We'll Be Seeing You


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Scene Title We'll Be Seeing You
Synopsis Hana and Helena touch base with Stillwater Security. Helena offers Diego a chance to earn their trust. Hana looms.
Date October 27, 2008

Undisclosed Location, near Stillwater Security

It took a few days, but eventually Helena managed to arrange a time for Hana to meet with her in an undisclosed location so the pair could take a poke at Stillwater and say hello. At least in the cyber-sense. One safehouse is as good as another, and Hel has a laptop set up - Hana may not need it, but it might make it easier to focus and then Helena can see what's going on. There's even a webcam, but for the moment that remains shut off. She looks up at Hana, leaning her arm on the table and resting her head on her hand. "Ready whenever you are." she tells Wireless.

Diego is in his own office. He's thrown off the business jacket and tie and rolled up his sleeves, though he isn't really doing any work. Feet thrown up on his desk, he just stares blankly at a screen with multiple windows open- reports, expense accounts, marketing data. Random business information. One hand massages his temples in a vain attempt to ease the suffering of business operations, along with an iTunes account playing Rehab's Red Water.

'Undisclosed' though it may be, the safehouse /is/ near to Stillwater — it isn't entirely true that any place is as good as the next. Proximity is good. Hana nods to Helena, gaze slightly hooded. She said in the beginning she's not sure this is the right move — they don't know who at Stillwater was looking, or why — but if Helena wants to take the chance, so be it. And otherwise, there is nothing for Helena to see, no change in the woman's outward appearance. It takes her a moment to locate the machine belonging to the company's owner — but soon enough, Diego's screen-full of business reports suddenly fades into the background, dimmed out behind the scripted letters of PARIAH's motto, its letters vertically shading from red to orange: Fortis et Liber.

"I hope he'll be able to type something back from that." Helena observes, but can't help grinning. This hacking thing is kinda fun, even if it's actually Hana doing the work. "I wish we could see how he's reacting. I'm guessing you put an instant message up behind that?"

Diego doesn't register the change in his screen for several moments. When he does, his hand slowly drops from his forehead and his feet come immediately off the desk. Heartbeat beginning a slow drip of adrenaline, he scans the screen and the motto. "What the fuck.." He breaths, though he see's no signs of any instant messengers; or anything useful to him. He slips his phone out of its pocket and sets it next to his keyboard, but keeps it closed for the moment. Then he waits. At least they got his attention.

A thin smile meets Helena's grin, but there's a distracted air to it. After a few moments, Hana remarks, "He's not doing anything." Not that the technopath can tell, anyway. She looks to the girl with her, one eyebrow arching. That might be a good sign, but Hana isn't going to say as much. Instead, she sends another instruction to Diego's computer; the logo fades, and a very plain-looking text box appears in the middle of his screen's right side. Its counterpart manifests on the display of Helena's laptop.

We know you're looking for us.
Now we're watching you.

No username is attached to the messages that appear on both computer screens — but at the moment, none should be necessary.

Helena grins, leaning forward. "I can't believe he didn't even try to press a damn button." she remarks. "Let's see what he says. Think he'll try to trace the IP?" It's hard not to sound smug. See, this is why Hana is awesome.

Diego continues to stare at the screen for several moments. He slowly places his hand over his phone and slides it away from the keyboard. Then, he clicks on the box and begins typing.

Like what you see? Since you've taken the liberty of cracking my very expensive security, I hope so.

"Doesn't matter," Hana replies absently. "He can trace the very convoluted route I'm using — but I'm not a computer." Her head tilts as Diego starts typing, and that thin smile reappears at his choice of statements. "And yours isn't linked to his, except through me," she continues.

"I didn't think he could trace it, but I'd be surprised if he didn't try." remarks Helena. "Ask him why he's looking for us? Fairly straight forward I know, and he might lie, but I'd like to see his answer."

Diego is given no choice but to wait. Of course, he has no idea they're having a conversation- or even that there are two of them. He leans back in his chair and reaches into a top desk drawer, from which is drawn the 'emergency' pack of cigarettes. And then, he breaks the law. He lights one. After a while, he flips open his phone and taps in a text message, though he doesn't send it.

"If he wants the contact," Hana counters, "then tracing should be the last thing on his mind. He wouldn't want to spook us." She nods slightly as Helena continues, and returns her attention to the distant computer.

I've seen better security, but not much. Impressions aside, you're getting your money's worth.
Why were you looking for us?

Helena is content to remain quiet for his reply.

Diego takes a deep breath and then shuts the cell phone, killing the text message moments after its conception. Then, he types again.

Apparently not.
Rule of thumb when you're in the sandbox. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Helena furrows her brow. "I'd be curious to know who his enemy is." she says, looking up at Hana.

That smile broadens just a hair, though Diego can't see it. A pity, almost. It slips away again as Hana looks over to Helena, dipping her head. "So would I."

What enemy is it you think we have in common?

Are you serious right now? I don't do details electronically. But I didn't go looking for al'qaeda. I went looking for Fortis et Liber.

