Watch Your Step


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Scene Title Watch Your Step
Synopsis Lola goes for a scam on Adam, Sawyer bumps into an old coworker.
Date August 15, 2009

Central Park

It's a clear summer afternoon, in one of the more civilized parts of the park. Wilder than it was, but far from the an-entire-division-of-Viet-Cong can hide in here jungle foliage of what used to be the Ramble. Fel is in jeans, a white t-shirt, a fairly subtle Hawaiian shirt as opposed to the usual eye-searing print of hula girls, and boots. He's sitting on a bench in the shade of a statue's plinth, lazily casting the crumbs of some kind of sandwich to the pigeons gathered around his feet. There's a worn copy of 'Farewell, My Lovely' beside him on the bench, as if he'd just left off reading it a moment ago.

Adam walks lazily along the path of the park. He's dressed in his usual snazzy jacket plus slacks combination. He's whistling a little ditty to himself and for those who care, he seems to be whistling Dixie. Michael's been sent off to retrive hot dogs. Who would have known that pig lips and anuses were just so tasty? But then, Adam has survived on worse, at least these thing shave mustard and ketchup on them.

Everything's so….New England-esque. At least it is for Lola, who's never been further north than…well she's never even left the Bayou, so this may as well be Canadia to her. For the first time since she left air-conditioned grade school, the young woman is not covered in a thin sheen of August sweat. She's even dressed more modestly, with only denim shorts and a haulter top instead of denim shorts up her ass and a cutoff. And, of course, sunglasses.

She's looking for a mark. In this new, unfamiliar place, she certainly needs one. It's sort of like getting back to the familiar while trapped in that which is unknown. Scoping out her new hunting ground in new territory, and so on and so forth.

She peers over her sunglasses at Felix. He appears to be a tourist, might have a lot of cash and not a lot of wits. She pushes the glasses back up her nose and glances to Adam as well. Clean cut, looks like he has a lot of money. Maybe he's not too tight about it either.

Daniel Sawyer is jogging. Well, he probably was a few moments ago. Right now, he's taking a break near Felix's bench, idly watching him feed the pigeons since not much else is really going on. He's hunched forward, hands on his knees as he catches a breath. He's wearing a pair of blue track pants with symmetrical white stripes and a some running shoes, an ipod clipped to his waist on one side and a phone on the other.

Felix doesn't -look- all that threatening. Not really. He's got a haircut that's almost military in its shortness, but he doesn't have any air of being a soldier. Far from it - with those glasses, he looks like an accountant on his day off. Keen eyes will note that the Hawaiian shirt is worn not just because he has a thing for hibiscus, but also to conceal the .45 he's wearing at the back of his hip. He glances over at Sawyer, and then all but doubletakes. "Agent Sawyer?" he asks, quizzically. Been a good long while since he saw the other man.

Adam passes closer by Sawyer and Felix as he continues to whistle. There's an off note as he recognizes Felix and arches a brow. Something about being drunk and depressed, he tries to recall the vent in his mind. He doesn't stop walking, but he does slow a bit to hear tidbits of this conversation between drunky mcdrunky and agent sawyer.

And that's it. That's all she needs. Adam slows down and Lola steers toward him, taking a few steps and stumbling over a crack in the sidewalk, sprawling toward the English man. "Ooch!" She calls out, warning him that she's coming.

Of course, she's been listening to the tidbits too, but she's bored now and wants to cause some trouble. So trouble she shall cause, by running right into Adam. And being cute about it.
Public> Fruit Hat> Manhattan says, "But that was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life. Fruit Hat."

Having not initially recognized Felix (it was probably the hawaiian shirt), Sawyer looks over in his direction confused when Felix calls over to him. Recollection setting in, he pushes himself back to a standing position and starts to walk closer to the bench. "Not anymore. Just Daniel, now." He extends a hand for a friendly handshake. "Good to see you, Felix." And then someone goes and trips right into Adam, Daniel turning his head to look.

