We Can Rebuild Him


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Scene Title We Can Rebuild Him
Synopsis Sonny's brought to the loft, where he can work his magic on Felix. Felix Ivanov is dead, Edward Dantes lives.
Date December 7, 2008

Undisclosed loft in the east side. Minea's temporary safehouse

Sonny was given his notice, close to the bone as possible and picked up by Minea. After the appropriate contracts were signed, dated and ink dried. The drive through the city, in your standard government issue black SUV was fairly quiet, save for benign conversation and pleasanteries and Sonny told he could tune the radio to whatever tickled his fancy. Everything he needed was in place. Which wasn't much. Gravol and a recliner. So it was that an hour after picking the plastic surgeon up, they drove into the underground parkinglot of the building the safehouse was located in. Non descript grey corridors, elevator without any muzak to bleed the ears and a few locks on the door undone, Minea ushers the physician in. It's sedate, not overly spacious and there's hallways off to the back that indicate rooms. It came fully furnished so there's decent furniture. Decent light though there's some extra lamp brought into an open area for the good doctor to work with if he needs it. Minea's work area littered with papers and laptop, printers, drafting board ect ect. "Ready to meet your patient Dr. Bianco?"

It's not often that Sonny has gotten a forced 24 hours off work, with no reason to use his abilities. That means he's fairly refreshed by the time Minea has picked him up. He's wearing casual clothing of a pair of dark slacks and a white patterned shirt.

If Minea doesn't press for chat, he doesn't offer it as he uses the time instead to prepare himself mentally. Once he's lead inside, he nods. "I'm all ready. I'm actually far more rested than I usually am when I do this sort of thing."

And in one of those rooms is a thin man, dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt, at the moment, his wounded leg propped up on pillows. Felix is reading - ironically enough, it's 'The Count of Monte Cristo', in a little hardcover edition. He glances up as they enter, curiosity in his face.

"FOr security's sake. You'll need to remain with us for the rest of the time, to ensure that your patient won't need anything fixed, and I can ensure the security of getting you back out. "Edward! Company's here!" Minea puts down her bag, a clunk from something big in it near her desk. Is there a specific place to do this? Will you need assistance?" Minea gestures to the recliner, the water, bottled soda and Gravol on a small table beside it. "Edward is in the back room, i'll take you to him. What you see, can go no further, I know Sonny. You already know this. Just Procedure" She'd already patted him down and quite politely. Jacket shucked, and taking his to hang up, Minea heads towards Felix's room.

"No, no. I don't need very much. This is all my Evolved ability here, and very little of my medical skill." Sonny tugs off his own coat and sets it on a nearby piece of furniture. He unbuttons the cuffs of his shirt and rolls up his sleeves. "I understand, Miss Dahl. Really, I do. I've done this kind of thing before, remember?" He waits politely in the main room and checks to be sure that the recliner will lean back far enough.

The man in the chair looks over, curiously….Sonny's appearance has him frowning slightly, as if he should be able to put a name to a face. Fel nods politely, but lets Minea make the introductions.

'yes, well sonny. I haven't. This is not my usual… line of work. I just make art. Coming?" Minea leans into the bathroom for a moment, snatching a hairband and proceeds to pull her hair back and into a semblance of ponytail when she lands at Felic's door. A knock and then she enters. "Edward. Doctors here. You ready?"

"Edward, is it?" Sonny arches his brows. He has no doubt that's a pseudonym. His ability to place Felix is helped along by the fact that he's most likely a cop if he's in this particular situation. He steps forward and offers his hand. "I'm Dr. Sonny Bianco." The last name should help Felix.
IT's on his lips, recognition dawning….but Felix visibly bites it back. "Edward," he says, simply, taking the doctor's hand in his - his fingers and palm are callused, presumably from the firing range. "And I'm as ready as I'll ever be," he adds, with a nod.

"Will here be fine Sonny, or should I help Edward to the main room?" Felix is thankfully devoid of any tubes and the like now, all medicines in pill form. Just the leg hampering him now. "Edward, you want anything before you both start?" unspoken offer to let him hold her hand if he needs it. She has not a clue how this is all going to proceed. "I shoulda asked if you needed a nurse Sonny. Like I said, first time"

"I do need him on the chair." He says to Minea. Sonny looks down at Felix's leg, then up at him again. "I can have a look at that too if you want. My…talent allows me to move the position of injuries. Depending on what it is, I might be able to help you heal that up a lot faster.'

