We Don't Deserve Us


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Scene Title We Don't Deserve Us
Synopsis Elle and Warren have bonding time, and he gives her a super powerful weapon as a romantic gesture. Also pastries.
Date March 14, 2011

Elle's Apartment

Ho, hum. It's a quiet day for Elle Bishop, as the past several days has been, really. She's finally got blonde hair again, thanks to hair dye getting all of that awful red out of her hair. Blonde just suits her so much better. The little blonde is currently curled up on her couch in front of her television, watching a television show in her PJs. Loose pajama pants, and a drapey men's shirt that she probably stole from…one of the guys fighting over her. Which one, she can't recall right now. Oh well, it's comfy.

Bandages have been forsaken by now. Her ribs are healing up rather well, as is the gunshot wound in her left leg. There will be a scar there, but thankfully the close-range bullet didn't do too much harm. Her wrists no longer sport their bandages, which leaves mesh-shaped scar tissue set into their skin. A pair of scar-bracelets, not so fashionable as Elle would like, and a bit of an obvious reminder of her suffering at the hands of Humanis First.

There's a quick knock at the door, and suddenly Elle hears a familiar voice. "It's me, Warren." He's wearing his black suit and holds a small white box with red ribbons wrapped around it, and under that is another gift box, this one similar to another large gift box he bought while she was in the hospital. There are sweets, lots of them.

The going is still a little on the slow side. While her gunshot wound is mostly healed, it's still a bit difficult to put too much weight on her leg without discomfort. But eventually, the multiple locks that Elle has installed on her door can be heard unlatching, and it isn't too long until Elle opens the door, blinking up at Warren with his arms full of gifts.

"Warren. Hey." She offers a faint smile, stepping back to allow him in.

Warren leans in to peck her lips, then walks in to find a place to sit down. "I've got two things you like. Sweets and super powered clothing. Well… I'm sure you'll like the last one after today."

The peck is returned, and the door is closed behind Warren, the woman locking all of the locks to keep everyone else out. Looks like she's installed a little bit of extra security in her apartment. It makes her feel better about being alone. Then, she's limping into the living room after Warren, settling back into her spot on the couch.

"Sweets and super powered clothing? Both sound likable. I'll take the sweets while you're showing me the super powered clothing." Elle smiles faintly to Warren.

Warren hands over the larger box as he takes a seat on the couch, which is the sweets. It's all sorts of pastries and such from Oh So Sweet, and he did not skip on paying for quality. Now he's unwrapped the smaller box, revealing dark blue leather gloves with somewhat thick blue metallic cuffs around the wrists. The leather seems long enough to go a few inches further up her arm, but the real work seems to be put into the hand itself. Thin metallic lines go from the cuffs and to the tips of the fingers that seem to be metallically capped, and then he opens one of the gloves to show her the insulated interior. "I've created these gloves to absorb your radiation when you charge it into your hands. The radiation goes into the wrist cuffs, and that converts it into electricity that you can discharge from the tips of your fingers. The more radiation you add, the more electricity gets created. To actually shoot the electricity you just have to charge it more. It's not nearly as refined as your actual ability, but I thought you might like it. The gloves are insulted, so they're relatively harmless, just don't touch yourself when they're charged."

The box of sweets is set on the coffee table, the little blonde then turning to examine the gloves with raised brows. After a moment, a smile forms on her face. "Thank you, Warren. This is really nice of you." She smiles faintly to the man, examining the gloves with an interested expression on her face. Hey, these are pretty awesome, really.

"If the timeline is any indication, you'll have your original ability back soon anyway. But in the meantime… I just thought you could use them when you miss it." Warren scoots over a little closer to her on the couch, then starts to remove his jacket and tie. "So I'm in contract negotiations with some retail places, then they'll start carrying my products in stores. Me and Cardinal are going to do a bit of a joint business venture as well."

The blonde tilts her head to one side, setting the gloves down on the table. She doesn't quite feel like trying them out right now. No need to destroy her apartment to test them out. That can be done a little bit later, when she's not around any of her valuables. Instead, she peers up at Warren with big blue eyes, smiling faintly. "That sounds good! I'm glad that you and Richard are getting along well these days."

"Yeah, things aren't so bad, and the world isn't going to end if I have anything to say about it." Warren reaches over to touch Elle's cheek, thumb running over it as if inspecting. "You starting to feel better? I was thinking of making you some sort of leg brace, but you seem to be healing up nicely."

Elle tilts her head to one side, peering up at Warren. "I've been feeling better, yeah…just been resting up, mostly. Trying to let myself heal." Idly, she runs her fingers over the wound on her leg, whish is almost healed. "I should be okay. It's mostly just a limp right now." She raises her hands, peering at the mesh-like scars on her wrists.

