We Don't Even Need Six Degrees Of Separation


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Scene Title We Don't Even Need Six Degrees Of Separation
Synopsis After the explosion, Lexi, Seamus and their newfound friend Luce find a place to lay low and regroup. And chat! The Ryanses are an interesting bunch. Ben's ass is discussed.
Date December 06, 2010

Crappy Motel

Orange neon "EL" flickers outside the thin curtains, the sickly glow intermittently lighting up the small two bed motel room. Thin walls, thinner bedsheets, and a place you never ever want to shine a blacklight in. But with the majority of your assets destroyed, and the nicer places doing ID checks, it's the best the Lanes could manage for themselves and their lone employee.

Despite his broken arm, Seamus insisted on hauling a salvaged bedsheet full of clothes and as many necessities as they could scrounge up all the way to the motel. While Lucille purchased the room and got the keys, the two Lanes scouted the perimeter before filing into the cheap motel room.

Flipping on the light switch with his elbow, Seamus squints against the flickering light from the bare bulb on the ceiling, and he just drops the huge sack by the door, stepping out of the way to go sit on the bed. He's pale and drained from the effort of cleaning out their stash, tucking it away in some hidden spot, and hauling his injured body around town. Now, with the first chance to rest since struggling back to consciousness in their demolished basement, Seamus feels like never getting up ever again.

"Home sweet home."

Arms are in short supply tonight, as Lexi sports a hastily bandaged bullet wound in hers and even with her probably cracked ribs, she was the one who hauled out most of those… illegal… goods… While the guns and most other things got stashed in Seamus' storage with… his… explosives, the art pieces were brought along with them and get slide under one of the beds as she makes her way in after her brother.

You ignored all that, right, Luce?

"Well, we've been in worse. And survived, I might add," Lexi says as she settles herself on the corner of one of the beds. "I gotta say, I am tired down t'my bones." But she lays back slowly, being gentle on those wounds now.

"I wish." Comes wearily from their lone employee, Lucille Ryans plops down in the lone chair in the corner of the room and she lays her head against the wall, sighing heavily. The scratches have now stopped bleeding and the bruises are just beginning to show. A hand presses gently against the bandage applied on the cut on her forehead and she winces.

"So.. what was that?"

It's the question she's refrained from asking the whole night. She didn't want to bombard them but now that they're relatively safe.. it's time for some answers. Her dark hair is pulled into a loose ponytail, a few strands falling into her eyes.

Eyes travel around the room, still dressed in the same clothes are earlier before she looks again, closer at her two.. former? Employers. "I mean.. that was pretty coordinated and.. yeah." She ruffles the back of her head and winces again, she can feel a knot beginning to form.

Seamus hasn't let himself lay all the way back on the bed, preferring to let his injured arm hang. Not to mention, some of the cuts on his body haven't fully closed yet. One side of his face is swollen and purple, a huge cut on his cheek just under his eye. Poor guy was this close to losing it. Still, he looks between the two girls he's with, and his shoulders slump as he checks out their injuries.

"Yeah, survived. And had to run to ground each time afterwards, too. But we've always sprung back, haven't we, Lex?" Slowly kicking off one dirty boot after another, Seamus pushes himself upright and scoots up the bed to lean against the headboard with a sigh, holding his arm gingerly against his side.

Lucille gets a broad, tired grin. "Like Lexi said, we've had a lot of practice with this kinda thing. Sorry you had to get caught up in it. Though you do handle a shotgun pretty well."
"I wish I could tell ya, Luce. Some people collect stamps, we collect enemies." Lexi looks over at Seamus, though. "Walsh, that mean anything t'ya?" Clearly, it doesn't to her. "One've 'em said Walsh. 'r… were gonna say it," she says, a bit of confusion in her gaze. Hmm. "Anyway, I think that's our new friend. I'm gonna have t'see about seein' Linderman. This sort've thing wasn't supposed t'be followin' us here."

Lexington looks over at Lucille, though, "He's right, ya do know how t'handle yourself, girl." Which seems to have lexi looking her over in a new light. And then? She looks across at Seamus. "I told ya she'd be good t'have around, didn't I say that very thing?"

"I try." Lucille says with a light grin and a shrug of her shoulders. She looks between the two as they talk and she blinks. "Linderman as in.. the mobster?" she tilts her head and it all seems to click into place for her. "You guys.. well you obviously sell illegal things to people.." judging from all the stuff she helped them move. "Only me." She chuckles and shakes her head. Life has it's humor she supposes.

"So.. someone didn't like what you sold them maybe?" she's very, very new to this. So don't expect any bright ideas from her. At the compliments at being able to handle herself she blushes just a bit. "I try to be as useful as I can be. But seriously guys.. what the hell was that? Because.. you guys aren't the only ones with secrets."