Felix spreads his hands. "I leave it entirely to your discretion, but it would help, yes, please," he says, grinning, though his eyes are still puzzled. "Wait. You're the Mayor's son, aren't you? And a sought after surgeon. No wonder I know that name…." Because mobsters with enough money, the real capos, send their molls to Sonny if they need 'work done'

"We needed someone who could deal with you fast Felix. You won't let Christian bring his healer, so you get Sonny, and the no pain way, as opposed to surgery and the quick heal way, sit up" Minea's made her way to his side of the bed, kneeling down to get her body in position for Felix to swing his arm over her shoulders and help him to stand. "If you'll meet us out front there Sonny, the sooner we do this, the sooner you can rest and I can get back to work"

"Here, let me help." Sonny moves to the other side of Felix to offer his arm. "I am, yes." He's not surprised that Felix recognizes him. "And you're a cop. Don't worry. I can't remember your real name. And Miss Dahl here made me sign a whole lot of papers saying I won't talk."

"Very good. Because if you do, I'm a dead man. A really dead man," Felix says, quietly. He lets them help him along, moving easily enough - still enough drugs in his system to protect him from the vestiges of pain.

"He complained the whole time Edward. But I'm secure in the notion that the good doctor won't be aiming for treason any time soon" The trio move through loft making their way towards the leather lay-z-boy, every motion aimed at keeping from jostling the leg. Minea falls silent, just her breathing till Felix is settled in the chair. "I'll be over with the papers. Just call over if you need me, either of you, for anything"

"I'll do your face first. I should still have enough energy to look at your leg, all right?" Sonny has a very good bedside manner. He helps to get Felix settled, then nods to Minea. He pulls up a chair next to the recliner. "Now. Do you have any idea what you want to look like?" He reaches out and touches the sides of Felix's face very gently. He feels out the underlying bone and muscle structure.

"Different and not ugly," Felix says, chuckling to himself. "I'm vain enough to ask. Distinctive. Can you change hair or eye color, as well?" He doesn't seem terribly pained. Far from it - almost eager.

Minea walks away, there's light enough for Sonny and Felix if they need it. A few clicks of keys on the laptop and everything flares to life in the corner, the true light lamp flickering to life and another few clicks, the faintest strains of classical music filter through the silence of the loft occasionally obliterated as the heating turns on. Time to get back to work, though her gaze flickers between Felix and Sonny then the door.

"I can do anything you like. Though it will be less…uncomfortable if I modify more surface structures, though I can re-shape your skull." Sonny pulls out a bag with a small flashlight in it. "I'm just going to do a routine check of your eyesight and blood pressure. I don't expect this to be a shock to your system. There's rarely an adverse reaction. But it can't hurt to check, especially if you're on medication for your leg." He places his fingers at the curve of Felix's throat and takes his pulse. "I'd imagine you'd also like me to modify your voice." Once he's done checking Felix's pulse, he shines a bright light into the agent's eye. "Please follow the light as I move it."

Felix nods, and then obeys, pale eyes following. "Color change would be great, since that's impossible for normal mods to fake permanently and convincingly," he says, voice rather thoughtful. His blood pressure's a little low, but all the rest seems normal.

Sonny finishes the exam, apparently satisfied with Felix's general state. "Okay. Preferences? I mean, I rarely do this without specific instructions, but I can work with it if you'd like. Though I'd imagine you'd want a lot of input on the face you're going to be wearing for the rest of your life." He grins and stows the flashlight back into the bag. He reaches out to touch the side of Felix's face again. "No doubt I'm going to have to soften your cheekbones. That's very distinctive. Perhaps shift your jawline. Lower the brows. Darker eyes, maybe?"

"Give him green eyes. I think he'd look good with green eyes" Minea looks over. "That's a woman's opinion"

Felix chuckles. "God willing, I won't be for the rest of my life. I hope I can get through this and have you put it back. I leave it up to you, but I'd say dark eyes and hair."

"Well, you know that you only need to call me if you want to be yourself again. But make sure you have lots of pictures of yourself, or I might not get it exactly right." Sonny grins and shrugs. "Well. Why don't I get started? If you don't like it, I can always adjust it til it feels right to you. I'm just going to recline you, here." He pushes down the recline on the chair and then rolls around so that he's sitting with the crown of Felix's head facing him. "Come back just a little…there. Good." He puts a hand on either side of the agent's head. "Are you ready? This doesn't hurt, but it will feel…very strange."

