We Can Rest When We're Done


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Scene Title We Can Rest When We're Done
Synopsis Niki suggests a new recruit for their cause. Cardinal submits a 'be on the lookout for'.
Date August 10, 2009

Old Lucy's

It's the early afternoon and Niki is getting things set up for the evening at Lucy's as she checks the stock and makes sure there's enough of everything out. She doesn't normally do this sort of thing, but she's been asked to chip in and help out. After Gina's evening out with Peyton, there have been plenty of 'discussions' about the girl and Niki decides to give Cardinal a call and at least make the suggestion about using her.

She's walking around now, wiping down tables and chairs as she waits to see if he'll show. At least she hasn't ran into John Logan since their last encounter. The sling was removed days ago, and Niki's strength is back to 100 percent.

"I didn't know you work here." Cardinal didn't come through the door; he emerged from the bathroom, having arrived in the building through his usual method rather than risking being seen out front. After the recent incident with Humanis outside the building, he's not taking any risks. A smile tugs up at one corner of his lips as he approaches the woman, "Admittedly, haven't been here much since Izzy… well."

Niki turns as she hears the voice and shakes her head. "I've been working here since I got back from Staten." Being homeless while Micah was in Linderman's custody still eats at her a bit. "It's not much, but better than.." what she was doing before. "Anyway, I kind of wanted to follow up on what we talked about before. Have you had the chance to do any more checking in on what the best way to get into Linderman's is? I mean, I know you can get in there, but I'm thinking cloaking just might not be enough, and brute strength got me no where last time." She turns around and leans against the table as she speaks.

Cardinal pulls a chair out from another nearby table, straddling it backwards and folding both arms on its back. "I've been meeting with some people," he admits, noting pointedly from behind dark shades, "It's not going to be quick, though, you don't pull down a massive crime organization overnight. I've made contact with a couple people who can help us, though, and I'm working on a few other angles as well."

Niki pulls her iPhone out of her pocket and keys in a few things and pulls up a web brower. She said something about TMZ, so she Googles that and a name pops up. She turns it to Cardinal can see it. "Her name is Peyton and I met her last night. She seems to be in search of something to do. And she can see through the eyes of others, she said. She did it last night. Sounds like good lookout material to me. Literally."

A lean forward, and Cardinal regards the picture for a moment, lips pursing in a thoughtful manner. "Hm. I wonder if she's the one that one of my people is training… even if not, that could be useful. Not as useful as some powers I'd like, but undeniably useful." A glance up, "What's her attitude? She a daredevil, a profit-seeker, just bored, looking to help people…?"

"She was a gloryhound from what I could tell. But, there's something different about her now. I think this ability is something new and it's rather changed her perspective on things. All I know is that she said she was trying to decide whether to register or not. She's also not very comfortable with it." Niki shrugs. "She's still learning though. I imagine we all go through that stage when we first get hit with it. She just seems lost now. Something like this could give her purpose. It's a small step, but probably something she needs."

"There's a lot of people like that, out there… reminds me of a few I know," Cardinal brings a hand up, scratching under his chin in a thoughtful fashion, "Alright. You think you can set up a meeting with her? I can sway her to our side've thinking without much trouble, probably— and she could be useful in checking Linderman's place out."

Niki's not inexperienced with cameras, so she comments aloud. "I was thinking it would be better than tapping into their security system. She just needs to get up a security guard's view of the place." She tucks the phone away and nods. "I can get a hold of her. Though, it's not me she met so that'll take some explaining, but I think it might be worth a try."

Cardinal's head tilts a little to one side— and then he ahs, shaking his hed a little bit. "Yeah, Chesterfield mentioned something about your…" How to put it? "…little problem." Well, it's not entirely politic, but it's the best he can do. "It's a good idea, definately. Or better yet, get a Linderman's eye view of things when he's on his computer…"

A smirk crosses Niki's face at the mention of her problem. "I think she'll need someone to walk her through a few things. She's definitely novice. She needs a better handle on it if we're going to ask her to try it on Linderman. He's no fool. She makes a mistake, he's going to know." She pushes off the table and reaches up to brush a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "Regardless, Logan has been very quiet. We're definitely going to need to do something to neutralize him. He practically makes me powerless."

"I'm on that." Cardinal's head shakes just a bit, "I have a… friend with some leverage on him, and I have his surveillance file on my desk. Either we turn him to our purposes, or I'll have one of my people drive by and take his fucking head off." A bit of heat, there.

"Yeah, I know someone who'd love to get him into a room alone for a few minutes as well." Jessica. Of course, that didn't work out too well the last time. Niki nods in return to his response. "Whatever works. Logan's small time. If he was something big at one time, he's small time now. Just Linderman's messenger boy. He must have fallen on hard times. I want Linderman. If I can get my hands on him, then to see him ruined would be second best. We may need someone who can access his computer network.." her thoughts trail off as if she knows who might be willing to help.

"He was never big," Cardinal exhales a snort, "He just thought he was. He's a cockroach, and eventually I'm going to make sure he gets stepped on." At the latter words, he shakes his head, grimacing, "I've been trying my damndest to get my hands on a technopath, but one've them is busy with Phoenix, and the other I know of just went dark for awhile."

She hasn't heard from Micah in a while. It's possible he'd help. Though, she's not entirely sure she wants him participating in this vendetta. Niki nods. "Let me think about it. I'll see what I can do." Not many want to send their child into a battle like this could end up being. "What else do you need from me?"

"We're still at the gathering resources stage… anyone you can think of that might be of help," Cardinal allows ruefully, "Let me know, or talk to them. And— " An uncertain moment before asking, "— if you can, keep an eye out for a guy named Norman White, or anyone talking about him."

She narrows her eyes and nods. "Why?" It's not like she gets out much, but Niki doesn't honestly get too many names. "Who is he and what's he done? I'm probably going to need more than his name. A picture would be nice."

"I'll send it to your phone after I get home," offers Cardinal with a tilt of his head her way, "I've just got to take a picture of the picture. He's… mm. He's an earthmover. And if I don't find him in time, a lot've people are gonna die from what the crazy sonuvabitch does."

Niki just shakes her head. "When does it ever stop?" She sits back on the table now, suddenly feeling very tired. "It seems like just when you think things are going to settle down, everything just turns to shit again." She takes a deep breath, before letting it all go. "I here I was thinking I wasn't going to be getting involved in this stuff again. Yet, I end up right in the middle again."

Cardinal exhales a snort of breath, "You'n me both, hot stuff. You'n me both…" He pushes himself up to his feet, then, one hand bracing to the side of his neck as he rotates it with a pop-crack of vertebrae, "…man gave me a piece of advice on that front, once."

"Well, you have my number. If I can do anything, let me know. If I hear of anyone else looking for something to do, I'll let you know." Niki stands again and looks to be about ready to get back to work before the place opens. "Oh, and I bumped into Peyton at The Rapture. Tell her you spoke with Gina. I'll explain it all to her when I see her again." She wipes at the table she was sitting on, then pauses. "Be careful out there."

"You be careful too," Cardinal replies seriously, "Give my love t'Abigail, if you see her. I'll be in touch." He turns, heading for the door proper this time, "We can rest when we're done."

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