There's a slightly guilty look as she says these words to the two.. confession time?

"I knew a kid named Walsh in m' 6th grade class. Right little snot, 'bout as bright as a dirty boot, and just about as threatening." Seamus shrugs at Lexi, and immediately winces, holding his arm gingerly. Mental note: No more shrugging. "Haven't heard o' nobody like that, but if he's th' type t' send santa chickens or whatever they were around town armed to the gizzards, he can't be hard to find. Guys like that tend to make waves…"

Seamus is pulled from his thinking out loud by Lexi's remark, and he gives her a lopsided grin. "That y' did, lass. That y' did. Serves me right doubtin' ye. This makes up for your suggestion to try that Asian restaurant that one time. Th' one right next t' th' pet store, y' remember?"

Lucille's remarks get a sheepish shrug of one shoulder to Lucille, and he offers his wrist out to her, half of a gesture in an offer to slap him in chains. "Y'got us. Fencers an' gun runners, I'm sure y' couldn't have missed that. All for a good cause though, I assure ya. Though…I don't think those're the types who were looking for a refund. We've seen a lot in this world, Lucy, and we've never seen what marched into our shop."

"That's only b'cause we're usually bein' hunted by a villain with more class than beaks and santa hats. I am insulted. Some punks with toys sent t'my shop." Lexi does look insulted, too. "Yeah, Linderman the mobster, but he's the most gentlemanly mobster you'll ever meet. Did us a favor not too long ago."

Lexi lifts a shoulder, too, as Lucille goes on, "I only sell the best. Could be someone from the old days… could be competition in the neighborhood… could be a great many things. We just gotta find out, is all."

Well they confessed kind of.. so she guesses it's her turn.

"Since we're all in a sharing mood.. I'm not exactly the cleanest one here either." She looks sheepish as she grips the arms of the chair and opens her mouth to explain. "I'm kind of on the run from the government. It's a long story, but it's basically my dad's fault. At least I think it is.. and yeah." She grins widely at the two. "So we're all criminals. And my name is Lucille.. Lucille Ryans." They might as well know her last name too, she knows theirs. Or at least what they use for theirs.

It's like a huge weight has been lifted off her shoulders. She doesn't say anything else either.. not really. Well.. "And.. that thing you were doing.. with your eyes and then how you were acting Lexi.. it was like.. um.. kind of speaking towards a certain SLC ability that I've read up on." She whistles innocently. "I can try and help you guys find this asshole, let's take him down." She's all gangsta suddenly, eyes alight with anger. Those assholes tried to blow her up.

"Y'damn right. I feel like it woulda been less embarrassing if we'd been gunned down by th' Wiggles," Seamus snorts, but it's good-natured. "At the very least, it'll make for a good story. Maybe get a few drinks out of it, eh?"

As Lucille tells her story, Seamus barks a laugh, slapping at his knee, though the movement gets him to wince and hold his arm again. "I'm likin' her even more, Lex! What d' y' think? Do we have enough money in th' bank t' keep payin' her wages?" He winks at Lucille and grins broadly, though that swollen side of his face makes it more of a half-smile. "I'd hate t' let that fire in her eyes burn itself out without managing a conflagration."

"Ryans?" That name is familiar. Real familiar. But it seems like she can't quite put her finger on it just yet. But in any case, being on the run from the government doesn't seem to be phasing these two.

"Oh yeah, the whole… what were my eyes doing?" Lexi looks over at Lucille, her brow furrowing. "But that's a whole new… thing. Some guy showed up, told me I was special and sent me back t'—"

With a blink, she sits up, regretting it a moment later as she groans and wraps her good arm around her torso. But the pain doesn't deter her. "Ben Ryans. Is that your Da? Seems the kind that walks int'trouble often."

"I knew it! You're Evolved too??" Lucille is practically falling over with excitement. Then she's wiggling her fingers, "I guess I'm what you call special too." She says with a grin and then she's getting up from her seat and coming to sit cross-legged on the bed that Lexi is sitting on.

"I mean.. mine is different bu- what?" she blinks and tilts her head. "Wait, you went back in time.. too?" her heart starts racing more as she thinks back to what Delia told her of the travel backwards.. not much actually.

"You know my dad? You went back there when Del did?" Well.. if they all aren't so damn connected.

Seamus blinks in surprise and mouths an echo of Lucille's word, looking between the two girls. "Too?" As Lucille sits on the bed, Seamus sits up with a light laugh, saying it out loud this time. "Too?? Good Lord, what is going on with this city??"

