Watch them Rights


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Scene Title Watch Them Rights
Synopsis Making friends at Pete's gym, Sebastian meets Buck.
Date June 1, 2009

Pete's Gym

The gym, when viewed from the outside, hardly looks.. reputable. Given some of the folks that stand outside, talking, taking a drink, whatever, most wouldn't find this place to be inviting. But at second glance the atmosphere without is a bit more than it appears. People talk, chat, laugh. There are no gang tags, or even colors. Above the door is a very simple black and white sign, that announces this as 'Pete's Gym'. Hanging on the sign are a pair of boxing gloves that have been bronze plated, perhaps 'Pete's' old gloves from yesteryear.
Inside is another story altogether. While it's far from the cleanest of places, there's an aura of 'welcoming' within, most folk appear friendly enough, if a bit on the 'tough' side, and only a few have an appearance of territoriality. The equipment left out for members to use is a wide variety of old and new, heavy bags on one side, off to the side of those are speed bags. In the back is a full compliment of free weights and various tools there-in. In the middle of the room is the boxing ring, the old mat stained with sweat and blood. Hanging from another wall, off to the side by some lockers and the entrance to the changing rooms are some jumpropes for public use.

The gym is currently occupied by a few of its regulars, some on the bags, other jumping rope, still some others chatting or lifting. Most though, as in the remaining few, are standing around the ring, inside of which is Sebastian and a younger Hispanic man are currently in boxing gear and having a go at it. The two either know one another, or hate one another - given the jeers and taunting they toss back and forth, the spectators rooting for first one than the other. Currently, though Sebastian is holding his own, he looks to be getting a little weary - weaving and blocking a bit too slow to deflect his friend's punches.

Buck doesn't seem to own a gym bag, but maybe his brief stay in the city has taught him a little something about ghetto style, as he's currently toting a pair of sneakers in a plastic grocery bag. There is room for his boots, overshirt and hat for when he decides to take them off. But at the moment, he pauses near the ring to see the fight. Ever one to root for the underdog, he murmurs, "Aw, shit," then raises his voice. "C'mon there, boy, y' gotta duck 'im! C'mon!" His voice has an unmistakeable Texas twang.

It's that twang that is his downfall. The unfamiliar voice suddenly rooting for him makes him lose focus for a moment, his head turning to take a quick glance at the cowboy. Too late to stop his current swing, the Hispanic boy gets a wicked right cross that nearly swings Sebastian around, the older man coming down onto the ropes hard. For a second he just hangs there, then shakes his head, many of the regulars cheering and laughing. Sebastian take a moment and stands, laughing, "You win Kyle, I can't take another one of those…" He grins and bats gloves with the young man, then bites his gloves off. Climbing out of the ring he looks over at Buck, "You're new," he states with certainty as the second glove is peeled off, and his headgear removed.

The crowd diminishes quickly after a few claps on the back, though most move to congratulate Kyle. All in all there's an air of familiarity around the place, no hard feelings for the lost fight.

"Aw, hell, man, you coulda had 'im!" Buck is saying excitedly, smiling at Sebastian as the guy strips off safety gear. "I mess you up?" he wonders, with a crease of worry in his brow that doesn't interfere with his persistent smile. "Bout as new as they come," he agrees.

Sebastian laughs, "Nah, he had me. he's younger, faster, and a tough little shit," he looks over and winks at the 'kid' before turning back. "I'll get him next time though…" and he reaches up to rub at his jaw, "Know to watch for that right. Jesus." He chuckles, "I'm Sebastian," he states, offering a hand. Currently he wears basic gym attire - running pants, a tank top, and an easy pair of sneakers. "How'd you hear about Pete's?" There are a few flyers around, though more often it is word of mouth that brings new folk to the 'free' gym.

"Oh, I jus' started askin' around," Buck drawls thoughtfully. He brightens and his speech returns to normal speed. "Folks around here been real friendly so far. Mostly." Buck shifts his weight, smilin'. "So I just said, hey buddy, you know a gym round here that you don't gotta be a member of? And he said, naw, but ask my buddy Ortiz, works at the deli on the corner, so I go in an' I say, hey, where's Ortiz an' they say, Eddie Ortiz 'r Juan Ortiz an' I say, hell, I don' know, whichever one's bigger an /anyway/ I managed to find the place."

Sebastian laughs a bit, "I see…" he says, his voice amused. He nods to the back corner where the changing room is, "Talk to the guy behind the desk and sign-up. Doesn't cost anything to use the place, but for every day you use the gym, you owe it an hour." He grabs a towel and dries his hair a bit, "You know, sweeping, spotting, doing stuff to help out, basically. Towels, you get the idea.." He shrugs a shoulder, "It's worth it though." Someone walks by and claps Sebastian on the shoulder, offering him a 'good show' before moving on his way. Sebastian nods and turns back.

