Web Chattin'


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Scene Title Web Chattin'
Synopsis A very sick Eve and a healthy Claire chat it up over web cams.
Date March 15, 2010

Web Cams

Beep Beep

That's the sound of your local video chatting application going off. Yes indeed. As the beeping echoes through the library, a rather sick and deathly looking woman stares at the screen. Her head tilted to the side. She misses her friends..

To be honest.. she misses everyone. But nobody seems to miss her. Guess that's what happens when you lose your ability to see the future. Eve briefly looks over at the dogs who are sleeping on the floor next to her bed and she sighs softly. Her right arm which is paralyzed, covered with a black glove is placed across her lap. She's not feeling well, but she thought it best if she got in contact with these people.

"Is that?!" Claire asks stepping into the office, with a frown. A glance goes to the walls, since earlier in the day a certain tattered shadow hung out on the wall. Moving to look at the computer screen, Claire frowns a bit. "I — didn't even know we had that." She slides her butt into the chair and scoots it close to the desk.

Hand to the mouse she clicks on the incoming calls cautiously, there is a blink as the screen pops up an image of Eve. "Eve?" Claire sounds a touch surprised.

"Claire." Eve rasps out and she tries to smile at the younger woman but as soon as she does, she starts to cough heavily. The singer looks at the young blonde with a blink and then she smiles. "I've been.. well sick. I missed the meeting, got some text messages. Nobody's telling me what's going on." Eve sighs and she moves her left hand to cover her face briefly. "How're you?" she asks softly.

"I'm — good." Claire's concern for her friend shows plainly as she watches the woman's digitalized image. "Not doing much really." Total lie, but not too many people know what the young blonde regenerator is doing. "Trying to keep warm and healthy for the most part."

"You don't look so good, Eve." Blonde brows tip upward with that worry. "How bad is it? It's not… the flu is it?"

"The one that takes away your ability and infects only Evolved.. for now.. then yes I do." Eve goes through another coughing fit and she shakes her head. "It's so strange, you'd think I'd be overly excited to not see the things that I see." Eve shrugs but it should be noticed that her right arm hasn't so much as twitched. Her shoulder either.

"Things are good? What's the word on the virus and the meeting? Is anyone else infected?" Eve asks all these questions though it's getting harder and harder for the girl to speak.

"Oh Eve…" Claire say softly, her head shaking slowly. "I'm so sorry to hear it. You have any help?" Eyes glance to the area around the precog. "Do I need to call my mom or Dad to get you help?" Teeth catch her lips briefly, as she leans to tug out her cellphone out of a pocket. "Say the word and I know I can get mom there with Mr. Muggles or have dad send some one from his network."

"No no, I'm fine. There are people from the Ferrymen watching over me.. I.. Kylie! Stop that!" Eve rasps out and she gives Claire a sheepish smile, "She likes to act out sometimes." She says to Claire and shakes her head. The woman's skin is beyond deathly pale and her light grey eyes look even more scary right now.

"Oh, I saw.. uh.. I met.. Michael Spalding.. Cam's brother." She says softly and she looks away. "It didn't go great.. but it didn't go bad?" she says with a soft sigh. She hates the way that she is feeling right now.

The fact she is being cared for by her father's people makes Claire relax some, cellphone set on the table. "Well it's a relief to know your in good hands at least." Smiling at the image softly, "Stay warm and get better quick, hmm?"

The mention of Cameron gets a small grimace from Claire, she leans back from the computer. "Isn't he in FRONTLINE same as Liz?" She asks softly. "How did he react?" She can't help but wonder.

"I don't know Claire.. it's not looking good.." Eve admits and she coughs again, sniffling she shrugs with her left shoulder slightly. "I freaked.. I didn't know what to say so I kind of said sorry about Cam and ran away." The artist sighs and looks away, "You know about me and Cam, I'm not even over it and it's been over a year." Sometimes it takes a while to get over someone, especially when they're dead. "Yeah he's in FRONTLINE."