"Just so long as it doesn't get blood everywhere," Felix says, taking a deep breath. "I'm good to go," He's still bracing himself as if he expected pain.

"No blood. No pain. Just…well, I compare it to a dentist's cleaning. It doesn't hurt, but it's not exactly pleasant either. I'm going to start small." He adjusts Felix's hair so that it's a slightly different shade of brown, thicker and of a different style. This causes a tingling sensation across his scalp, with maybe a little prick or two. "Just call out if you're uncomfortable, all right?" He looks down at Felix, but his voice now sounds a little distance. The next sensation is perhaps more uncomfortable. It's as if someone is touching his eyeballs, but the doctor's hands stay on the side of Felix's head.

Felix closes his eyes. It may not be necessary, but…..it helps. Because it's hard to be this close, staring at someone, especially if the someone in question is not someone you're romantically involved with. He murmurs his agreement.

"All right…" Sonny's voice is lower, in tones that are meant to relax Felix. "Now I'm getting on to the bigger stuff." The strange eyeball feeling subsides. "Please stay as still as you can." His hand shifts further down to stabilize his head even more. His fingers brace against the side of Felix's neck. In his office, the specially-designed chair does this for him. A strange heat radiates across the agent's entire body, right down to his toes as he takes some of the paleness away and shifts the skintone ever so slightly. "Relax." And then there's a rather disturbing feeling of his face going shapeless, turning putty. Felix will find he has lost momentary control over all the muscles in his face.

It's all weird, and numb. And Felix goes slack, though his heartbeat has begun to ratchet it up. He knows, intellectually, he has nothing to fear. But his gut is not buying it.

As quickly as he can, Sonny restores shape to Felix's face. There. He just had to rearrange the muscles a bit so he has something to work with. His face begins to feel normal again, though tingly. He still looks mostly like Felix, so the doctor's not done yet. "How are you feeling?" He asks as he takes a moment to remove his hands from the sides of Felix's face, to touch the areas that he's changed to make sure the muscle's where he wants it.

"Just weird," Fel says, with a rather drunken slur. "I…it feels like you Novacained my whole head."

"Okay. Good. The hard part's over. Now it's just the shaping. This shouldn't feel as weird." Sonny gently touches parts of his face. "Can you feel this?" It feels odd, but he should be able to.
IT's tempting to nod. "Yes," he says, quietly. "Don't get elaborate. I have this paranoid fear I'm going to end up looking like something out of Clive Barker."

"Please don't worry. Don't forget that even if I…made a mistake, or did something you didn't like, it's quite easy for me to fix it. I've also had a lot of rest, which I usually don't get. So I'm feeling quite refreshed." Sonny keeps speaking in those low 'doctorly' tones. "You might want to close your eyes for this part." And there are strange feelings around his eyes now, like someone is gently pulling and then releasing the skin. The eyes are the most distinctive part of a person, so he's taking his time to make them as different as possible. The shape of his brow also changes, and the shape of the eyebrow's growth. -Now- there has begun to be a real change. This isn't Felix anymore.

There's a wry laugh, barely more than a snort. "I know. You're the best in your field," he says, matter of factly. "But…this'll be hard to get used to."

"I'm the only one in my field, if you consider my field to be use of my ability," Sonny's tone is likewise wry. He releases the sides of Felix's head and pushes with the chair around to the front of him. "Sit up, please."

Felix obediently sits up. Surgery without anesthesia. It just gets stranger.
Minea's watched from afar, the study of the two men, the documents below her utterly forgotten. Waiting for a glimpse of Edward Dantes, not Felix Ivanov.

Is it any wonder the Paris Hilton types are so eager to have work done by him? "Okay…I'm just going to change a few more details and then, you can have a look. If you're satisfied, I'll go on to your voice." He leans in and touches either side of Felix's face. "Please let me know if you're experiencing any numbness." There's a tingle and a very strange feeling in his mouth as Sonny alters the set of his jaw to aid in changing the shape of his lower face and jaw. That and a little strategic fat to round out the jaw and.. "Miss Dahl. Please come see. And bring a mirror if you have one."

Once he's done, and he's taken his hands away, Felix opens his eyes, and blinks gently at Sonny….but he's clearly eager for the mirror. No comment, not yet.

Not a mirror handy and no urge to fish it out of her purse. So instead, out from the drafting table she heads, down to the doors and to the bathroom for the hand held that she has with all her toiletries. Clinking, rummaging and then clicking sounds as Minea heads back, a blue hand mirror in hers, approaching the recliner.