Felix clicks his tongue at that, almost scoldingly, and doesn't look pleased at the reply. "Why, what happened?" he wonders, before adding, belatedly, "If I may ask." Didn't know Sawyer that well, after all. Adam he's seen before, but doesn't know, so the blonde gets a considering glance but no greeting.

Adam has what one might call good reflexes. After all, when you're the highlander, you have to. So when he hears the noise he turns and when he sees Ms. I'm beautiful but also a thief, his hands go out for her elbows to steady her. "Oh, watch yourself." he says lightly admonishingly.

Well damn, that doesn't help. Still, she can make this work. After all, her ability is able to handle this, and it kicks in, swerving her right arm quite naturally away from Adam's grasp to reach around him, to try and stable herself on his body. "OOps! Sorrah dahlin!" She drawls, more of a southern-Georgia accent than a southern-New Orleans accent. Immediatly, Lola turns her head to Felix, giving him a smile. "Love the shirt, sugar!"

"Well, that's a really long story." He's talking to Felix, but still looking at Adam and Lola. "Are you on duty?" He looks back just quick enough to give a knowing nod to the heat Felix is packing before looking back. It's an innocuous question, but one that may be relevant if Sawyer hasn't lost his edge.

"Yeah, I'm here getting info from my pigeon informants," Felix says, with wide-innocence, before breaking into a grin, "No, man. This is my day off. Why?" He's still mostly watching Adam and Lola, but his interest seems academic.

As Lola readjusts herself to swing her arm around him, she might find there's no wallet in his back pocket. Adam straights her on her feet once he's got her there, "Oh, you should be careful." he says. When she turns her head to Felix to compliment his shirt, he chuckles a bit and turns and starts to walk off.

Lola is not giving up that easily, no sir. There's other places to hide a wallet. "Well wait, sugar!" She says, reaching out toward Adam and sidestepping a bit, almost as if she's heavily intoxicated. Perhaps that's why she ran into him in the first place. The woman seems to play the part very well, stumbling toward Adam again and busting out in loud, obnoxious laughter. "Wait ya can' go while the floor's a spinnin!"

Leaning down close to Felix so that the other two can't hear him, Sawyer whispers something to him. "Because something doesn't seem right about that.. conversation, and I don't have a badge anymore." He leans back up, speaking louder to continue their conversation. "Well, you know those stool pigeons."

Felix laughs, the pun tickling him out of all proportion, even as he nods to Sawyer's whisper. The blue eyes have gone keenly curious. "Makes me wish I had that as a power. I know this woman who can talk to birds….someone I'm after. She dropped a peregrine on me, not all that long ago."

Adam frowns with Lola's advances, apparently getting a tad annoyed. Can't even take advantage of women in this state these days. Nothing like the 20's. Ah, the 20's. He frowns and starts to hold her arms to lead her back towards the bench, "Looks like you might need a seat." he says, glancing towards Felix with a plaintive look to help him.

"Aw come on now, thought ya'll yankees were all about happy fun times, am I right?" Still, she'll allow him to steer her toward the bench.

Folding his arms over his bare chest, Sawyer takes a step back and gives a nod to Felix that suggests he scoot away from the other two. Not that he likely need make such a gesture, but it's there. He grows silent, simply watching to wait and see what happens.
Felix obligingly makes room. Lest, like, Lola get girl cooties on him, or something. "You alright, lady?" he asks, amiably, with more than a little hint of Brooklyn in his voice.

Adam frowns, growing increasingly confused by the movements of Lola. Why, it's almost like she's drunk but totally not drunk. At any rate, by the time he gets her to the bench, he firmly pushes her down and takes a step back, brushing his hands over his jacket and such, "She's the rather touchy feely sort, isn't she?" he frowns a bit, "Crazy birds in New York."

Poor Felix, while he did try to create room for Lola, Lola completely ignores it, sliding up to the man in a brazen display of girl uninhibited. "Well you look like more fun anyway darlin…" she moves to put her arm around him, to curl against him. Another obnoxious laugh. "Was yer name, darlin?"

