We Got This


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Scene Title We Got This
Synopsis Two friends reunite.
Date February 24, 2018

Park Slope

The day had been long for Tibby, she had just arrived back into the Safe Zone. A day of bringing a shipment of drugs and other goods in for the people she supplied for had left Tibby on edge. While there wasn't much danger in a patrol coming around, her clients weren't always the most pleasant to be around and so she was relaxing by having a drink and a joint.

The small woman lounges on an old futon. The generator turned off, the futon is facing the giant hole in the wall which happens to be apart of her townhouse here in Park Slope. The overgrown neighborhood is peaceful to her. Tree limbs snake into the house from that remnant of the fighting in New York City all those years ago, by now not as many animals seek refuge in the home. Her feline friends had long since marked their territory and were not shy at all about hunting any of them that ventured inside.

At the peak of the evening Oya and Adze are out hunting for their dinner. Tibby expected them back soon but they did what they would and sometimes wouldn't come back until the next morning. She had grown use to that and didn't worry much now.

The crackle of a fire in a trash can she had brought in lights her face as she exhales from the joint laying her head back on the futon as she stares out at the night sky. Taking a small sip of her drink. It's a moonshine some local lady was making, it was damn strong.

A meow sounds in the corner and a small gray cat leaps onto the futon, behind her head. As another small black cat slinks out from the shadows, there's another that's a tabby and another that's an old Sphinx cat. Just a few of the cats that are allowed to stick around. Oya and Adze are kept well fed so that they didn't attack their smaller family members but at times it couldn't be helped. They respected her and were loyal but they were still wild animals.

The little thug (who is still taller than Tibby) let her friend know about a week ago that she would be rolling into town sooner or later — and that she would be bringing the dog that Tibby gave her along with her, as a fair warning.

And so it comes to pass, the little tattooed blonde woman makes her way up to the town house, a large pack of her belongings slung over her shoulder. Next to her, walking without a leash in this untamed portion of the Safe Zone, is Kaang, glued to Keira’s heel with the conviction of a dog who would never disobey his master. He’s a large beast — while he’s not as tall as Keira’s other favorite, the Great Dane, he certainly makes up for it in bulk, easily weighing as much as the taller dogs. He’s not worried about the cats — and the cats shouldn’t be worried about him, for the most part. They also shouldn’t cross him, just as he certainly won’t cross them.

Stepping up the stairway, Keira knocks loudly upon the door, glancing about. The hulking beast of a dog comes to a halt on the stair below her, sniffing at the air and glancing about, his demeanor calm and at ease — though that laid back temperament certainly doesn’t mean he’s not completely focused on his main goal of keeping his mom safe.

The cats scatter as they smell the dog getting closer to their home. Oya or Adze could defend their honor later if they chose too but none of the cats want to be around for when the large dog comes lumbering in.

“Come on! It's unlocked!” She yells out to her friend. Yes. She was expecting to be seeing Kiera Eyes snap open as she leans forward and tosses a glance in the direction of the door. She stands silently and stretches out.

With a final glance around, Keira pushes open the door; a click of her tongue prompts Kaang to stand and follow her in at a leisurely pace, his wrinkled maw opening to allow his tongue to look out of the side of his mouth. That docked tail of his begins to wag, too. He knows who they're here to see.

Rounding the corner, Keira lets her bag gently drop to the ground, stretching her arms above her head. “Shit, it was way too easy gettin' in here. For all their fucking roadblocks, they don't take perimeter security very seriously.” She grins to her friend, reaching up to run one gloved hand over her short-cropped blonde hair.

Kaang uncharacteristically strays from Keira’s side, the great hulking beast of a dog sauntering over to the woman who gifted him to Keira and pushing his wet nose into her hand. It doesn't matter to him that Tibby is a cat person — she is responsible for him meeting mom, and the dog goes out of his way to show thanks whenever he can.

