We Re Getting Better At That Interdepartmental Cooperation Thing


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Scene Title We're Getting Better At That Interdepartmental Cooperation Thing
Synopsis William calls up Matt in an effort to get information on Jessica. The conversation is rather terse, but not necessarily a failure.
Date January 13, 2009

New York City

It's not too long after seven thirty in the morning that William is finally given Parkman's number. After several different hoops he had to leap through to get in touch with the Homeland Security man. William is maneuvering the phone, keeping it to his ear while getting dressed at the same time. The phone starts to ring.

With as much as Matt's phone rings these days, it's a wonder he still has the will to answer it when he finds a moment to himself, especially this early in the morning. His coffee isn't even in his hand yet, but at least the agent is dressed and on his way to the office. At the same time he smiles and nods to the barista who hands him his to-go cup, Matt pulls out his cellphone. He doesn't even look at the number, in too much of a hurry. Besides, these days, it matters more what is said than exactly who is saying it.

"Parkman," comes his voice over the connection, obviously hurried, and in a moment the sound of a brisk wind baffles against the phone's microphone.

"Agent Parkman, this is Captain Harvard of SCOUT, NYPD." William says cleanly as he slides the shirt onto one arm. "I have a situation, and it has been brought to my attention that you might have some information on the circumstance."

The sounds of a car door opening and closing, followed by the starting of an engine prelude an answer from Parkman. When it comes, it is clear that the agent recognizes the potential seriousness of the situation. "I'll help you if I can, Captain. What's your situation?"

"Does the name Jessica Sanders sound familiar at all to you?" William asks his voice a little distorted as he accidentally drops the phone midway through the question, he manages to catch it and bring it hastily back to his ear. Pressing it to his shoulder he quickly buttons up his shirt.

"It does," comes the now near-deadpan voice on the other end of the phone. Parkman frowns as he drives, one-handed, through the streets of New York. "She's on your radar for some reason, I'm guessing? What happened, Captain?"

"She attacked one of my people." William says, working his tie on. "Left her near enough for dead. Apparently was trying to grill her for information. I would really like to bring her in, Parkman, and I was told you might be able to asisst?" William asks, a little hopefully.

"The last time I saw Jessica Sanders, she threw me out of a window," is Parkman's rather terse answer. "If she's already attacked one of yours, you know what she's capable of. I can see if I can give you people, but we're all a little busy over here trying to keep it so you can enjoy your Cherrios every morning. Captain."

"I don't need people, Agent Parkman, I need information. I was told she works for 'The Company', and that you would be able to move on this. Was I misinformed, Parkman?

There is a pause. While the Company and DHS are working in tandem, Parkman is their go-to-guy, for reasons not even he is fully aware of. "She's supposed to be," he finally gives in a little. "But she hasn't been assigned anything as of late. Go ahead and pursue her as you would any other civilian who has assaulted a police officer."

"Well, is there anyone at the Company I can talk to? To find her? Or should I just slap her on America's Most Wanted and call it a day?" William asks, finally finishing his getup. There is no humor in his voice though it implies a joke.

"No, there isn't," Parkman answers, his tone tense beneath the blandness. "But consider it dealt with. I want your people to send any reports regarding her whereabouts directly to my office, marked for my attention. I'll clean this up - this time - but if your guys and gals can't deal with Sanders, start finding new ones." With that, Parkman clacks his phone shut, only to shove it into the console of his vehicle. Once the light indicated the connection has been made, Parkman speaks again, this time to his automated dialer.

"Call Sabra Dalton."

Once his call is terminated, William just looks at his phone. Sneering at it he clasps his own phone shut, sliding it into his pocket. "What a dick." He says quietly, throwing his suit jacket on, he heads out of his bedroom to start his day. For the second time, today.

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