Helena snorts. "Well, he found us, but why would we be interested in a company that takes government contracts?"

You're the owner of a very well-respected security company with high-level government connections. I'm sure you can understand if we're wary.

Hana allows a pause for Diego to consider that, looking over at Helena. "How far do you want to pursue this now? Do you want to set up a face-to-face meeting?" She could promise him electronic security — but she won't.

And you're officially labeled a terrorist organization. What do you think happens to my security clearance if you screw me? Don't concern yourself with my company. Sometimes you gotta take a risk; reach out and touch someone.

Helena frowns a little bit. "Do you think we could turn on the webcam but screw with it to shade us? It'll give us face to face…sorta."

Hana just smiles at Diego's reply; the expression is a small and dark one. It disappears at Helena's remark, and the older woman shakes her head. "That's not going to do us any good. It's still electronic means." She looks down at the computer. "I could guarantee security, but he may still think he's dealing with a normal hacker; he hasn't tried to backtrail even once. I'd rather not give away our advantages." Dark brown eyes lift to the teenager again. "I can guarantee your safety, as long as you follow my instructions."

Diego will just have to wait for a little bit longer.

Helena nods solemnly to Hana. "You know what you're doing." She lets out a slow breath. "Depending on what he asks, I can at least confirm it is PARIAH he's talking to."

"If you're certain," Hana says, giving Helena a moment longer to reaffirm — or take back — her decision. With no withdrawl forthcoming, she looks down at the laptop.

All right. We'll meet with you. A momentary pause.
Battery Park. The Sphere. One hour.

Helena nods. "A little bit of trust can't hurt from face to face. What do you need me to do?"

One hour.

And then nothing. The power cord and wireless adapter are unceremoniously removed.

Hana presses two fingers between her eyes as the computer is so abruptly killed. Ow. "Hm." This, too, shall pass; shaking her head a bit, she returns her hand to her side. The IM window disappears from Helena's laptop screen. "Let's get down to the park. We'll take up position — stake out the Sphere, and see if he actually comes alone or not. If he does, we walk in and talk. If not?" …They don't.

Helena nods. "Sounds like a plan." She says. She's actually going to do an op with Hana. It's so Cagney and Lacey!

The Sphere 9/11 Memorial, Battery Park

Even at this hour, tourists and New Yorkers alike take the pilgrimage to the Sphere. What became an iconic symbol of the resiliency of the city of New York and the country it stands in became even more poignant in the wake of the Bomb.

Though there are a few sight-see'ers present, its not so crowded that someone could lose themself in the masses. One figure in particular is present, positioned so that they can read the plaque dedicated to the Sphere's service as monument and still see the eternal flame. Diego's changed out of his office attire, opting instead for more utilitarian urban gear. At his side, Capone sits obediently, the aura of respect and mourning the canine apparently picks up on- whether its the place or the general tone of people is anyone's guess.

Seated on a bench some ways from the Sphere, partially screened by a few bushes, Hana observes the park — more with her ability than her eyes. She's already determined there isn't anyone she can pinpoint on sight as an agent or security. There aren't any peculiar phone or radio transmissions, either. None of the little verbal notes that would keep them in contact — just a man and his dog.

Hana blinks, breaking her spell of introspection, and looks to the girl beside her. She doesn't speak, merely nods — all seems to be clear. And she lets Helena lead the way in to speak with him, having already informed the girl of exactly which spectator they're here to see. Hana's content to stay in the background and just be an imposing figure for now. Diego can likely recognize the very extensive and lethal training that informs her movements — and a few of the concealed weapons the ex-operative carries.

Helena doesn't carry any weaponry - which Hana may or may not chastize her for later. At the moment, she's just a young woman in a too-large black leather coat walking along and enjoying the night air. At least until she gets close to Diego and his dog. "Doggy!" she declares in delight, bending to one knee and offering her hands out to the canine.

Diego doesn't even turn to look at whoever's addressing his dog. Either he assumes its who he's here to meet or he's just used to people falling in love with his adorable little face. Similarly, if he has any idea that Hana is floating around as protection, he gives no indication. Instead he reaches into his pocket to light another one of those 'emergency' cigarettes. Apparently its becoming less of an 'emergency' thing tonight. "His name is Capone. Scratch his neck he'll love you forever."

If Hana catches the right angle, she'll likely see straps- a gunbelt, though someone not used to looking for that sort of thing probably wouldn't ever notice. He also has a knife on his belt that pushes the limit of legality as a 'tool'. Any other weaponry or devices are either not present or completely hidden.

Hana's more than used to looking for weaponry on the people around her, so Diego's doesn't exactly escape her notice. It isn't, however, unexpected. She shows no inclination to go anywhere near the dog. The older woman gives Helena a mildly exasperated look — as though stopping to pet every single dog she runs into is a long-established and very bad habit of the girl's.

