides after being exposed to the other team for periods of time."

Len is still Len, only the location of the facility has changed since the last time he talked to Minea. "Standard operating procedure. I wanted to come down here personally and congratulate you on an outstanding operation and the higher ups are pleased with your performance."

'Rules are rules and can't be broken for just one. I assume, we're either deep in Homeland or the new operations center since Primatech went up in ashes?" She hasn't opened her eyes until finished spreaking. Then, finally, she looks over at len, her hair rasping against the sheets and takes his hand to get help standing. Not that she really needs help standing. "Pinehearst was them. They blew it to pieces but are harboring at least one scientist that has knowledge of what occured there. I told them not to explode it, but they did it anyways. Claims it was accidental, last minute because of the reactor in the basement but… Somehow I'm thinking bullshit on that count. Not with how throughly it seems Pinehearst went down"

Len pulls as she grasps his hand and hauls her to her feet. He nods. "Honestly, I'm hoping with the removal of Pinehearst from the picture, things can settle down just a tad and we can move on with our business." He leans against the wall. "How are you feeling? Any other major concerns you have that may have developed during your time away?"

"There's one. The day I met with Elisabeth. Somone took shots at us" There's a healing scar on her temple that disappears into her hairline. "That you or was that Pinehearst?" She's praying it's … well, she's not praying. She just wants to know who it was. "If it was you, then.. It worked. Liz walked me right into thier little headquarters and then promptly, they all had a meeting, right in front of me while Chesterfield sew'd me up"

If there ever was a cheshire grin, Len would be sporting it right about now. "I like Harrison, but she's rather predictable. She's very rigid on her beliefs, so she was rather easy to manipulate. You can thank your former partner Agent Cook for not hitting you. I thought that it was something that needed to happen for them to truly believe that you were turning. Going to need you to document everything you heard, seen, etc."

'That's a given, the documentation" Former partner. There's a frown, wrinkling of her brows at hearing the word former. "Magnes ran into me at one point. Told me that bulletins were out on me. How easy will it be, you think, to intergrate back?" She's smoothing away the wrinkles of the wrap top and loose scrub pants, folding her arms under her chest and waiting for len to level with her. "And former partner…"

"Depends. There were alot of hard feelings when you left. Unfortunately, I couldn't say anything at first. In fact, I couldn't say anything until I got your message that you were ready to come back. There was quite a bit of relief when I was finally able to let them know you were deep undercover." Len bites his lip just a bit. "But there were some who seemed upset that they weren't informed, even though they know how this works. I guess it's up to you whether or not you want to continue with us. I am certain you know how the retirement process works around here." A brow arches up towards Minea as Len watches her, just to make sure she knows.

"God knows, i've gone through it once" but with a twist. Lips moue outwards and Minea nods. "I should have a discussion with Director Dalton. I can't use a cellphone anytime soon, Wireless will have me triangulated within a heartbeat. I can't go back to my apartment. Not yet" THere was always the whole new identity option. Or there was.. retirement. "I'll need some time to think it over, but if I could be sent to desk duty for now, after I compile everything and have conversed with psych" Been given the all clear.

"They have quite a few new individuals, a few that we've tagged including. They're working out of the village renaissance building in Greenwhich village. The floors from the fourth and up belong to Doctor Catherine Chesterfield. I believe that Helena Dean resides there as well, the fourth seems to be a series of safe house apartment, the fifth, I don't know and the sixth is apparently, Chesterfields private penthouse. There's a bar beneath"

Len nods, as he listens. "We'll get you set up at a desk. We have lodging here at the new facility, so I'll have someone set you up with a room for now and we'll send a team over to clear out your apartment. Your cell has already been turned over to Tech, and they'll take care of it and we'll get you issued a new one." There's a brief pause, then Len adds. "We'll need you to see Dr. Sheridan. She's come on board since you've been gone, but she's going to be the one to clear you at least as far as a psych eval goes. The sooner we get that done, the sooner I can get you out of here. But, unless you have any objections, we'll start getting your stuff brought over."

"None. Lets get me started on the road back to happy company operative. Lets.. see where we get and whats to be done" She's not sure herself where she'll be sitting with the others, but she'll try. There's known undercover and there's unknown undercover and while it sucked they couldn't be told, well, there was a reason and it's the job. Only time will tell. "And point me towards Sheridan" One thing hasn't changed, there's that quick dart of of her fingers, brush along Len's sleeve and then back.

"I'll try and get her to stop by today. Just hang in there. And I've already given instructions that you're to be treated like an agent and not a criminal. You are not here because you've done anything wrong, but for the safety of those here and yourself, we want to make sure everything is kosher. If you need something, just ask. It'll be provided." Len doesn't seem bothered by the touch, but when she's done he moves towards the door. "Thanks again, Agent Dahl, for your hard work."

"Just doing my job Denton. It's why I disappointed you know who. I'll hold tight. Safer in here than out here till folks understand" She's not evo and while she has some skill, she can't go head to head with a pyro or … who knows what else with her bare hands. Back to the cot Minea retreats, laying down and rsuming her closed eyes, breathing. "Some coffee… Big ass prime rib would be nice. Maybe some chocolate cake. I deserve chocolate cake at least"

There's a chuckle. "Done." Len says, before he disappears around the corner. He picks up his phone. "Hey, Doc. Got someone I need you to come chat with. Today if possible. You'll need to come to the facility, as she's in holding." As he clicks his cell phone closed, he turns to one of the guards. "Make sure she gets whatever she needs to be comfortable. Start with some prime rib, coffee and a large cut of chocolate cake."

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