Wasteland Future: Woven Worlds



Things get worse.

On November 8 2010, riots break out across New York City – large sections of Queens burn the ground, thousands of people are killed, and within hours news outlets across the country are drawing comparisons between the riots and the explosion that started everything exactly four years ago to the day. In the aftermath, politicians on both sides call for harder laws to combat the ‘Evolved Problem’, and the Department of Evolved Affairs responds with the opening of its Eltingville Project, a community on Staten Island strictly for the city’s Evolved population. Many displaced people legally registered under the Linderman Act move from Roosevelt Island to Staten Island, believing that they will find protection inside Eltingville’s borders, and are initially comforted by the increased military presence around the community, commanded by Colonel Leon Heller. It is not until late 2011 when its residents realize that the Department of Evolved Affairs’ intentions are not as noble as they had been led to believe when the government begins to forcibly relocate Evolved families into Eltingville, transforming it into a ghetto where there are ten or more individuals living in a single apartment, and famine and disease run rampant. For many, the only way out is in a body bag. Simultaneously, the Department of Evolved Affairs introduces a new law prohibiting Evolved people from procreating without applying for a license first.

By 2012, Eltingville is deemed a success; more than 80% of New York City’s Evolved population is contained to Staten Island. The lucky 20% still living on the mainland are either government employees, or those who have explicitly agreed to cooperate and assist the government in exchange for their personal freedom and the freedom of their families. Similar settlements are established across the nation in all its major cities – those who do not live in cities where settlements are located are forced to move, and those who do not are disappeared, arrested, or are fortunate enough to be picked up by the Ferrymen network, which operates out of Grand Central Terminal in New York City and on Pollepel Island some fifty miles north, and smuggled out of the country to friendlier nations that are beginning to raise their eyebrows at what's happening in the United States.

Georgia Mayes, as the succeeding Secretary of Department of Evolved Affairs after Praeger's retirement, paved the way for the slow, crushing oppression of Evolved. Reproduction restrictions were only the start — what succeeded included the continued disappearing of Tier 3s, the legal obligation of some Tier 2s to be prescribed negation drugs, Humanis First becoming recognised as a legitimate organisation and lobbyist group, and the continued segregation of Evolved into assigned neighbourhoods and villages across America. Concentration camps were regularly built under the pretense of being rehabilitation facilities, and the execution of select Evolved — commonly telepaths and precognitives — never made the news or any documentation but were widely rumoured if not witnessed directly.

Justification for these measures were usually sculpted around the pockets of violent resistence from Evolved, outbreaks of diseases and cases of Evolved accidents — some of these things manufactored by the Department itself or otherwise encouraged. By 2014, children with abilities deemed especially useful by the government are being separated from their parents and sent to special centers to be educated by representatives from the Department of Evolved Affairs — one such facility is the Maclauren Children's Center on Staten Island, which the Ferry liberates in late 2016, and although the network is unable to reunite the children with their parents, it places them with loving families north of the border and across the Atlantic ocean. The Ferrymen, however, are not the only organization acting in opposition against the government; Aric Gibbs ultimately revives Messiah in 2019, recruiting dozens of Evolved youths across America that the Ferry was not able to reach, and begins forming his own personal army while the Ferry observes at a distance and openly criticizes his recklessness and disregard for civilian lives.

During this time, people in the United States government or otherwise who oppose the current administration begin leaking information across international borders, particularly using South America as a conduit as liberated Evolved were routinely smuggled south. This is done to attempt to garner international help and attention as a desperate move when overruling the current government with only domestic resources proved to be impossible. When the atrocities of the United States are aired for an international audience to see, it only takes a few more years for war to break out — a world war.

On the radio, news of destroyed military bases, coastal invasions and the liberation of concentration camps is a constant unless the airwaves get strangled to silence. New York City is no exception to being turned into a battlefield as invaders try to tap into the potential allegiance of resistance groups for information and combative assistance, but unfortunately for those that live there, they are never able to consistently hold it as they have other cities on the west coast and further south. The war continues on a full scale for the better part of a decade, before eventually subsiding into smaller skirmishes and politics that drifts over the heads of the people on the ground, stalemates in the form of nuclear tensions and negotiations over territorial occupations.

It is in this time that the so-called utopian stronghold of Staten Island is enforced after its slow development since Eltingville Blocks was established in 2011. As the home of 'legal' Evolved in segregated, constantly monitored neighbourhoods and a good slice of elite Normals, it builds its walls both against the terror of activist and illegal activity outside of it, as well as the war being unleashed on American soil. By the time the war has left behind New York City, the division between the privileged few who live on Staten Island and those who do not has never been greater.

By 2025, more than 90% of New York has been evacuated, and most of the city gutted by frequent bombing runs by the country's enemies. Many of those who remain behind choose to do so because they have no other place to go, and the Ferrymen are able to expand out of Grand Central Terminal and make use of the city's now-derelict subway system, transforming its tunnel networks into a labyrinth powered by electric generators. Felix Ivanov becomes General Ivanov when Colonel Heller is assassinated by Messiah, and his first act is to announce his plans to crush the resistance movement once and for all. In response, the Ferrymen turn their attention to infiltrating settlement camps and convincing their community leaders to either rise up against their oppressors with the network's help, but for the most part the fight has gone out of most of the people being held prisoner there. The few camps that do turn against the soldiers assigned to them only agree to do so when the network provides them with intel that suggests many of the children separated from their parents have been euthanized because the Department of Evolved Affairs viewed their abilities as too unpredictable or dangerous. In total, the Ferry is only able to liberate four camps. Dozens more across New England remain, and everything further west remains out of the council's immediate reach.

The years between 2025 and 2030 are some of the darkest seen by New York City's inhabitants, and although the Third World War eventually ends with foreign nations backing down and retreating from the United States due to the cost of the conflict, the damage to the East Coast has already been done. The American government writes off the entire city with the exception of Staten Island, which remains a high-tech utopia of genetic privilege. The Department of Evolved Affairs encourages the military to make regular sweeps through the ruins to capture or kill as many refugees as possible, believing them either to be Ferrymen, pro-Evolved sympathizers or followers of the late Aric Gibbs when in reality most of them are none of these things. H5N10 finally makes the jump between Evolved and Non-Evolved, and everyone becomes at risk for a disease that has a mortality rate close to 100% in areas that do not have the technology to effectively combat it. Entire communes in the ruins are wiped out, and only the most desperate people are willing to scavange from them.

Communication between New York City and the rest of the United States goes dark. Government-operated jammers ensure that the only broadcasts picked up on radios are local, and these are closely monitored by the military whenever they can be. Foreign Ferry allies, unable to provide further help, involuntarily withdraw support, and due to a lack of resources the network is forced to permanently shut down its trafficking operations after one last trip to Canada involving a mass exodus of refugees and Ferrymen encouraged by the council to leave. Whether or not they arrive safely at their destination or are killed somewhere along the way will forever be a mystery for those who choose to remain behind.

In 2037, the Institute falls. After originally being a branch controlled by the Department of Evolved Affairs since 2011, headed by Richard Cardinal, his efforts to undermine it and then use it for his own gain caused a fracture between this branch and the rest of the agency. Though it was stamped out not a few years later by the Department, Richard retreated to Alaska with a few of his followers to resume his mission. After making the mistake of kidnapping one of the Ferry's wards and operatives, a final attack is launched against it, following a brutal battle with many casualties — although Cardinal himself disappears into the timestream, the Institute is no more.

The last ten years prior to 2040 are defined by one simple thing — survival. These is no hope anymore, no cause, no point in continuing a war that was, in many ways, lost, and may take decades to resume. Though those on Staten Island enjoy a relative life of luxury and cultural elitism, those that live outside of it know an existence of scavenging, defense against the military sweeps, and running for dear life from anything remotely robotic, as the hunterbots and sentries developed in 2010 and 2011 now regularly roam the streets of New York City as a constant and dangerous threat, powered by a near-sentient artificial intelligence. Food is a commodity, smuggled in despite the government's efforts to starve out those that live within the state's borders, although drugs such as Refrain seem to leak next to freely (if still at a cost) into the wasteland, as if it were deliberate.

The future is not written in stone. It is written in ashes.

That is, until a traveler from the past is discovered among the wreckage, brought forward to the council of the Ferrymen, and gives them a choice.

Character Fates

Melissa, Kendall and Russo

Bradley Russo's life began it quick spiral down in 2011. In the pursuit of an anti-government story, his Producer and long time companion Kristen Reynolds was murdered. The grief and guilt for many things led him to a rather difficult choice: lose his career and freedom and go on the run with his father or work for the DoEA. In his drunken guilt induced stupor, he chose to serve the DoEA, allowed to keep the Advocate as a voice, though much of his shows became DoEA sanctioned. His ability had manifested on a live show, and that only added to his drug addictions. The new approved negation drug became his daily medication, at the recommendation of his new bosses and he even 'advocated' it's use to his viewers.

Meanwhile, Melissa Pierce suffered a similar fate. When she attempted to adopt an evolved child known as Junko Rasmussen, the government came down on her. It was only by contacting the Ferry to take the child, and claiming to the government that the Ferry had kidnapped the baby, that she was able to keep any form of contact with her. Unfortunately this decision solidified her position within the establishment, facilitated in part by her uncle. While both of them were working for the DoEA, they met again and were encouraged to rekindle a relationship from both sides, as it would work to their mutual advantage. Their relationship, marriage and even parenthood became a public campaign, but was also a last attempt by the both of them to have a family.

Melissa focused her attention on charity functions, doing her best to make a positive impact on the city, and Russo publicly supported her. In their private life, they were less happy than they appeared in public. Russo abused substances more often than not, and Melissa secretly maintained connections to the Ferry and what remained of Messiah. She leaked information to both, but never too much to get caught, because her influence in the government was something she needed. Especially for Kendall Cunningham.

During an outbreak of the 5-10 in 2011, Kendall's girlfriend Valerie caught the virus and died rather quickly, not even holding on for a full two weeks after infection due to her previous conditions. Unable to accept this, Kendall created an illusion of Valerie which almost lives it's own life, because he believes she's real. Unfortunately the near constant use of his power causes him to pass out from nosebleeds often, and began to cause brain damage. He began to lose entire days of memory. This leads to his arrest and a clinical diagnosis that requires he take negation pills for his own safely if he wants to live free or he'll be kept in custody. Melissa speaks on his behalf and gets him released into her custody, but she makes him take the pills.

Kincaid Russo was born legally and under public light in 2013. They registered to have him, and he was tested in the womb and revealed to be Evolved. In many campaigns he was used as an example of a legal Evolved birth, an example of the system of application, approval and registration working. In many ways he became another tether that the government had on the two. They couldn't go against them if they wanted to keep the son they both loved more than they loved each other. It kept them together despite being miserable and sleeping in separate rooms. Divorce would likely mean whoever served the government best would get him, which mean Russo, most likely. Russo, who the DoEA was vetting to become the Mayor of New York City, an election he won first in 2017.

It was 2020 that began the downfall of Melissa Pierce, and subsequently Russo's as well. Kendall Cunningham committed suicide at the age of 27 after a long history of depression. In her guilt and anger, Melissa blamed the government and began to plot a way out, while Russo continued to dance to the tune the DoEA played. He signed more documents and laws than he wanted to, that made the city dangerous and divided what was left into areas where Evolved could live and where they could not. But he did like being the Mayor. Despite the growing international tensions and the war raging around him, Russo is reelected in 2021, though some may call the government an annex government. Despite the dangers, they do not send Kincaid off to a safer location for schooling, keeping him close. He still gets a rather good education.

The DoEA uses their influence to rewrite the laws to allow Russo to run for a third consecutive term in 2025. It is for this that Melissa leaks essential information to Aric Gibbs, the new leader of Messiah, that allow him to stage an attack of the inevitable election party. She knows it might kill her husband, but she didn't bargain on her son being allowed to attend. It was her son being there that led to her death as she didn't show up in time to get him out, but was able to shield him from the explosions with her body. She had set up a plan to get her and her son out of the city and take them both to the Ferry, but this plan fell through with her death and her son went into government custody, where he would remain until the Benjamin Ryans was able to find and extract him from a camp in Chicago.

