We're Not Friends


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Scene Title We're Not Friends
Synopsis Magnes shows up at Tracy's with lunch to apologize for his behavior last week. He doesn't realize he inadvertently delivers something else.
Date September 1, 2009

The Apartment of Tracy Strauss

Choosing for once not to fly, what with all the snipers and people with guns, Magnes is skating down the street in his comfortably fitting blue jeans, a long t-shirt with a picture of Emma Frost sitting in a throne that says The White Queen, and carrying a brown paper bag from the falafel place that Tracy frequents(frequented?). He does wall grinds just short enough to not seem too strange, grinds around street light poles, jumps over people, and just generally does skater stuff.

After a while he's at Tracy's building, making his way up after offering a delivery boy smile to the workers. He's always happy to deliver. And when he's finally up at Tracy's door, just in time for lunch, he quickly knocks.
Tracy has been working. As days go by she grows more and more like her old self, before her ability manifested - and she's the White Queen, Ice Queen, and every other royal title associated with that, not some fake Emma girl! - before the President went missing, before it all. Now she's researching polls on the new cabinet position, flipping through papers and typing away at her computer. The door distracts her, and she stands, moving to open it. Magnes. Frown.

"Hey, Tracy, I'm not here for any particular reason," Since Magnes can't tell her that he now knows Nathan helped orchestrate the destruction of Manhattan, and of all the girls to end up dating, Claire is the President's daughter. "I just thought you might like lunch from that falafel place we met in." He smiles a friendly smile, then offers the bag to her.
Tracy sighs, leaning agianst the door. "What do you want, Magnes? Really? There's no one here for you to make a show in front of," She notes, gesturing around her. "Nobody here but me." So apparently she's still mad about all…of…that. Yeah.

"Really, that's all, I just wanted to bring you lunch, I don't wanna cause trouble for you or anything, I'm really sorry about everything that's happened." Magnes explains, still sounding rather apologetic from the other night, and the flashing the President thing.

"Magnes, it's just…every time, every time." She'll not stop him from coming in. "I really wanted to trust that you could do the right thing but…I guess a lot of that left with teh Company's brainwashing." She sighs. "You need to learn how to behave."

"I was out of place at the party, you shouldn't have trusted me, I should have trusted you." Magnes admits, walking in, closing, and locking the door behind him, heading for the couch. "Can't you teach me how to handle those kind of events? Or at least the basics."

"There is no teaching," Tracy tries to explain with a bit of a frustrated sigh, as she walks over to her computer and closes it. "It's just common sense. You don't scream across rooms. You don't take off your clothes. And, some people may argue this last fact, you don't wear white suits. But that's just a preference."

"I'm sorry." is all Magnes can say to that, sitting her bag on the table. "I've really never been to anything like that, I just… I guess I should stop making excuses and just say I messed up."
Tracy nods. "You did, yes." She decides to let it go since there isn't really anything he can do to fix this. She walks over to the table, opening the bag and peering in until she finds her falafel, taking it out. "Thank you. Now I have to get some more work done, trying to track down every Petrelli that ever lived."
Tracy moves back to her seat, apparenly not caring if he stayed or went, really.

"I don't think you wanna find Peter." Magnes warns, standing so he can head for the door. He doesn't sound like he intends to elaborate on that at all.
He will elaborate! "You know where he is?" Tracy is up like a shot, reaching to hold Magnes' arm to stop him. "Magnes, where is he? Please tell me." She'll absolutely forgive him if he can tell her where Peter is! "It's very important."

"I don't know where he is, but I know where I saw him, last night." Magnes releases a sympathetic sigh, looking back at her with his hand on the knob. "Why do you want to know? I won't tell you unless I have a good reason."

Tracy shakes her head. "Magnes, he's the brother of the President. I've met him before, and I need ot meet him again." Linderman hasn't seen fit to release Angela Petrelli's information to the public. Far be it for Tracy to cross him - yet - particuarly with Magnes in tow. Who, she is sure, couldn't handle a tight situation if it were only a size-too-small sweater. "You know I always have good reason for these things. You trusted me with Hiro Nakamura, and no bad came of that, right?"

"This is different, this is a lot different." Magnes unlocks the door and turns the knob, not leaving quite yet. "I'll make sure your number gets to him, that's about all I can do. This is too dangerous for me to just be spilling information, especially when I don't know why you wanna know where he is. It's not like Hiro, it's just… not, sorry."

Tracy walks swiftly to him, pressing her hand on the door to close it. "I've met him before. He has my number, but he doesn't know that I need to speak to him. It's about his family, Magnes. Why else would I want to talk to him?" She's very mad at him right now. "Stop protecting me, Magnes. Stop it. It's not chivelorous, it's annoying, particularly when it keeps me from doing my job. You aren't the keeper of the gate here. I can get to Mr. Petrelli any time I damn well please, but I'm trying to do this nice and politely." This is Tracy. This is Tracy polite.

"How can I not try to protect you, Tracy? My friends get hurt left and right, Isabelle is dead, Elvis is missing, I don't wanna see you dead or missing because you value your career more than anything else! Just, stop, alright? I'm not telling you where to find him, and 'It's for Nathan' is the last argument that's gonna make me change my mind." Magnes suddenly moves his hand to briefly touch her forehead, not trying to shift her gravity, just shift her vertical horizon and disorient her, causing the floor to suddenly feel like standing on the ceiling. This time he really does try to simply walk out.

Tracy falls over. That's the simplest way to describe it. There she is, on her ass, watching the door close as Magnes leaves. And she knows, in her heart, that he'd better not dare try to come back. Just to inform him of that? "We're not friends," she says just before the door closes.

Magnes looks back at her, visibly hurt by her declaration, but he closes his eyes and says, "I'd rather us not be friends and still have you alive than the other way around." before closing the door behind him.

There are a few moments that pass between the moment that Magnes shuts the door behind him and the sound of knocking on the door again.

Tracy is standing, by now, and on the phone. "Yes, but do me a favor - alternate cars this time. Apparently you guys all used sedans the last time you tailed him, and it was pretty easy to figure out." The knock disrupts her, and she puts her hand over the earpiece. "Magnes, go away." She begins to talk on the phone once more.

The rebuke doesn't seem to be taken seriously. The knock is louder this time, almost a banging that shakes the door.

Tracy makes for the door, still talking on the phone. "Just get it done, alright? I thought I had another lead but apparently you can't trust men at all." The door opens at the word 'you'. That's when Tracy looks up and stares…into a mirror. Her mind loops for a few moments, and while she doesn't gape, she does stop. "I'll call you back," she murmers into the phone, switching it off with the push of her thumb. Her icy blue eyes never leave the icy blue eyes of..

.. Jessica Sanders.

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