"I — ah — " Claire isn't sure what to say to that, teeth chewing at her lip for a moment before she decides to say. "I saw Knox and West recently. They — seem about that same." She gives a small smile, though it doesn't quite reach her eyes. "Getting in trouble. Which isn't really new… for any of us."

"I — went and saw Karl's grave recently. Paid my respects." The words are said softly by the ex cheerleader. "Knox invited me there." As a reminder of the past, but she doesn't say that. "I guess he goes to see him often."

"Knox??" Eve blinks and her eyes widen. "He's around? Oh my god, talk about the old days huh?" Eve shakes her head and she chuckles. "I'll find them when I'm better." She wants to say, if she's better.

"I never really thought Karl was a bad person, he just wanted to keep the original message of PARIAH alive. Though.. it could have changed.. we have so much to answer for.. so many deaths.." Eve looks away, it's the single regret she has. "We changed lives, but at what cost?" The singer coughs again and then she's swatting at the thin air, "Hush Beatrix. I'm having a conversation, can't you see?"

"Yeah…. yeah we do." Claire says softly, watching her friend swat at nothing. "The way we did things was wrong, never really worked." Her head eyes to the desk surface before her. She wants to say so much to the woman on the screen. "But yeah, Knox is still around. I heard that he had worked for that guy White that wanted to take out the Statue of Liberty.. and destroyed a building." Stuff that she was around for, witnessed, but the memories were gone.

"Huh, he would keep to our calling, Knox." Eve will find him later, she misses the man. "Are you sure, that you're okay?" Eve notices Claire's expression. "You aren't sick right? You can't afford to be get sick. I'd say that you should.. well not be in contact with any Evolved. It's too dangerous, for you especially." Eve would hate to see her friend get sick or worse die because her immune system can't handle it.

"Just… worried about you." Blue eyes lift to the screen again, Claire gives her a small smile. See fine. "I'm not sick with the Evolved Flu, but I'm being careful. I have to be more then ever." Elbow rest on the desk, hands rest against her chin. "When I was over seas, I picked up Malaria. My body doesn't have the ability to get rid of it." Taking a deep breath, the ex-cheerleader continues to explain.

"The Malaria has mutated to a point that it's a super bug, nothing can get rid of it." Her head shakes slowly. "It'll kill me faster then a non-existed immune system. "

"Oh shit, Claire.. those damn doctors.. huh?" Eve sighs and then looks over to the side and then leans in to the laptop. "How is the progress going on finding those men I dreamt about?" she asks with a tilt of her head. "Gregor and the rest?"

"Yeah, Gregor was the one that experimented on me in Madagascar, supposedly." Not that the regenerator could remember much of it, some of it comes in the form of nightmares though. "I.. am not the one to ask that actually." Claire says with a small frown, glancing to one side and the other as if searching for some one, "I've been working on my own thing. I can try and find out for you though, what's been discovered."

"Your own thing? I hope it isn't too dangerous." Eve comments softly as she regards the blonde with a worried expression. "Okay, I'd like that a lot. I just feel so cut off, but it's better this way. I need to be away from everyone." She says and then she's sighing and then coughing and clutching a hanker chief to her mouth. She doesn't let Claire see that it's blood.

A knowing smirk, tugs up a corner of Claire's mouth as she says with a mock smug tone. "Have you ever known me to avoid something cause it's too dangerous?" A brow arches high on her head expectantly. "I'll be fine. I can't tell you about it, but it's important."

The coughing, makes Claire sober and the worried look comes back, "Maybe you should go lay down, you look like hell. So go get some rest. I can't imagine being up an about like that is doing any good."

"I wish I could say I've looked worse.. but I can't." Eve smirks and chuckles softly before waving her hand at Claire and preparing to sign off. "Be safe Claire, okay?" she says before she shuts the program off and then a fit of coughing happens and she's sinking into bed, time for rest.

"You too.." Claire says softly to the blank screen, she's very worried what she saw in her friend. Leaning back in the chair, she stares at the screen for a long time, thoughtfully. Reaching forward she turns the program up and climbs to her feet. She wanted to say so much more, but not yet.

Everything will come to light soon enough.

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