Lynette, Ryans and Nicole

Shortly after the riots of November of 2010 and the Ferry's self-imposed exile to Pollepel Island, Lynette Rowan and Benjamin Ryans enter a sexual relationship that blossoms into a romantic one — as a council member and head of Special Activies respectively, they spend the next ten years making decisions vital to the network's survival. When Nicole Nichols decides to join them at the behest of her younger sister Colette, she and Lynette become fast friends not only due to the similarity of their powers, but to their complimentary personalities as well. Toward the end of 2020, during the political protests following the outbreak of the war, Lynette is killed while on a mission to recruit people for the Ferry. Although her body is never recovered, Ryans is forced to accept her death; the last time he sees her alive is only moments before American soldiers open fire on the crowd of protesters at the rally he, Lynette and Nicole are attending.

In their time of tremendous grief, Nicole and Ryans find solace in one another, but out respect to Lynette's memory, neither pursues a relationship with the other until another close encounter with death that makes them realize how fleeting life is, and just how much they have come to love each other. 2022 finds Nicole pregnant with Ryans' child. Out of an obligation to his unborn child and the child's mother, Ryans proposes marriage and Nicole becomes Nicole Ryans a few months before their daughter, Ingrid Mary Ryans, is born. Ryans and Nicole maintain close ties with both sides of their families. Colette, Delia and Delia's son Benjamin Ryans Jr. are present throughout Ingrid's childhood, as is Colette's partner, Tasha. Nicole pleads with Ryans to retire from Special Activities, but it turns out that Ryans' duty to the network is as strong as his duty to his family.

Nicole discovers her fears are warranted when Ingrid is six and Ryans is killed alongside Lashirah Lee while on a routine patrol. Not only does Nicole place the blame on her late husband, but the rest of the Ferry as well. She leaves the protection of the network with her daughter to live in a harbour community in the ruins of New York City, cuts off all contact with the rest of her family, including Colette, who resigns to looking after her sister from afar. She gives Nadal Mihangle, teenage son of Griffin and Nadira Mihangle, the task of periodically checking in on Nicole and Ingrid to make sure that they're doing well. It is a move that ultimately saves both their lives, as the community is raided by soldiers and Nicole narrowly escapes being raped when the Ferry jumps to their rescue. Realizing that the network's protection is invaluable in the world they now live in, Nicole repairs the rift between herself and Colette and rejoins the Ferry.

Between losing both Lynette and Ryans, and the trauma she suffered during the raid, Nicole becomes overprotective of her daughter, and without Ryans around to intervene the girl is forbidden from socializing with other children unless Nicole personally approves of them. Unfortunately for Ingrid, Nicole's standards are very high, and Ingrid ends up spending most of her time with her nephew, Benji — the rest is spent with her nose in books. As a teenager, Ingrid discovers that she has a talent for art and imitation, and with Delia's help convinces Nicole to let her assist the network's forgers. The additional freedom gives her the opportunity to befriend others close to her own age. Her best friend becomes Jolene Chevalier, and she develops a crush on Joshua Harrison, who she also idolizes, then Astor Ruskin-Gray, who possesses the sensitivity she does not believe Joshua to have.

Out of guilt, Ingrid eventually confesses her feelings to Nicole and is explicitly forbidden from talking to either of the young men because of who their fathers were. When presented with an opportunity to travel back in time, a resentful and frightened Ingrid volunteers her skills to the mission. The last thing she leaves her mother is a note explaining her choice, and left with nothing, Nicole commits suicide after Ingrid's abrupt departure.

If Ingrid knew, it would destroy her.

Kaylee and Joseph

The path that Kaylee and Joseph take is one carved out for them in the present — their careers as relatively passive terrorists is a readily entrenched journey, and one they follow together as with many others. Joseph retains his council seat for sometime, with his role focusing on the communities and welfare of the Ferrymen and their wards. They work together to develop curriculums and tutoring for the children brought in to the network, made secular by the division of labour. There is a period of time in which Joseph starts drinking again, and stops again, and a period of time in which a church is built in Pollepel Island when church bells were obtained from some distant wreckage.

Kaylee's telepathy makes her a resourceful tool in operations for Special Activities, and she works some with Raith, Francois and others in this line of work to help obtain and deliver intelligence important to the safety of the network.

Hannah Sumter is only a little girl when brought into the Ferry fold, Raith having collected her when Joseph could not (at least, not safely). Though he knows the Ferry network is no real place for children, despite his endeavors, Joseph always recognises that Hannah has no business being with a mom who doesn't want the pressure of raising a mutant in today's society. He takes her in so that he can properly be her father, whether Kaylee would welcome the addition to their family or not — predictably, she does.

It's only after this, do they get married. Unusually, it is Kaylee who proposes — and not for the first time, seeing as Joseph tended to wheedle out of about not wishing to fix what isn't broken, having no desire to rehash the same feelings he developed with Claira over time after their marriage. Allergic to matrimony and too focused on the work to overcomplicate things. But this time, he accepts, for the sake of Hannah and wanting to seal closer this family unit, and winds up having no regrets about the decision.

When Hannah is fourteen years old, she and Joseph are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time during an important Ferry mission and Joseph is killed several months before the birth of his son, Eli. Hannah places the blame on Special Activities, who were unable to protect her father in his time of need, and develops a rebellious streak along with an inability to handle her anger productively. The strain this places on Kaylee's relationship with her adopted daughter is so great that, as soon as she turns eighteen, Hannah leaves New York City to travel. Circumstances surrounding her father's death leave Hannah wondering why she was spared when Joseph died, and she takes up boxing in an attempt to channel her emotions into something with physical results. During her travels, she goes as far south as Mexico and as far north as Canada — it is during a cage match in Alaska that she discovers she has an ability that gives her an edge in the ring, and comes to the conclusion that her first manifestation occurred at the time of Joseph's death.

Able to make sense of what happened, Hannah returns to New York City to make amends with her friends and remaining family, formally joining the Ferrymen network's Special Activities division. She moves into what was once Mas Mechanics and enters a romantic relationship with Billy Jean Cambria, who helps her develop strategies for managing her emotions that do not involve hitting things.

She is aware her church wouldn't approve but likes to imagine her father would.


In early 2011 Noah Bennet finally decides that enough is enough and sends Claire Bennet out to Midland, Texas to hide from the government and tries to give her a normal life. The Institute had sent Ash — mind-wiped and memory-altered to believe he was someone else — to keep a close eye on her and protect her as well as keep tabs on Noah's movements. In 2013 Sandra Bennet passes away from un-disgnosed breast cancer, her daughter never finds out and Noah keeps it a secret from her.

In 2015 when Cardinal and Broome fully subvert governmental control of the Institute they send word for Ash to bring Claire back to them. Claire resents her father for having kept her out of 'the fight' for so long and for having kept the secret of her mother's death. She willingly sides with Cardinal in his insane plans to topple the government and control the future.

Claire Bennet joins Frontline-00 after the death of Desmond Harper overseas in the first few years of the war and quickly becomes its new leader. As the Institute turns more militant and the Ferry begins making advances against it more and more, Claire turns on her father and remains staunchly loyal to Cardinal through thick and thin.

She remains defending the homefront through the course of the war as the Institute begins setting up its power base more thouroughly across the country, digging its roots into the old Company infrastructure. Claire continues to lead the defense of the Institute up until their defeat in 2030 under the combined weight of their collective enemies. Claire escapes with Cardinal to Mount Natazhat to begin their failsafe plan.

In 2037 when the assault on Mount Natazhat is led, Claire Bennet and Joshua Harrison wind up engaged in a brutal battle against one another inside of the facility where she is taked with guarding the device by which Cardinal was planning to broadcast a message back to the past to himself to try and subvert the entire fall of the Institute. It also happens to be what Howard is powering.

Joshua winds up killing Claire in the confrontation.

Bella and Deckard

Legitimate feelings of intimacy and affection are strained after Bella realizes she is pregnant a ways into 2011. Also that Flint knew via his ability and never got around to informing her. With the rapid deterioration of Evolved status and the situation in New York, for the sake of herself and her too-far-along-to-do-much-about child, she weighs the odds and ultimately makes the decision to remain within the safety of Institute control. Rather than wait for them to discover the father's identity through testing down the line, she confesses and pledges her loyalty to the organization in exchange for sanctuary. The Institute sweetens the deal for itself by claiming partial ownership and control over her unborn son. She has little choice but to agree: Calvin Sheridan is born in an Institute facility on December 21st of 2011.

Bella proves her worth expanding and refining the Institute's chemical arsenal and the organization is tolerant of her indiscretions accordingly. She continues to live with and around Flint, who makes an effort to be present and involved (or else) for all that he also continues to drink and steal and fight. No more than a few years pass before Flint takes a panicked call from Abigail in the middle of the night and arrives to find that she's killed her husband with fire. The authorities arrive shortly after he does and he winds up taking the fall, later found 'Insane but Guilty' by a judge after entering an insanity plea. He is incarcerated/committed accordingly.

Not long after, as international tensions escalate, The Institute ships Calvin out to be schooled in Institute-sponsored facilities overseas in Australia and later in England. He is forced into an accelerated schedule which he alternately struggles with and excels at and is allowed back home for Holidays. Occasionally Bella is able to take him to visit his father in prison. Bella's apartment is very empty most of the time; Odessa invites herself along to fill the void. So to speak. Calvin takes to her very quickly as a parental figure when he is home, using her as a buffer between himself and the uneasy inadequacy he feels around Bella. She teaches him how to use makeup. Meanwhile Bella re-establishes ties with John Logan and the pair negotiate the beginnings of an illicit drug trade of higher-quality substance than is generally available on the conflict-torn street.

A prison break shortly after the start of World War Three unleashes Deckard at a cost: he loses an arm and is forced to make do with a hook until he strips a cybernetic replacement off a dead soldier some years later. He is quick to return to Bella but their contact is much terser and more limited than it was prior to his arrest, plagued by conflict long after Odessa has died. Flint is mentally unsound but guilty and does not fight back. Much. He opts instead to channel his aggression into sleeping around and being a mercenary hermit based in Midtown. Occasionally he does work for the Ferry. Bella continues to have good fortune in her scientific pursuits and keeps The Institute happy on one side and Logan profitable on the other. She continues to provide product of superior quality so long as Logan is prudent about avoiding human traffickers and more violent drug lords in his distribution. Outside of business, her son becomes her only real source of (vaguely healthy) social contact. He tries to be good for her but often fails.

Calvin accumulates behavioral problems as he matures in captivity, running away often to spend time with his father in the latter half of his teens. His relationship with Bella has always been awkward but it is especially tense once The Institute deems it necessary that he enter training as an Agent if he wants to pursue further education, grooming him with intent to insinuate him into the Ferry as a double agent. He reluctantly signs himself over into the program when he is still 17 and begins bootcamp at the same time he begins college, choosing to major in Sociology out of the limited set of choices offered him. Bitterness over these constraints, Odessa's recent death and Bella's cautions makes him wary of propaganda. The Institute becomes The Department of Evolved Affairs. He befriends Billy Jean after she becomes a sympathetic role model for him during this time but is not able to learn as much from her as he would like to before he missteps during one of his first training missions in the field. He is 21 when a sentry bot with his squad determines that he is a threat after he impulsively defends an insurgent from mauling at the talons of another robot and he is impaled and left for dead when Ferry backup arrives and turns the tide.

Survivors, including his bro Joshua, assimilate him into the Ferry's keeping. He meets several of the Others during this time, but is too uneasily aware of his Institute training to stick around for longer than it takes him to heal. He strikes out on his own and takes up pyromania and pirate radio in the heart of Midtown, playing music and transmitting encoded messages in addition to broadcasting unfriendly movement across the city. The more time he spends alone being a successful minor celebrity with his radio station the more he is comfortable with himself and the more eccentric he gets. As a mercenary ally of the Ferry he is reliable but distant, preferring to confer with individuals like Billy Jean and Benji who he respects as individuals at or above his own “level.” He wants to sex them both but can only feign social aptitude so far and has a hard time filtering his desire for attention from BJ especially. He is more aggressive than either of them, encouraging offense and at times exhibiting signs of species-ist (or anti-normal) thinking. He also befriends Nora via radio during this time. They meet in person and he takes her under his wing; she is an invaluable asset when it comes to the security of his broadcast site.

