Wango Tango


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Scene Title Wango Tango
Synopsis Two Hound sisters have a sleepover with rum, cupcakes, and chalk.
Date February 28, 2018

The Bunker: Berlin's Room

After Ag- Robyn's appearance in the lounge and the news of a hunt on the horizon Lucille is left stewing in her thoughts as she makes her way back to her quarters to grab a few things. It already felt.. awkward having Quinn there and though Lucille had only a few meetings with the SESA agent she is already weary. Meditation would usually follow after an encounter like that but tonight.. Is for the girls. Lucille's auburn hair swings free as she pads from her door across the hall to Berlin's, carrying a couple pillows, big comfortable blankets and a bag on her shoulder.

Blue eyes scan the hallway and narrow as they settle on Robyn's door. She puts the agent out of her mind though as she raises an elbow and knocks on the door a couple times. She is dressed in dark grey sweats and a long sleeved black shirt, usually she would wear an oversized T Shirt (of a certain man that's names starts with T) to bed but since she will be around a person she decides to over up.

She doesn't make mistakes like that anymore.

The impromptu meeting with their SESA overseer was uncomfortable for everybody. And it's important to destress after a day like that. So Berlin is quick to answer the door at the knock. She's already in pajamas, too, although hers have little stars all over them. But they're warm.

Berlin checks down the hall, too, like she might expect Robyn to suddenly appear, but when she leans back, she waves Lucille in. "Come in, come in," she says dancing back from the door to give her friend space. The normally serious officer is all smiles now. She's off the clock, after all. And has less to prove, perhaps. "Drop your stuff wherever."

The same goes for Lucille, she is harder to pull smiles from unless you're Devon the kid brother she never had. Berlin has already become the kid sister, reminding Lucille of when she first met her actual kid sister Ingrid though things with Berlin hadn't been as awkward as those first meetings were. And so when the door is opened Lucille smiles warmly as well, happy to just be able to relax with a friend not just co worker.

She notes the younger woman's stare down the hall. The Overseer is on everyone's brain and rightly so. Blue eyes crinkle as she continues grinning going to plop her stuff over in the corner before wheeling around holding a bottle of some clear liquid in her gloved hands now a seafoam green material.

"I scored some mezcal from a source.." actually she beat him in a drinking game of another bottle of said brand of mezcal. She might have cheated, making him go blind therefore confusing the drunk man's brain to be confused and then putting him to sleep. She'd never admit though, okay maybe she would.

Berlin ooos at the bottle and shuts the door behind Luce. She's too young to drink, after all. But try to stop her. "I got something from the Zone, too. I was saving them." She goes to her dresser, sliding open a drawer and pulling out a box. Of cupcakes. "They probably won't go great together, but let's do it anyway," she says with a laugh. And all the irresponsibility of any other college-aged kid.

She takes the box and drops down onto her bed, sitting cross-legged and nodding Lucille over. "So that was all kinda weird, right? I mean, she was Ferry and everything." Berlin grew up with the Ferry, if not always the same members. The organization itself has a place in her heart.

"Fuck if it goes together, I love cupcakes." Luce really does. The older woman slides over on black sock covered feet to the bed and climbs in to sit cross legged as well, she places the bottle between her legs and nods over at her friend. "We've met a few times but.. We weren't as close as she might with my dad or Colette," Or Rue. "I feel bad for Rumor, it's knocking her head around." The two former models were friends as well, Lucille believed Rue was exceptionally capable. She trusted the woman with her life and her secrets. Much like this friend in front of her.

"The plotting that someone is doing is making my head hurt, this situation is designed to fuck everyone involved over." Blue eyes grow pensive, "Your juicy worm found some treats for you huh? Hope the Major was pleased." Or as pleased as Hana allows people to see, unless you're Logan she muses. Regardless, Lucille offers her friend a grin and a awkward pat on her knee with a gloved hand. She tenses though she knows the gloves make it so she can't accidentally fry someone's insides or something.

Uncorking the bottle she takes a swig and grins as she passes it over. "What the hell happened?"

