Wasted Time


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Scene Title Wasted Time
Synopsis Showing up for lessons she doesn't even want to take, when the usual teacher is AWOL Kayla winds up verbally sparring with Curt instead.
Date June 18, 2009

Primatech Research: Gymnasium

Curt stands next to the heavy bag in the room. He doesn't box with it like most people do, he moves in odd and almost triangular patterns, the motions almost jerky and random. His lightly wrapped hands thunder into the bag in a blur, edges and fists moving in complex weaving manners that are almost hypnotic. His knee sucks into the middle of the bag hard enough to send it sliding down its resistance track a solid fifteen feet. He reaches towards his towel, wiping his shining forehead and sighing heavily.

It isn't often Kayla comes down here; only for her lessons in self-defense, mandatory even for non-agent employees — and not something she ever spent time on before. She's dressed down for the occasion; dark gray sweatpants, a light blue tee. The thin, gray elbow-length gloves are an unusual component of her attire, particularly since Kayla doesn't wear any other affectations to complement them. "Problem?" she asks of the agent, upon his sigh; Kayla's attempt at 'small talk'.

Curt glances up, "Not at all." He offers a genuine smile, "Killed a monster today, making me a bit of a dragon slayer." He grins, "Feeling good. You?" He looks her up and down, "Don't you work for the boss man?"

The woman weathers his inspection with poor grace. "Yeah. Just not in the avenue of killing things," Kayla answers. Or otherwise performing agent duties. How is she feeling? She shrugs a shoulder. "Tired of sorting records. I take it Jeff is out… again?" she concludes with definite, though not heavy, ire.

Curt nods his head, "Yup. Running around doing god knows what. What are you here for, kiddo? Time on a treadmill? Burning some business lunch calories or just here to stem the aging process with a pilates class?"

Curt's efforts earn him a flat glare. Quite possibly the intended reaction. "Self-defense," Kayla states sharply. "Don't worry, I'm not interested in wasting your time. Or mine." She pivots on a heel and moves back towards the door.

Curt barks a laugh, "Then you're not here to learn self defence." he states flatly, "Self defence is a careful balance of violence and not. You look more like a 'not' to me. Which means you and me? We're gonna have to go through the various ways for you to break holds and grips and survive long enough to run away, because no offence little girl, but you're not out fighting angry puppies."

We? Kayla whips back around, regarding Curt with a narrow-eyed stare. Her teeth bare in something that only superficially resembles a smile. "No, I'm here to fight angry turtles," she retorts. The point that she isn't actually 'here' to fight at all doesn't seem worth making.

Curt nods his head, "Right, and because this is such a safe place to work that we don't have to pack up our personal belongings and soon move to a more secure location you'll never need to learn to defend yourself. Right?" he nods. "Good good. Okay, well I guess I'll catch ya around the water cooler or whatever." He pauses, "Oh. And regular everyday attackers, none of those in this city either, no muggings or rapes or violent assaults on pretty young women in gold ol' New York. Not ever."

She looks at him for a long moment; Kayla's eyes don't really narrow any further, so she has to settle for an ungraceful snort instead. Even if he does have a point — she seems to have this habit of surviving. "So what do you want?" the woman demands.

Curt nods his head at her acceptance, "First of all you should know what I'm going to show you you should not use on me while I'm showing you. I'm Evo, if you hurt me the pain will come back on you and I'll be fine. It's like a built in self defence mechanism that makes me invincible. Just so you know." He gets the disclaimer out of the way first, "Secondly, what I'll show you are methods of getting rid of attacks only in likely senarios, if you want more then that you'll have to come back for multiple lessons. For now, let's talk about what scares you the most. Have you ever been caught in a close combat situation, and if so, at what point were you most afraid? We'll make you comfortable with that then move from there." His tone is hard and authoritative, like a father or an uncle that expects much… or a teacher.

Of all things, the woman dismisses his disclaimer with a snort. "I've read your file, Lu," she points out, folding her arms across her chest. "You obviously haven't pulled mine." Gray eyes flick away, Kayla remaining silent for a few moments. Fear? Complicated subject. "I've been shot." More or less. "It doesn't scare me."

Curt nods his head, "No?" he says "Then you're an idiot. You should be afraid of being shot. Everyone should." he eyes her and shrugs, "Then what are you doing down here looking for Jeff? Lovers? Gettin' in a quickie?"

Kayla just looks at Curt. That glare definitely isn't going to abate any time soon. "What did I say about wasting my time?" the woman snaps. This time, when she turns around, she walks through the door.

Curt laughs after she leaves this time, his amusement following her a bit, "It's okay, I'll let Jeff know what he missed out on!" The sound of the bag being smacked around again starts up just as his words end.

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