The rare occasions where he is able to visit his mother make him deeply unhappy. The older he gets the more he becomes aware of decisions and sacrifices made on his behalf, though he finds it difficult to acknowledge them under lingering resentment over Bella's persistent loyalty to the government. Bella is also resentful, maybe as she should be, but there is love and they make do. She could easily turn him in but she never does. With decades gone by, Flint stabilizes somewhat and meets with Bella more often as the years march on towards 2040. He is the one who sketched out the basics of wasteland survival for Calvin and can occasionally report on his progress where Calvin isn't present to do so himself.

Calvin's decision to go back is as influenced by his personal problems as it is his desire to level the playing field.

Not everyone is happy to see him on the set list.


For a few years, the identity of Abigail Caliban's husband remained unknown to her. While taking a young orphan child, Kasha, into her care, she remained oblivious to the man's true identity. Maintaining her councilship within the Ferry and a friendship with young Tania, and even attends her at her wedding to John Logan. It is not long after this event that Abigail is forced to go fully into hiding with the Ferry, when she discovers her husbands true identity as Richard Muldoon and kills him accidentally with her ability of fire mimicry. A frantic call for help goes out to Flint Deckard, who takes responsibility for the crime and goes to jail for it. She is both grateful for this gesture, heavily burdened by the guilt that it and the action that led to it caused her. Living on the island with her young daughter Kasha, who was old enough to see the change the guilt caused her mother. The young girl had no lack of family, despite the lack of a father figure.

Abigail stayed close to what remained of the Lighthouse Kids, and the girl grew up with them close by, even if she was many years younger than most of them. The young girl loses an aunt in Huruma in 2021, but never forgets Huruma and is often told stories about her, and many others that Abigail respected over the years, to keep the memories fresh. With the death of Megan Young in 2024, Abby stepped down from her Council position to hed up the medical branch. Many scrapes and bruises are looked over by her, and she delivers more than a few children for those within the Ferry. It's the dreaded H5N10 that causes many a fear, though, and more than a few outbreaks need to be controlled during her time.

In 2030, Abigail must diagnosis throat cancer to Jensen Raith, and with the limited medical supplies, she knows there's nothing that she can do to help him, but in the same year she gives a thirty year old Lance Gerken permission to marry her adopted daughter (after they'd been involved for the previous two years). Despite her potentially combat capable ability, Kasha took up a more supportive role within the Ferry, helping with demolition, gardening, carpentry and other hands-on things, quite different from her husband, already a valuable asset of the Special Activities division of the Ferry as a scout with his two best friends Joe and Paul. Abby comforts her daughter when it becomes clear that, no matter how hard she tries, she is unable to have her own children. The fact they both share mimicry powers helps them bond, as the girl had only manifested two years before her wedding.

Sticking close to the Ferry, Abigail helps her daughter bury her husband in 2039 after he is killed in a resource scouting mission. Joe and Paul were able to bring his body back, making him one of the few to die in the field but get brought home to be buried. Kasha cuts off her hair and mourns, but begins to take up her husband's fight, bit by bit. She never goes out on a full mission until she's given the chance to follow other children of the Ferry.


Amato Salucci retreats to the Mount Moriah Monastery where he establishes a relationship of mutual respect with Joseph Sullivan, citing irreconcilable differences with the Vanguard's last surviving members and a reluctance to fully commit to the Ferrymen network as some others have done. Although he hears rumours of what is going on in New York City and the rest of the world, he and Sullivan opt not to intervene — only offer shelter and protection to those who need it, something that brings Amato the peace he has sought for so long, though he continues to think about Lucrezia and Eileen often.

He does not hear from the Remnant again until 2027 when Jensen Raith shows up on the monastery doorstep with his daughter Liette and a young boy of twelve that Amato does not recognize. Raith explains that the child is Eileen's son, Astor, who is wanted by the government for his precognitive abilities, and that both his mother and his father were killed defending him from the military. Amato does not ask Raith who Astor's father is — he sees as much of Gabriel in him as he does Eileen, and it is his love for her that he promises to protect Astor and keep his presence at the monastery a secret from the outside world.

Astor spends his teenage years at Mount Moriah with little company except Amato and rare visits from Raith, who allows him on only a few occasions to return with him to New York City so he can see Delia and Benji. It is not until Astor is seventeen that he and Amato return to New York City for good, having received word of Raith's death from Raith himself via a letter — as promised, he is already dead by the time they arrive. Amato learns that his friend had been suffering from throat cancer for the past year and a half, and opts to remain in New York City, not to take his place in Special Activities, but to continue looking after Astor, and is surprised when he is nominated to help advise the Ferry's council.

In the years leading up to 2040, Amato's health begins to fail, and although he is able to hide his illness from most of the people looking to him, Astor's ability makes it impossible for Amato to hide it from his ward. His final act is encouraging the council to allow Astor and the others nominated for the mission to go back in time and adjust the course of the future for the benefit of mankind.

Vincent and Lancaster

In similarity to the current timeline, Vincent is offered a role in FRONTLINE at the same time as Lancaster. In divergence to the current timeline, Vincent takes it and remains there, though he does share information and protection with those in the Ferry he thinks he can trust — his daughter, after all, appears to be dependent on their survival, and the government is becoming ever more strident with their oppression of Evolved citizens. He might have given up his position as a saboteur a long time ago if not for the fact that the Ferry begins to take on a sharper and more terrorist-like inclination than it already had, and with exception to their ability to smuggle innocent people into different states or out of the country, psychopathic terrorists with guns is not the kind of law enforcement he wants to be involved with.

The older he gets and the older Tasha gets, the less he begrudges her association with the Ferry. He finally accepts that she's an adult somewhere on the way to her thirties and backs off trying to force her to the sidelines, respectful of her decision to fight as long as she believes she's doing the right thing. That said, he continues to bristle when the Ferry attempts to use her to force his hand and refuses to acknowledge her as a contact, addressing business only with representatives he deems appropriate.

By the time the War is rolling around, and FRONTLINE is expanding to recruit young soldiers to defend the homeland, Vincent, Lancaster, and a select few other government connections such as Jane Pak, are working to gather evidence to send across country borders so that the atrocities being committed by the United States can be known internationally. When Vincent's division is then suspected of this treason in 2022, the administration arranges for a Humanis First group of extremists to bomb and attack the Red Hook facility. The idea that it was simply HF motivated is publicly accepted, but those to whom it was directed rather suspect where it truly comes from.

It takes a few more months before Vincent can completely abandon the network developed on the inside — it is probably a fair belief that once one crosses over into living off the grid, there is only so much long-term change you can effect. Lancaster's reluctance, characterised by believing it was 'giving up' as well as an inherent distrust for thoroughly running with the terrorists, made it all the more difficult. Fortunately(?), the government chose to make the decision easy when an attempt at arrest occurs. On the plus side, SPOILERS.

Back with the Ferry to recover, Vincent becomes a liaison of kinds between rebel government types and select factions on the other side of the wall — he does not remain exclusively with the network, but assists on tasks important to him and with people he can trust, and his ability, skills and stolen FRONTLINE equipment make him a formidable ally on top of his government connections. One such person is Billy Jean Cambria, whom he briefly knew during her FRONTLINE youth training and was then recruited into the Department of Evolved Affairs around the same time Vincent's hand was forced to abandon his post. People who you can trust in this world come along very rarely, and Vincent knows he can trust that Billy Jean will carry out difficult tasks and continue on the work he had abandoned — although her willingness to deal and interact with the terrorists is very uncomfortable for him, but never becomes a problem for as long as she knows that where she is now is what makes the difference.

Until people start dying. Jane Pak is assassinated. It doesn't take a prophet to predict that Billy Jean Cambria might be subjected to the same — but they do anyway.

In 2033, she is arrested and taken to a concentration camp, where it is predicted she will be executed within a week of existing there along with a handful of other prophets, telepaths and similar undesirables who won't fall into line with the government. The transport is run down by a group of people that include Vincent and Hannah Sumter. Government defense in the form of a couple of formidable Evolved, including but not limited to Linda Tavara, overpower the heroes just enough that they sustain some casualties. And Vincent Lazzaro is among them.

They are able to recover his body and bury it, somewhere in the earthy underground of New York City.

Tasha and Colette

Colette and Tasha are a constant and ironically steady presence in the Ferry. The sometimes tumultuous relationship borne of fear and danger thrives in the trying times that they have to endure. While Tasha manages to finish art school, she gives up any chance for a normal life with the Non-Evolved to be with Colette, and work and live full time with the Ferry.

They lend their individual talents and skills to the network, with Tasha teaching the children art and drama, and Colette training them in their powers, eventually earning herself the nickname of “Professor X” by Adel and others. The two do not pursue having children of their own, feeling that they can make a bigger difference in the lives of those in the Ferry by not tying themselves down to their own family.

Having received more training in weapons, Tasha becomes more adept and helps with Ferry missions alongside Colette when necessary, but is more useful in other means; she is still a Registered non-Evolved and not officially a fugitive, thus she can go into the cities on the rare occasions it is necessary to do so (and to visit her mother from time to time — Joanna has left her job with the DA’s office for private practice, both due to her health and cynicism in the government.)

Both Tasha and Colette are appointed to the Council in 2027; it is perhaps a surprise to some that Tasha does not always agree with her partner, and has found her own voice. She is the more logical of the two when it comes to making decisions; Colette’s are usually made by emotion and hunch while Tasha looks at the bigger picture and long-term effects of whatever decision must be made. Tasha’s relationship with her father has improved over the years; she respects him and has come to understand him better (if not well) with age.

Vincent's death is hard on Tasha, who will always regret the years she was estranged from him, no matter how many times she apologized for her part in the distance between them.

When the young group of Ferry members asks to return to the past, Colette and Tasha are ambivalent due to the emotional conflicts. They have grown close to many in the group, having taught and trained them, and one is their niece. The two are split on the decision; Colette agrees with the premise but cannot separate her emotions from the situation, especially when it comes to Ingrid’s participation. Tasha approves of the plan, though with mixed feelings as well.

Delia and Nick

After becoming a criminal, Delia returned to the Ferry network to live among them, instead of her diversion into the Eltingville Blocks that were forming in and around this time. She maintained a relationship with Jaiden, for all that it had its rocky moments, and in 2012, she became pregnant with the little girl they would call Beth Ryans — illegally, as by now, all women had to register their pregnancies if Evolved. Beth was a small and weak child, and caught a strain of H5N10 that took her life before she was even a year old. This devastating blow shattered the union between Delia and Jaiden, driving the former into a depression that would continue to haunt her for many years to come. Only Nick Ruskin was permitted a semblance of friendship, and the two became close enough to begin a sort of awkward sexual relationship that seemed defined by absence as much as union. During this time, Jaiden is arrested on a Ferry errand, and barely ever seen by Delia again.

And so Delia had her second child, a son she named after her father, Benjamin. During this time, she stayed with Eileen and hers, as the other woman felt some responsibility for her on behalf of her brother, a sense of kinship that would last over the years.

Nick became an absent figure in her life, their relationship ending with a whimper rather than a bang when he set his sights on government tasks as recruited by Avi Epstein, and Delia was determined to not let this haunt her for all that it didn't exactly help her disposition. She raised Benji with the help of the Ferry, becoming a prominent figure in the medical branch of the terrorist faction as her skills developed around other medical-minded people. Her son was bookish and quiet, shy and easily picked on, and somewhat different even before Benji manifested his power at the age of seventeen. Parent-child relationship was enhanced with genuine friendship, and when Benji proved to be a dreamwalker as well, Delia was keen to help. It was during this time that Benji outed himself, not quite able to articulate his (or her) own difference except through shared dreams. For whatever reason, Benji considered herself female on the inside in a rather clear-cut case of transgenderism.

An easier thing for Delia to come to terms with than Benji, really, who developed an unhealthy attachment to dreaming and expressing herself as she'd like to be — the avatar of 'Jasmine' was always more dramatic, assertive and even violent than the person who created her. In waking hours, Benji was even quieter than usual, and in late teenager years, developed some signs of self-harm and detachment. It was something she was able to grow out of until it was reduced down to occasional nail biting, and in the following years, gained more confidence as she became more talented in her powers and assertive in her role as a Ferryman. Rather than copy Delia's footsteps into the medical field, she took to maintaining vehicles, machines and engines with the guidance of those in the Ferry with similar skillsets — including Jaiden.

Nick, meanwhile, became the righthand man of CIA agent Avi Epstein, spending very little time on American soil as he helped gather intelligence and investigate international matters as World War III unfolded. It wasn't a totally unconscious choice, to detach himself from the Ferry, the Remnant, and what might have been a family. When it came to terrorists resourcing outside of the States, such as in far-flung areas of Europe and the notorious exchange of intel in Argentina, he would do what he could to look the other way or even outright sabotage the efforts of the government.

