We're Working The Same Case


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Scene Title We're Working The Same Case
Synopsis Coren and Felix discuss the abduction of Peyton Whitney and Wendy Hunter.
Date August 15, 2009

NYPD Headquarters

It was bad enough having the parents of one of the victims come in and accuse the police of doing nothing to find their daughter Wendy, but to find out that (apparently) the case was already being looked into, well, that was a far greater shock. At least the person working the case is someone Coren knows, and so it is that he finds himself lingering ever so close to Felix Ivanov's desk. "It seems we're working the same case," he says.

And Fel looks up, bemused. "What case might that be?" he says, putting down his mug of terrible, terrible coffee. "Any news on your serial killer?"

Only one of the many reasons he sticks to tea. "No, no news." He drops a file onto Felix's desk — the one he prepared an hour earlier based on both of the statements given by Wendy Hunter's parents, as well as his notes. "Wendy Hunter and Peyton Whitney. Abducted from Old Lucy's, best I can understand. Cassidy just called me and said that someone spoke to you about the matter."

"I'm not so much working on it as I happened to -be- there," Felix allows, embarrassed, removing his glasses to massage his eyelids with his fingertips. "I shit you not."

Coren's eyes widen slightly, "You were there?" Never mind the mug of tea he has in his hand, he only shakes his head. "Oh man. What happened?"

He pauses, tries to remember. "One of them was overcome….I don't know if she was drunk, or had some ability that reacted to other Evolved. But….they decided to leave, and this older man who was there called them a cab. I guess it was a setup."

"That would be Wendy Hunter, the one who went down," Coren says, "Her friend, Peyton Whitney, went with her into the cab? Any name for the person who called the cab?"

Felix shakes his head. "No. No dice," he says, looking sheepish. "Motherfucker was trying to gladhand me, but he never even gave me a fake name. What about the …..fake. Nevermind." Fel puts his face in his hand for a moment.

"That definitely sounds like a setup," Coren remarks. "Of course, I was hoping it was just a girl gone off to rehab. Best disappear so her parents don't think she's gotten into drugs again. what do we have that says it was an abduction?" Of course, because Aaron Michaels didn't tell Cassidy anything but to talk to Ivanov.

"It….they both disappear. Admittedly, no ransom note. No reason to think they've absconded with each other to live in lesbian bliss in Montana?" Fel offers, hopefully. "And a text message to a friend of theirs, noting they'd been abducted."

"There were text messages from one of the victims? Well, so much for any good theories," Coren says, massaging his own eyes. "Well, shit. I prefer when parents are just being parents and worrying. Until they showed me a photo I was thinking our serial killer. Peyton Whitney's not a blonde, either, thank God. Unless he's gone and changed his type, I'm going to guess these two cases are unrelated."

"Please, god, yes," Fel says, grimly. "Yes. To a companion of theirs. Since cleared of any collusion. And I hope they are."

"I put in a call to Rebecca Nakano. She's apparently off this weekend and she hasn't answered at the numbers we have for her," Coren says, "But I think she's probably our best bet. See if we can get you two together, put a sketch of this person who called the cab together and see if anyone can put a name to him." He shakes his head, "I just hope we can get in touch with her soon. Cases like these, as I'm sure you well know, can't be left too long."

"I…sort of hope we just get a ransom demand. Something straightforward, relatively speaking, "Fel says, quietly.

"Wouldn't that be nice?"

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