Weather State Of Emergency

March 22, 2010
Associated Press

In a press conference earlier today, New York State Governor Robert Malden informed that he has issued a State of Emergency for the state of New York given the extreme winter weather being experienced up and down the eastern seaboard. Malden instructed New Yorkers to hunker down for the worst of the storm, which weather analysts have predicted has yet to come.

The storm, which is the most devastating winter weather pattern to his the east coast on record, has dumped approximately five and a half feet of snow over the city of New York alone, with drifts of up to nine feet in areas like Staten Island where public works are unable to reach. Citizens without proper winter shelter or heating are recommended to find safe haven at emergency shelters across the city or to find shelter with relatives outside of the winter weather band.

Authorities are estimating than New York City's staggering homeless population will be driven out by the sub-freezing temperatures and blistering cold, and expect additional incidents of home invasions and breaks ins during this weather crisis and are asking everyone to remember to lock their doors and not answer the doors for individuals they are not familiar with.

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