With a chuckle, Berlin pops the top off the box and sets it between them. Icing piled high, just like it should be. "I feel bad for her, too. Makes me wonder if someone over there knows about their past, you know? Whatever they're trying to do, they're rocking the boat over here pretty good." Everyone on edge, everyone on eggshells.

At the note about the Major, Berlin tilts her head. "She might have smiled. A little. But speaking of plotting, that whole thing really turned into a mess." She takes the bottle when it's passed over, and takes a drink as well. "I was checking in with my old smuggling contacts," she says, without so much as a flinch at the liquor. "One of them said that Tricky Ricky— uh, you know him?— got his hands on something interesting. Intel. So I went to see him. And it was addressed to Rue." She spreads her hands a little there before picking up a cupcake. "A friend of Ricky's had been hired to hit some apartment, sold everything he could swipe to Ricky. But it turns out, the person who lived there— at the apartment— was a contact of Rue's. And she and Avi went to investigate what happened there."

A hand goes out to swipe a cupcake, pulling the wrapping off at the bottom a little frosting gets on her gloved finger and she wipes it off in the box before biting it and closing her eyes in bliss, that is good. Chewing, she listens as Berlin recounts her find. Interjecting every so often:

"The slime ball? Yes. He reeks."

"Hol..y shit."

"What a coincidence.."

Except Lucille doesn't totally believe in those and that makes her eyes narrow. "I know we like to believe that our every move is unwatched," until now, "But I.. I wouldn't be surprised if someone has sussed out who our sources are and once you figure that out.." Strings can start being pulled. "The intel, there were names?" At this Lucille looks hungry though she has finished her first cupcake, stashing the balled up wrapper in the box before going for another drink. It's not the best combo but it sure as hell works.

"I don't know why but I smell trap, this SESA oversight thing," she waves her hand, "You and Rue's connected informants." Not that these things didn't happen.

Berlin doesn't believe in coincidence, either. Maybe it's a side effect of their work. "I think that the people who are left have a very good reason to try to trap us. Maybe in any way they can. I was thinking, maybe they set up this thing with SESA. We're being watched over here, and out there our contacts are getting targeted. Looking for an opening, wherever it might present itself? Or just keeping us tied up so they can get into hiding?" She's not sure what the connection is, but she is sure there is one.

Shoving the cake into her mouth, Berlin does her best to eat the whole thing in one bite (but doesn't manage it). The question about the intel gets a chuckle. "Names. Places. Pictures. It was a damn gold mine. Maybe too good, now that I know the other factors, but. Apparently it's good, because it led somewhere."

She nods at Berlin's assessment. Relaxation here sometimes means candid muses about work. "I'm glad I'm not the only one. This could be a diversion for something even bigger than we're thinking." She's happy that trap is on Berlin's radar too. "No news on the killer? That might lead us to a more definite answer." Though if they will have time to do so before the assignment is underway is the question.

Luce takes another sip before handing the bottle to Berlin, she's gonna try to not get hungover drunk. It's hard when you're with friends and the chalk is flowing. Taking a moment to flex her fingers and rotate her wrist she looks to her fellow Hound with a wolfish grin. "That.. is very exciting." Lucille had been training to get another one of the aspects of her ability to the 'quick trigger' (as she liked to call it) status. Eager to see how that would do or even a fight in the Crucible.

"We just gotta keep our eyes open. We know it's a trap, so we'll be ready." One hopes. Berlin finishes her cupcake, then takes the bottle to drink. "Robyn too. I mean, I think Robyn's getting set up, too." She might be distrustful to the agent's face, but she has a hard time believing ill of the former Ferryman. "So we have to keep her in the clear, too."

As far as the killer goes, Berlin shakes her head. "We should talk to Rue about it. See where she's gotten. I'd like to have something to lean on Ricky with before I go asking him who his friend was and who hired him. I have a feeling he'd forget on me."

"For her own good." Lucille agrees with Berlin with a nod. "She never seemed like the.. ruthless traitor type. Things change but she thinks she knows the woman. Well as well as you can know a woman you've only talked too a few times but she trusts her father's judgement and he seemed to trust Robyn, so.

