Wanting To Pay It Forward


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Scene Title Wanting To Pay It Forward
Synopsis Kendall seeks a council member to see about how he can join the Ferry.
Date December 8, 2010

Pollepel Island - Infirmary

There's always room for more hands in the infirmary, but at least there's less people here than there were when the island first had it's influx of people. With Abigail back, there's at least one more experienced hand on call and right now, She's putting the finishing touches to the bit fat lip of a small kid who had the misfortune of falling and cutting open their lip on the stone and wood floors.

Two stitches is all that it will take, but to a six year old, two stitches is the world, when you really need to be stingy with the stuff that you have. Not that Abby was stingy with it with the young kid. It just means some adult will have to tough it out a bit down the road maybe, but Adult cope better than kids. Most people that are here are either working or laying down and resting, sleeping off injuries, a few with respiratory issues that are being segregated from the rest to help prevent contagiousness.

"There you go Nay, all better see? You'll barely see it and when you get older and the boys call you a girl and say you're a wimp, you can totally show them just below that beautiful lip of yours and you tell them that you have a scar and only tough girls have scars" Abby lifts on gloved finger up to her own lips, a shhh sound and reaches over to produce a candycane, presenting it to the young girl. One of the normal sized ones. "Be more careful okay? And you enjoy this candy came, because I can't eat it at all but I'm sure that you can"

When everyone first came to the castle on the island, Kendall was unconscious and comatose for five days, so his first memory of the place is the infirmary. It brings back somewhat painful memories, but he heard Abby was here, so that's why he's headed down. Poking his head around the doorframe, he catches sight of her giving the kid a candycane and smirks. "Do I get one too?" he jokes, stepping in. Not that he wants one, of course, but she's clearly trying to 'hide' it, so a comment must be made.

Abby twists on her little four legged stool as Nay and her family take off, her red and white prize clutched in her hand, her badge of bravery. Abby's own hand dips into the pocket of her sweater and she holds one out to Kendall, full sized ones. "Only if you're a good boy and on Santa's good list"

Which is clearly a joke and Abby gestures to the cot that was just vacated. It's a place to sit. "How are you doing? You missed the concert the other night. Plenty of girls would have danced with you"

"Concert?" Kendall repeats, looking confused. "When was this?" aww, he missed it! The candy cane is eyed, and with a shrug he takes it. Hey, when offered food of any sort, he's not about to refuse! He sticks it in his own pocket, however, to save for later. "There's really only one girl I'd want to dance with but dancing's kinda hard on her. Anyway…" he hesitates, then takes a deep breath. "I want to join Ferry… I was told there's no one specific person to ask, but I was told of several people to ask and you seem to be the most, uh… accessible. So how does one go about joining?"

'Well, you're here, so that's one step in the right direction. Second was finding a council member, and you're doing that. Since I"m not gonna be able to take off soon as I'd intended. What did you want to do for the Ferry Kendall? What were you hoping to offer us?" She gesture to the candy cane, breaking out a small one for herself, a little pick me up pep for the afternoon.

"My power." Kendall replies simply. "I've been back and forth to the mainland practically every day, and no one's noticed me. I can make illusions. Not only do I make myself invisible when I do this, but the boat and the ripples on the surface as well so no one has anything to go by. I can make fake registration cards without forging anything, I can make anyone look like anyone else… or anything for that matter. I have this, but so far I haven't been able to help anyone with it. I've been helped myself countless times, since I've lived in a few safehouses by this point, and I'd like to repay the favor." Kendall pauses, mainly to breathe since that was pretty much constant talking and he's not used to it.

"Are the cards permanent, or temporary? When you travel on the boat, can folks still hear you and the engine?" Abigail fires off these questions in return, head tilted a fraction and looking at the teenager.

"The cards aren't permanent, but so long as someone believes they are, they stay. And no one can hear the boat either, since I can cover all five senses with my illusions. Belief is a very strong part of what I can do. If the owner of the card believes it will work and get them past, and so long as the person they show it to doesn't believe it's not there at all, it should stay." Kendall replies confidently. "Although, if people really wanted, I could make my illusions for the test itself, so they're issued legitimate cards for an illegitimate response." provided it's not negated.

"How long will it last though" Abby points out. "And you can start, helping, by pitching in in the kitchen, pitching in down here. There're plenty that you can do and when the time comes that we start to open safehouses again, or if we need someone to travel with the supply boats to keep up the cover, then we'll call on you." There's a though, and she looks over at him from where she's cleaning up the mess from the previous patient. "Ever ridden a horse?"
Why is it the first thought Kendall had at that question was about the Old Spice commercial? The world will never know.

Not really. There's, uh, not really many chances to ride a horse in the city. And the illusions last whether I'm there or not, that's the best thing about my illusions. I make my illusions, and so long as the ones who see it or whatever still think it's there, they'll still see it. My illusions even lasted after I lost consciousness."

"Ask Ryans or Huruma, have them teach you to ride a horse. You're old enough, you're now nominated to ride security patrols with them, so that you can hide the horses and the riders from any potential folks who might find the place. Shannon's around, she can illusion up the boats as they come in, but far as I know she can't do sound. But the patrols will be more useful." Abigail smiles to Kendall. "We don't, by the way, tally up the IOU's. You help because you want to help, not because you feel obligated. None of us do this because we feel obligated for what's been done for us in the past. You pitch in as much as you want to, deal?"

"Deal." ooh boy, he gets to learn to ride a horse. Ideas start happening to Kendall, and who knows what he plans to do to the poor horses with his illusions. Knight in shining armor, maybe? Demon horses that breathe fire? Or heck, horses made of fire? Unicorns? Nah, not unicorns, those are too girly. "All right. I just feel like I've got this power, and I should use it to help people, not as a tit for tat kinda thing. With great power comes great responsibility." he nods sagely. Nerd.

"How Magnes of you. Here, first job" Abigail hands him the tray with the trash. "Go empty this then take it to teh corner to get washed. Then, you can come with me to the kitchen and we can see what needs to be prepared for dinner. Eighty people don't feed themselves" She smiles at the teenager. "WElcome to the Ferry kendall"

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