Was Blind But Now I See


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Scene Title Was Blind But Now I See
Synopsis Abigail finally gets to Chuck Pepper's clinic after giving him a few days to think about her offer. He takes her up on it and his world regains it's fifth sense again. But will he regret the choice he made?
Date May 17, 2009

Scraped Knees Clinic - Office

A room with a slow turning ceiling fan and a window high up near the ceiling. A file cabinet sits in the corner and each drawer is embossed with brail bumps. While a big light colored oak desk sits in the middle of the this office surrounded by the red brick walls of the room. Sitting next to the great desk was a brushed steel trash can. With two chairs facing the large desk. On the other side of the desk facing the two chairs sits a HermanMiller Aeron Chair. The desk is nice and neat with little to no clutter on it. A LCD monitor, some speakers and a keyboard with Braille embossed letters are the only thing on his desk. Along the left wall when entering is a small black leather couch. Above it is a Giclée of Katsushika Hokusai's, "The Great Wave."

Chuck is talking to his computer as it is typing what he is speaking, he is leaned back in his comfortable hermanmiller chair with his legs kicked up on his desk.

Eventually, Abigail had found the clinic that Chuck had been talking about in the bar. Not hard, when you ask where the blind doctor works. Her weekend had been busy and she'd been unable to show up. That is till now. The door out opens, light footsteps coming in, rustle of clothing, all the sounds that tend to accompany Abigail on her day to day movements. Chuck is spotted right away, lounging, talking to… a computer? "I think I need a copy of that program. Maybe it'll help me learn to use my laptop better" Comes the dulcet tones from the Bar.

Chuck looking over in the general direction of the woman as she entered his office, from the soft foot steps and the comment was all he needed to hone into the general area. Recognizing the voice, "Miss Abigail? Hmm odd, my assistant out front didn't let me know you were out there. But yes this program is wonderful especial for those of use that can't really see." Offering a friendly smile as his eyes seemed to be staring off to some unknown point. "Please come in and have a seat." Now sitting up in his chair and removing the mic from himself and setting it on the desk.

"She told me to go on through. I told her I wasn't a patient" But the offer of the seat is taken and soon enough, she's parked in one of the chairs, her messenger bag settled on her lap. "Well, i'm terrible at typing and even worse at working on a computer, but it's a necessary evil these days it seems. But. Yes. Abigail. I'm sorry, I would have come sooner but I had a thousand things crop up between then and now"

Chuck smiling, "I understand, I err kind of feel bad, I was on my way of getting drunk when we first met and well..I am not to pleased with myself about that one. I do apologize but the martini's were excellent." Leaning forward on his desk in the direction of Abigail's voice, "Okay, well, I would love to be able to see again, but I don't want everyone to know…but honestly, can I ask you a question. Since you are seeing person. Is it just me or does it seem like I get treated differently since I can not see, I mean did you treat me differently in the bar then you would treat any other of your seeing customers?"

"I think, that I'm a poor person to ask if I treat you differently. I'm… I would have struck up conversation with you likely if you'd had a dog or not. Probably would not have cleared the path to your seat for you, but" Abigail shifts in her seat, leaning forward a bit. "Why would you want to see again, if you don't want anyone to know? Do you like the way people treat you as you currently are?"

Chuck shaking his head, "Well, I do not care for the way people treat me as a whole, but there is a small percentage of people that do treat me like a normal person. But it's like I see the person's true nature…if you can understand that, the side that people do not show when people can see?" Leaning back into his chair again. "I love helping people and you know when people come in here for need or assistants they are sincere and are truly themselves. But I dunno, I guess I am still struggling with the idea of it. I want to be able to see again, but I am wondering if my life will change again, from it. There are things I miss, watching the set, looking at a beautiful woman, seeing a person smile and to see them laughing. I guess it seems that I am asking for reassurance is to is it worth seeing again…?" Not really sure why he seemed to be back peddling on the offer of being able to see again, but maybe Abigail could shed some sight on it or some good sound reasoning.

"What have you gained from loosing your sight Chuck?" Abigail figured there might be back pedaling. This isn't like saving a person who's just lost a limb and giving it back. For 8 years the man had lived in a dark world. This was why she didn't do it, right then and there. "What would you loose, that you'll miss, if you did get your sight back?" There's no judging on the part of the healer, she just sits there quietly, listening.

Chuck adjusting his eyes so they were now looking at area he assumed his desk was. "Well, I think I have become a better doctor, being more receptive as to my patients since well I cannot see anything, but more relay on what they have to say, feel and hear." Adjusting is his seat again, "I think I have become more appreciative about things then I was when I had my vision, but I dunno…maybe I have changed for the worse but I like to say for the better?" Shifting the topic again, "Well, let me ask you something Miss Abigail, what if the roles were changed, lets say you had been blind now for 8 years and then someone told you that they could give you your sight back?"