On the subject of dirt on greaseballs.. "I.. Well I'm on Staten a bit." The cage fighting and otherwise. "Maybe I could rustle something up. If Rue has any ideas." She waves a hand as she takes another sip of the liquor the smoky colors swirling on her tongue.

"I should swing by the Crucible anyway," another grin thrown Berlin's way. Her eyes alight as she speaks of the brutal arena. Her hair falls into her face and she tosses it back with a flick of her head. She taps her fingers on her kneecap absently. The prospect of a match is enticing.

"For her own good." Lucille agrees with Berlin with a nod. "She never seemed like the.. ruthless traitor type." Things change but she thinks she knows the woman. Well as well as you can know a woman you've only talked too a few times but she trusts her father's judgement and he seemed to trust Robyn, so.

On the subject of dirt on greaseballs.. "I.. Well I'm on Staten a bit." The cage fighting and otherwise. "Maybe I could rustle something up. If Rue has any ideas." She waves a hand as she takes another sip of the liquor the smoky colors swirling on her tongue.

"I should swing by the Crucible anyway," another grin thrown Berlin's way. Her eyes alight as she speaks of the brutal arena. Her hair falls into her face and she tosses it back with a flick of her head. She taps her fingers on her kneecap absently. The prospect of a match is enticing.

Berlin nods to those first words. She's pretty firm on that point, too. "I'm pretty sure she's not the bad guy. She might be working for them, but I don't think she knows it."

An eyebrow lifts when Luce mentions Staten. "Well, maybe you could look around. We could pool our knowledge and maybe learn something." She takes another drink, too, although it's sure to hit her hard eventually. "Just don't get yourself too messed up to hunt. Those fighters out there, they don't hold back." Or so she hears. "I know you don't either, but still."

At the prospect of being too injured to proceed with the hunt Lucille frowns and nods, "There's a healer there, if I meet my better. But.. you never know." Though Lucille would rather not have to use to utilize that service she has been known too in order to fulfill the duties of her job. "Let's ask Rue what she thinks." She cradles the bottle for the moment not wanting them to get too drunk. The loose feeling that comes with the drink already settling over her. She absently rubs at the scar on her neck. The silver locket she usually wears sits there, rustled by the movement.

She licks her lips and looks at the door as if someone might be listening. "Dearing," a roguish grin, "Kind of an ass but what an ass." She snorts with laughter as she leans back. "I hope I run into him on the island." A pretty direct admission from the taller woman.

"How much does that cost?" Berlin asks dryly, because a healer hanging out at an underground fighting ring out of the goodness of their heart is unlikely. "We'll ask Rue. Then we'll figure out how to follow this trail without them noticing us. The trail making… people." She laughs there, falling back onto the bed to look up at the ceiling. But then, after a sigh, she looks over at Luce. "Your neck hurting you lately?" She could find out the answer herself, of course, but she'd really rather not.

At the mention of Dearing, though, she groans in protest and rolls back up to sit. To half sit, half prop herself up with an arm. "He's ancient." Of course, so many people in Wolfhound are from her point of view. "Why? So you can kick his ass? If you do, call me, because I kinda wanna watch."

"Ah it costs that's for sure. But I can manage." As Berlin notices her tic she looks sheepish. "Just a twitch, the ol gunshot wound." She says softly and shrugs her shoulders. She forgets that she does it sometimes. Lucille looks over to Berlin, "What.. do you feel when you sense my.. what is it my body?" She knows a little of Berlin can do.

"Ha! Come on he's hot Burr," using the nickname she uses quietly for the younger girl. "Look at that ass!" She shrieks with laughter and falls back on the bed next to Berlin. "I fucking wish. Didn't he say he was a 'spectator'," air quotes and a eye roll. "If I could just keep him distracted long enough to fry him," She crinkles her fingers together with a tongue hanging out of her mouth, "Otherwise I'd be nervous about his strength, commenting on his ability.

