We Live In Weird


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Scene Title We Live in Weird
Synopsis Brian is back to normal and there are some things to discuss.
Date May 16, 2011

Pollepel Island

Soled heels pad incessantly against the flagstone tile. The shoes pad hard to the right, and then hard to the left. The high speed pacing would be sure to wear down the flooring were it not something so solid as stone. The feet continue to pound as the man in the room continues his nervous laps in the small room.

Outside the castle it is a beautiful afternoon in May. The small tugboat has been docked for a minute as the stout Captain finishes tying off the knots to secure the ship. "If you ring the bell." The man grumbles, jerking a thumb over his shoulder to the dock. "Someone will come greet you. Good luck. And best of luck to your little one." The moustached man finishes saying, giving only a brief glance to Samara before going back to fiddling with rope.

Glancing out the window, breath catches as Brian spots the boat has arrived outside the castle. Tipping his chin down, the Brian behind him finally stops pacing. Two deep breaths are taken in unison before the door opens.

Jogging out of the castle the replicator who has only recently reclaimed his replication comes jogging down towards the docks. His eyes fix on the far off form of his fiancee. The woman who does not yet know his powers have returned. Biting down nervously on his lip he hurries his pace forward.

Likely unsurprisingly, Samara had talked the Captain's ear off the entire journey. She'd mused about the colour of the water, the smell of the spring air, and, eventually, the few nerves that have begun to boil about all of the craziness of the last few months. Ironically, in talking about said-nerves she'd found some measure of confidence ad brightness — an oddity despite everything that's gone on.

The redhead shoots the Captain a ghost of a smile, a vague curve of the corners of her mouth. Humour reflects in her green eyes as does just a hint of irritation. Coming here feels weirdly troublesome — casting her as a burden despite her best efforts otherwise.

She curls further into the light blue poncho she wears, retreating into it with a faint shiver despite not being cold. But when Brian's eyes hone on her, the smile spreads further, becoming toothy as she steps off the boat. Over her shoulder she shoots an even brighter grin to the Captain, "Thank you. For this. And," she shrugs, the well-wishes deserve thanks too but somehow it seems like bad luck to draw attention, and so she just leaves that unspoken as she treads towards her fiancee.

Otis, the Captain has been a surly silent type. A bulbous grunt is his answer to Samara's farewell and he is soon watching her go to the young man in the distance. "No one ever uses the bell." He grumbles to himself, busying himself about the small ship.

As his steps near himself ot Samara he takes a deep breath. His walk pauses, watching her get closer to him. "My ability. It's back." He calls out quickly. "I remember you. I remember everything." The disclaimer felt necessary before he closes the rest of the distance, throwing his arms around his fiancee's back.

"I'm so sorry. For what you had to go through. I'm sorry."

Samara's eyes widen and her mouth gapes at the words. Processing comes slowly. In a lot of respects, over the last few months, she's adapted to the reality of weirdly fractured Brian. In fact, while all of the processing transpires, she returns the hug tightly, clinging tightly as if life depended on it. "Wait. Really?!" She forces herself to blink and reboot her thoughts. Her chin drops towards her chest and her head shakes.

"You didn't — this wasn't…" Her eyebrows knit together tightly. "It wasn't your… I mean, I didn't know if…" her voice tremors as she feels her shoulders shake. Finishing a thought proves particularly trying and so she finally lands on, "I'm so happy you're you."

Holding her by the waist, Winters leans in to set his forehead against hers. Breathing her in, his hands clutch at her waist desperately. Taking in a deep and shaky breath his chin raises to press a kiss to her forehead. Holding her there for a moment he breathes in deeply, his hand sliding from her waist up the small of her back. Keeping her pressed against him he nods against her head.

As he thoughts coalesce into strings of words he keeps her held firmly against him. "I'm sorry." She is held tightly, his face continuing to readjust from kisses into whatever position he can hold her closest in. "I'm back. I'm sorry." The tension in his body relaxes slightly as his hand slides from her back to her stomach. A bright smile there for a flash of a moment before he goes back to holding her tightly.

"I have a room for you here. There are doctors.. The kids are here." Another kiss is pressed against her cheek with a final, "I'm sorry."

A couple of steadying breaths has Samara just fading into the moment. Her eyes clamp shut to keep the moisture in the corners of her eyes — trapping it solidly. "I missed you," her voice cracks as she basks in the moment, returning the tight embrace and drinking in the long moment. "I'm just glad you're here," she murmurs softly.

The mention of the room, doctors, and kids has her beaming and eyes opening. When they open, tears roll down her cheeks, quickly swept by her palms. "Brian, that's amazing! All of it. The doctors. The kids — they'll be safer here. We can give them better care. And all of us together again. This is… " she blinks hard again, more moisture forming in her eyes. "…well. I didn't think… I mean, I hoped, but I worried…" her cheeks flush brightly."

"I.." One hand comes up to wipe the moisture at her eyes. Leaving his hand there at the side of her face. The happier and more overwhelmed she starts to get the more tension builds up in his body. Holding her tightly he smiles against her head.

"That's. That's not all. Not everything I need to tell you." Pulling her in by the poncho he looks over his shoulder to the castle behind them. "We should.. Let's go to the room, and talk. Alright? And then I'll show you around after." Pulling back from her he goes to take her hand, trying to guide her gently towards the castle.

As they walk his grip tenses some on her hand. "The night I got switched. When I freaked out on you. My mind went back to when I was neck deep in the Company. When all kinds of crazy stuff was going on." He takes a deep breath, looking at her and offering a nervous smile.

