Water To Wine


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Scene Title Water To Wine
Synopsis Two illusionists meet on the island, and discuss their powers.
Date November 23, 2010

Pollepel Island

Shannon left the island several days ago, needing off of it and back to civilization. But the lure of helping to cook for Thanksgiving was too tempting, and it's brought her back on the latest boat, and it's up to the castle she trudges with a large box of foodstuffs. Including all important herbs and spices. You can't cook a feast without herbs and spices!

The whole time she's walking from the pier to the castle she's muttering to herself, and it doesn't sound happy. She doesn't look happy for that matter. Maybe the island just does that to her. But she's here, and staying for a few days, so may as well make the best of it.

Kendall is a little unhappy himself. Sure, he got all his games and consoles back, which relieved one worry of his, but then he realized… he couldn't play any of them except the handhelds. At least he's able to charge them with the limited electricity they have on the island. Now, however, he's standing outside the castle, looking up at it. Maybe he's trying to figure out if there's any secret entrances. All good castles have secret entrances. So it's this reason that he doesn't notice Shannon approaching just yet. He'll be sure to notice her soon enough, since she's got food with her and all.

He may not notice her, but Shannon notices him, even coming to stop beside him and following his gaze, then looking to Kendall, arching a brow. "What's so interesting about the castle? Haven't you seen enough of it lately? You have been on the island since the eight, right?"

Kendall jumps when someone speaks up behind him, and he turns hastily. Whozzat? "W-well, I was in a coma for five days so I've spent less time than most of the people here." he replies nervously. Someone he doesn't know! Who is it? Maybe a government spy. Peer.

"A coma? How'd you end up in a coma?" Shannon asks, looking over him a little more intently, searching for visible signs of injury. "You look like you're fine. And hey, no need to be nervous. Not gonna attack you or anything. I've brought food, for the Thanksgiving dinner. No way was I gonna trust that that cowboy got the right stuff for a good dinner."

"I used my power too much on the 8th. I guess I went a little bit overboard, and didn't rest enough." Kendall replies, though he's not quite relaxing. He's not good around people he doesn't know. "So… you're going to help cook? Is there really enough food for everyone?"

Shannon's brows arch. "Oh yeah? What's your power? And yeah, I'm gonna help cook. I love cooking. And I'm damn good at it. I have no idea if there's enough for everyone though."

"We-well…" Kendall seems reluctant to just tell a stranger about it. "I can make things appear." he admits after a long moment of hesitation. Strange, he's usually fine with showing off his power, but when directly asked about it…

"Make things appear?" Shannon asks curiously. "You talking aportation or illusion or something else entirely?"
"Well, illusion. Although once, what I conjured was real, but I think that was a special occasion. And likely why I ended up in a coma in the first place." Kendall shrugs his shoulders at her.

Shannon looks impressed. "You made an illusion real? You're sure it just didn't feel real? It actually had mass and could affect change? And c'mon. Let's continue this up in the castle. This box is heavy."
Kendall starts walking towards the castle. "Well, I made Yoshi, and someone rode it. So it was able to bear weight. It also grabbed a gun from an officer's hand and ate it, so yeah. I haven't been able to do anything like that since though so maybe it's a one-time thing only."

"Wow. That's pretty damn amazing. And trust me, coming from me, you should take that as the best compliment about your ability you could ever get." Someone clearly skipped modesty lessons in school. Shannon starts walking as well, giving him a second look. "How long you been manifested? Can you affect all five senses or just a few?"

"Well I've never tried eating anything I illusioned, but I guess all five. Four, at the very least. And…. just a few years." Kendall shrugs, carefully looking at the ground.

"Why not? You should try to hone every sense so your illusions can be as realistic and convincing as possible," Shannon says, watching him with a frown. "Something wrong?"

"No, nothing." Kendall shakes his head. "I just wish I could be more useful. If I pass out every time I use it a lot, then what's the point?"

"Practicing will help that too," Shannon says, shrugging, and she decides to demonstrate, letting a red carpet roll out in front of them, leading the way to the kitchen. "The more you use it, the longer you'll be able to use it. Doesn't have to be big things, or important things. It all adds up."

Kendall blinks at the red carpet that appears in front of them, then looks up at Shannon in astonishment. "You can do it too? That's three people I know who can use illusions." including himself, of course. He sighs. "Guess I'm not all that unique after all." awwww.

"Who else? And yeah, I can do it. But don't get so down on yourself," Shannon says, shrugging and walking down the carpet and into the kitchen, which she makes to look like a 50s style kitchen instead of a castle kitchen, so she can set the box down. "It's rarely that people can affect all five senses. Even if you can't do taste, it's still impressive." She digs in the box and pulls out a box of crackers, opening them package. "Try it. Change the taste of this. Make it taste like chocolate or something."

"Well…. I don't know how to make it change taste since taste is kinda…. ephemeral. I mean, I have this block on my power, I can't do anything without a prop of some sort, so I'm really limited." pause. "Got any water with you?" Kendall does have an idea….

Shannon frowns and considers him. "Hmm. Would you like to get rid of the prop block? But yeah, I'm sure there's water around here." And she moves around until she comes up with a bottle of water and offers it to him.

"What do you mean, get rid of it? It's fine." Kendall shrugs, then accepts the bottle of water. He frowns at it, then waves his hand over the surface of it. It immediately darkens to a nice dark red color, and he offers it to her. "You try it." did he…. just…. turn water to wine?

"It's limiting," Shannon disagrees as she takes the bottle and opens it, sipping at it and nodding. "Very nice." And the bottle is offered back before she offers a cracker. Which now looks like a homemade chocolate chip cookie, and tastes like one too. "Why limit yourself with needing props?"
"Because otherwise I won't think I can do it. And that makes them not work." well, that is the definition of a block, yes. "Also… my illusions tend to happen whether I want them to or not, so if there's a limit on them, all the better." the cookie is eyed, and Kendall bites into it. "Nice… but I wouldn't go trying this on stuff that isn't food. I don't think you could eat rocks even if you were starving, no matter how they taste."

"Wasn't planning on it," Shannon says with a dry voice as she lets the illusion on the kitchen fade, shimmering back to normal. "And what you're describing is a lack of control, if they show up when you don't want them and need props. If you decide you want to fix that, let me know. Name's Shannon, by the way."
"Kendall." he replies, and sighs. "Yeah, I know." he's depressed all over again it seems. "I…. think it's fine the way it is, but thanks."
Ferrymen> Eve says, "I feel like.. I should be writing a novel inside of Deckard."

"Hey, I didn't mean to get you down on it. It's still impressive. I've never had an illusion turn real," Shannon says, which really seems to bother her.

"I still don't know how it happened, so it might not even have been me that did it. Maybe someone else had a forcefield power like the Invisible Woman and helped me out." Kendall's strangely modest about this. "But this was when we were escaping the safehouse, so…"

"Desperate times. Still impressive," Shannon says, shrugging and sitting down, leaning back. "So don't get down on yourself."
Kendall shrugs. "Yeah." he looks over at Shannon. "So… guess I'll see you around, then." he really is not good with people he doesn't know. He fidgets a little, finishing the rest of the cracker no matter what it tastes like now.

There's silence for a moment before Shannon nods. "Yeah, okay. See you. Don't forget what I said."

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