"That probably affects.. his bedroom fun too." Ouch.

"You don't have to be embarrassed," Berlin notes. She might normally not, but she's feeling that mezcal now (and it's good for morale). "It's normal for wounds like that to irritate." She probably doesn't just mean physically, but she still has enough good judgment not to mention the psychological effects of wounds from near-misses. The question gets a blink, then Berlin tilts her head some. "I'd have to touch you to really feel it out. But. Scar tissue. The placement means a lot of movement. Talking, swallowing, turning your head."

The mention of Dearing's ass (again), Berlin shakes her head. "I'd rather not think about his ass. Or his bedroom fun." This is where the girl seems a touch naive. Shooting, stabbing, inflitration, that's all fine. But when it comes to relationship stuff, that's a bit over her head. "I bet you could convince him. Or Curtis, maybe."

At the notion of needing skin contact Lucille balks inside. She blinks and looks down at the mezcal. She knew that but the liquor made her more open, "I could.. switch to a non.." Lucille nods her head and sits up straighter. All talk of boys ceased, for now.

"You know that blinding practice I put you through?" Referring to when she helps the team get used to different forms of disorientation. The effects of being blinded one of them. "I'm gonna 'put myself' on blind. Then you can check it out," she wonders why she hasn't asked Berlin to do this before.

Lucille breathes in deeply and exhales just as hard as her heart rate levels out her eyes flicker to that amber gold when she's actively using her ability. Slowly, she pulls off one of her gloves and extends a hand to Berlin with a light smile. "All clear, remember prepare for total black."

"Yeah, I remember," Berlin says, since she was one of their team that did alright with blind practice. At least where it came to living things. The furniture was more of a problem. Her head tilts as she watches Lucille's eyes turn color, and when the signal is given, she doesn't seem to mind the idea of Luce's power being used on her. She reaches out a hand to take Lucille's. Her eyes close, even though she can't see either way. It's her own tick.

"You've poisoned yourself," she says first, cheekily. The alcohol, of course. But she tightens her grip and her brow furrows as she digs in deeper. "It was a close call," she says, "closer than I thought." Or, perhaps, she thinks that near death experience is what's really eating away at Luce. "It's deep. Some of the muscle under it is gone. That's why it sinks in that way." Her hand holds on a little longer, but lets her go when she realizes how tight she's holding her.

"There are some treatmeant," she says, "that might help it regain some elasticity. Might make it less irritating. Won't go away completely, but. Maybe we should ask Francois."

She's quiet as Berlin works her ability on her. "Ha Ha, help me help me." Lucille fake lolls her head with her tongue hanging out. At her words she nods her head at the younger woman's assessment. "That could help." Speaking of her team leader, she likes the man and knows that he knows his stuff.

Luce flexes her fingers and she stares back at the woman. Eyes fading slowly back to their natural blue coloring. "My ability.. hasn't been right since the injury."

She blinks, "The doctors couldn't tell me what was wrong. Why I can't turn off." She says it with a bit of a grimace.

Berlin laughs at Lucille's first words. Unfortunately, Luce will have to get rid of her toxins the old fashioned way. But she looks more serious when the talk turns to her power. "Um. Nothing I can feel seems to be wrong with your power. It could be something I don't know to look for, but…" Okay so she's pretty drunk now. "I manifested pretty young. Too young, I'm told. And I couldn't turn it off either. That was… real bad. Feeling everything that way? When I finally talked to someone about it they said it was because of the trauma. Poppin' young or just from life running with the Ferry. I had to work on— " She stops there to tap herself against the temple.

She's heard this before, it's so much her ability as it is something wrong with her. Trauma. Well, check. "I just guess I was hoping that you'd get a different prognosis." A light shrug as she fiddles with the glove at her elbow, looking down. She's drunk too.

Luce had figured the meditation would have helped her by now. With getting her ability under control. But no go. "God maybe I need therapy," she says dryly with a chuckle. She takes one final swig of the bottle and sets it off the bed on the ground. "Thanks for peeking."