"I'd be very scared Chuck, and skeptical. And I'd be praying to God for an answer" The Red head offers up without hesitation. "I'd take time to think it over, consult with my Doctor's, my family and ask my heart if I'd want to do it. Because once I did it, there'd be no going back." She nods her head, satisfied with her own answer.

Chuck smiling, "You seem so confident in your answer." Pausing a moment to chew over her words. "Well, my parents would be excited but then they would wonder how this miracle happened. They are both professionals in the medical field so hence why I would have to keep my blind ruse up for a while." Letting out a sigh, "They are against the evolved, so that kind of hurts, since I tend to treat both. Though, they do not know that. But it would be nice to see again and then to look someone in the eyes again. I think I am leaning towards the seeing idea … but if we do this, please tell noone what you have done for me?"

"I don't tend to run around, flapping my lips about who I heal. I'm also a registered Tier 0 evolved. So you don't have to worry about the impact it will have on me either." it's a little awkward, somewhat. There isn't really a manual on 'how to offer sight to a blind man' short of, smearing mud on his eyes. Right? "There are always going to be peopel, Chuck, Dr. Chuck, that .. Don't understand about those who are gifted. So they're afraid of it instead. I'm sorry that your parents are such people"

Chuck shrugging, "It's quite alright they are both very skilled and good at their jobs though I tell them they are gifted because they are very good at what they do and they both just give me an odd look and say, "Practice makes perfect son." Finally, leaning back again, "Okay, well I am sure you are a very busy woman and with other things to do then to hear someone's stories." Scrunching up his face a moment, "Alright, lets do this…." Letting out a sigh as he makes this life changing decision. "I make decisions like this all day with patients but this one was a bit hard." Still seeming a little hesitant but seeming more confident now.

Abigail smiles, widely, toothily. "A leap of faith sometimes, is far better than a shuffle forward of hesitation" She shifts from her seat, standing up so that she can move the chair around to his side of the desk. "Harder when your the patient. Your not the first that I've helped to see though. There's been one other from way back when I was just learning" her voice closer, the sound of the chair being moved till she's settled again. "I'm going to touch your face, is that okay? And you might want to close your eyes. or leave them open. Leaving them open might be strange"

Chuck preparing for this miracle to happen, "Sure I will just close my eyes." Relaxing as to let Abigail work her powers on him.

Light fluttering fingertips descend on Chuck's face after she manages to maneuver herself to better do this. "It'll just feel warm, and tingle a little. Depending on how fast I go. but I'm pretty sure that it'll be over before you know it. Shouldn't hurt" The healer murmurs, her breath washing over his cheek. The next words out of her mouth though, not just normal talking. Scripture instead.

"As he drew near to Jericho, a blind man was sitting by the roadside begging; and hearing a multitude going by, he inquired what this meant. They told him "Jesus of Nazareth is passing by" and he cried "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!" and those who were in front rebuke him, telling him to be silent; but he cried out all the more. "Son of David, have mercy on me!" and Jesus stopped, and commanded him to be brought to him and when he came near, he ask him. "What do you want me to do for you?" he said, "Lord, let me receive my sight" And Jesus said to him,"receive your sight; your faith has made you well" and immediately, he received his sight and followed him, glorifying God and all the people when they saw it, gave praise to God"

The warmth and tingling she mentioned starts at the beginning of the necessary things needed to be done to heal and by the time she's done, it's tapered off. It's not five minutes, more like two or three. "Open your eyes" Still keeping her fingers and palms gently on his face.

Chuck slowly opening his eyes, though a bit blurry and the lights in the room almost blinding as he had not seen light through this retinal for 8 years. Blinking quickly and squinting his eyes he is still adjusting to the light. Muttering out loud, "Amazing.." Still adjusting to the idea of light in his eyes and the blurry sight as it slowly comes into focus. Closing his eyes a moment as to let it settle in that he can see again..then opening them back up, doing this for a few minutes as slowly his eyes began to focus more and more with every attempt. "I sort of recognized the scripture, I think it was Matthew 20:29-34. Pretty good rendition of it if you ask me." Smiling for the first time with sight, "I was raise Catholic." For the first time looking over at his miracle worker with sight and offering her a smile. "Thank you.."

A pretty young thing who's face isn't that far away smiles back at him. Red hair that's obviously not real, and vivid blue eyes search Chuck's face. "Luke eighteen. Thirty-five to Forty-Three. It's good? you can see?"There's worry around her eyes as she eases back into her own chair.