"I think you've inflicted worse on me, you'll be fine." Warren carefully takes both of her arms, right under her wrist scars, then gently lowers them both and shakes his head. "I'm trying to think of a way to keep the other Cardinal away from you, but if I build him an alternate power source he'll be able to use his machine. I think the only way I can stop this is to destroy the machine, but I have no idea where it is or how complex it may be… I don't wanna lose you, Elle."

Elle's blue eyes turn down toward Warren's hands as he takes her arms, then back up to his face. "I don't know what to do about the other Cardinal…how to avoid him." She closes her eyes, shaking her head. Then, she reaches for his human hand, squeezing it. "I hope my ability comes back soon, but at the same time…I hope it doesn't."

"I can keep you away from him, I just don't want you to have to hide forever. If I just think, and plan, eventually I'll know what to do…" Warren leans in a little, his human hand squeezing back. "I need to get the government on my side, now that I know the Institute is trying to overthrow them. The government itself would be an infinitely valuable resource." There's a short pause, and he asks, "You still don't have very much control over this radiation ability, do you?"

Elle offers a slow nod. After a moment of thought, the petite blond promptly scoots over closer to Warren, up against his side. "I don't have as much control as I would like. I know that I can create beams of light that are radioactive and burn people hella hardcore, and I can put off…I can only describe it as heat energy…and I can explode, though I haven't tried doing that since they pumped me full of adrenaline. Don't think I want to try."

"I'd rather you do a minimal amount of exploding, please. At least until you get your old ability back." Warren slides an arm around her shoulders and looks down at her hair. "I'm glad you're blonde again, your hair always makes me think about pie."

The blonde woman leans against Warren a little, a small smile on her face. "I've been trying to avoid explosions as much as I can, really." She peers up at him, before resting her head against his shoulder. "Pie?" She peers up at him, brows raising.

"Yeah, I mean, other than the former secret agent stuff, you're basically the girl next door." Warren scratches his head with his mechanical gloved hand. "And girls next door make pie… I think. I could see you making a pie."

"Me, a girl next door?" Elle blinks a few times, wrinkling her nose. "Hardly. Girls next door can cook. And aren't bitches. And don't injure their ex boyfriends when they're pissed off and stressed out. I'd probably make the most disgusting pie ever."

"But it'd be a pie you made, so I'd eat it." Warren taps her nose once, smiling after that. "And I don't think you're a bitch, I just think you're a bit quirky, I like it. But no matter what you cooked, I'd eat it, because I'd appreciate the effort."

"Even if it was a digusting, burnt up pie that tasted awful? That's probably how it would turn out if I tried cooking a pie. I probably won't cook for you, unless I'm mad at you." Elle smirks up at Warren. "I think I'm a bitch, personally. Not really the girl next girl type."

"Well according to your diary, you're the first girl I've ever even remotely lived next door to, so you're my girl next door." Warren leans his head down, pressing his face against her hair. "I'd think it was adorable if you couldn't cook a pie."

Elle tilts her head, leaning up against Warren a bit more. "That logic works, I suppose." Elle tips her head up, smiling at Warren. "What'd I do to deserve you being so nice to me? And I have to say, I like this side of you. You're…sweet." She lifts one hand, pinching his chin.

"It's the day you can't remember, the day you tried to make me remember our relationship. I never remembered, but I fell in love with you all over again." Warren leans in to peck her lips, not quite pulling back after. "We spent hours having sex in a car while you told me about our relationship, then we went driving around, talking about how much memory means to us. I don't know… it's like you're this gift I don't deserve."

The blonde tilts her head to one side, returning the peck, if a bit tentatively. She's still unsure on a few things. Mostly, herself, more than Warren. And poor Dax. "Sometimes I feel the same way about you…like you're this awesome thing that I really don't deserve." She tilts her head to one side. "…Last time I tried to open up to you, you went and had sex with that Harmony bitch. Promise…that you won't hurt me like that again."

"I promise, Elle. I haven't even touched another woman since her. Like I said before, if I don't have you what's the point? The most I can see with the women I meet is sex, I can't see a future like I do when I see you." Warren's hand slides down to her ribs, lightly touching them to make sure they're not tender. "I think we can deserve eachother, if we want…"

The blonde flinches a little out of habit more than anything else. Her ribs are still a bit on the tender side, though mostly healed. "I want to do things slowly. No rushing into things, okay? Let's just…sit here, and eat some of these sweets you got me. Seriously, this box is huge. I'm going to get fat if I try to eat all of these." She'll probably try.

"Seducing you would be a bad idea right now anyway, if you'll go exploding on me, in a bad way." Warren grins, sitting back with the arm still around her. "Come on, let's pop in a movie and cook something we both know, popcorn."

Elle responds with a warm smile, leaning up and planting a small kiss on Warren's cheek. "That sounds like a great plan to me." She smiles. "You get to cook it. I'm still sore, and I have to milk my feeble state for all it's worth, you know?"

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