Weird Reunion


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Scene Title Weird Reunion
Synopsis Tahir thought Samara was dead… so their rather ghostly reunion, well, it's weird
Date November 16, 2010

Tahir's Apartment

A Manhattan high rise apartment is usually on the more expensive side of things. But for someone who has just come into a nice chunk of change as the host of a new game show, Tahir Avery Dunham is living in this luxurious lap without too much pressure or any worry. Freshly showered, Tahir rocks the 'wet dog' look but makes it sexy as he slides through the living area (which has an awesome view, by the way) decked out in basketball shorts and a t-shirt, on his way to the kitchen. Smoothie time!

The view of the Manhattan high rise isn't the only beautiful thing about this apartment. The kitchen itself is a-shine with the brilliance of stainless steel appliances, beautiful reflective surfaces that make the entire room appear larger than it is. Aside from the fingerprints found upon the stove and fridge's surfaces (darned fingerprints are nearly impossible to get out of the sheeny surfaces).

While nothing seems amiss in the kitchen itself, those reflective surfaces tell otherwise. The image of a very familiar twenty-something woman rests within their frames. Her reddish-auburn-hair, button nose, and chiseled jaw are a shadow of a girl Tahir once knew — and his still-alive mother. Sleeping beauty lays across the tiled floor, twitching slightly in her dreamless slumber.

Tahir spins backwards as he heads for the kitchen, not even looking where he's going. He's actually paying too much attention to snatching the remote off one of the side tables and flicking on the television. Immediately, he bypasses anything that looks like it could be news and heads straight for the Channel of All Channels: ESPN. With a smile he watches some highlights that are going down on the screen! "We are so going to the Super Bowl." is muttered to nobody, since he's the only one in his apartment right now. Well, the only one in the living room.

He knows his way around his kitchen so he's not particularly looking at anything but the television as he reaches for all kinds of stuff in the fridge, tossing them onto the counter top and preparing for smoothie time. Granted, something happens when he grabs at a bottle and realizes that he's grabbed something less healthy than usual. He frowns, looks at it and turns to open the fridge back up…


Tahir's eyes blink a little bit as he stares at the glistening surface of the fridge door and sees something that he shouldn't. Something that looks like… his mother. "Wait. Mom?" Confused, much?

The words about the Superbowl are enough to cause sleeping beauty to stir. Dizzily, Samara Dunham — Tahir's younger, and very dead (at least as far as Tahir is concerned) sister — sits up. She presses a hand to her forehead, firmly planting it there before rubbing her eyes. Where is she? Her eyes scan the kitchen, catching sight of her own reflection more than once. Until.


Her mouth gapes at the very familiar man in the kitchen. It's Tahir; unmistakably her older brother. For so long she's avoided her family; tried to give them some measure of closure by moving on. The shock is enough to make the girl scream… inaudible to the real world.

And he's calling her mom. Her eyes narrow sharply as she impossibly floats to her feet. Her tongue rolls over her lips as she stares at him before holding up a few fingers and waggling them. The shock continues, trickling into her expression — wide-eyed and bewildered.

Obviously, this is not Mom. That much is becoming clear to Tahir as he stands there and stares into the reflection of the fridge. Mostly, well, because Mom doesn't waggle fingers. And then there's the fact that the reflection looking at him is much younger. So there's a couple of things that have him doing something more reactionary and instinctual… like rolling to the side and backing the hell up and away from the crazy fridge.

"Sami?! What the hell?!"

Yeah, Tahir is not about to take this well. He has no idea what in the world is going on and he's not really caring at this point. All he knows is that he's seeing his little sister, who is very much dead, in his fridge door and that's not supposed to be happening right now. "Jesus Christ, I need Bill Murray." Keeping himself entertained with random words should help keep him from freaking the hell out all the way and shooting holes in the fridge with the gun that's hidden in the next room.

Samara's lips move as her hands are held out in front of her, but Tahir can't hear a word she's saying. Even the movements are muttered, softer than her usual tone in an effort to calm her brother; once again ironic because… he can't hear her. He may, however, be able to catch one word, better annunciated than others, Dead.

Offended much?!

While Samara had been shocked before, now she's just plain as day insulted. She floats over to one of Tahir's pots hanging above the stove before focusing just enough to bat it with her hand. The pot swings, hitting the pots around it.


The clatter of metal against metal expresses a small amount of dissatisfaction from the deader of the two. She faces him, effectively showing nothing more than the back of her head in the reflection. Her cheeks turn slightly rosy.


Tahir is tripping out right now. He's halfway between running into the other room to get his gun and halfway between trying to figure out what in the hell is happening. Since that happens to be the question he continues to spout out with his mouth, he might as well try and get some answers. His eyes are unable to not follow what's happening and when his pots are clanged together like that, he's finding that he can't really deny that what is happening is very real.

"Okay, first of all, dead people don't touch my stuff!" Tahir says, waving his hands around, as if there are more ghosts up in his apartment. "Especially an expensive cookware set like that! That was a gift from Mom!" He's trying to keep up with reflections and what not, so it doesn't look like he's yelling at the air. Sportscenter has been forgotten about for the moment.

Samara purses her lips together and holds out her hands again. She means her brother no harm, even if she's visiting him unconventionally and completely purposelessly. This is exactly why she stays away from home, being a spectre doesn't lend itself for happy reunions. She turns back to the fridge so he can see her face.

Carefully she brings a single finger across her lips. Shhhh she mimes silently. She lowers the finger moments later and shoots him an apologetic smile. Sorry. She's sorry he has to see her like this, that she woke up in this random place, and that he… wait. What is he doing in the States?! Unless.