He retired, eventually, by way of disappearance. Spies outlive their usefulness, and he made the decision to cut his ties before someone else did it for him. Though he remained an independent entity, he did brush contact with New York City and the people inside it.

As 2040 came to be, there was a decision made by a pack of youths to go back in time and correct what had not been corrected. While Nick was not around to ask permission from, Benji did seek Delia's counsel on the matter. Billy Jean had said she could be useful, if she chose to go back, that it would change everything. Delia had no interest in her child disappearing forever to maybe save the world, and never really gave Benji any kind of permission — only acknowledged that if Benji would go back, then that's what would happen, and they made an effort not to part on bad terms, after everything.


When he is born on the 8th of November, 2010, Walter Trafford becomes the light of his mother's life, which is jeopardized the moment she sets foot in Eltingville by order of the American government. It does not take Delilah long to find a niche to occupy, however, and she finds employment at Saint Clare's under John Logan, and although she never works as a prostitute there, she becomes very popular with the women who do, as well as their clientele. It is a position she enjoys for only a few years — tensions between the Evolved and the soldiers guarding Eltingville's borders convinces Delilah to leave Logan's employ, smuggle herself and Walter out with the help of Teodoro and Francois, and go underground with the rest of the Ferry where she returns to the role of mother hen, safeguarding the children under the network's protection, as well as the children of her friends. She is one of the few to plead for Elisabeth Harrison's life when she is taken before the council, and eventually becomes a council member herself in 2024 when Abigail resigns to head the network's medical branch after Megan Young's death.

As the war ravages New York City's landscape and renders large portions of it unrecognizable, Delilah begins to entertain ideas of opening another brothel in the ruins for those who refused to heed evacuation orders and chose to stay behind. She manages to secure funding for the endeavor from her former employer in exchange for a percentage of the brothel's profits for the first five years it is in business, which Delilah decides is a small price to pay for such an enterprise and a chance to offer protection to women who would otherwise have none. She instills in her son a respect for the opposite sex and earns a reputation for the fair treatment of her employees, as well as a fierce protective streak that only fully develops when Walter manifests and she discovers that he has little to no control over his power, causing mother and son to be separated for days or weeks at a time whenever his ability slingshots him into the past or other places out of her reach. It is only through the joint efforts of Delilah, Teodoro and Francois that they are able to stabilize the boy and get him help in the form of Peter Petrelli, who teaches him to hone his ability.

Delilah makes sure that Walter's father and his father's partner are an important presence in the boy's life, but is not surprised when he comes to her for advice about women. She encourages him to pursue a romantic relationship with his childhood crush, Junko Rasmussen, and convinces him not to abandon her when he gets cold feet upon discovering that Junko is pregnant with his child, but this turns out to be for naught — during a raid on the Institute's Alaskan facility to rescue Robert Bishop Jr., Walter disappears and Delilah is crushed when she receives the news from his friends that he is probably dead.

Pushing aside her own grief, Delilah steps in to console Junko and helps her raise her daughter Lucrezia, who is named for Walter's aunt. It is three years before she sees her son again, and despite her love for him isn't sure whether or not to believe his story when he tells her he had no way of returning to the present while he was gone. The doubt causes a rift in their relationship that neither acknowledges, and Delilah sticks by Junko's decision to effectively cut Walter out of Lucrezia's life in favour of Kincaid Russo, who acted as the girl's father in Walter's absence.

She is confident that he will return again someday.

Eileen and Gabriel

The vanquishing of the Sylar clone, who achieves White House status by taking over the part of Nathan Petrelli (who was already an imposter), means that Gabriel or the real Nathan can take its place. But Gabriel has too many personal ties linking him back to his life in New York City, corrupting the otherwise shark-like ambition he is known for enough that he backs down from the opportunity, and leaves politics to the politicians.

Which doesn't mean he can't have his revenge, for the wrongs done to him in Antarctica and the guilt labelled on his name on behalf of Peter Petrelli as supported by the Petrelli administration. He regularly attacks the harder-to-reach forces of the government, including FRONTLINE, and at one point suffers an altercation with Felix Ivanov wherein he brutalises the cop-turned-soldier, including but not limited to breaking the speedster's legs to cause permanent damage. Eileen, meanwhile, is showing only slightly more mercy than Gabriel. In that she barely ever does, among those who would see the Ferry attack harder as the world grows bleaker, and an impending war, whether international or civil, seems fit to break out if only because action demands reaction.

When Eileen discovers she is pregnant, the decision about how to handle it is paralysing. During this time, she is helping look after Delia and her newborn son, the second of the woman's children to include her dead daughter, only serving to emphasise the matter for her. She chooses to hide it from Gabriel so she can make up her mind, but naturally, he comes to know what she's hiding before she has a chance to. A fight leads to separation, untimely enough that Eileen departs from the state entirely.

Gabriel tracks her down, in the end, and is there for the birth of their son, whom Eileen names Astor. They go back to New York City, because the rest of the nation isn't going to be safe for them for long, and at least back home, they have allies. That, and neither is ready to retire.

Having a family unit to protect focuses Gabriel in a way not so dissimilar to the bright future, but the climate of the world does not put rest to his violent inclinations, and instead encourages them. Especially when Astor manifests is ability in the form of compulsive, sometimes dangerous seizures and bad dreams — although neither diagnose it as a symptom of his power for a few years, before Gabriel figures it out. It's one of those things in the world that he is unable to fix, not without pushing his power to the point of murderous compulsion, and compensates by securing supplies of negation drug and recommending to Eileen that they keep Astor negated to avoid the effects of a power they discover is prophetic. This has the added benefit, Eileen realises, of making it so no one can exploit Astor for his power in the same way she was going to be exploited for her ability.

It doesn't stop word from leaking, however, and one day, when Astor is about 12, the Institute comes to collect him.

During the defense of their son, Eileen is murdered in their home, and Gabriel forced to retreat when he is negated. He barely waits until his powers are restored to go after them in rageblackout fury, murdering many a retriever and researcher in his path to get Astor back with the assistance of anyone quick enough to come with him, Raith included. During the fray, Felix, with a team of hunterbots, manage to take down the multipowered mass murderer in a bloody display of brutality — and Raith is able to retrieve Astor and flee.

Logan, Tania and Sasha

Logan's position as a community leader in Eltingville continues to elevate him through the civilian ranks beneath Colonel Leon Heller — to the people crowded in behind its walls, he is not only the owner of Saint Clare's, but someone willing to mediate disputes between residents and provide them with help when help is needed, whether it is through legitimate government channels or the underground. During this time, he keeps communication channels with the Ferry open. Because of divergences in the timeline, he never acquires technopathy as an ability.

Logan's umbrella of influence protects Tania Kozlow and her brother Sasha, who never strays very far from either of their sides and gains a reputation as Logan's shadow. He does not mind the comparison; it's better than being likened to a dog on a leash. As Tania enters adulthood, she realizes that she has developed feelings for her protector and eventually confesses them to him without telling Sasha, who abruptly disappears when he finds out that the two are engaged to be married. Tania Kozlow becomes Tania Logan in 2016. The only regret she has is that her brother isn't there to give her away, and that he thinks her love for him and her love for Logan have to be mutually exclusive.

Two years after her marriage, Tania gives birth to her first daughter, Diana — Di for short. It does not take long for Sasha to find out about it — whispers travel swiftly when Logan is involved — and he returns to see the baby. Seeing Tania happy causes a change of heart in him, and at her request makes amends with his friend. It does not take him long to resume his former role in their lives in addition to playing bodyguard to their child. Diana is joined by a sister, Vera, in 2025; the girls idolize their father, adore their mother and are the only people in the world aside from Tania who are immune to their uncle's bad temper. Between his ties with the government and an arrangement with Bella Sheridan involving illicit drug trade in the city of New York, Logan is one of few men able to keep his family comfortable and safe despite his own Evolved status and the Evolved status of Diana whose ability to regenerate from physical injury he treats as a closely guarded secret. A special permit allows the Logans to live in an area that would otherwise be limited to people of non-Evolved status only, though he continues to oversee and manage the ghettos and slums that the Evolved are forced to occupy, and on occasion receives visitors at his home who are known Ferry operatives looking to cut a deal for the benefit of the network.

In her teenage years, Diana becomes enchanted with the principles of the Ferrymen and leaves the safety of her father's household with the help of some of the network's younger, more reckless members. When they bring Diana back to Grand Central Terminal, the council convenes to decide whether or not to allow her to stay, weighing the girl's personal freedom against the help that Logan provides, but after several rounds of fierce debate it eventually rules in Diana's favour.

Tania finds comfort in the company of her remaining daughter, though she is never quite the same.

Elaine and Sable

With the closing of Roosevelt Island, Sable moves with Delilah Trafford to Eltingville, though continues her close ties with the Ferry and the other members of Mad Muse. For half a decade, Mad Muse began a slow rise to underground popularity. They never reached the sheer fan base that Sable may have dreamed of, and they went through more than their share of drummers, but the inspired rockstar didn't give up. At least not until the tensions grow to the point that she was forced to flee the city and join up with the Ferry in hiding. Magnes, despite his previous issues with the Ferry, was allowed to join them, leading them to have most of their band on the island. With the exception of the ever changing drummer.

Elaine Darrow had rise to considerable position within the Ferry because of the creation of a unique, multi-layered language the Ferry used for communication. A simple language was used for the most common of things and the simplest of messages, while a far more detailed cipher was in place for the most delicate of intel. Only Elaine, Cat Chesterfield and a few others could transcribe or translate those messages, making them some of the most valuable assets in the Ferry. During these years and leading up to 2017, Sable and Elaine grew even closer than they had been when they first met many years before.

Elaine Darrow had always desired a family, and on her birthday in 2017, Sable gave her that by marrying her in a private ceremony on Pollepel Island. Without access to tradition kinds of artificial insemination, Elaine and Sable took Magnes into their home for a few months, with the sole purpose of getting Elaine pregnant. Sable didn't want to be a mom exactly, as much as a cool aunt, but she knew Elaine wanted to be, and adopting from among the orphans didn't satisfy that need. Despite being a glorified sperm donor, Magnes stuck around in the desire to know his daughter. Something he would never get to do, when he dies in the evacuation of a safe house in New York City in the middle of an attack, killed by Claire Bennet. His last request is that Sable write a song for him. Her and Quinn honor this request, though they are unable to record it for many years.

Around the same time, Sable is entrusted with the care of Robert Bishop, Jr when Elle Bishop dies giving birth. Adel may have been her daughter by marriage, but Robert became a son as well, and Elaine and Sable raised the two children together. In 2027 the small family is forced to move out of their safe house when Odessa Price sends warning that the Institute has found them. They remain on the move for the next few years, until word of the Institute's fall reaches their ears. Adel shows a knack for music and gets raised to play, while Elaine continues to act as translator and transcriber for the Ferry, sending important messages secretly. She even devises a new cipher using music, which Sable writes into songs.

In 2035, just as Adel and Robert get to the age of curiosity and she begins to see him as something other than a brother, the boy is suddenly found by Warren and taken from New York up to Alaska. Adel manifests when he's taken, but is unable to do more than keep herself from being taken as well. When she makes it back home she's a wreck, but is sent to Colette Nichols and Ygraine Fitzroy for training in her ability, since it seems to have some anti-gravity aspects to it. When the Ferry finds out where Robert was taken, Elaine pleads with Adel not to go with them, and the girl, not used to her mother pleading with her, agrees to stay behind. Robert, now calling himself Howard, returns, he's not quite as close to any of his family again, no matter how much they try to return to the old relationship. Only Sable is able to bring him to heel.

Despite asking Adel not to go to Alaska a few years before, Elaine does give Adel permission to go back in time when the Council votes to allow them. Sable also allows her and Howard to go, telling Howard to listen to Benji, but at the same time requesting Adel try to adjust destiny. By helping Mad Muse achieve the fame it did not get originally.