"Hell, yeah," Buck agrees, body language enthusiastic. "I don' even have a job right now so it's no skin off /my/ nose. Sounds like a great idea t' me." He points toward the desk with a thumb. "Jus' sign in there?"

Sebastian looks in the direction Buck gestures and nods, "That's it. I don't know who it is, but he'll take yer name. Basically sign in on the days you /use/ the gym, and there's another book to log work." He nods once more, and says, "I'm actually going to go cool down a bit on one of the heavy bags. See you around….?" He leaves the question open-ended - he did never get the other guy's name.

"Buck," the cowboy supplies. "Thanks, man. 'Preciate the advice. I tell ya, it ain't as bad a city as people make out."

Sebastian grins, "Oh, it is. You've just been lucky." He grins wide, and then waves as he heads over to where the heavy bags hang. He doesn't sound dismissive, if anything he's just letting him do his thing before they meet up again. As he approaches the bags he looks about, and calls over Kyle, "You still gloating over there?" He chuckles at his response, "Then get over here and hold this bag, punk." The younger guy makes his way over and Sebastian begins hitting the bag a bit, his hands already taped up from the fight before.

Buck heads off to the check-in area to sign up for a membership and put his name in the book. He finds a bench where he can change his shoes. He stays in the jeans but takes off the overshirt and hat. They go in the grocery bag. He looks up to watch Sebastian negotiate the gym, getting an idea for the way things work.

Laid out around the place are all the affectations you'd expect to find in a boxing gym: mats for stretching and jumping rope, s small set of heavy weights in one corner, heavy bags, and drill bags and of course the ring in the center. Sebastian, at one of the heavy bags, is showing his spotter just how 'easy' he went on him, hitting the bag full force and laughing, hamming it up with his friend as he gets pushed around a bit by the force of the blows.

Buck starts out by finding a mat where he can stretch properly to loosen things up. He goes about this in quite a business-like fashion, clearly in routine mode, occasionally glancing over toward Sebastian's crew when he gets bored.

Not so much a crew, but the idea is gotten. A few more punches traded before he steps back some and chuckles. His turn it'd seem to hold the bag, and he leans into it as Kyle begins working himself. Feeling a pair of eyes on him, or in his direction, he glances over at Buck and lifts his chin in that manly-fashion of greeting. Just then, Kyle gives the bag a solid blow and it causes Sebastian to stumble a bit before he regains his balance. He puts on a fake 'frown' and looks back, making some joke about the new guy being bad luck for him.

Buck nods in return, too hard of hearing to take offense at what Sebastian has to say. He goes over and finds a rope to jump to warm up. He jumps quickly for about five minutes and then tapers the speed off and stops.

After five minutes the pair is done, thanking each other for the help, and then a final couple shots given back and forth, ending with the promise to meet in the ring at some future date. Sebastian turns and moves towards the mats himself, grinning, "You're bad luck," he tells Buck with a grin, then moves to grab a rope for himself. "When you get into town he asks as he uncoils it, but not starting right away, as that would be rude.

"Who, me?" Buck asks, brows lofting, although he's grinning along. "I don' believe it." He heads for some nearby free-weights to do some casual lifting. "Bout…four-five days ago?" he seems to guess. "Still lookin' for work n' home."

Sebastian lifts a brow, but nods, "Where you staying?" A question out of curiosity and politeness - no hint that he'll be offering his place up anytime soon. He seems to reconsider the jump rope, as it's hard to hold a conversation during, and shrugs, moving to stand nearby and lean on one of the supports. "There's a board in the men's locker room, may be a job or two posted on it - don't know for sure."

"I cain't remember the name of it," Buck admits, hefting a weight in a set of curls. He doesn't mind talking while he does it, though. "Ain't too nice a place, but it's damn expensive up here."

"Tell me about it. I found a place on a suggestion, stupidly, on the Upper West. It's killing me. Thank god for this place." He chuckles, "Greenwich is supposed to be more affordable though." He turns to look as a couple guys get into the ring, but doesn't move over to watch. When he turns back he asks, "What brings you to the Big Apple?"

"Lookin' fer work I'd be good at that gets me far enough from the family," Buck says with a tilted smile. He switches arms, shifting his stance a little. "Jus' in a hotel fer now."

Sebastian nods, "Fair enough." He blanches at the hotel statement, "You've got to be out of your mind." He chuckles, "Find a half-way house, or a shelter, or something to stay at. Hotels in this city are … well. They're pricy," he agrees. He looks around for something, and then moves a few feet away to grab a bottle of water. Heading back he takes a drink and nods, "Look, anyway, it was good to meet you Buck. Speaking of jobs, I should go clean up myself. Gotta head in in an hour or so." He lifts his bottle, "See you around."

Buck nods at Sebastian's suggestion. "Alright, man," he says as Sebastian starts excusing himself. "I'll see y' 'round. You take care now, y'hear? Watch fer them rights!"

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