The man in the chair does not look at all like the man that Minea saw not that long ago. Sonny has transformed him into an altogether different man, even though height, build and age remain the same. Hell, even the features are not dramatically different. He's the same -type- of man, but with a different face. "Will this work for you both?" Minea got her green eyes, but they're dark green. He reaches out to take the mirror from Minea and pass it off to Felix.

There's a hiss of indrawn breath, as Fel ….or more properly now, Edward, catches a glimpse of himself. He touches his face rather gingerly, as if it might hurt, though it doesn't, then swings an amazed gaze over at Sonny. No comment, just mute wonder.

"Not a matter of whether it will work for me. I'll be able to take pictures now and finish his ID's. It's a matter of whether Edward likes it and can adjust to it" Minea looks on him though, taking in the changes, reaching out to touch a cheekbone after waiting for permission from Felix.

Sonny just sits back and lets Felix have space and to let Minea have a look as well. "Your cheeks might feel a little tight for a few days, but other than that," he shrugs. "Even the tightness is generally psychosomatic."

Felix just blinks, rapidly. It….there's nothing to say. Nothing coherent, actually. Beyond, "Wow."

Minea's impressed, the light coming in off the windows highlighting everything. "I'm impressed Sonny. Have enough left to see to his leg? if not, I'm sure that can wait" She doesn't take the mirror away from Felix, letting him stare all he wants.

"I…take it then that you don't mind this new appearance?" Sonny quirks a brow. Hey, he gets this kind of reaction sometimes a half-dozen times a day. Granted, he usually doesn't do it for necessary reasons and it's not often so dramatic a change, but. "If you're ready, I'll alter your voice just enough that it's different, then I'll have a look at your leg." He nods to Minea. He reaches for the gravol and pops one without water.

"It looks good. And sure, please, whatever you can do?" Fel sounds oddly humbled.

"Probably someplace no inconvenient for him. I think a healers being brought in to get rid of it, but at least it'll give him some mobility" NOt that mInea has at all minded to play fetch and maid for the fed. "I'll take your pictures tomorrow Edward, so that you don't have the shocked look on your face" She takes the mirror then, laying it to the side and out of reach before heading to the kitchen area to turn the coffee pot on.

Sonny nods. "All right. This is going to feel strange and you might feel like you're being choked for a moment. It's only a sensation. Just keep breathing normally." Sonny rolls the chair back in again and reaches out. One hand braces the back of Felix's head, then other folds around his throat and rests gently. Now, this part is the real challenge. It's finicky. Easier though, since he's not aiming for a specific voice, just a different one. He closes his eyes and for the first time shows real sign of strain. Felix does get a strange choking sensation, but it only lasts half a second. "There. Try speaking." He looks to Minea. "He could probably use something hot to drink, if I smell what I think I smell." He's starting to look a little peaked, and a little green around the gills. But the gravol's doing its work.

The Agent coughs, lightly, just once. And when he speaks, his voice is considerably deeper, and raspier. "I'm impressed, Doctor," he says, before grinning at Minea. It's weird. The expressions are still him, even as the features are altered.

"Coffee. Good kind. Can't stand half assed beans. IF we're going to be cooped up here for an indeterminate amount of time, and I don't mean you, then it's going to be good beans" She pauses though, in the midst of fetching coffee cups, listening to the fed speak with his new voice. "Say something else. If you can. Test it out fully"

"Yes. Test it. Talk for awhile. Make sure it's not going to strain strangely. I…" Sonny pushes back the chair. "Ex..excuse me." And then the doctor's moving rather quickly towards the bathroom. The door is closed firmly, then there's the sound of retching. Well. Maybe the gravol didn't work -all- that well.

Minea fires a look of concern but then glance to Felix. "Side effect of gift. He'll be fine. I promise. I'll get him settled in a dark room and something for his stomach. Try it out"

Felix blinks, picking up the mirror again. His expression is rather lost, as he looks after Sonny, and then recites something in his native Russian. Perhaps a prayer, or poetry.

There's a few more unpleasant sounds from the bathroom, then the flushing of the toilet. Sonny doesn't emerge right away.

//Now, like a little snake,
it curls into a ball,
Bewitching your heart,
Then for days it will coo like a dove
On the little white windowsill.

Or it will flash as bright frost,
Drowse like a gillyflower…
But surely and stealthily it will lead you away
From joy and from tranquillity.