To see her BFF makes Tibby grin and she leans in to kiss Kaang’s nose, “You big boy! Lookie at you!” He was the best gift she’s given to someone, Keira is a special breed and so is Tibby, they were made for friendship. “Get over ‘ere betch, god it’s been too long.” Tibby climbs out from her perch on the futon and gives Kaang’s body a little push with her booty before striding over to Keira and pulling her in for a hug, joint hanging out from her mouth. “Well yea Key, this place is not like what ya were use too.” Tibby didn’t leave here before but she did come in on jobs during those earlier years.

“The boere have more important things to worry about then people sneaking in.” she snickers as she plucks the spliff from her lips and puts it to Keira’s lips. “Get goofed ya little sneak.”

It’s nice to see her friend, she doesn’t trust many of the other criminals around the Safe Zone and out. Keira is her true friend though, from Cabo to now.

Kaang’s butt wags along with his stubby tail as Tibby kisses him, and he lets out a little ‘baroo’ of contentment; then, he follows the feline telepath back over to Keira, still happily wagging his rear end all the while.

As is customary, Keira ‘flickers’, and Tibby very briefly is hugging herself before Keira reverts back to her own self, wrapping her arms around the other girl’s shoulders in a brief hug. Then, the joint is taken, and Keira is taking a few puffs of it, a grin on her face.

“I was here before the war, but man it’s changed a lot. Can’t even get to my old place any more.” This is said with a small measure of melancholy — she had hoped she would get the chance to see her old stomping grounds. “Staten Island is at least alive, even if not like it used t’be.” She takes another long drag of the joint before offering it back, letting out a single tiny cough.

“Good t’be back here, in any case. Thanks for lettin’ me crash with you.” She grins over at her friend. “Life’s too quiet without you around.”

Nodding along with her friend Tibby smiles widely her eyes on her friend. It has been some time indeed. And things are not what they use to be.

As they ‘flicker’ Tibby feels that familiar sense of something prickingly over her skin. She is used to this by now but it's never not a little unnerving. Tibby had told her friend that some people in the villages back home might worship Keira as a witch goddess. Hell the two of them together.

Snickering as Keira lets out a small cough she takes the joint back and takes a hit, blowing out smoke and a little cough herself, “Yep! We’re gettin the whiskey!”

Pulling back from her friend she bounces over to the kitchen area and picks out a bottle of whiskey. Taking a swig out of the bottle and giving Keira a wide grin she nods for her to join her.

“Oi oi I know you didn't think you’d stay anywhere else. Extra bedroom’s yours.” That's not an offer or request, Tibby has demanded it.

Undoubtedly, Keira would be considered…something. Tibby’s one of the few who has seen her in action — back in Cabo, when she snatched up the leader of one of the drug smuggling businesses, took his shape, and promptly tore down his entire life — and then absorbed his business into hers. There’s a good possibility she’ll do something similar out here — in fact, it’s almost positive that Tibby will eventually have to babysit someone while Keira pretends to be them.

With a grin on her face, the shapeshifting thug follows after Tibby — Kaang apparently has determined that she is safe, and promptly sprawls out on the floor, his stubby tail wagging slowly as he takes a rest.

Leaning against the counter, Keira takes the bottle and promptly throws back a large gulp, letting out a hiss of air and offering the bottle back as she wipes her mouth on the back of her hand. “My brother offered me his couch,” she murmurs, chuckling, “but he’s a good guy, so I don’t think he wants to be involved in my less than legal affairs.” She chuckles.

“Anyhow. How are we gonna take over New York, Tibby?” Keira grins widely at her best friend, lifting a hand and running it through her short-cropped blonde locks.

“Oi, we could,” She says as she takes the bottle back and knocks back a gulp herself, holding the spliff in one hand and the bottle in the other Tibby takes a drag from the spliff and regard Keira with a cool look. “Things are getting all jumpy around here, my cats are hearing whispers.”

Tibby gives her friend a smile, “Watch my back and I'll watch yours.” They are going to need it Tibby thinks. The tiny woman sighs, “Key, I'm happy you're back but we gotta be smart.” Tibby is interested in doing well but not in getting killed. Though.. the two of them can be quite scary when working together.

“I say we make the monies,” taking another drag and then sip before passing back over. “And then we spread some ground. I've been quiet lately,” since moving to the Safe Zone Tibby has kept her head down. She has her clients and she's doing okay.