Unfolding his arms to place his hands on his hips, still breathing a bit heavier than normal, Daniel shakes his head. She's a good actor, that's for sure, but if she was really brought over here and as drunk as she's acting.. why would she fawn over the accountant and not the shirtless jock standing next to him? He turns his attention to Adam briefly. "Well. It's a good thing you were there. That could have been a nasty spill."

Maybe she has a thing for nerds. Fel sidles right off the end of the bench and stands up in one smooth motion. Apparently he's thinking the same thing as Sawyer. "Felix," he says, curtly, stepping right out of reach. Being groped by a drunk woman is not on the agenda today.

Adam nods, finishing dusting himself off, "Pretty bird too, ashame." he says, "I mean, if she were sober." either Adam hasn't caught up to the two men or he's just playing along, either way, he's still thinking about the 20s where getting a girl drunk and having your way with her was an acceptable for of dating. Damn progress. He glances towards Lola for a moment, "Yeah, I guess so, wouldn't want her to take a tumble, yeah?"

Lola relinquishes Felix, tucking her hands underneath her rear and rocking with another snort and a giggle. "I don' wanna tumble noplace, sirs!" She almost shouts it, as if she can't even hear herself. Then, she falls into a fit of giggles again, and actually these are happier - because now she's having fun. "Come have a seat darlin." she tells Sawyer, patting hte bench beside her.

Unclipping the only two valuable things on his person - his phone and ipod, he hands them to Felix. "Hold these for me, would you? I don't want to sit on them." And then he sits down, throwing his arms across the back of the bench. "Ah, that's good. Legs could use a rest."

Fel obligingly accepts the ipod and the phone, stuffing them into a pocket of his jeans. Like he plays valet all the time.HE doesn't seem particularly upset at his seat being taken.

Adam watches the interchange between the two gentlemen, arching a brow for a moment. Well, this is an interesting situation, "Perhaps you ought to see if she has some ID or something, yeah? Get her home or what not." he shrugs his shoulders, "I dunno just trying to helpful, yeah?" he tilts his head for a moment as he watches the three for a moment.

Well now this guy is just worhtless, she doesn't even have to frisk him. He just took off the easy stuff! So, when he lifts his arms over the back of the seat, she holds her nose, jumping to her feet. "Oi, darlin, aincha ever heard a Old Spice?" she asks, stepping away and shaking her head. She still stumbles a bit, Lola is a methodical actor after all

Sawyer laughs, shaking his head. "Yes, I did deoderize this morning. I just jogged ten miles, I apologize for not smelling like a flower." He nods at Adam, turning back to Lola. "You have an ID? Money for a cab?"

Look at Sawyer being all Officer Friendly. Fel, on the other hand, looks increasingly sour. But then he grins, thinly, "You should duck him in the pond there," It's a suggestion punctuated by him jerking his chin at one of the little nearby lakes.

Adam ahs as Lola seems to walk off and Sawyer and Felix start to banter with each other, Adam shrugs. He turns and mutters to himself, "What a waste, pretty bird." King Louis' court was pretty liberal with the rules too, could have taken advantage of a woman then too. Tsk tsk. He steps along the path and looks around, "Where is Michael with my hot dog?" he wonders aloud.

Lola laughs, giving the men a little wave. "Aw now, be nice to each other! Lovers shouldn' quarrel!" She smirks as she makes her way a bit away from them, walking a bit straighter now as she pulls something out of her pocket to examine it.

A badge, how interesting. She'll have to hold on to that. No doubt this law enforcement fellow will want it back, but that's for later. For now, she just smiles at his frustration when he finds it missing.

Putting his hands on the bench and pushing himself back up, Sawyer idly wipes from sweat away from his brow. "I should get home." He extends his hands for his things. "Good to run into you, Felix."

And Fel is all ignorant of that very important theft. Man, is he going to get in trouble for it tomorrow. But now, he says, simply, "Sure, man," as he hands back the ipod and the keys. "Take care."

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