It knows how to sob so sweetly
In the prayer of a yearning violin,
And how fearful to divine it
In a still unfamiliar smile.//

"Cartoon is dead. Edward Dantes lives" She recognizes the poem and sets a plate of crackers on a small plate, some arrowroots. There's water boiling as well and bags of chamomile tea ready and waiting in case the good doctor needs it.

"Indeed," Felix says, wryly, still looking a touch mournful, between concerned glances to the bathroom. "He's done amazing work. Sad to say, I hope he can undo it sometime soon."
"You heard him, he can. We have pictures, we .." Minea pauses, a shake of her head. 'We have the technology, we can rebuild you"

Sonny pushes open the door and rubs his face. It's still damp. He reaches back in for a towel and rubs his cheeks. "Sorry. That…happens occasionally. When I have to focus. I'm all right." He scratches the side of his head. "How are -you- feeling, 'Edward'?"

Felix laughs…it's more of a rumble than it was, and leaves 'Ed' looking a touch surprised. "Fine. Like a new man," he says, before making a face at the awfulness of that pun.

"It's fine Sonny. I have a dark room you can lay in afterwards, and all the tricks of the trade that my mother used, to calm a stomach, here for you" Even the laugh is different, but then again, Felix's stoned laugh was likely different from his true laughter.

Sonny drops into a nearby chair and puts a hand on his stomach. "I'm all right. Just a little…it's strange. Sometimes it's like the flu, sometimes it's motion sickness. It…was the voice that did it. I do face things all the time, but vocal changes are tricky to do on other people. You're lucky you didn't end up a soprano." He chuckles and pushes fingers through bushy, curly hair.

"You've saved my life, and I owe you more than I can say," Ed says, solemnly, turning newly dark eyes on Sonny. "If there's every anything I can do for you…."

"They risk a great deal when coming to you. But, I echo Edward. You have saved his life. You've earned your fee from this" Minea looks to thepot as it beeps and begins to pour coffee into cups, the aroma wafting over.

Sonny holds up a hand towards Ed. "Really. I do what I can to help the government. And I know I wouldn't have been called again unless the situation was fairly dire." He rubs his cheek and then leans his hea don the hand. "Just give me a call if and when you want to get back to yourself." He closes his eyes for a moment. "I wasn't aware you were going to pay me. You don't need to." With the amounts he charges for procedures…well. Let's just say he has no student loans.

"WE will. This is a risk and clearly a great effort for you," Ed notes, quietly. "If you don't want the money to go to you directly, we can offshore it, or put it to whatever charity you name, if you feel generous."

"Missed that part of the contract Sonny? Standard fee from the government cheese. Probably not what you charged that CEO's wife, but, it's still something" Along with the ability to handle a great many different firearms, Minea's capable of bringing over three cups of coffee, small plate with surgar and little creamers and the cookies. They're set nearby. "I'm going back to the boards, say if you need anything"

"Donate it to relief efforts in the trailer farm," says Sonny as he gets up and goes to doctor a cup of coffee. "Now, Ed. Let me have a look at your leg. What kind of wound is it?" He drops a packet of sugar but no creamer into the mug.

"A bullet wound," Ed says, wryly. "A would be gangster tried to knee cap me, more or less."

"Ah. Is the bullet still embedded? What kind of care have you had so far?" Sonny gets on the chair with the wheels and moves around to the end of the chair. Unless there's resistance, he'll pull the pant leg up out of the way.

"He was taken care of in the hospital, I have the records if you want to see them. The true records" Minea slides her stool as she sits down onto it, there's a shuffle of papers with one hand, the other holding coffee aloft. Finding what she needs the file is slapped open and a bunch of things rattled off to Sonny, gibberish to her mostly, what Sonny would understand with his training.

"It passed through cleanly. It was cleaned and stitched at Saint Luke's," Dantes explains. "It's healing, so if you're too far gone, there's no need."

Sonny reaches out for the chart after Minea's finished talking. "Hmm. Okay." Then he grins up at Ed. "Well, I don't plan on using my ability if I don't have to. It doesn't always help. I just want to have a look. Use my learned skill instead of the gift I was born with." He is a -real- MD after all. Despite the fact that he doesn't often use a scalpel these days. He glances to Minea. "Do you have fresh dressings?" He starts to tug off the old ones, but pauses for a pair of gloves that he snaps on. Then he inspects the wound.

Coffee's set safely away from papers. Minea's tromping through the loft to Felix, pardon Edwards room. The huge bag kept there. She lifts it easily, hauling it back to the main area. She kneels with it, laying the bag sown and proceeds to unzip it, flaying the bag open like it's some beast, it's contents free for the using by Sonny. Combat medicine, ain't it grand.