You could always do better though.

“Who you think you’re talkin’ to, woman?” Keira reaches out, taking the joint — her hand brushes Tibby’s on accident, and for that split second again, she’s Tibby, then she’s back to being Keira. It’s kind of a normal thing for the two, though. Nothing has changed about that in five years. The tiny tattooed gangster takes a long draw from the joint, holding it in for a long moment.

Then, she lets a large puff of smoke out as she hops up, sitting on the counter and grinning at her friend. “I nearly took over Cabo b’fore I decided t’come up here. You and your man helped lots with that.” She takes a long drag. “I got friends here ‘n there, used to run a lot here b’fore the war.” She never has mentioned that she somehow found herself running with Humanis First when she was doing that — it’s a part of her that she is outright ashamed of.

“We’ll be careful. We’ll be smart. We got this shit, Tibs.” This is said as smoke billows out of her mouth, a grin on her face as she passes the joint back. “I’m spreadin’ out my feelers as soon as I get th’chance. Gettin’ my boys back t’gether. Figure out who all runs things around here, and the best direction we need t’take t’move up.” She leans back on her hands, kicking her legs a few times. “I’m done with takin’ orders.”

“Aye aye aye yea he helped a little.” Tibby rolls her eyes jokingly and nabs the joint back taking a long drag herself and placing her hand on her hips as she blows the smoke out of her nose. “There's a couple brothers on Staten.. a bird dude.. Flair Hair,” she counts them out on her fingers. “That real flashy fucker Logan. I thought he fucked boys but the jury is out on that one.” Meaning she just doesn't know.

“There's a bunch of people trying to run shit.” Or they are. While she never wanted to be the head of an empire, expanding sounds nice to her. “My felines, they've been peeking around.” Her eyes alight with excitement.

“I'll see what I hear.”

Taking orders is a no no no for Tibby, she did that back when she worked for her father.

Keira smirks. “Logan…John Logan? I know ‘im. Used to do business with ‘im back in the’day.” She grins, reaching out and nabbing the whiskey bottle from her friend, taking a long swig. “I’m sure he’ll remember me. Used to make money with him.” She pulls out a cigarette, holding it up with a questioning look — to ask if it’s okay, and if Tibby wants one.

“Need to figure out what Non-Evos have a presence on Staten Island. See what th’fuck they’re up to. Saw the brothers the other night on Staten Island, seemed pretty prominent. Went by Eugene and Buddy, I think? They were loud assholes, either way.” She takes a smaller swig of the whiskey, before setting it on the counter and sliding it back toward Tibby.

“Keep your kitties on the prowl, Tibs. You ‘n me are gonna go places.” She smirks at her friend.

When the cigarette is taken out Tibby nabs it from her friend and lights it before leaning forward to touch the burning ember to Keira’s unlit cancer stick. Of course we smoking in here girllllll.

She blows the cigarette smoke out of the side of her mouth and nods her head with a wide grin. “Make a little boom boom, shake a few heads.”

“OH you met that bladdy bastard.” Meaning Buddy, “I ran into Bucky a little bit ago. Was stalking me like a damn woolly mammoth trying to mate. I mean we mated alright but he's a snakey Motherfucka.” Taking another drag of her cigarette and grins at her friend wiggling her eyebrows. “They’re the Arrowheads. Someone stole some guns,” And now everyone's all up in arms.

“It's caused some real fucking problems for me. For everyone. They the type to just shoot everyone until nobody is left and they still don't have their guns.”

“They Evos?” Keira takes a draw off of her freshly lit cigarette, eyes hooding as she lets the resulting smoke billow out of her mouth lazily. “If not, them motherfuckers’r fair game. Can only deal with John Logan the old fashioned way, but any non-Evos runnin’ things…” She grins. “They got another thing comin’.”

The tiny gangster crosses her legs as she sits on the counter, taking another long drag from her cigarette. “Dude those motherfuckers were paradin’ around seemed t’know something about th’guns he wasn’t tellin’ the Arrowheads. But he’s probably dead. I’ll see if I can hunt ‘im down if he’s alive, though.”

She smirks. “We’ll be runnin’ this town before long.”

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