Water Gun Ambush


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Scene Title Water Gun Ambush
Synopsis A pair of triad assassins ambush Richard Cardinal in a parking garage… with a warning.
Date November 6, 2010

A parking garage

The concrete supports of the parking garage just down the street from Redbird Security Solutions is generally secure; a lot of people park here on the way to the DHS building, so the security guards aren't the usual worthless rent-a-cops that you find in places like this. Of course, it is just a parking garage, so it's not exactly Fort Knox.

That's why Cardinal parks his car here when he actually drives. It's a blue station wagon this week. The driver's side door is opened, and he steps out of it, adjusting the set of his jacket and pushing the door closed before turning to start towads the elevator.

The door claps shut, and Cardinal's steps sound out against the concrete. They penetrate the silence until they are accompanied. The clip clap of his shoes are joined in by a pair of shoes, albeit much more expensive footwear. The shoes shufffle loudly against the parking garage floor as if announcing their arrival on purpose. Should Richard look around he would catch sight of one Dong-Tian.

Dressed in excellence from head to toe the sleek man looks as if he's about to appear on the Red Carpet, or attend a funeral for someone very important. Like Hugh Heffner. The sleek black suit is pressed to perfection, a pink tie sharply contrasting the blacks and whites tucked into his jacket. His long black hair is tied into a slick ponytail, draping down to the nape of his neck. Sunglasses rest on the bridge of his nose despite it being in a parking garage and night time. Despite all this finery the man holds a styrofoam cup in his hand. Wrapped around the cup is a brown paper with sharpie scribbled on it.

'Will work 4 food'

Dong-Tian follows Cardinal with a short distance in between them. Coins jingle jangle inside his cup as he ffollows the man. When the sharply dressed man finally speaks, it's with a light accent.

"Excuse me sir… Spare some change?"

"Interesting attitude for a dick-head." The asian man answers sharply as he stops in his walk to face Cardinal squarely. And with that the Elevator Ding-Dongs. The elevator slides open and…


Wetness slaps against the back of Cardinal's terribly styled hair. Moisture immediately clinging against his neck.

A man stands in the elevator, wearing a sharp white suit. He is exactly the same and the exact opposite of the man standing in front of Cardinal. His hair is let loose, flowing down to his shoulders. No sunglasses, but the tie is still pink, obviously. The man holds a bright orange gun in his hand, the weapon pointed at the back of Cardinal's head. Water drips from the barrel of the gun. The target has been hit.

The man in front of Cardinal, throws his hands up in shock, coins and beggar cup flying everywhere. "Oh no, Dick Bird has been shot!"

The man in the elevator lets out a deep sigh. "What ever shall we do."

"If only he was better protected or warned about this attack."

"What will all the poorly paid prostitutes do now?"

"They will most likely die due to having no customers forever, Xue." The first man murmurs, looking at Cardinal sadly. His hand raises up to stroke his chin gently. "What a shame, and what a waste. Kind of."

Dong-Tian frowns deeply at Richard. "Have you ever taken a shower? Is this the first water to touch your head in years?"

At the sudden splash of water against the back of his head, Cardinal jerks around - his gun out in that simple motion - thumb pulling back on the hammer as he takes aim at one, then the other, and then he stops as the insults bounce between the pair.

The faces aren't familiar. They're complete strangers. The bad comedy? That is as familiar as a pair of old shoes.

"Jesus Christ," he swears, adding a name questioningly.

"What the fuck you call me white devil!"


The pair remain completely still, their features emotionless as they yell. But finally the twins seem to regain their composure. "My name is Dong-Tian. And I'm better than you." Comes the sweet matter-of-fact delivery. Dong-Tian glances over his shoulder at the discarded cup. "And you are not generous sir." The first twin turns to go pick up his poor beggar cup.

The second twin emerges from the elevator, water gun still drawn and trained on Cardinal's head, just in case he should try something funny. "My name is Xue, I am not as good as him but I am still better than you. We've come to inform you that you're probably going to die, because you suck. Fool." Xue finally goes to holster his weapon. "And don't take the Lord's name in vain. We are highly religious." The sharply dressed, water gun wielding asian states calmly. He then jerks his head over to Dong-Tian.

Gathering up his cup, the man takes a few casual steps back over to Cardinal, holding up his cup. "Care to spare some change, sir?"

"Mmhm." The pistol in Cardinal's hand is holstered, the hammer un-cocked with the motion, and he's already shaking his head. "Am I going to die? And why exactly is that… aside from me 'sucking' that is…?" A glance from one to the other, an eyebrow raising a bit over the edge of his shades.

A hand dips into a pocket, then comes back to scatter a handful of spare change that he dug out into the cup.

"Thank you for your kindness." Dong-Tian murmurs, examining the contents of his cup. Taking a step back he slowly rolls around, taking a few steps away from Cardinal. Affter a few solid steps are taken away from Cardinal, Dong-Tian flings the cup to the side, change clattering everywhere.

Xue sighs softly, pulling out a napkin from his pocket. "Listen. These guys want to kill you like in a week or two okay? They're going to hit you. Hit means kill in big boy world." The napkin is placed coldly in Cardinal's hand before he starts walking away, hands tucked into pockets.

The names read as follow, scribbled in sharpie

'John Logan'

'Kain Zarek'

"Goodbye DickBird."

"Don't be a stranger," Cardinal calls after the departing pair, his chin lifting up in a nod after them and a wry smile curving to his lips, "Never know when I might need some bad jokes."

He steps into the elevator, then, the napkin unfolded in his hand as he hits 'groud floor' with a slap of one hand. The napkin's unfolded as the doors close, and as he reads the second name upon it, his smile fades slowly. His head falls back with a soft thump against the wall, his eyes sliding closed.

"Damn it, Kain."

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