"I can do some research," Berlin says, because even drunk she like books, "maybe I missed something." For Luce, she'll do this. It isn't something she's free with to anyone else. She mostly doesn't even like talking to the others about her ability. But Luce is different.

Perhaps worryingly, the next words get a laugh out of Berlin. "I think we all need therapy. Look at us. Quel d├ęsordre." French comes out as easily as English does, her accent as natural. There's a pause before she looks back to Luce again. "You know who's nice to look at? Francois is nice to look at." Nevermind that he is actually ancient.

"When I first manifested I was like you.. like this, I couldn't touch people but I eventually learned how to turn it off." It's been six years since then. "Feels like a lifetime away." As her younger friend offers to help her research she nods her head. "I could use a fellow bookworm's brain on this." She grips Berlin's shoulder in her regloved hand and smiles, not afraid of hurting her after just doinf what they did.

"Verite." Is thrown back in not as good but "okay" French with a warm smile. And then a certain Frenchman is the topic of discussion and she chokes with laughter. "You called James old!!" Though yes Francois was attractive, "I mean. We're off the clock?" She gets a mischievous look in her eyes, "Yes Squad leader is very nice to look at." Though not in the way that he's distracting. Curtis on the other hand. She remembers when she first met him as 'Ash', "I haven't climbed that tree.. with Curtis. But I've been thinking it."

"I'm happy to help," Berlin says with a warm smile. She means it, even if the warmth is more from the mezcal. Her hand even reaches up to squeeze Luce's. "We'll figure it out." Maybe without therapy, if they're lucky.

Berlin looks momentarily surprised at Lucille's laughter, but joins her a moment later. "James is old! And Francois is just pretty, I'm not talking about… climbing his tree," she says. And that makes her laugh all the more. Until she tips backwards and has to scramble to keep herself from falling off the bed. "Oops," she says. And laughs a little more. "Off the clock, yep." Hopefully. Or they're in for a scolding.

"You should get on that. He looks like he needs a good time. You know?" You know, Lucille. "I haven't climbed any trees," she notes off hand.

There's laughter and then Berlin's almost falling off the bed and Lucille for a brief moment thinks about just how horrible an emergency would be if it happened now. Oddly (or not so oddly), the thought makes her crack up even more. She pats her stomach as she quiets down and listens to what the young woman says.

"Honestly.." shifty eyes, "He does." Seem like he needs a good time. It's funny because sleepovers always end up back to boys. Always. "Well," Lucille gets serious and sits up to peer at Berlin, "Don't go rushing. Wait for the person that gives you that spark," she snaps her fingers to emphasize her point. "You've matured faster than other girls your age in other ways. Sometimes I wish I had waited." But her first was Tahir so, maybe she doesn't. "My first time ended up horrible in the morning, guy ditched out on me. Then I ran into him years later here," she looks up at the ceiling and shrugs lightly, "I punched him in the face and now we've been… naked friends ever since."

"Don't worry," Berlin says to Lucille's advice, "I'm not even sure what I like half the time, if I like anything at all. Sometimes everyone seems dumb." Which is to say, she's not in danger of falling into bed with someone. She's in far more danger of falling out of bed, as she has already displayed. She nods, though, to Luce's point. She has matured in ways other twenty year olds haven't had to. "Sometimes I wish I could have just been like a normal girl. But then I remember that I'm a badass bounty hunter type— " or near enough— "and I get over it."

When Luce recounts her first time story, Berlin lifts her eyebrows. And further when she gets around to the punching. "That sounds awful. I mean, the beginning part," she says with a sloppy wave of her hand, "not the naked part."

"Nothing wrong with a little non-wang tango with a lady." She thinks of Rue and Colette and herself those two times in Amsterdam. "You don't seem that stressed and that's good!" But sex is a great de stressor for the job, and life.

As they speak more of her first time she chuckles, "Honestly telling me I would be with Avery years after that night? I would have said you were crazy." There's a fond smile on her lips. He had proven himself to be more reliable then she originally thought. Ever since that night she came for him at the studio.

"The naked part is always the best part."

It really was.

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