Helena complies, giving Capone a good rub on the neck and making baby talk at him. "You're all by yourself out here, giving him a walk?" she asks, finally rising after she's ensured at least 3 minutes of slavish devotion on the part of the dog. She steps back, shoving her hands in her pockets and eyeing the sculpture briefly.

"Not exactly." Diego lets that settle in for the briefest of moments before finally turning to face the woman. He gestures towards the dog. "I'm with Capone. But yes, otherwise all by my lonesome." He still offers no indication he's spotted Hana's protective presence.

Helena smiles across at Diego from where she leans. "Waiting for someone?" she queries. She lets her gaze on all the passing people. She also ignores Hana, but then, she trusts the woman to be a scary killing machine as may be necessary. Or not. "So'm I."

"Fancy that." Diego is apparently full of one liners tonight. Capone looks over at Hana curiously, but obediently remains seated. With none of his usual whining to attempt to get love from everyone present. Diego extends his right hand in the offer of a handshake. "Diego.." There seems to be an unspoken, 'And you are?' from the way he says it.

Being written off as 'just the muscle' suits Hana perfectly fine right now. She leaves Helena free rein to run the meeting; the woman's hands linger at her sides, but her attitude is overall relaxed, if cautiously so.

"Helena." the girl in question replies. She doesn't introduce Hana, but then again, she is in fact, the muscle. "So now that you've got our attention, what is it that you think we can do for you?"

Diego eyes Helena for several moments. Then he glances at Hana, awknowledging her presence, then puts his hands in his coat pockets. A decidedly unthreatening posture. "More of what we could do for each other was really the idea. The way I see it, either you and your's can do your thing and I can do mine; or, seeing as how they appear to be compatible things, we do them together. I don't know about you, but one really seems to make a lot more sense than the other."

"The logic's hard to argue." Helena concedes. "But trust doesn't always lend itself to logic, and trust is the issue here, at least at first. How do you propose we tackle this particular obstacle? What are you prepared to do?"

Diego cocks his head to the side as he considers the question. He speaks quietly, now; he's not whispering by any means but nobody a few feet away could pick out what he's saying. "True. Consider for a moment that because of certain factors that you're aware of being caught, for me, means treason. I'm sure your friend can tell you what the penalty for that is." He shrugs, then, and reaches down to scratch Capone's head. "With that in mind, you tell me what its gonna take. I wouldn't be here if I wasn't willing to take the risk of trusting you people."

"Has your firm done any work for Senator Petrelli?" Helena asks after a few moments of thought. "He's very high profile these days, and as I understand it, your firm does high profile work."

"Yes." Diego bites down on his lower lip and looks to Capone- almost as if silently questioning the dog. Then he looks back to Helena. "I have, in fact."

Helena looks at him. "We want everything you have on Senator Petrelli." she says. "Personal life, politcal efforts - especially any particular committees or sub-committees you may happen to have uncovered. Preferably before the debate. That's what we want, as proof of your sincerity. No shooting, no bombing, just information. Hope you're not disapointed." She gets down on one knee again, to resume giving Capone some good scritchin'.

Diego raises one eyebrow at the implication. "The man who enjoys using his weapons against his fellow man no longer deserves the right to hold them. No, I'm not disappointed. Just a little impressed. Give me a way to get a hold of you- it doesn't have to be direct, but something where the chain ends with you. And don't tell me you'll get a hold of me; for one, I won't be able to hold this shit for long, and for another I don't take kindly to people poking around in my network. Give me that, and what I have is your's."

"Send a text," Hana abruptly chimes in, breaking the rhythms of the pair's conversation. A stubby pencil and a scrap of paper are procured from a jacket pocket, and a number is scribbled onto the slip. She holds it out to Diego. "Here." She looks levelly at him over the bit of paper, not yet trusting him enough to even chance dropping herself out of the communication loop. Far from it. "Any message; doesn't matter what, as long as it comes from your phone."

Helena is apparently sorely in need of affection, from the way she lavishes it on Capone. But finally she stops administering doggy-love and rises, brushing her hands across her jeans. "We'll be seeing you." she says with a calm smile. Let him underestimate her, think she's a silly girl. That may have been the point.

Diego takes the slip of paper. He pulls his phone out of his pocket, punches in the number, puts the phone away, then uses his lighter to set the paper ablaze. "Alright." He looks at them both to say, "I'll be in touch. Might take a day or two to get eyes on, but I'll let you know." He nods as a way of saying goodbye and turns to leave. Capone hesitates just long enough to sniff in Helena's direction one last time- she gave him a lot of love -before turning and trotting at Diego's side.

Helena looks over her shoulder at Hana, a guaging sort of look, as if asking the woman if she handled it alright.

Hana dips her head to Diego as he burns the bit of paper and promises to get back to them. The gesture also seems to serve as her farewell, as she, too, turns and walks away. In her case, in Helena's wake. The girl's backward glance is met with one arched brow and a small motion, shielded from Diego's view — should he happen to look back at all — by Hana's body. Hana draws a little circle in the air and points ahead of Helena: turn around and keep walking. The important part now is to leave.

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