We Should Do Something


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Scene Title We Should Do Something
Synopsis Brian and Koshka catch up after supper, and make plans to do something fun together.
Date February 13, 2011

Confucius Plaza:Brian's Apartment

It's after supper, dishes have been cleaned and put away, left overs set up for lunch or midnight snackage. It's too late to go out again before curfew sets in, and so the best, if only, option is to hang out at home. Not that it's a bad option at all. There's movies to watch, after all, and some random tidying to do. And since it's one of those uncommon evenings when Koshka's home before supper, that's exactly what she's doing.

The Land Before Time hums away in the background, low enough to not be a nuisance but still able to be heard. Koshka is in the kitchen wiping down the counters and stove top. Or that was her plan. flipping the rag between one hand or the other, the teenager stares at the images playing out on the screen. Littlefoot and Cera in another tiff about which way to go, and actually battling it out this time around.

"Don't - step - on - the - crack - or - you'll break - your mothers back!"

Each word is delivered with a hop step as Brian makes his way towards the kitchen. Finally ariving in it, he gives a little dance once clear of the 'cracks'. "Duckieee duckie!" A bright smile on his lips as he looks over at the tv. His features immediately deflating. "Cera is going to go get lost in a waterfall soon." He gives a big frown. "I always wanted to be Littlefoot when I was a little.. foot." But then he shakes his head to glance over at Koshka.

"Howsit goin' Koshface?"

The interruption is met with a grin, Koshka peeling her attention from the movie to Brian hopping into the kitchen. "She was right about the Sharptooth, though," she points out, turning to wipe absently at a counter. It's already been wiped down, but she's been watching tv instead of working. "If I could be one of them, I'd want to be Petrie. Once he learns to fly, he's pretty bad ass."

Looking up from the counter, Koshka looks past Brian and to the movie again. The little dinosaurs have split up, Littlefoot going his way and everyone else the other. "It's going okay," she continues. "Just.. doing the usual things. How're you?"

"I really like Chomper too." Brian says happily. "And Spike is like a little ball of happiness." Finally he snags his attention away from the movie and looks to Koshka. He gives a little shrug back to her. "You know.. Things. I'm sorry I haven't been.. like.. Real current with you. And I know I'm not as fun as Samara. I swear she'll be back soon." He thinks.

Again, her attention diverts to Brian. Koshka shrugs a little, hands folding the rag over into quarters. "You're busy," she says, as though fully understanding that adult side of the world. Adults are, generally, just busy people all the time. "You're fun, when you aren't. And… I've kept busy. — Sorry I haven't been here much, though. Just… hanging out with Daryl."

His lips thin at the mention of the boy. "You could do better." He lets out quietly, shrugging a little. "Someone your own age maybe. You're a beautiful girl and he's…" He just shakes his head to substitute the mean words he would be saying. Winters goes to lean against the counter, eyes following Koshka for a moment. "I know I'm fun I just.." He gives another shrug. "I'm sorry I haven't been here for you more. I have no excuse really because.." He gives a gesture to himself. He can be everywhere.

"He's my age," Koshka answers quietly, a little older maybe but near her age. She looks at the rag, twisting it slightly. A sidelong look is cast toward Brian as she turns and leans against the twice-cleaned counter. "It's okay, though, that you're busy with stuff. I mean… You got other things to do than hang out with some almost street kid." She pauses, then picks up a small grin. "Thinking I'd go to the Library one of these days, figure out how ot sign up for school."

"My life is hanging out with almost street kids." Brian points out dully. "And raising them." He arches a brow at her. "You sure trying to go back to a regular school is a good idea, runaway?" He gives a light frown. "I wish Midtown wasn't full of robots. I'd take you to the old library. I used to hang out there all the time. Goin' through books and stufff. I learned so much." He gives a light smile, leaning over the counter. "We should do something special. You and me."

Koshka grins, albeit sheepishly. "You do a pretty good job keeping us kids, too. And hanging out when you can. And school… Kinda.. thinking I'd look at correspondence. Never have to see the teachers then. But.. kind've wanted to finish my education." Her grin fades slightly, briefly. "Not afraid of those robots, I could take care of them and find some of those old books." Her chin lifts slightly, a posture that reaffirms she'll do it, no doubts or fears. But it's quickly replaced by her usual grin. "Like what sort of something?"

"Midtown is off limits for all Lighthouse kids." Brian says quickly. "If you go to Midtown, I will kick you in the throat." The threat is mostly empty and joking, but the words remain. Brian gives a little shrug. "I don't know. What would you like to do?" He looks down for a moment. "How awesome would it be if I was a teleporter? We could go to disneyland. The one in France." He gives a little nod.

The threat is well heeded, whether empty or not. Koshka pales slightly and nods, there will be no going to Midtown. "Disney would be awesome. Never been there. But.. being a replicator is better than a teleporter, even if it means we couldn't go." The girl rubs at the back of her neck, brows drawing together for a moment. "What about… like… Six Flag— well, travel might be hard, unless you have a car." She gives a little sigh and a shrug.

"Of course I have cars. I just don't let you in them because you might shed." Brian grins lightly, tilting his head at her. "We could go there. How do you think Sam and I went to…" Wherever it is they went. "We could do that. That would be fun." Winters murmurs gently.

Koshka practically jumps up and down. Nearly. "Yay! Six Flags will be so much fun. We can go on roller coasters until we puke then eat ice cream and greasy burgers." A moment passes where she's smiling with excitement, watching Brian. And then the excitement fades, becoming more curious. "Where did you and Sam go? You guys like.. took off then this big old dome thing popped up in the middle of Queens. It's like.. coincidence or something."

"You make it sound not that good." Brian brings up one hand as if to say 'calm down' though he can't help but smile broadly at her excitement. He takes a few steps forward. "Sam and I are on business with Amid. When we're done. We'll come back." He looks a little distracted at that point, or maybe even a little hurt. But with a quick shake of his head he's looking back to Koshka, smiling gently. "You're much better than the last girl who stayed with us. She didn't clean up anything. You're like practically Cinderella." He smiles brightly. "But that guy with the weird name is not Prince Charming. To be clear."

Business. Koshka eyes Brian, partially teasing suspicion and part concern. But she doesn't press the point, taking the turn of conversation as perfectly normal. It's a practice she employs when there's things she's unwilling to talk about herself. The smile returns, excitement back under control. "I don't mind cleaning up, or helping with anything. Like… we're all kind've a family thing, and.. Well you guys do your thing and I help by cleaning and stuff. —And… What's wrong with Daryl?"

"I don't like him." Brian lets out bluntly. Though turning some, his ffeatures sofften as he looks over Koshka. "I'm sorry. I've been wrong a lot. And I just get defensive of people I care about." He flails his hand out at Koshka. Offering a weak smile he goes to take a few steps over towards her. Leaning over he goes to plant a light kiss on the top of her head. "Six flags. You and me. No Sam. No Daryl. Deal?" His hand comes out to shake.

"But… you just…" Koshka shakes her head, confused. Then she grins and shrugs. "Thanks for watching out for me, Brian. Really. I'd be… who knows what right now." If things had gone worse just a few months ago. With a smile and a nod, she shakes hands and agrees, "Just us." Then, stepping forward, the teenager goes to pull Brian into a quick hug, just before resuming her self-appointed chores.

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