Ygraine and Quinn

Ygraine Fitzroy and Robyn Quinn continue to see each other in the turmoil following the November 8th riots. Quinn began to work on her CD and Ygraine supported her artistic efforts, while still trying to work with Liberty to support mutant rights. Robyn Quinn, while still performing with Mad Muse, also rose to personal stardom on her own merit with a few CDs that were released. On her own she became a bigger star than Mad Muse, though her rising star certainly helped the band gain attention where it may not have otherwise. Such attentions would not last. Quinn maintained close ties with the band, and Elaine Darrow as well, even to the point of having an open kind of relationship with them. It wasn't until the middle of the decade when Jennifer, Ygraine's domestic partner and wife in the UK, tried to visit that things exploded for the two of them. The government had allowed her to enter the country to try and raise tensions when she was killed in an attempt to resist arrest for previous crimes on American soil.

Robyn Quinn, while maintaining close relationships with many others, became Ygraine's anchor during that time of turmoil, keeping her from going on a suicide mission of revenge, and replacing what was lost to the woman. While Quinn became a 'third mother' to Elaine's daughter by Magnes, she also maintained close ties with the other former Lighthouse Kids, helping care for them, while never adopting any of their own. Options for having children were limited, even if Ygraine had been willing to become a mother by a male donor, much as Elaine had. They'd never found the right one.

During these years Jolene Chevalier in particular seems to enjoy the company of the couple, and often stays with them while her mother and Nate are on Ferry errands she's too young to join. She happens to be with the couple when she receives the news that her mother and brother have been killed. When she asks if she can stay with Ygraine and Quinn, they agree instantly, though likely with some uncertainty: though she's almost 13, Jolene isn't the easiest of children, given to mood swings even before the loss of her mother and brother. Still, the odd combination of Ygraine's fierce principles and Quinn's more easygoing nature give her more balance than most households might. As she grows into her teens, she is treated more like a friend than a ward by her two guardians, who give her the freedom to make most of her own decisions. However, when it comes to the plan to go back to the past with other young adults in the future, Lene receives a mixed blessing from Ygraine and Quinn. Ygraine, one of the council members, is in agreement with the plan, but not with Lene going — she simply doesn't want to lose another family member in her lifetime. Quinn, however, in secret, tells Lene to do what she thinks is best.

Elisabeth and Cardinal

Elisabeth Harrison is killed during the riots of November, 2010.

It doesn't mean the end of her life, however, as Richard Cardinal orders a powerful healer Evolved, Darren, to bring her back to life. By this time, the timelines have already diverged thanks to the subtle manipulations of the future version of Cardinal known colloquially as Ezekiel — without this manipulation, Richard Cardinal shifts his focus from Redbird Security, and instead is recruited to the Department of Evolved Affairs under Sarisa Kershner's watchful eye. It is during this time that the Institute falls far faster than it seems to in the divergent timeline, and Cardinal, along with some key others, break its back until it is assimilated into the government — and he does this on the provision that he can take a leadership role as opposed to handing the keys to Praeger (and eventually, Goergia Mayes).

By the time Elisabeth is brought back to life, Cardinal's focus remains on the Institute — instead of bringing it down, he is inspired to try and use its resources and Ray's guidance to create a bright future. Love and faith keep Elisabeth at his side, although the rest of Endgame are beginning to flake away until it is mostly only Elisabeth, Claire Bennet and Peyton Whitney. Elisabeth and Claire both join FRONTLINE-00 to help defend the security of the Institute, but she is, naturally, forced to retire or hiatus when she becomes pregnant. This fundamental shift in her life is almost an epiphany for Elisabeth — this bright future that Cardinal is working towards is not happening, the world spiraling into darkness, and while no one is calling her for duty during her pregnancy, she starts giving serious consideration to cutting her losses as Cardinal grows all the more detached and dangerous.

Feeling paranoid by the surveillance of the 'safe' city of Staten Island, Elisabeth makes the decision to leave. Before she can make it to the Ferry network for refuge, she is almost captured by a group of patrolling soldiers — but as fate would have it, a group of Ferry intervened, killing the soldiers and sparing her life after some debate.

Once brought into the network, Elisabeth is able to give them enough intel that enables the inevitable take down of the Institute, although this is not for many years to come — in the meantime, it at least allows them to fight it. Though she would like to just disappear and start a new life, she is too valuable to simply disappear into the world, as well as too much in danger. Though she does not directly interact with the Ferry network, she remains a tie.

Bringing up her son, Joshua, is a bit of a village endeavor. To her horror, he would become very enthusiastic about the freedom fight efforts, even taking on the name Cameron for himself in honour of the PARIAH leader, because he knew what was coming when no one else did, in Josh's eyes. He is a bit of a maverick, helping with the Ferry special activities when he is old enough but also running with various freedom fighting gangs and squads, although leadership squabbles meant that he was difficult to lead. He even ran with Aric Gibbs in the countless iterations of PARIAH for a while.

Elisabeth more or less throws up her hands and tries to guide him as best she could, including work out his power when they mutually discover what he can do during a particularly frustrating driving lesson. They both understood it was sound based, but it took a long time to figure out, seeing as his varies greatly from his mom's.

The last few years of her life are exceptionally painful, when the power that brought her back to life slowly and deliberately eats it away. She dies gripping her son's hand.

Elle and Warren

Elle Bishop remains fiercely loyal to Cardinal through the time he takes the reins of the Institute, though as he begins to develop his project in Alaska and angles Warren and Elle to spend more and more time together, things begin to become awkward. In a fit of guilt, Doctor Zimmerman reveals to Elle that Cardinal intends for him to in-vitro fertilize her in a planned eugenics program to create a man capable of being interfaced with a machine to serve as a living battery — a "refinement" of what the Company's experiments on Elle were revealing. An attempt to sever ties with Cardinal and the Institute finds Elle imprisoned in what appears to be, on the outside, a mental health facility but is in fact the headquarters of a gruesome experiment based on what was uncovered in Madagascar during Operation Apollo many years before. When Elle becomes pregnant through in vitro fertilization, Zimmerman cannot bear to see the experiment through, and in an attempt to redeem himself for what he put Elle through as a child, he conspires with Dr. Odessa Price and Julie Fournier to help her escape.

While Odessa and Julie are smuggling Elle out of the facility, they are happened upon by one of the facility's guards — a young Billy Jean Cambria — but rather than turn them in, Billy Jean allows them to go free when Odessa tells her Elle's story. Julie parts ways with Odessa and commits to bringing Elle safely to the Ferrymen network; any plans she might have had of one day returning to the Institute are put indefinitely on hold when she is reunited with her sister, Liette, and her biological parents. In retaliation for helping Elle escape, Cardinal has Zimmerman killed, and Odessa avoids a similar fate only because Zimmerman takes complete responsibility and claims he and Julie acted alone.

While in Ferry custody, Elle discovers that the pregnancy is killing her and driving her ability out of control, but rather than have it terminated, she makes the decision to carry the baby to term. She dies after delivering the child, a son, during a bombing in one of the Ferry's shelters off Grand Central Terminal. Her first and last act as a mother is to name him after his grandfather, Robert Bishop Jr. He is entrusted to Sable Diego, whose jacket he is wrapped in at the time of his birth. After Elle is dead, Julie reveals the identity of Robert Jr.'s father to his new caretakers.

Back at the Institute, Warren — the child's biological father — develops a slow, gradual obsession with recovering his offspring and makes several failed attempts to do so before finally succeeding. He flees New York City with Robert Bishop Jr., now called Howard Phillips, to the Institute's Alaskan facility where he forces Howard to endure the painful experiments he was originally conceived for, but is killed when the Ferrymen stage a daring raid on the facility in 2037 to rescue the teen.


Dr. Odessa Price's loyalties remain strictly to herself for the better part of a decade — her involvement with the Institute is a means to an end, and although it eventually provides her with the kind of power and influence she craves, there is an emotional void in her life that only her friend Bella Sheridan and her son Calvin are able to fill – especially once she's moved in and made herself at home with them in the wake of Deckard's arrest. She does not question any orders passed down to her until she is contacted by Dr. Zimmerman in late 2019 and told that Elle Bishop is being held prisoner in an a facility and being subjected to painful experiments involving in vitro fertilization designed to produce a child that can be used as a living battery. Although Odessa is conflicted about whether or not to involve herself, her relationship with Bella — who is also a mother — and her own experiences as a child while being held in the Company's custody compel her to agree to help Zimmerman and Julie Fournier smuggle a pregnant Elle out of the facility where she is being held.

The rescue mission is almost thwarted by Billy Jean Cambria, who is acting as a guard at the facility at the time of Elle's escape, but when Odessa conveys Elle's story to her, Billy Jean opts to allow them to go free. Julie leaves with Elle to ensure she finds safety with the Ferry while Odessa stays behind to deflect suspicion from Zimmerman. Unfortunately, Zimmerman confesses to his part in Elle's escape when questioned about it by Cardinal and Warren Ray and is executed a short time later. The fact that he insists he and Julie worked alone to free Elle spares Odessa's life.

Odessa puts the incident behind her and continues her work with the Institute until 2027 when she discovers that Warren has discovered the safehouse where Elle's son is staying with Elaine and Sable, who are acting as his parents in Elle and Warren's absence. At great risk to herself, Odessa goes out of her way to inform the Ferry of the threat, and the family is already gone by the time Warren and his robots arrive. It is at this point that Odessa's luck finally runs out; Warren is able to trace the source of the leak back to her, and out of fear of endangering Bella and Calvin due to their close association with her, she commits suicide by chemical overdose before she can be captured.

She is remembered as a woman who lived selfishly but died selflessly.

For added notes, see: Bella and Deckard + Elle and Warren.

Francois and Teo

When Endgame's goals become murky with Cardinal's shift into other territories that ex-hero soldier-doctors can only be so useful in, Francois gravitates back towards assisting the Ferry, finally becoming a fully inducted member for all that he doesn't make a bid for a council or head-of-branch position for some years. As the political climate worsens, he is of the mind that the Ferry must start becoming active and offensive unless they desire for defense to take up all of their time and resources, and a few others are in agreement, particularly Eileen Ruskin. There are those in opposition, too.

On a different plane of opposition would be Teodoro Laudani, whose main argument is his reluctance to stay in New York City at all, extending this sentiment to Francois, and Delilah and the son between them. Though he participates as a mercenary in some missions important to the cause, his disenchantment with it grows at almost the same rate as Francois' determination to see it through. While their personal tension over this matter is still somewhat green, they marry, albeit not legally — both of them being criminal terrorists, and all, and in Teo's case, an Unregistered Evolved. This union does not, ultimately, repair their division, and when Teo gets to the point where he isn't sure he likes who his husband is becoming, they have a fight. The Fight. The one where the other leaves, and Teo does sometime around when the World War is breaking out.

The separation causes no small amount of anxiety for Walter, whose family unit is destroyed in a single blow. Although none of the individuals he considers his parents are dead, two of them no longer associate with one another in spite of the third’s attempts to get them to reconcile. There are a few years of resentment in which Walter closes himself off and refuses to emotionally invest in anyone except himself, but this does not last for long, and while Teodoro and Francois do not make amends, Walter is able to do so with both of them and values both their presences in his life even when separate.

As the population of New York City dwindles and the Ferrymen’s activities become increasingly important, Teodoro and Francois are forced to operate in the kind of close proximity that neither is comfortable with. Because they share friends, they must bury them together, and because the wellbeing of Delilah and Walter is a high priority for both of them, their goals often align. When they cross paths, they usually do so politely and at a distance, but as with everything there are a few notable exceptions that neither is quick to forget – or readily forgive.

In 2037, a raid on the Institute’s fallback facility in Alaska pits Francois against Delphine Kuhr, and although Francois is able to overcome and kill Delphine during the skirmish, he is so severely aged in the process that even Walter does not recognize him. Grotesquely deformed by age and confined to a wheelchair, Francois returns to New York City to live out what few years he has left on the Ferry’s council and is surprised when Teodoro emerges from his periphery and places himself squarely in the center of Francois’ life again.

He does not want either of them to die on poor terms. It is a sentiment that Francois wholly agrees with.

Gillian and Peter

In the fall of 2011, Peter Petrelli teleports himself to the Garden, the Ferry safehouse where Gillian is staying; he is injured and passes out upon arrival. Gillian nurses him back to health, and the two begin a genuine friendship. Hours of playing gin, reading books, or discussing music and anything but the dangerous world they live in eventually pave the way to romance — each of them at first promise that there are no strings attached, but by Christmas, the first declarations of love are made.

