We'll Get Him


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Scene Title We'll Get Him
Synopsis Helena and Brian reunite, and she makes him a promise.
Date July 8, 2009

Village Renaissance Building - Rooftop

Habits are admittedly a bad thing when it comes to living the lifestyle of a fugitive. Habits are behaviors that can be tracked, and any hunter worth his salt thereby has the means to find you. But given that, habits can also be a good thing, in so much as Helena's friends always know there are certain places to find her in any given location - the best bet? Climb the roof. That's where Helena is now, sitting under one of Cat's potted trees, looking up at the sky, and trying to make all the details swirling in her mind come together concretely.

One black shoe taps against the ground softly as Brian finally works his way up to the roof. Desiring a change of scenery from the walls and ceilings, he has sought an escape into the fresh air. Wearing an old and dirty business suit, the young man presses his hands into his pockets as he tilts his head back, letting out a long sigh. If he notices Helena sitting under the tree, he has yet to indicate as much.

The weather is beautiful up here, the night full of stars, even if they're hazed over from New York's ever present pollution. But the weather is perfect, the faint breeze remarkably fresh and crisp. Intuition more than anything else prompts her to turn her head. "Brian?" she starts to uncurl from her seated position.

His feet come to a halt at the calling of his name. "Yes." He answers meekly, peering into the darkness. "Who's there?" Brian asks softly, shoulders hunching up a bit as he tries to make out the face through the darknes, taking a few steps forward.
And that's when she shoots to her feet. He didn't recognize her voice. "Who are you?" she demands, hands lifting. A breeze wafts around her; ruffles her hair. "If you were Petrelli I'd be dead already, so who are you, and why do you look like Brian?"

And when she's on her feet, Brian quickly spits out, "Oh. Helena." Though when she's asking who he is, and talking about Petrelli, his features quickly crumple into confusion and a very pained expression. "What?" He asks, the word sounding more like a groan than a word.

Helena pauses, the wind dying down. "Brian?" she queries again uncertainly. "I thought you were dead. The Lighthouse…I heard what happened. I know how much it meant to you." She's still peering at him in puzzlement though, and doesn't move closer.

He doesn't answer to the first Brian, instead simply looks through the darkness at her. "You're awfully jumpy." He remarks quietly. "Three of me were killed. All at once. It's.." He takes a moment, lowering his head. "Really hard." His voice sounds strained and weak as if it might break any second. "Really hard." He repeats again as if to drive the seriousness of it home. Though after a long moment of looking down, he slowly looks up. "Haven't seen you in a long time." He notes.

"I know." Helena says, still watching him with an expression that clearly indicates something's not quite right. The Brian she knows is very tactile, and loved her like a sister. This person treats her like an acquaintance. "But you know, it's hard to get away from the HQ on Coney Island." Except the HQ is on Staten.

A non-commited grunt is given to the last statement, as he takes a step forward. Though he gives pause, arching a brow. "We're on Coney Island now? We moved? I thought.." A grunt is given in dismissal. Doesn't matter. "Guess I'm out of the loop." Going to collapse next to the tree. "You mind if I sit?" The man who's already sitting, asks.

"We didn't move." Helena says, but she doesn't clarify where they didn't move from. "No, go right ahead." Her tone is wry, and she sinks gracefully down on her knees across from him. "You aren't acting like my Brian. Especially after losing selves."

Practically melting against the little tree, Brian watches Helena with vacant expression as she says her piece. His eyebrow arches for a moment when she says they didn't move, but when she talks about acting like Brian, he simply watches her. After a moment he finally speaks up. "I'm sorry, Helena." He answers with a hint of agitation in his voice. "How do you want me to act? I'm out of tears already, I've been trying very hard to get my shit together and.." His emotion level rising, it seems he hits the peak, as two hands come to cover his face. Trying to steady himself with deep breaths, he takes another long moment before. "I'm sorry.. I should just go back and lay down. I'm not good at talking right now."

"Have you been praying?" she asks softly, watching him with troubled eyes.

Letting his hands slide away from his face, it's an empty expression that remains on his face. His breaths are still, bigger, as if he was relying on them to keep him stable. "I don't know." He answers, his voice shaky. "I try.. but I get halfway through and.." He shakes his hand, "I miss Kameron." He leaks out, bringing up his knees to hug to his chest pathetically. Now he very much looks like he's about to start crying again. "I know that's not what I should be talking about but.. the.. it just.. everything's so fucking.." It seems finding words is a tough task at the moment and so he abandons it. "I should go to bed. I'm sorry I'm being so emotional." He practically sobs.

Helena puts her arms around him. "It's okay." she murmurs. "You know that, right? We're going to kill Arthur Petrelli, I promise you. We're going to bring down Pinehearst, I swear. And the Lighthouse…we'll find a way to make something like it, something new."

And as soon as her arms encircle him, he does break down. Convulsing against her as his sobs rack through him, his hands weakly go to fit themselves loosely around her as he proceeds to make her shoulder a mess of snot and tears. Fragments of sentences make it through his hailstorm of weeping such as 'should have' or 'sorry' or even 'dickface' though it actually takes him a minute to contain himself. Finally, he rests against her, breathing heavily. "Gillian and I are sisters. Did you hear? Er. Brother and sister."

Helena can't help it, she snickers when he calls himself and Gillian sisters, but then blinks. "No, I didn't know, I…huh." She looks to the side, and wonders for a moment if he knows Gillian's in love with Peter too. And wisely keeps her mouth shut. "What about the other you? The one working for the Company?"

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