Wasteland Future Logs
Title Date Characters Appearing
Just This One Last Time Spring 2011 Quinn and Rue
Time, Fate, or Whatever Spring 2011 Cat, Francois, Lynette, Raith, Rue, and Vincent
If You Know Where to Look Fall 2011 Devon and Quinn
Figments Summer 2012 Kendall
Doll's Eyes January 2013 Delia, Eileen, and Lucille
A Call of Duty Winter 2013 Smedley and Jaiden
Only My Dreams February 2013 Delia and Nick
Jeremiah 31.15-17 July 2013 Delia and Nick
The Easiest Thing Summer 2013 Delia and Nick
Stock Standard Spring 2014 Eileen
Not Without A Fight February 2014 Monica
One Bullet August 2014 Eileen and Ethan
Stock Standard Autumn 2014 Eileen, Delia and Gabriel
Sought March 2015 Eileen and Gabriel
An Unexpected Gift September 2015 Jaiden and Monica
Are You Fucking Kidding September 2015 Abby and Tania
Salmon, Not Just For Eating Summer 2016 Abby, Delia, Huruma and Lynette
Bells Summer 2016 Abby and Tania
Payload Autumn 2016 Claire, Elisabeth, Odessa and Russo
Burned Aftermath Autumn 2016 Abby, Delilah, Nadira and Quinn
They Will Hunt You Winter 2016 Elisabeth and Odessa
Widow Of My Own Making Winter 2016 Abby and Tania
Nowhere Else January 2017 Barbara, Eileen, Elaine, Elisabeth, Francois, Lynette and Nicole
Fight and Flight Spring 2017 Graeme, Jaiden, JJ, Huruma, Monica, Nicole, Peter
Special Day April 2017 Elaine, Juniper and Sable
Late Arrival Winter 2017 Delilah, Hannah, Joseph, Raith and Walter
Savvy and Excellent Taste Summer 2018 Lynette and Nicole
Helping People Winter 2018 Kincaid and Melissa
Terribly Familiar January 2019 Colette, Gillian, Nate, and Sable
Tonight You Belong To Me January 2020 Lynette and Ryans
On Parole Spring 2020 Lucille and Ryans
Even In War Life Goes On Spring 2020 Elisabeth and Remi
The Princess with the Golden Slippers April 2020 BJ, Elle, Julie and Odessa
Not Fair May 2020 Graeme and Remi
In the Sky with Diamonds September 2020 Elaine, Magnes, Quinn and Sable
Spark November 2020 Elle, Delilah, Julie and Sable
Write A Song Named After Me December 2020 Magnes, Lance, Quinn and Sable
The Missing Stocking December 2020 Elaine, Kendall and Melissa
For Whom the Bell Tolls December 2020 Huruma, Lucille, Megan and Ryans
Azkarah Summer 2021 Hana
Hello Darkness My Old Friend pending Lancaster and Vincent
His Father's Footsteps Fall 2022 Amandra, Aric, Griffin, Nadal and Nadira
Seeking Monsters Winter 2022 Francois and Walter
Whatever God Intends April 2023 Joseph and Hannah
As You Were (Song for Magnes) September 2023 Elaine, Quinn and Sable
Like a Flower of the Field February 2024 Abby, Astor, Benji, Colette, Deckard, Delia, Delilah, Eileen, Elisabeth, Hannah, Ingrid, Joshua, Junko, Kaylee, Quinn, Raith and Walter
New Life Alone 2024 Kaylee
Burning Puppets Autumn 2025 Amanda, Aric and Melissa
Better Lives Winter 2025 Colette, Delia, Eileen, Kaylee, Tasha and Raith
Honest Women Spring 2027 Bella and Odessa
The Curse of Leadership Fall 2027 Benji, Delia, Monica, Nora and Raith
War Haven Fall 2027 Astor, Delia, and Raith
Fugue, Part I Fall 2027 Astor, Liette and Raith
Fugue, Part II Fall 2027 Amato, Astor, Liette and Raith
A Continual Farewell Winter 2027 Delia and Nick
The Sun Will Rise, Part I Early 2028 Alia, Cardinal, Claire and Warren
Freedom Or Death Early 2028 Devon, Kincaid, Lucy and Ryans
Nothing More to Be Done Mid-2028 Barbara, Francois, Ingrid, Nadira, Nicole, Raith and Tasha
Dissemination Spring 2029 Barbara, Delilah, Elaine and Monica
Firelight Summer 2029 Ingrid, Monica, Nadira, Nicole, Quinn and Sable
Fence Sitters pending Barbara, BJ, and Vincent
Requiem 2032 Gillian and Lene
Barter Spring 2033 Deckard, Diana, Gillian, Kaylee, Tania and Vera
By Bond June 2033 Lene, Quinn, Tasha and Ygraine
Ghosts With A Negative Age 2035 Tania
Mon Cher Fall 2038 Graeme and Remi
Heart of Stone and Fire 2039 Abby and Cash
Do What Is Right Fall(?) 2040 Lene and Quinn
Gestalt Miscellaneous 2020-2040 Bella, Calvin, Deckard, Logan and Odessa
An Instant and Forever December 18, 2041 Cardinal and Harper
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