In February, their fledgling relationship is put to the test when Gillian finds out she is pregnant and is determined to keep the child — which means having to live in hiding. Gillian adopts the name Gwen Chevalier, and the two move to Oregon to hide out in a cabin in the mountains for the duration of the pregnancy. A son, Nate, is born in November, Gillian’s dearest wish having come true: she has a family again. She is a mother. But the pressures of keeping his family safe and the pull to be a hero and help in the grander scheme are too much for Peter. Their fighting escalates, and he leaves when Nate is just six months old.

Gillian and Nate live a quiet life until he is old enough to travel, old enough to understand the need to be quiet and do as she asks as they make the trek across the country to the most dangerous of places, New York. It’s dangerous, but it’s more dangerous for him not to have children his own age to play with. She reconnects with the Ferry, though she chooses to live away from Bannerman Castle in an small, abandoned house.

Though Peter made sure to send money and even presents for Nate from time to time, it is not until 2019, with the threat of global war looming, that Peter returns to make amends with Gillian and to get to know his child. For Nate’s sake, Gillian allows him to stay, though at an arm’s length. Once again, they re-establish their forever-tenuous relationship, and Gillian becomes pregnant again. History repeats itself. They return to Oregon, where Jolene Chevalier is born in October, 2020, and Peter leaves just a month later.

Though Peter skips out on his own family, he helps to train a young Walter Trafford in his ability, and it is Walter who is witness to the man’s death in 2022. The two are training in Prospect Park when robots attack, trapping them on a bridge. Peter is able to stave off the robots, but just when they think they are safe, suddenly Peter collapses from no visible wound, his breathing labored and his body feverish — the cost of being healed by Darren Stevens years before having caught up with him at last. Gillian is contacted with the news, and takes it hard; she chooses not to tell Lene anything about her father, and Nate is asked not to speak of him either. Lene only realizes who her father is and that he died many years later.

The family of three eventually move back to New York, when Lene is old enough to travel. Gillian continues to work with the Ferry, and eventually Nate begins to lend his flying skills to the cause as well. The children build strong connection to other adults in the Ferry, and these relationships are encouraged by Gillian, in hopes that those adults can help fill the gap of an absent father. Jolene is visiting Quinn and Ygraine for a weekend when they receive news the Chevaliers' home has been destroyed in an explosion and subsequent fire. The Ferry find no signs of life and have to assume the worst: Nate and Gillian are dead. Ygraine and Quinn taken in Lene, who is not quite 13. It isn't easy — the child is given to mood swings. It's little surprise, perhaps, that her power is one that is as changeable as she is.

Griffin and Nadira

Griffin balances being a father to his son, Owain, with being a wanted fugitive assisting the Ferry. His relationship with Nadira produces a marriage and a second son, Nadal Mihangle, named for Nadira's older brother. Eventually, Griffin decides that his devotion to his family is stronger than his devotion to the cause, and he parts ways with the Ferry to raise his sons in the mountains while living off the land. He does not anticipate that Owain will want to return to New York City and join Messiah under telepath Aric Gibbs, and is taken by surprise when his eldest one day leaves without a word. Nadira, however, has the insight to see it coming and explains to Griffin what happened after the fact, leaving Griffin to decide whether or not to pursue Owain or remain in the mountains to protect Nadal and Nadira.

He chooses his wife and youngest son, a decision he does not regret until Aric visits Griffin and Nadira at their cabin to give them news of Owain's death. He is only twenty-two. Grief-stricken and in a rage, Griffin abandons his life in the mountains and brings Nadira and Nadal back to New York City to pick up the fight where Owain left off. Although he does not rejoin Messiah, he pushes the Ferry to hit back harder than most of the council is comfortable with, but finds like-minds in Francois Allegre and Eileen Ruskin who both have similar beliefs.

Nadal grows up in the shadow of his dead brother and eventually comes to believe that nothing he does will elevate him to Owain's level in his father's eyes. He becomes even more resentful toward his father when Griffin is unable to save Nadira's life during an outbreak of H5N10 in 2033. For the next several years, the rift between Griffin and Nadal continues to widen until Nadal, in a last ditch attempt to get his father's attention, volunteers to assist with the Ferry's raid on the Institute's Alaskan facility in 2037 at the age of twenty-six.

He does not return alive.

Only after Nadal's death does Griffin realize the effect that Owain’s loss had on his family. He buries his youngest son's remains alone in an undisclosed location and is never heard from again.


Huruma falls into life with the Ferry. Her friendship and loyalty to people like Abby and the Ryans clan ensure she will always be there if they need her. She becomes somewhat of a fiercely protective mother wolf to those she considers in need of protection — which includes most of the people in Bannerman Castle. She finds a niche for herself in the Special Activities division of the Ferry; formidable physically and terrifying when she wants to be, Huruma is almost always present on the most dangerous of missions.

In early 2020, Huruma begins to have moments of forgetfulness, small lapses that could be easily explained away, given injuries or fatigue. But as weeks pass, the lapses become longer, and her confusion in her surroundings grows more obvious to those around her. At times, she speaks in her native tongue to people not present, growing agitated when her friends try to intervene. The problems have spread to her body as well; Huruma begins to have difficulty in coordination, stumbling or tripping easily and having muscle spasms and twitches. When it is obvious that there is something very wrong, the news is dire — given the rumors that her strange diet habits have returned in recent years, the signs point to Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.

There is little that her friends can do but keep her comfortable and contained; treatment elsewhere is not an option, and even then, the diagnosis is a terminal one. Unfortunately, CJD is not a kind fate — Huruma has moments of lucidity intermixed with the moments of madness. Her body fails to do the simplest of tasks, while her mind is in overdrive with images that are terrifying at times. Still, she counts herself lucky in that she has time to say goodbye to those she loves, and to tell them just what they mean to her.

The protective circle of friends cannot make her body or mind work for her, however; her last year of life is spent bedridden, cared for by Lucille Ryans and Megan Young, before she succumbs to pneumonia in 2021. Her body was laid to rest in the woods surrounding Pollepel.

Jaiden and Monica

Taking refuge with the Ferry after the riots at Pollepel Island, Jaiden continues his relationship with Delia Ryans. Despite the conflicts and strife that come with living like fugitives, their relationship seems steady. Jaiden is a strong attribute among the Ferry, thanks to his survival skills, ability, and protective nature; not a known fugitive, it is also possible for him to make supply runs.

Their hard life becomes harder when Delia becomes pregnant, but Jaiden swears to stay by her. Unfortunately, Beth Ryans, born April 12, 2012, is destined to live a short life, dying at just 8 months of age of H5N10. It is just weeks after that Jaiden agrees to pick up a smuggled shipment of vaccines, driven by his grief for his infant daughter and with the vow that no more Ferry children would die of the disease. Unfortunately, he and Smedley find that the deal is a trap; Jaiden is arrested while Wes Smedley escapes with some of the goods.

Jaiden finds himself in a prison camp designed specifically for the Evolved. The threat of negation looms everywhere through vents and darts; those with the most dangerous abilities are suppressed through drugs. Jaiden is labeled as a terrorist, the guards warn that anyone befriending him will be considered dangerous as well, and that it might harm their chance of parole. It is a hard and lonely life for Jaiden — until 2014.

Monica Dawson’s ties with Endgame often overlapped those with Ferry. After she was arrested during the November 8 riots in 2010, the Ferry manages to intercept and rescue the convoy of prisoners, but Monica is shot in the leg in the process. Weeks of recuperation on Pollepel forge the way for loyalty and friendship, and as soon as she is back on her feet, Monica uses her skills to protect the new community she belongs to.

In 2014, she is captured on a trip to the mainland. Given the option of either giving up the whereabouts of the Ferry’s most prominent members or going to prison, Monica refuses, and enters the same prison as Jaiden. The two are happy to have one another for friendship and support; they eventually become lovers, though more out of camaraderie and proximity than anything else. This leads to the birth of Jaiden Micah Dawson-Mortlock, or JJ for short in September of 2015.

The next two years are difficult; raising a child in the camp means the two must put JJ’s needs first, trading and bartering to ensure he is safe. Finally, in 2017, the family is given “good news” — they are going to be put in one of the “Evolved communities” and will no longer be considered prisoners — of course, they are cynical and realistic enough to know that wherever they go, they will be prisoners of sorts. Once more, Monica finds herself on the receiving end of a rescue mission by the Ferry. The bus of camp inmates is intercepted by Special Activities, and the prisoners given refuge by the Ferry. Jaiden and Monica are reunited with their friends and allies once more.

Jaiden and Monica take up residence at Pollepel Island, staying together outside of the confines of the camp for the sake of their child. In 2020, Jaiden is given a council seat when Lynette is killed, and both Monica and Jaiden help with the Ferry’s day to day operations and special missions. Their relationship with one another is an easygoing one, a best-friendship more than a great passion. Despite living like a fugitive, JJ's childhood is mostly a happy one, and he is a bright and easygoing child (and a bit of a mama's boy). By 2040, JJ has grown into a respectful young man, who asks for his parents' blessing before going back in time.


The division of responsibility between Jensen Raith and Benjamin Ryans turns out to be an arrangement that's beneficial for them both; it provides Ryans with time to spend with his family, and Raith to continue pursuing projects outside of the Ferry's purview. He remains close with the Vanguard Remnant, who are as much his family as Lorraine and Liette Fournier, and despite his age he does not show any signs of deteriorating health through the birth of Gabriel and Eileen's son, Astor, and the birth of his grandson, Jonas, after Liette marries Luke Campbell in her early twenties. He is reunited with his other daughter, Julie, when she delivers a pregnant Elle Bishop into the Ferrymen's custody. Although she does not admit to anyone, not even Liette, Raith's presence is a large factor in her decision to remain with the network where he helps her find a position with their medical branch under the supervision of Megan Young, and later Abigail Beauchamp.

The first real losses he experiences are the deaths of his sister and his niece in a bombing of New York City during the Third World War, then a grieving Avi Epstein who commits suicide shortly after informing the Remnant through Nicholas York that the government is aware of Astor's existence and has caught wind his ability is suspected to be precognitive in nature. Raith keeps close to Gabriel, Eileen and their son, but is off on Ferry-related business when the military strikes and his friends are killed. A fierce debate with Delia Ryans about who should take custody of Astor ends with Raith and Liette leaving the boy with Amato Salucci at the Mount Moriah Monastery for his own protection, believing that it is one of the last places the government will look for him.

Raith visits Astor at the monastery several times a year while Astor is a teenager, and on one or two occasions allows him to accompany him back to New York City to visit with Delia and Delia's son, Benji. In the beginning of 2030, he begins experiences symptoms that Abigail recognizes as throat cancer and determines the prognosis is fatal. When he senses he is nearing the end of his life, he writes Amato a letter instructing him to bring Astor back to New York City because the young man is old enough to look after himself and make his own decisions. He ends the letter by saying that by the time they arrive, he will already be dead.

He would have gotten some satisfaction from being right. His daughters lay him to rest in the cemetery on Pollepel Island.

Edgar and (Lydia)

Married to Edgar, Lydia Smythe struggles to try and maintain a semblance of normalcy in New York for roughly another two years (2012) until things simply decayed too much to safely reside in New York any longer. Likely part of this decision revolved around the revelation of Lydia's pregnancy and their not wanting to raise a child in the chaos of the US. Lydia leaves Edgar in a pre-emptive attempt at cutting clean before he runs off on her.

Unfortunately, much of the world is beginning to become increasingly hostile. She travels to South America for the birth of her twins (Arnold and Jennie) and lives in Brazil until 2017 when a violent military coup in Brazil forces her out of the country. Edgar finally tracks Lydia down by this time and struggles to reconnect with her and his estranged children, offering to help move them somewhere safer. It is a struggle they continue to have as they try and settle down and live a normal life while the world spirals out of control.

In the later half of 2020 when the global tensions regarding the Evolved reach a boiling point South America becomes one of the flashpoints of the conflict. Anti-Evolved and Pro-Evolved sentiments pit Argentina and Bolivia beginning with air-strikes in Argentina following the death of two dozen Bolivian military officers by what is believed to be Argentinean pro-evolved rights terrorism.

Caught in the conflict, Edgar and Lydia lose their son Arnold to the devastation of the war and Edgar dies of injuries sustained while trying to save Lydia and Jennie from the carpet bombing of San Salvador by the Bolivian air force.