It's a bullet wound right through the muscle of the thigh. Healing cleanly at both openings, no sign of infection. Ed doesn't look particularly pained.

Sonny murmurs, "Thanks," to Minea, then reaches into the bag for disinfectant and a swab. He uses it to clean the area around the bullet wound and to inspect it. "Well, There's not much I can do even with my ability. I could move the wound elsewhere, to your arm if you'd like." He looks up at Ed, brows arched. "The wound would still be of the same severity, but at least you could walk."
ORDER: Minea has dropped from the pose order.

Dantes ponders that. "Yes, actually. Please do. It'd lend credence to the idea that I'm someone else."

"All right," says Sonny. "But -this- is going to hurt. Like a bitch, most likely. Ready?" He maneuvers in such a way that he has one hand on Ed's thigh, the other on his upper arm.

"We have the necessary drugs to take it away Sonny" it /is/ that kind of combat pack, that and they have some of Edwards previous drugs still.

Dantes nods, and clenches his hands on the arm of the chair.

"I'm afraid drugs won't help with this. He's going to feel like he was shot all over again." Sonny braces himself. "One, two…" and then before he gets to three, he's activated his ability. For one split second, Ed's got pain in -both- his leg and his arm. But then after that's over, he's left with a partially healed wound in his arm, albeit one that's bleeding a bit. His leg shows no sign of injury. "I've got to stitch it up again. Please move your shirt out of the way." He's reaching for dressings and for stitches in the combat kit.

"Scientific mystery, how to get shot, without a bullet or ice" Minea winks to Edward, handing over sonny what he needs that doesn't require her wearing gloves.

Ed makes a terrible strangled noise - he's gone an awful shade of gray, and bitten his lip. But once the pain is past, he's left panting, and eyeing t he wound in his bicep rather bemusedly, even as he rolls up the sleeve.

"You handled that well," says Sonny, with all the coolness of a doctor setting a bone. It hurts like hell, but it's for his own good. "You might want to take a painkiller before I start stitching you up." He holds pressure on the wound and then looks to Minea. "Can you give him something, please?"

Minea's already on it, a nod. She fishes through the bag, surfacing with the syringe. the really strange kind that you jab the person's leg with to deliver the morphine. "Promise I'll turn on meerkat manor after this" Minea moves around, the thigh that was previously bandaged now the reciprocator of Minea's medical skills. Drugs delivered.

Dantes's laughter is weak, wan, but genuine. "Thanks," he says, simply.

"I'm a doctor," says Sonny as he moves to quickly and expertly stitch up the wound. "It's my job," He grins up at Ed, then finishes securing the injury on one side, then twists and quickly stitches up the other. Then he bandages it up with cream to numb the area. He pats the agent on the shoulder. "There. You're all set." He looks to Minea. "You make a pretty good nurse. If you ever want to get away from spooking…" He grins.

"I don't spook" Minea answers, already disposing and gathering all the used instruments. "I told you, I'm an artist. I'm a documents specialist. You create faces, I create the ID's and the necessary paperwork to go with them. I was in the military for a spell, but thank you, I'd likely made good money, but I don't think black bob would like me much" She looks to Edward, studying him carefully. 'How you feeling Ed?"

His skin is taut, and there's sweat beading on his brow, but the former Felix grins tightly. "Glorious," he says, in a strained voice. "Drugs are kicking in."

"Kelsey? She's a sweetheart. She just…turns into Natasha from Bullwinkle when she's stressed. And the clinic tends to get pretty stressful." Sonny snaps his gloves off and reaches for his coffee. He hands Ed's to him as well, to the good hand. "Just relax then." He corners a look to Minea. "Well. Then I might have a favor to call in at some point." He could certainly use a second, legal identity.

There's glances between Edward and Sonny. "We can talk. No guarantee's" She looks down to the pack, zipping it up, getting it set to go back in Edwards room. "I'll be right back. If you want, I can show you. Have to move some things around though, so give me a few minutes. Ed, call if you need anything. Doctor, your done, I believe, so you might want to rest as well. You'll be here for at least another 8 hours"

Dantes says, quietly, "Will do."

"Eight hours? Well, I'm going to go lie down then. Call me if you need me." Sonny stands, stretches, and with a point from Minea, finds the darkened room she mentioned earlier to lie down in.

Felix = Edward, any references to Felix above or Edward, are the same person.

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