Chuck seeming to search his brain a moment, "Ah, shucks you are right. At least you were reciting the New King James version. I should have known the line that mentions "Jesus of Nazareth" is mentioned the one was I was thinking about mentions nothing about Jesus of Nazareth." Leaning back as he continued to gaze at Abigail, "Wow you are quite beautiful." Smirking, "But I am sure I am not the first guy to tell you that." Looking into her strong blue eyes a moment then saying, "Thank you."

"You are not the first no" Abigail smiles back at the older man. "You should probably take the rest of the day, get your bearings. I'm sure 8 years is no small laughing matter" The much younger woman offers. "I hope though, that you feel you made the right choice, in the end. I can't undo what I did"

Chuck nodding, "Well, I hope so too, and this definitely changes things now. But I suppose I will have to slowly let me patients know I can see, not to sure if I should or not though." Shaking his head, "I do appreciate what you did, is there anyway I can repay you, even though this is something that is a bit hard to repay back?"

"You could prepare them slowly, that you're undergoing a medical procedure yourself that's going to allow you to see. Maybe wear glasses, you can get fake ones, if you want. That'll help I suppose" But repayment. "I don't take money for what I can do. For what I do. It's just the way that I am. Just, pass along the good deed? Help someone in need if you see them and do the christian thing"

Chuck nodding, "Ah, well I already do that, most of the people that come into my clinic cannot afford treatment from the hospitals or can even afford the medicines they need so I am doing more of a free service but I am subsidized by the government with medical supplies so I don't mind. I am a lot like you, I enjoy helping people, it's why I even became a doctor." Smiling at the woman, "I have to admit, it was quite nice for the first sight in 8 years seeing a you, a beautiful woman standing in front of me with honest caring eyes."

"Then I'm glad that I'm one of the first things that you see. I'm sure Gus is another beautiful sight and since you already pass along the good deeds, then, you don't need to repay me anything" The flattery a little embarrassing. She's not oblivious to the fact that she's a pretty woman. It's just not a priority for her. "I should probably be going, unless, you need me for something else? I don't want to linger too long"

Chuck smiling at her, "Well, are you to busy not to have dinner? Err, well that is…ah well I should probably let you go." Actually, almost afraid to ask her out for a friendly meal. "I, suppose I can always swing by the bar to say hi?" Then nodding to Abby about Gus, "Yes, I can't let social services know I have my sight back or they will take Gus away from me and I can't let them do that, I have had Gus since he was a puppy, and then he was sent off to training and then he came back trained. I couldn't actually stand losing him." Showing a little emotion at the thought of losing Gus.

This was why she had asked him. What would he stand to loose with his sight. "I'm about to get really busy, but, maybe when all things are settled down, i'll stop by and I can lend a hand here, helping heal?" A tentative offer, unsure of whether he would take it or not.

Chuck nodding, "Sure, I would appreciate the help. But also another friendly face every now and again is always welcome. My assistant Bridget can be a bit tough sometimes but she is really a nice woman." Offering a smile, "Yes, please just let me know and maybe we can do dinner sometime." Getting out that dinner invite out finally and wondering how it will go over, but regardless. But he never seemed to have time to chase woman so why start now.

"THe offer of dinner is very much appreciated" Abigail answers again, getting up, working to move the chair she occupied, back to where it was. "I should go, I have a doctors appointment and class to attend, phone calls to make. But it was nice to see you, help you"

Chuck nodding and continuing to smile as to still being excited about being able to see once again. "I don't know if I can ever say thank you enough, I mean it's truly amazing to be able to see again! I mean I can actually dress myself again.." Smiling, "I know it's an odd thing to say but when you don't know what shirt you are grabbing to try to wear or the correct pants it tends to make going out a bit interesting." Realizing the woman was trying to go and he was sitting here and being all chatty. "Well, then take care Miss Abigail and thank you again." Rising up from his chair as he walks around over to shake her hand.

"You mean, now when she hands you a purple shirt and tells you it's white, you can grab the one that's actually white" Hands again. Everyone always wants to shake. But she'd already touched him and so, Abigail takes his, squeezes it gently then lets go. "Enjoy your new found world. You should really take the rest of the day off, explore it. I'd go to a museum, or central park first, if I was me. Some place with lots of color and movement"

Chuck shaking his head, "No I am afraid I am married to my work and I have all these people to call back and I have a few appointments that are suppose to come in today and they are children and I do not turn away children. But thank you." Quickly releasing her hand shake if you could even call it that and then taking a step back. "You have a wonderful day Miss Abigail. My door is always open for you and for anyone that you may need to send my way."

"Oh, I think I might know some people to send your way. take care then, I'll leave you be" And with that, the redhead turns, messenger back gathered up and slid over her shoulder and the healer with her black leather jacket and tan piping heads out his office door, closing it behind her. Something that Chuck can now see… as well as hear.

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