Want For Choices



NPCs by Brooklyn.

Scene Title Want For Choices
Synopsis When a do-gooder doctor bearing bad (?) news arrives at Raquelle's doorstep, a vision comes to be.
Date June 10, 2009

The Cambria Home

Afternoons, early evenings? Raquelle is at home, where he should be. BJ's parked in front of the TV working on a coloring project for school and Diana is wrapped around Raquelle's leg and begging him in Japanese for a dog for the umpteenth time as he works on dusting. Typical scene, really.

Feather dusters gripped in one hand and his other hand resting on Diana's messy curls, he snaps off pretty quickly all the reasons why they can't have a dog and he wears a simple black Sex Pistol's t-shirt with a few holes in it and a pair of black jeans, feet bare, hair combed into a stylish mesh. Diana, is wearing her Princess Jasmine pajamas and yep, still begging. Then comes the yell from the living room as Raquelle lifts a picture to dust under it:

"Daddy! Can a teacher have blue hands?!"

Afternoons, early evenings, Dr. Cameron is usually at work. Today, she stands out front the door of the Cambria household, a large black leather purse clasped in hands, dressed neatly, professionally, even if the wind on the way over has since blown her hair mostly out of its immaculate tie. Apparently, she exists outside of visions of white walls and hand prints. Blocky bangs rest against her forehead over wide eyes and defined cheekbones, mouth in a line as she checks the address, and then finally—

Knocks, a curt ratatat sound of bony knuckles bouncing off wood. This is the right thing to do, after all, no need for hesitation.

Door swings open after a few moments and Raquelle's baby blues sweep up and down the woman's body rather quickly. From her hair to her shoes then to her purse and he stares a few moments, swinging the 4 year old on his leg up to his hip and handing her the feather duster as he arches an eyebrow slooooowly.

There is some staring that goes on for a few moments before he offers slowly and uncertainly. "Uh…can I help you?"

Shaped eyebrows go up as the door swings open, Dr. Cameron putting on the beginnings of a smile before she is— stared at, her fingers clutching her purse nervously before she swivels her gaze towards the little girl, and offers a warm smile that manages to translate back to the man in front of her. "Mr. Cambria?" she asks, a hand up to push a lock of brown hair back behind an ear. "My name's Dr. Cameron, I work at St. Luke's. I was hoping to talk to you— it won't take long."

Raquelle takes a step back and bends over to let the little girl down. "Girls! Go to your room, be right there okay…" Then he looks back to the woman with a hmm. "A doctor? Well come in I guess, you want something to drink?"

He's trying to be polite despite the guards that shoot up at the mention of the hospital."We just stocked up on oreos too."

She follows him inside, her shoes flat and footsteps quiet, not bothering to look around when her attention is on the young father, dimpling with a smile as she shakes her head. "No, I don't want to take up too much of your time," she assures, coming to stand and flip open her purse, a file extracted. Dr. Cameron's voice is quiet, less out of reverence but more of a care not to be overheard. "I'm sorry that this— might seem intrusive, but there was an oversight during when your daughter— Diana?— was released from the hospital after her treatment."

Raquelle looks a bit confused, folding his arms over his chest and leaning against a wall near the door. "Mmhm, and you couldn't have called first? I mean /damn/ I could've been dancing around naked…" He trails off and blinks and boy does he sober up rather quickly. "Oversight? Talk."

Well that's fair. The doctor's smile dims a fraction, and she nods, bites back excuses and simply states, "Mr. Cambria, your daughter is Evolved." She allows a second for that to filter in, before continuing, "Likely she won't manifest until she's older. When Diana required a blood transfusion, her blood had to go through testing and it's become a standard at St. Luke's to test for Evolved qualities, on the off-chance it has impact." She takes a breath and lets it out with a sigh, her tone final as she adds, "And I saw that no one thought to tell you."

Mr. Cambria is listening, oh yes indeedly. Expression darkening for a moment as he stares and then his eyes widen and he takes a step back before just nodding firmly. "Oh shi-" He cuts himself off. "Thank you doctor, you've been very informative and uh, thank you for telling me." A long pause. "There isn't, I mean this isn't written down anywhere or announced or anything?"

Her smiles returns a little, somewhat wry and rueful. "Her records are in the system, but no, it's not announced or handed over to the government," Dr. Cameron says, her words coming carefully. "And these results aren't routinely checked— yet. If you were never officially made aware, you have no obligation to contact the local Evolved registry about— information you don't know."

A pause, and her body shifts a little as she adds, "I'm off hours. You just have a decision to make."

Raquelle just rubs a hand over his face, sighing softly and looking up at his ceiling as he waves a hand vaguely. "Then why are you telling me? I mean I think it is great of you to tell me though. Cuz hell, I really know I'd want to know but…you're off hours. This isn't official. I am not obliged to make her little life any harder than it is by going to the registry." He worries his bottom lip. "So thank you, but why? Why decision do I have to make here?"

"The decision Diana's not old enough to make for herself," Dr. Cameron says, hesitant. "That all Evolveds have to make. The Act is there for a reason and— so is free will." She shakes her head, and replaces the file into her purse. "I'm not here to counsel you, but I thought you should know. I have a daughter too, I'd— want to have a choice."

Raquelle exhales shakily before swallowing and giving a tiny nod. "Yeah. It is uh, good to know." He scratches his head before looking back to the doctor with a small frown. "Thank you." He whispers softly. So much pressure and worry about just going to say one thing. He's quiet, eyeing the door and just staring off into space.

"You're welcome," she says, and with a last attempt at a reassuring smile, Dr. Cameron turns on her heel and goes to let herself out with a swish of brunette ponytail.

Raquelle just watches Dr. Cameron with hooded eyes, moving forward to hold the door open and then close it quietly behind her when she's out, leaning against the door, forehead first, and closing his eyes as he gives a 'ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' of emotion.

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