Lydia and Jennie remain trapped in Argentina for two years, eventually running into contact with the 'Marked' who are running a guerrilla war against the Bolivian government from the Argentinean mountains. Lydia eventually secures passage out of South America as other nations get embroiled in the conflict, making her way up through Mexico and into the United States with her daughter with help from the Ferrymen.

Lydia and Jennie ultimately settles down in New Mexico with her daughter in the small town of Hope in the year 2023. Lydia is woefully unaware of what has become of her first daughter Amanda.


Megan continues to work as the head of medical for the Ferry. Her non-evolved status and lack of notoriety in the government make it easier for her than others to run errands for medicine and supplies, though she spends most of her time at Pollepel caring for the ill and injured — casualties increase as the times grow harder and more oppressive on the fugitives living in exile.

One of her most difficult tasks is caring for Huruma when the woman falls ill with CJD; she has come to respect the woman and considers her a friend. She spends as much time as possible with the ailing woman, ensuring that the other woman is rarely alone. She takes Huruma’s death very hard, but manages to oversee her duties with the professionalism and efficiency that make her an excellent choice for her position in the Ferry.

Unfortunately, just a year after Huruma dies, Megan begins to feel increasingly weary and weak. At Abby’s urging, Megan travels to an actual hospital for tests. She is diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease. Neither radiation nor chemotherapy result in remission. In 2023, she chooses to enter hospice rather than to return to the island where she feels she will be an unnecessary burden on the Ferry. Those who can travel safely visit her until she dies in early 2024. While Megan is buried in the city, a memorial is held and a garden planted in her memory at Pollepel.


After Peyton runs away from Redbird when she finds out about Wesley Smedley’s past, Cardinal follows her to Massachusetts, urging her to stay and work with him. Feeling needed, she returns, throwing herself into Cardinal’s plans blindly, believing what he tells her. As he rises to power in the Institute, he brings her along at his side, utilizing her power and bolstering it with the use of amphodynamine, or amp. With the drug augmenting her power, Peyton is able to use her clairvoyance on people she has not met but only seen images of, and experience all five of the physical senses as they do.

Unfortunately for Peyton, the long-term and constant use of her ability while on Amp causes neurological damage; the first sign is her memory and personality begin to slip away, making the the dreams of the Nightmare Man something of an premonition. She becomes a sort of automaton, doing as asked and reporting what she sees and senses without fail, but she begins to be incapable of independent and rational thought.

After fleeing to the last Institute facility in Alaska, Cardinal continues to use Peyton’s ability as a means to his end, and the strain is too great. The clairvoyant collapses while using her ability, and falls into a deep coma in 2031. Experiments to wake her are futile, and followed by unsuccessful attempts to utilize her ability while she is comatose. In the Ferry’s raid on the facility in 2037, Peyton is removed from life support as a last mercy.


Savannah Burton is killed December 24, 2010 in a suicide bombing at a charity event at D'Sarthe's when a bomb made of C-4 is strapped to teenager Anna James. Humanis First is suspected to be behind the bombing. Twenty other people are killed in the explosion, and 38 are injured.

As with many artists, Burton becomes much more popular in her death than she was in life. Her books find new readership with the news of her death; the romance novels penned under a pseudonym are also revealed to be her work after her death.


Wesley Smedley continues to live off grid and assisting the Ferry. After losing Peyton Whitney because of his mistakes in the past, his desire to assist the Evolved as a form of penance is only strengthened. His connections with smugglers and criminals help to purchase such items as weapons and medication, but it is one of these connections that nearly costs him his freedom or life. In early 2013, he and Jaiden are double-crossed by one of Smedley’s dealers; Jaiden is arrested but Smedley manages to get away with some of the vaccinations.

Smedley never quite feels at home with the Ferry, choosing instead to keep mostly to himself and living alone on his boat, but he answers the call for aid whenever he is needed. He becomes one of the Ferry’s “coyotes,” helping to transport the Ferry’s people and allies to safer areas; he trains some of the Ferry’s younger members in both of these important jobs so that his contact points are known when something happens to him, and that his contacts will have someone they've met and can trust.

The inevitable happens in 2029; Smedley is transporting by boat a family of four who have escaped from one of the Evolved ghettos when his boat is firebombed. There are no survivors. The remains of Smedley’s boat are found by a Ferry search crew several days later. A memorial is held on Pollepel with a monument thanking Smedley for having paid the ultimate price while protecting the Evolved.

Hana and Noah

Hana Gitelman continues to be an elusive presence in the Ferry. More aggressive than many in the Ferry, Hana prefers to work alone rather than answer to those in charge of Special Activities. She arrives now and then with intelligence and taking part from time to time in Special Activities missions before disappearing again. Her ability allows her to gain and pass on government information that the Ferry relies on for their operations.

It is on one of these missions with the Ferry that she and Noah Bennet find themselves separated from the rest of the operatives, after sacrificing their own safety to cover the retreat of the others on the team. Hana is gravely wounded by the government agents before killing them, ensuring Noah’s safety as her last action. While she lies dying, she reminds him of a promise he made to her long ago. He has to leave her body behind, but he makes good on his vow to her.

It takes some time to put the plan into action, especially without the benefit of medical technology, but in 2023, Juniper Whitmore becomes the surrogate mother, and Joe Fulk the biological father, to Noa Gitelman. Noah Bennet has a chance to hold the baby before leaving the island on business; he is caught and executed later that night near New York City.

Noa is raised by the village, so to speak, with all of the former Lighthouse children coming to think of her as a sort of relative in their makeshift family. Joe and Juniper are more best friends than a couple, and Juniper is the primary guardian of Noa. She is told the stories of her ancestry long before she can really understand them, and taught to fight by a wide range of teachers, including Teo, Raith, Brian, and later on, Hannah. When she manifests with radiowave technopathy, she uses that to aid the Ferry, much as her mother did before.


Lucille Ryans goes to Pollepel after the riots, given the danger that comes with simply being Ryans’ daughter. Much like Lucille in the current timeline, she doesn’t like the confinement and chooses instead to live off-grid on her own terms — for Lucille this means working jobs in rough bars as a cocktail waitress or a bartender where she’s paid under the table, sometimes bartering her way for room and board with the bosses, “bad boys” her father always tried to steer her away from. She and Delia become estranged over Delia’s depression, with the younger sister pushing Lucille away.

Her brother, despite his alignment and alliances, tries to keep in touch with her, meeting in remote spots from time to time, lending her money now and then and even introducing her to her nephew Kincaid once or twice. The visits drop off when it becomes increasingly more dangerous for both of them.

In 2019, she meets and falls in love with a young man also living off-grid. Anders Stuart, a former DoEA lackey who’d seen the writing on the walls and used his ability of invisibility to disappear. By 2021, he proposes to her; she accepts, though it means that she is cut off from the most secret of Ferry locations and news — at least until he proves himself. The two become somewhat independent from the Ferry, considered allies but not quite Ferrymen.

Eventually the two begin to help run people to safety, using Anders’ ability, and settle themselves in Canada in 2022, eventually falling in line with the Ferry there. They have a daughter named Milan Stuart in 2023. It is not until 2028 that the family returns to the States at the news that Lucille’s father is dead, though Anders is still not allowed to know the location of Pollepel. Rather than return without him, Lucille instead remembers him her own way, finding the demolished neighborhood they once called home. While in New York, Lucille is able to reconnect with Kincaid, before the Stuarts return to Canada — their familiarity with the route from the States to the southeastern Canadian Ferry strongholds make them good contacts and allies once more, at least until they get cut off from the States.

Graeme and Remi

In 2011, Soleil Remi Davignon returns from a tour in Europe with her Ballet Troupe to continue her work in New York. Despite the dark climates, the dancers were stubborn about leaving their home town, with a desire to spread as much cheer to the city as possible. Briefly, she and Graeme Cormac, who had recently moved to NYC in order to pursue a teaching job, are roommates, but life forces them to part ways when he is forced to move to Eltingville due to anti-evolved sentiments at his job and the schools in general. He has few choices, it is either that, or no job at all.

At a ball, Remi is attacked by Sylar; she is rescued by Ygraine and Jaiden, with assistance from Gabriel and Eileen. However, being injured, she is taken into government custody at the hospital. Terrified of what is to come of her, she offers her services and abilities to the government; it is determined that she may come of some use, and Remi is taken into the Institute.

In Eltingville (and immediately dismayed by the state of things), Graeme does his best to keep his mouth shut and play the good citisen for the better part of another year, managing to maintain privileges and community standing where others have lost them, but his resentment for the state of things is growing, and a series of outbursts finds him no better off than anyone else in the ghetto. Not only that, but he is under strict orders to watch his tongue while he is teaching.

But even that can only last so long. Prone to the occasional rash action and judgment thanks in large part to his ability, Graeme gradually loses more and more, ending up on probation within Eltingville several times before a disagreement with his probation officer comes to blows in late 2015, ending up with the other man half-dead and Graeme negated and on his way to a prison camp.

Remi spends the next five years in the service of the Institute. She spends a brief time assisting the Institute itself, reading the minds of those brought to her and relaying pertinent information; when her enthusiasm wavers in obvious ways, she is moved to the Maclauren's Children's Center to work with children, using her ability to help them through the unhappy times. There she stays for two years, too terrified to escape as she wishes she could. When the Ferry liberates the Center in 2016, Remi assists, and makes her escape with them, offering them what help she could offer in exchange for safety and use of her ability.

In the prison camp, things are difficult for Graeme at first, under the constant negation for the first several months until good behaviour — and the fact that he can do more work when not negated — earns him a pass on that. During that time he also finds himself quietly helping Monica, Jaiden, and their young child, as much as he can on the side of things when it will go unnoticed, though he has no particular care on whether it affects his chances of parole. He finds he has more in common with them than with the rest of the prisoners in the camp, and in return, it is a tentative but eventually solid friendship that forms. The good behaviour continues, and it is as much to Graeme's surprise as anything when he's told in 2017 that he as well is going to be relocated into one of the "Evolved Communities", something that he hadn't expected to happen. Little does he know that Monica, Jaiden, and JJ are on that bus as well, until they're rescued.

Given refuge by the Ferry, at first Graeme is reclusive and withdrawn, even from Monica and Jaiden, having difficulty adjusting to the change in environment even as he finds himself surrounded by like-minded people with whom he agrees on things, people where he no longer feels like an outsider for his often liberal views. Slowly, though, Monica convinces him to participate in more things, first with getting him to teach — both some of the children and whoever else is interested at the time — and then eventually also suggesting that he put some of his own skills from both his time in the camps and his college days as a bouncer to use in Special Activities.

It helps that soon after, he is reunited with Remi. Over the next three years, they become friends again and grow closer than they ever were before. Finally, loneliness and sadness lead to several nights of weakness between the pair. They concieve a child. Remi, terrified of the war and what it may do to her new family, retreats to Pollepel to wait out her pregnancy behind the relative safety of the walls of Bannerman Castle. In December of 2020, Remi gives birth to Liam Jules Cormac-Davignon. She remains in Pollepel to raise him for the first five years of his life, supporting him and Graeme as well as she can; as the insanity escalates, however, Remi grows fearful for her child, and decides that a retreat to a Ferrymen stronghold in Canada is the best choice, rather than waiting for Graeme to fight the war. It is with tearful goodbyes that she departs.

Remi and Liam remain in Canada, receiving visits from Graeme that grow more and more infrequent as time rolls onward. There is nothing that Graeme can do to prevent that as travel grows difficult. Remi and her son grow quite close over the years, with Remi keeping a protective eye on him as often as she could; mother and son share a deep bond, which is only strengthened by Remi's ability. Liam grows into a respectable young man, to his mother's delight. Slowly, Remi begins to suffer from headaches, mostly unexplained unfortunately. When the final exodus of Ferry arrives, Graeme is not present. Remi and Liam both fear the worse, and do their best to get on with their lives; Liam has manifested, his ability unsurprisingly passed down from his father. A surprise comes in 2038 when Graeme returns from out of the blue; his homecoming is a happy one, and the family is reunited.

The happiness does not last, however. One year after Graeme's return, Remi's headaches become more frequent and intense, and she begins to grow disoriented, confused, sometimes lost, and her ability becomes erratic to the point that she is forced to negate herself. A trip to a doctor brings grim news: Remi has a brain tumor. Her last days are long and uncomfortable, with spots of lucidity among the delirium, though those too grew few and far between. Some days, she could not even remember the faces or names of Graeme and Liam.