Her eyebrows knit together tightly as she floats to the window and peers outside. Oh good. Still New York. Her hand raises to her chest as she catches her breath again; she didn't magically sleep herself to Asia. That would've been quite the dead sleep.

She shoots Tahir an apologetic smile again, softer this time, still moderately insulted. But she picks up on one thing while wrinkling her nose, Mom.

"This is so beyond awkward right now." Tahir is losing his mind. He has to be. This has to be some kind of strange dream. But no, the Sportscenter that's happening off in the living area is still telling him all about his team and their Super Bowl boundness. So he has to be awake. Tahir is frowning again.

"Okay, yeah, so if you're haunting me because that time I beat up that guy who was going to take you to that Semi-Formal, then you're gonna' be here a while. Because I refuse to apologize for that. Still." Tahir shrugs a bit, talking to someone that is clearly there but not. "He was going to try and mickey you! I heard it with my own ears!"

That's how one deals with ghosts right? Fix their unresolved issues?

At this Samara's eyebrows knit tightly together. That's why Tyler Reid didn't ask her to the Semi-Formal?! That would've been the grandest moment of her early-teenage life! Instead, she went with a bunch of the girls, including Rue. And Lanny was so pleased. Which makes SO much sense. Pressing her lips together in irritation, she rolls her eyes. She stands akimbo while tapping her foot expectantly.

Her lip pouts slightly while she watches him, he thinks he's crazy. Everyone who sees her thinks they're crazy other than Brian. She bites her bottom lip before eying him carefully. She over mouths, Are You Okay? In general or now… it's hard to determine what she's talking about.

"Do I LOOK okay?!"

Obviously, he's not.

Tahir is doing more frantic arm waving before he turns to lean his head against the wall. It's getting hard enough to talk to someone that's barely there. He might as well not even try to look at them anymore. Even if the overmouthing is what helped him to answer the questions being asked in the first damn place! "You Casper in here after a million months, OUT OF THE BLUE without even a light flickering or something to let me know you're haunting me and you expect me to just be okay with that?!" For anybody that may be looking in the window, it will look like Tahir is talking to the wall. What a weird tenant.

Samara frowns now. It's not like she can talk to him to calm him down, or utter some words to help clear his head. He can't hear her. This whole not being quite alive thing is starting to become a huge pain in the neck.

She sighs heavily as she hangs her head down, concealing her face with that long crop of hair. She rubs her face, almost like she's crying; she's not. She's just unclear how to respond and communicate with this man. Her lips press together tightly. She sticks out a single finger to write across the shiny steel surface, I A-M N-O-T H-A-U-N-T-I-N-G U and there it is. The truth. She's not. She's just… hanging out. Waking up in the unknown. Which happened to be Tahir's apartment. Weird.

Tahir pushes off the wall and looks at the writing on the surface and rolls his eyes. "Right. Because Ghosts, Incorporated has decided to just do random home invasions. It's not even Halloween!" That's right, Tahir is figuring that he's got this entire thing figured out and wired to the best of his knowledge. Granted, he's talking to thin air so that's automatically making him look more insane and out of touch with reality. "This is gonna' take somethin' stronger than a smoothie. Think you can latch your soul onto something? I gotta' get ready to go down to the next location." Tahir's still weirded out, but at least his talking has come to a much calmer tone.

Samara rolls her eyes again. Latch her soul onto something… like she's some kind of two bit ghost haunting amateur. She doesn't attach to anything, she just walks and moves as she needs to. Her cheeks flush again as she shakes her head. No drinking first thing in the morning Tahir! Your sister doesn't want you to!! Beyond that, her face dawns that infamous Samara I'm Telling Mom! expression— even though she's totally not. First of all that would dictate actually speaking.

She frowns a little again, eyes drooping as she does so. She shrugs slightly as if to ask where he's going. What next location? Her nose wrinkles, but she is going to follow him… like it or not.

Tahir is a little bit confused about what's going on. But he does recognize that expression. He's seen it many times before. Like when Alison or Jamie or Cassie or Lynn were climbing out of his window and Samara caught them. Man, those were the days. Days that have Tahir actually smirking a bit as he starts to head away from the kitchen and back towards the bedroom. He points at the television as he makes his exit.

On the screen, a commercial for I Have No Idea! pops on! Yeah, that's right. Tahir is on television. Bam!

Sami's jaw drops at the commercial, even as she follows Tahir into the bedroom. What?! Since when was her big bro on television and how didn't she know? Her eyebrows knit closer together, not that anyone can see as she's invisible unless there's a reflected surface. Once she reaches the bedroom, however, she reappears in the frame of Tahir's mirror — clearer than she'd been in the reflection of the stainless steel appliances. Her chin lifts towards the ceiling so she can inspect her face. If they're having a family reunion, she may as well look good doing it, right?

Tahir is paying no attention to his ghostly sister right now because he's sliding past the bed and reaching down to slap the half-naked ass of some random brunette bombshell. "Hey! Wake your cute ass up before I call security." He's got a smile on his face, though, so he can't be too serious.

The female in question, who has to be a model of some type, practically leaps up from the bed to wrap her arms around him. "Not so fast, Mr. Dunham." Oh, she's giving him the look.

Tahir looks left. Looks right. Then looks at what's wrapped around his neck. "… I've got time."

Back to the Bed!

And at the sound of a woman's voice, Samara's face turns bright red. Within seconds she's fully disappeared through the wall, off to figure out where exactly she is. And how to get back to where she wants to be. Once she's on the street, she's glancing at the apartment building and shuddering. "Ewwwwwww. Sooooo freakin' awkward…" she murmurs to herself with another shudder. And with that, she's homeward bound.

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