Sam squints when they turn to the castle. "It's been a long time," she was here once before she was solid when she was convinced that she was dead instead of a living breathing person phased out of time and space. Her lips twitch into an easy smile when she falls into step with him, but the smile quivers with the mention of more to talk about.
Dark eyebrows knit together while her eyes narrow into slits. Uncertainty colours her expression as she offers in return, "Yeaaaaah. It wasn't awesome," when Brian freaks out on her. "Getting accused of being some kind of spy or vile temptress or something wasn't great." Her shoulders tug upwards. "I was nervous for the kids more than me. I can still, you know, move through almost anything at will. And I'm getting better at becoming solid after," a trick in and of itself.

"But I'm okay," she offers in return. "I knew you weren't yourself. I did. It was…" she doesn't finish the thought, instead landing on, "….yeah."

"Again. I'm sorry about that. Of course. I hate that that happened to you." His hand tightens its grip on hers somewhat. "So this next part is rough. So I'm just going to say it real fast, alright." He pauses in his path towards the castle. "I've been having a fight with myself. Literally all day. That /me/ that went off with her. Well. He doesn't want to come back to the rest of us. He wants to stay with her." A deep breath is taken. "I hope you're hearing that I'm saying he. I want to be with you, obviously. You're going to be my wife. I'm yours."

He turns as if to start walking. "But I thought you should know and whatever decision you want to do with that is yours to make." He lowers his head some in shame before looking back up at her. A light smile. "You're getting a lot better at it. Once we get this small person out of you we'll go back to practice and you can get perfect at it."

"You didn't make it happen," Sam objects with a quirk of her eyebrow as she returns the squeeze to Brian's hand. She inhales a deep breath at the comment of something being rough and both her eyebrows lift when he speaks quickly. Her mouth gapes and she attempts to process the information provided. It's all terribly confusing. And it's not information she was remotely prepared for.

Her shoulders drop some. It's already been a whirlwind of a day with the little information she'd had. And now there are spades more.

"…h-how?" her voice quivers again while that same confusion tugs the corners of her face. "I don't… I thought…" but it takes longer for her to consider her words and come to some semblance of thought. Finally, she lands on something more task-oriented than emotion-bound; it's easier to focus on tasks. "Does he know everything you're doing then? And vice versa? I'm not sure… what does that mean? And… how — ?" she can't seem to finish that sentence.

His eyes go down to their hands, still held together. A light sigh of relief goes out his grip tightens for fraction of a second before becoming loose again. Matching her gaze, Winters is nodding his head sympathetically. "I know. It's a lot. My ability can be.." A long breath goes out. "Annoying for everyone to understand." His free hand goes up to her shoulder, giving a light squeeze. His features dip back down. "Potentially. Yes. We can.. We can block each other."

"Which we are. It.. It's not right. For us to.." He shakes his head. "He only had memories of her and has spent the last few months only with her. He's…" A light shrug is given. "I can't convince him to change himself. It's.. My power. I'm only supposed to be one person. Just me. But this guy…" He looks up at the sky for a moment. "Time changes people." He lowers his head, looking at the ground. "I know. This is hard to hear. Whatever you wanna do with this. I support you."

Samara's nose wrinkles but her hand tightly grasps Brian's. "I…" the cogs in her brain are working around the situation and reaction is slow. She still struggles to grasp how to respond. But time changes people. Her head cants to the side and she nods slowly. "It's… what do you mean do with this?" her eyebrows lift again.

"I'm not going anywhere if that's what you're asking. I mean, besides whatever room I… we(?) are staying in," her jaw tightens and she considers the thought further. "It's not like… look. It's weird. But we've got our fair share of weird. I thought I was dead. I mean, I was convinced I was dead. We have a life that most wouldn't envy, but I feel like we've managed to carve out some happiness in it… or I mean, I have." Her lips purse lightly. "Time may change people but it didn't change how I feel about you. The way I still get butterflies when I'm near you. That we're having this baby together. That we've got the kids to look out for and need to keep finding ways to keep them safe. Time hasn't changed any of that. And it was a hard few months. And this is weird. But we live in weird."

"I honestly don't know what I mean." A short lived chuckle escapes, "This is just not something people are asked to deal with everyday. So, however you want to deal with it. I support you. Is what I'm trying to say. I guess." A sheepish smile is offered to her, though when she tells him she's not leaving, his body relaxes some.

He smiles softly at her words on carving out happiness. As she continues his features begin to screw up and his eyes start to well up. Moisture pooling up, he releases her hand to place his hands on her waist. Pulling her in he kisses her deeply and passionately.

"I love you. And I'm sorry that we live in weird. But I am so very glad you are here with me, in it."

A bittersweet smile creeps over her features and her chin ducks towards her chest. "It's complicated," she offers quietly. "And it's not your fault we live in weird. Seriously. If I had a nickel for all the weird we've both experienced in the last few years, well… I'd probably have at least twenty bucks," she actually smirks at that. It's weird but it isn't that weird, right?

"Instead, I walk through walls and you now have a twin brother who… shares your memories? That's how it works, right?" her lips twist to the side. "I mean, I'm still," she cringes, remembering too well the Brian she woke up next to that day — the one that's now cut and run. "I love you too," she finally offers, leaving the memory to be that, something of the past. "And I'm glad I'm here with you too. And not just because I'm solid. Because you are good, true, and wonderful."

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