"Yeah, I am. Seamus isn't, but that's what C4 is for." Lexington chuckles, too, as she confirms her dad. "Oh, hell, Luce. We went back to Vietnam and I shot your dad in the ass." Which really gets her to laugh, because frankly, it was hilarious. "There were a few with us. Who's Del? There was a guy with water powers, some guy who was so very high, a medic chick, some crazy violent girl… and the time hopper guy, of course."

"Honestly.. it's like what's going on with the world." She's met some Evolved abroad, not too many. But a few. "You did what?!" Lucille looks at Lexi in horror before she roars with laughter and can't seem to breathe. "I.. oh my god." She says and shakes her head.

"That's horrible."

Then she's rubbing her forehead, my sister is like a crazy red head. Not violent though." She chuckles. Except to her that is.

"Don't need any superpowers, m'self. Got all th' firepower I need in…well, an undisclosed location." Seamus eyeshifts. And he snorts a loud laugh at the mention of Ryans getting an assful of lead. And Lucille's laughter just gets him laughing louder.

"Christ Almighty…It's a small multiverse, innit?" he says, slipping off the bed, and taking the few steps to sink down on the bed near the girls. "Violence runs in the family, eh?"

"He was asking for it, I just obliged." Lexi and Luce, sitting there on the bed cross legged as they are, they're an inch from slumber party status, really. "Ah, the other red head. The medic. Yeah, she was there. She the one that's in trouble?" Because now she feels a little more interested in that. Hmm.

There's a glance over to her brother and Lexi smirks a little, "They say New York is the biggest small town. Now I believe it." Her attention swings back over to Lucille as she adds, "Did you get tossed back in time, too?"

"Hey, just don't let him see you.. he'll try to strangle you or something. He can be scary.." she grins at Lexi and leans her head in, sure to keep Seamus in her line of sight as well.

"Yeah.. she's.." Lucille looks away before she starts again. "She's a dreamwalker of sorts and she's lost.. wandering around trying to find the line back to her body or something." She tries not to think about it really. It depresses her.

"Nah, I had just returned from being on the run in Europe. No time traveling for me." She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "And did you guys know my father before? I don't think violence runs in our family.. more in my father and I." she chuckles softly with a grin.

Seamus whistles at the discussion of Lucille's sister. Another redhead? He has a weakness for redheads, it's true. So! Time to keep his mind occupied. Sliding off the couch, the Irish brawler readjusts the lay of his sling about his shoulder, tugging his ripped and dirty shirt into place underneath it as he heads over to the bag of clothes to start rooting through it. Where is…ah! Triumphantly, he pulls out a hoodie and another pair of jeans. "I dunno about you girls, but I want to wash as much o' th' last few days away as possible. If either of you want to go first, speak now or fore'er hold your peace."

"She's got a boyfriend, Seamus," Lexi says to the male in the room. "And he's Australian, accent and everything." Because… she and Seamus totally don't have accents. All you people do. "And please do, ya great smelly brute! They'll track us right t'the door, ya go on smellin' like that," she calls to him, a great big grin on her face.

But her attention moves back to Lucille and she chuckles a bit, "He didn't seem so scary before. But we haven't met him in the now, nah. Not that I know've anyway." And on her sister, she frowns a little bit, "No body t'shoot in that situation. Frustrating. But if we can help at all… well, seems we're all in this together. If'n ya care t'stick around the likes've us."

"I can smell your to hairs from here." Lucille wrinkles her nose and chuckles. Then she's looking back towards Lexi and nodding her head. "Thanks so much Lex. I really appreciate it and I'm not going anywhere." She stands and spins in a circle before flopping back on the bed with a laugh.

"Unless you're kicking me out or something." She winks at Lexington and ruffles her hair a bit. Her eyes squint up, "So.. about this bastard.. are we gonna kick his ass.. or what?" she gives the two Irish people a wicked grin. Fuck.. shit.. up.

"What? Did I say anything? I didn't say anything. You've got a filthy mind on ya, Lexington Lane." Seamus snorts a laugh at Lexington's remark as he makes his way towards the bathroom. "If anythin', it's your ear-piercing screeches that'll be the death of us, y'damn harpy!" Feel the sibling love.

He wrinkles his nose at Lucille, glancing down his body which is, admittedly, covered in blood and dirt, and he sticks out his tongue at the Ryans. He can't really glare though, withe the purple swelling puffing up one side of his face. So instead, he disappears into the bathroom, and there comes the subtle hiss of water running.

"Ya had the look on ya!" Lexington chuckles as she turns back to Lu. "Kickin' ya out? If we were gonna do that, luv, we'd've done it before ya got close up and personal with our side business." The Irishwoman smirks a little there, and she reaches out her good arm to take Lucille's hand. "I can promise ya this, Luce. We'll find him and he'll regret ever hearin' our names." It is the kind of promise she shakes on apparently.

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