We'll Always Remember


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Scene Title We'll Always Remember
Synopsis Elle and Warren get tattoos, not to declare their love, but so they'll always have the memory that it existed.
Date September 28 2010

1969 Cobra Jet Mach 1

After getting their tattoos, Warren and Elle sit in the car outside of the shop. He's only wearing his black suit jacket, sans shirt, and lightly touches the white bandage over his chest. It's around seven now, so curfew's just around the corner, but they still have plenty of time left. "How is yours? Good job not shocking her to death."

Elle has her shirt rolled up and her pants rolled down, the bandage concealing the gear that now graces the crease made by her right hip bone. "That hurt so bad. Nothing like getting shot in the shoulder, but damn." She decidedly avoids touching the bandage. "I like it, though. That tattoo artist made exactly what I was wanting." She smiles over to Warren. Then, she's suddenly giggling. "We've marked each other, now. These are permanant." She points at her bandage, then to Warren's. "We'll always know that we were important enough to each other to get a tattoo. They can't take that away from us."

"To me, these tattoos are memories that can't be taken away. Even if I don't fall in love with you again, or if we end up not working out, we'll have the connection and the memory." Warren sits back against his seat as he starts the engine, starting to relax as he adjusts to the stinging on his chest. "We're two people in the world who won't take memories for granted."

Elle smiles softly, nodding. "I'll never forget you, no matter what. That's most important. Even if you end up finding me a bit too crazy for your now-sane likings, or we end up not lasting…this is a memory. I don't want to forget things any more." She frowns. "My dad lied to me through my entire life. Lied to me, and changed my mind to his likings. I want to be myself."

"I may not be able to remember living in Europe, or being experimented with, but at least Harper didn't say my father chose those things to happen to me. And my mother only tried to kill me because she had mental issues, it wasn't her fault." Warren's eyes flush silvery, and he reaches over to take her hand while his metallic one continues to grip the wheel. "I'm sorry you had to suffer like that at your own father."

"It's not your fault." Elle squeezes his hand. "I just hope that I can stay away rom the Institute." She glances down to the bandage over her fresh tattoo, a soft smile forming over her features. "I'm really glad I got this. No matter whether things turn out good or bad with you and I, I have something permanant to remember you by." She tilts her head to one side. "I can see why people cover themselves with tattoos. I don't know if I could, mind, but I understand it."

"You'll be fine. As much as I hate him," Yes, Warren still apparently harbors some extreme dislike. "I know Cardinal knows what he's doing. I'd sooner trust you with him than anyone else." Which is saying a lot about someone he doesn't even like.

"He's nicer than he puts forward, I think. I mean, I'm sure they're going to be out to look for me. He could've easily turned me away." Elle squeezes his hand. "But he didn't. He's helping me."

"If he tries anything sneaky, contact me. Use the frequency I put into my inventions to set off if someone tries to tamper with them." Warren stops in front of a small Chinese restaurant, the engine dying down when they do. He releases her hand and goes into the glove compartment again, picking up what seems to be a few discarded and incomplete remote controls. He starts fiddling around with them, rapidly pulling things apart and attaching others, then offers her a simple square remote, about the size as a car alarm remote, with one button on it. "If you press that, I'll be able to know where you are and come to you."

Elle watches intently, her head tilted toward the dash as she watches his fingers nimbly create a new remote. Her brows raised, she looks rather impressed as she reaches out to take it. "You and your gadgets never cease to amaze me, Warren. I like watching you work. I could never figure something like that out." She peers over the remote, flipping it over in her hands, before slipping it into her purse, in a zipped up pocket.

"Just make sure you give it a little electrical charge every two days or so, nothing big, just a gentle shock." Warren raises his hand to lightly tap her nose. "Like that. Now come on, I'll drop you off at Cardinal's."

"I'm supposed to go to this address." She holds up the paper. "I'll be staying with an old friend while I wait to see what Cardinal has in mind for me." She smiles, reaching up to grab his hand and briefly kiss the back of his knuckles.

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