We Need To Adapt Or Die


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Scene Title We Need To Adapt Or Die
Synopsis Richard comes with a warning for Melissa.
Date January 26, 2011

Tartarus: Melissa's office

Wednesday. Middle of the week, mediocre workday, and all around bleh day. But though Melissa is currently stuck back in her office working on the dreaded paperwork, she doesn't seem too bleh. She's tanned, looks well-rested, and is actually humming while she taps on the laptop keyboard. And though there's a drink at hand, this time it's something nice and non-alcoholic. A bottle of water. Nice, cool water.

"Back from wherever you were off to, I see… I see…" A whisper through the office as a shadow sweeps up the wall behind her in a silhouette of wings, "…tanned. Must've been something warm. I'm jealous… jealous…"

The whisper has Melissa glancing up, a brow arching as she looks around. "Hawaii. And it was warm. Very warm. Should I tell you all the stuff we did to make you more jealous? Because trust me, it was a hell of a week. Or you could just unhide, though I'm guessing you're Richard, so if you're more comfortable shadowy, go for it."

"Who else would I be? At least my doppleganger can't do this…" The shadow sweeps over the back of the chair and her arm, spreading over the desk in a dark spill, "…I just came to pass on a warning. The flu outbreak? It's not just minor. It's going to get bad— very, very bad… pandemic…"

"I've seen someone else play with shadows before. Though that was a while back," Melissa says, glancing down, eyes following the shadow as it moves. "And the flu was bad last time. I ran a safehouse for flu victims last time. It wasn't fun, and some of them died. If you think it's gonna get worse than that though…" She's quiet for a moment, then asks, "What's your source?"

"Nakamura," Cardinal replies, bluntly, "The timewalker… Hiro…"

Melissa grimaces. "Hiro? Damn. So he's peeked at the future, huh? He didn't see anyway of changing it? Vaccines or anything? Stopping whoever's spreading the virus this go 'round? Nothing?"

"It's not purposeful this time," Cardinal reports in grim tones, "The initial release of the disease last year was purposeful, but it's been incubating, mutating… it's not under anyone's control now, and it's going to explode. That's what he told me… told me…"

Head tilting, Melissa frowns. "It's been mutating? But there haven't been any outbreaks since last winter. Wouldn't we have seen it, even just sporadically, if it was still around?" There's the briefest of pauses before, "Fuck. If it's mutated, then the old immunities won't work."

"Do I look like a virologist?" A snort without breath, Cardinal admitting, "Probably not. Just… make plans, and be careful. Stock up on antibiotics or whatever the fuck you take for the flu… the flu…"

"Yeah, I know how to deal with the flu," Melissa says, and this time she's the one who sounds grim. "I heard too that they're giving vaccines to registered evolved. Probably not a bad idea to encourage as many people as possible to grab the vaccines. If they can."

"This time… yeah, I think this time might be a good idea," Cardinal murmurs in a whisper from the desk, "…don't quote me on that, though. I've already made a formal request for my firm, but I doubt I can get enough to pass it out to anyone else… anyone else…"

"Mmm. Yeah. Hopefully the Ferry'll be smart enough to stay put so they can avoid risk of exposure. Everyone else…" Melissa shakes her head. "I don't know, not without violence. But if I think of something, I'll let you know. Hopefully you'll do the same. And thanks for the head's up."

"I almost wish there was someone to blame for this one… but it's just nature at its worst. Good luck. And keep your people out of midtown, too, it's not safe there…" The shadow twists down the side of the desk, likely intending to depart.

"What's going on in Midtown?" Melissa asks, leaning forward, likely to try to follow the moving shadow.

The shadow of Richard Cardinal pauses near the edge of the desk. "Robots," he replies, ridiculously, "Robots that can detect the Evolved… robots…"

"Oh that's just fucking fantastic," Melissa says sarcastically. "Thanks for the head's up, Richard. I'll pass it on."

"It's a brave new world, Melissa…" The darkness slides towards the door, "…we all need to adapt or die… or die…"

For some reason those words make Melissa smile. "Maybe. But there might also just be a third option." She shakes her head, picking up her water and unscrewing the lid. "Take care, Richard. Because I have a feeling that 2011 is gonna be just as 'exciting' as 2010 was."

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