In early 2040, Remi passes away. Liam is inconsolable; in the weeks after his mother's death, the boy disappears after an argument with his father (whom he resents for his absence from the lives of him and his mother). When he returns, he refuses to speak to his father. Both feel on the outside of things in the Ferry, yet both remain at the stronghold, until eventually, it is Graeme who leaves, striking his own way, always in contact with the Ferry stronghold in Canada yet at the same time on the edge and distant from things rather than in the middle.


Following the riots of November 2010, Devon and his Aunt Milly watched in growing concern as the state of the world went from bad to worse. Milly began speculating and making plans to move from New York City, to go abroad and avoid the coming storm, though concern for uprooting Devon, and his own wishes to stay enrolled in Columbia University until the school term was over, kept her from making the move too quickly.

A year at the school was looking to become two when Devon enrolled in the following fall term. He had discussed it with his aunt and together they determined it would be his last. And it would be his last. As the semester wore on and 2011 was inevitably drawn toward an end, the government came around knocking. They should have seen it coming, communities such as Eltingville being set up for Evolved families were in no way what they appeared. Devon had been in class when when they came and took Milly away, and the unfamiliar vehicles waiting near his home was warning enough that he turned and never looked back.

The streets weren't exactly safe during the day and at night they were even worse, especially after curfew. Devon, spent an unpleasant couple of days alone and hiding wherever he could find space and dodge patrols before he met Robyn Quinn. A lanky youth alone and with the rough look of someone living on the streets, she took a moment or two to listen as he explained what had happened to him and his aunt. Whatever possessed him to trust a stranger proved to be right on the mark and he soon found himself safely tucked away and in Ferry hands on Pollepel Island.

Over the next three years, Devon made himself useful in every way he could. Whether it was helping teach or entertain the younger children, fetching supplies as they came in, and learning more about the organization itself. He brushed up on various skills, his martial arts knowledge was dusty and needed some refinement, but with practice he became more adept at its application. Firearms came next, having only used stage weapons before, but the methods were similar enough. He proved himself to be a fair shot. Eventually, he worked his way from proverbial gopher and ward of the Ferry to standing member and participant in Special Activities.

Years passed, and Devon grew into his role within the Ferry operation. He participated in whatever task was assigned to him, trusting instinct over logic in ways that might have made him appear reckless but never put the operation at risk. He was warned, often in jest, during his young adulthood that his instinct one day would get the better of him. An omen in the making, instinct took Devon to the Chicago prison camp in 2026.

During the third world war and while Devon was on a reconnaissance mission, instinct took over. Witnessing the deprivation of the Evolved, he was witness to an instance of brutal abuse and death of his aunt. It snapped an already tight thread and he manifested, giving himself away and earning a one-way trip to the prison camp.

He wasn't a model citizen in any sense of the word during his time in camp. Devon made several attempts at escape and was known to provoke the guards with argument and actions. He discovered some of the darker points of being in camp. But he also discovered some lighter sides as well. Prompting and provoking came in handy finding those who were more sympathetic, a luxury that he called upon roughly two years after his capture.

A young Kincaid Russo came into the camp, and for some unexplainable reason, Devon took to the boy. First watching him from afar with minimal interaction, then eventually working into some sort of friendship. During this time, Devon also managed to get word out to some Ferry contacts, alerting them to the boy's presence. When plans were put in motion and came to the camp to break Kincaid out, Devon was right there with them, helping all the way.

It was Devon's last act for the Ferry, he died shortly after Kincaid was in Benjamin Ryans' care.


2010 - 2019

  • 2010:
    • Walter Trafford born to Delilah Trafford and Teodoro Laudani during the November Riots.
    • Savannah Burton is killed in a bombing at D'Sarthe's.
  • 2011:
    • Kristen Reynolds is killed while reporting on government abuses during the November Riots by Heller. This sends Russo into a downward spiral despair and selfhate and this may be when he sells himself out to DoEA to save his own life and career.
    • The Department of Evolved Affairs introduces new laws preventing Evolved from having children without a license.
    • Calvin Sheridan born to Flint Deckard and Bella Sheridan.
    • Remi is taken into Institute custody.
  • 2012:
    • Beth Ryans born to Jaiden Mortlock and Delia Ryans.
    • Gillian Childs discovers she's pregnant and without a license. She and Peter Petrelli flee New York together for the west coast, hoping to hide out for the duration of the pregnancy in the mountains of Oregon. Gillian adopts the false name Gwen Chevalier.
    • Bradley Russo and Melissa Pierce marry in public light and are hyped up as a power couple, spokes people by the DoEA. They are miserable together.
    • Beth Ryans dies of H5N10.
    • Gillian's son is born. She and Peter name him Nate and decide to stay in Oregon until Nate is old enough to travel.
  • 2013:
    • Jaiden Mortlock apprehended by the government.
    • Gillian and Peter part on bad terms.
    • Kincaid Russo born to Bradley and Melissa Russo. He is government sanctioned, and in fact one of those public babies that even has a spread in magazines.
  • 2014:
    • Benjamin Ryans Jnr. is born to Delia Ryans and Nick York.
  • 2015:
    • Astor Ruskin-Gray born to Gabriel Gray and Eileen Ruskin.
    • J.J. Dawson born to Jaiden Mortlock and Monica Dawson.
    • Graeme sent to prison for assault on his probation officer.
  • 2016:
    • Tania Kozlow marries John Logan.
    • Caliban is killed by Abigail. Deckard goes to prison/is committed.
    • The Ferrymen liberate Maclauren's Children Institute. Remi is liberated from the Institute.
  • 2017:
    • Joshua Harrison born to Richard Cardinal and Elisabeth Harrison.
    • Sable Diego and Elaine Darrow begin a solid domestic partnership and have a private kind of wedding of sorts on Elaine's birthday, which is more a celebration in their life off-grid.
    • Bradley Russo wins the Mayoral Election of 2017, thanks mainly to DoEA support and pushing.
    • Monica, Jaiden, JJ, Graeme, and several prisoners rescued from a transport into Ferry custody.
  • 2018:
    • Diana Logan born to Tania Logan and John Logan.
    • Elaine decides that she wants to have a baby with Sable and asks Magnes Varlane to be the donor.
  • 2019:
    • With the threat of global war looming, Nate's father slips back into Gillian's life and attempts to make amends. She becomes pregnant again.
    • Adel Darrow is born to Elaine Darrow and Magnes Varlane. Magnes sticks around in a desire to get to know his daughter.

2020 - 2029

  • 2020:
    • World War III begins.
    • Lynette Rowan is caught in the middle of a violent anti-war protest and killed. Jaiden Mortlock takes her council seat.
    • Magnes Varlane is killed in one of the first violent encounters on American soil, leaving Adel without a father when she's only about a year old.
    • Jolene Chevalier born to Gillian "Gwen Chevalier" Childs and Peter Petrelli.
    • Billy Jean Cambria joins FRONTLINE youth training.
    • Robert Bishop Jr. born to Elle Bishop and Warren Ray. Elle dies in childbirth and Robert is entrusted to Sable and Elaine. He is given the name Howard Phillips for his own protection.
    • Peter walks out of Gillian's life again.
    • Kendall Cunningham commits suicide at age 27 in the Russo house during a fit of depression, a side effect of the negation drug he's been taking.
    • Flint escapes prison after an Evo attack on the facility frees several inmates.
    • Liam Cormac-Davignon born to Remi Davignon and Graeme Cormac.
  • 2021:
    • The Department of Evolved Affairs ensures Bradley Russo receives a second term as New York Mayor.
    • Hana Gitelman killed in action.
    • Huruma dies from complications with pneumonia, roughly a year after being bedridden from Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.
  • 2022:
    • Ingrid Ryans born to Benjamin Ryans Sr. and Nicole Nichols. Nicole Nichols becomes Nicole Ryans.
  • 2023:
    • Astor Ruskin-Gray's ability manifests. His parents are initially at a loss as to what is going on.
    • Billy Jean Cambria is recruited into the Department of Evolved Affairs as a field agent.
    • Vincent Lazzaro severs his government ties.
    • Nora Rosenthal born as Noa Gitelman to surrogate mother Juniper. Noah Bennet caught by the government and executed the same day but dies knowing Hana's line lives on. Francois Allegre takes his council seat.
    • Milan Stuart born to Lucille and Anders Stuart.
  • 2024:
    • Joseph Sumter killed. Hannah's ability manifests. Kaylee takes his council seat.
    • Eli Sumter born to Joseph Sumter and Kaylee Sumter. NEVER KNOWS HIS DAD.
    • Megan Young dies of natural causes. Abigail Beauchamp retires from the council to take over the Ferry's medical branch. Delilah Trafford takes Abigail's council seat.
    • The New York City Council votes to extend the two term limit for mayor to three so that Bradley Russo can run again.
  • 2025:
    • Vera Logan born to Tania Logan and John Logan.
    • Bradley and Melissa Russo are murdered by Amanda, at the order of Aric Gibbs at a Mayoral election party the night he would have been elected to an unprecedented third term. Kincaid is an orphan at age 11 and taken into government custody.
    • Remi flees to Canada with her son, Liam. Graeme stays behind in New York to continue helping the Ferry fight.
  • 2027:
    • Eileen Ruskin and Gabriel Gray killed in defense of their son, who is wanted by the government for his ability. Jensen Raith sends the boy to live with Amato Salucci at Mount Moriah Monastery for his own safety. Delia takes Eileen's council seat. Colette and Tasha also appointed, bringing the number of council members back up to twelve for the first time since November of 2010.
    • Dr. Odessa Price commits suicide.
  • 2028:
    • Kincaid Russo manifests, though his ability is at first just enhanced sense of touch. His ability is considered less useful and his attitude isn't suitable for government work so he's sent to a camp in Chicago.
    • Kincaid is located by his grandfather, Benjamin Ryans, rescued and brought into the Ferry.
    • Benjamin Ryans and Lashirah Lee killed by robots while on patrol.
    • Calvin Sheridan enters college and the Institute academy.
  • 2029:
    • Joshua Harrison's ability manifests.
    • Wesley Smedley dies.

2030 - 2040

  • 2030:
    • The Institute crumbles. Richard Cardinal flees to its only remaining facility in Alaska with Warren Ray, Claire Bennet and what few followers he has left.
  • 2031:
    • Benji Ryans' ability manfiests.
    • Peyton Whitney falls into a coma due to the constant use of her ability and Amp.
  • 2032:
    • Jensen Raith dies of throat cancer.
    • Astor Ruskin-Gray and Amato Salucci return to New York City.
    • JJ manifests.
    • Calvin goes AWOL and becomes a wildcard ally to Ferry forces after he is nearly killed during a routine mission in the city.
  • 2033:
    • Gillian Childs and her son Nate are presumed dead in an explosion. Jolene Chevalier adopted by Ygraine Fitzroy and Robyn Quinn.
    • Vincent Lazzaro is killed. Billy Jean Cambria joins the Ferry.
  • 2034:
    • World War III ends.
    • Hannah Sumter returns to New York City to follow her father's footsteps and rejoins the Ferrymen.
    • Barbara Zimmerman returns to Canada to lead the Ferrymen there. Ygraine Fitzroy takes her council seat.
  • 2035:
    • Adel Darrow manifests and is trained in use of her ability by Colette Nichols and in part by Ygraine due to the gravity-free environment within her sphere.
  • 2036:
    • Elisabeth Harrison dies. Joshua returns to work within the Ferrymen as Special Activities.
    • Nora manifests.
    • Aric Gibbs executed for treason. Messiah disbands.
  • 2037:
    • Howard rescued from the Institute's Alaskan facility in a Ferry raid. Claire Bennet is killed by Joshua Harrison. Kincaid Russo's hand is severely injured by robotic defenses. Walter Trafford sends himself and Richard Cardinal into the past. Peyton Whitney is removed from life support. The Institute is no more.
    • Jolene manifests.
  • 2038:
    • Lucrezia Rasmussen born to Junko Rasmussen and Walter Trafford. Kincaid Russo steps in to be the father in Walter's absence.
  • 2039:
    • Walter Trafford reappears and refuses to discuss where he has been.
    • Lance Gerken dies on a resource scouting mission, body returned to the Ferry by Joe and Paul and buried.
  • 2040:
    • Samuel Sullivan arrives in the Wasteland Future…
    • Billy Jean is killed.
    • Remi Davignon dies of a brain tumor.
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