Welcome Home, Honey


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Scene Title Welcome Home, Honey
Synopsis Gwen's husband returns home after a long term assignment just in time for Elle to witness reunited couple shenanigans.
Date November 24, 2008

Primatech Research

On of the 'break rooms' of the Primatech facility is actually situated pretty comfortably for the agents. Gwendolyn is reclining on a couch, her heels perched in front of it while stocking feet are tucked to the side. She's typing away frantically on a laptop, an inch or so of closed files at her side, her glasses perched on her nose and reflecting light from her work.

Hugh is chipper. British men aren't allowed to be perky, exactly, but Hugh's about as close as you can be, as he comes tromping in. "'Wife!" he announces, dropping his duffle on the floor. "I have returned."

Gwendolyn looks up at him from over the rims of her glasses. "Am I supposed to be pleased?" she asks him in a tone that is quite effectively representing the opposite of her pleasure at seeing him. "You couldn't call from the airport, apparently? Mashing cellphone buttons too much for your great big mitts to manage?" The corners of her mouth start turning upward.

"You know how it is. You end up in a berserker rage, watching your enemies flee before you, hearing the lamentations of their women, but then you can't make the little pinchy gestures that scroll your iPhone, and you're just shit out of luck," Hhugh says, tone mock mournful. The blue eyes are utterly merry, however. He drops into a couch with the sort of force that should be reserved for a paratrooper's landing, and grins at her like a fox, utterly unrepentant. "God, what a chase," he says, happily.

Gwendolyn situates her stocking feet in his lap and keeps on typing. "But you made your aquisition, I'm sure? Is your partner dropping him off, then? Glad one of us has had luck with our cases lately."

Hugh's eyes widen. "Indeed. And he's in the facility in the UK. Bastard had control of animals. He was staging a hedgehog uprising, or something, believe you me," Is he….joking? Serious? Hard to tell. "Happily, he was utterly dotty, and didn't care for large, fierce animals like dogs. SO, instead of an army of rabid dogs, we had to face off against rats and hares and mice."

Gwendolyn snorts. "I need to be careful what I wish for. My new partner is a bloody mess - a trainee, and what's worse, I asked for it." She straightens her spine, takes a quick peek around, and then puts her laptop on the coffee table so she can lean over, grab one of Hugh's lapels, and lay one off him. "Beast," she purrs. "Three months! And for what, the Pied Piper?"

That's why he goes away. So the homecoming is like this. "Remarkably clever, he was," he notes, once he can breathe again. This does take a while. "But, no rodent based plague was unleashed, the subjects of Her Majesty can breathe easily and sleep in peace, again," he says, before picking up his wife and throwing her over his shoulder.

Gwendolyn squawks. "Hugh! My case files! My laptop! Put me down you oaf!" You know, she could probably just hit him in the right spot to make him put her down, but of course she doesn't. Legs kick aimlessly, "I can't just walk away from them!" Or be carried…

Is that the sound of happy, marital bliss and cuddling Elle hears going on just past that door? Well, /too bad/. Because one Bishop is coming in. The doorknob to the break room suddenly clicks and turns, the door swinging draftily open from the hallway outside. It /just/ misses Gwendolyn's head from where the Non-Evolved female is being hauled around on her husband's shoulder. Whoop.

"You're not walkin'. I'm carrying you," Hugh says, blithely. And he steps back, swiftly enough to keep the wife from being bonked in the head. "Oops," he says, putting her back on her feet, even as he eyes Elle expectantly.

And once back on her feet, Gwendolyn smooths her skirt, pats her hair, and turns to walk back to the couch as if none of those shenanigans had ever happened. "Hullo, Agent Bishop." she says politely. "Were you looking for one of us?" She starts stacking files.

Elle's brows are lifted from the second she steps through that door and partly pushes it shut behind her. Simplicity is the word today. Dark blue blouse, black slacks. She seems stunned for a moment before she completes this action, but she quickly regains focus in her movements, folding her arms. "Obviously," she replies waggishly to Gwendolyn.

Hugh receives a bright-eyed, rather interested glance. "Actually. It's you, Gwen. I hope I wasn't ~interrupting~ anything?" It is airy and only slightly insincere.

Gwendolyn's eyes slide over to her husband, a smirk appearing at the corner of her mouth. Bending to close her laptop she addresses Elle, "What can I do for you?" As ever, her accent is crisp, that of a haute Londoner.

"You arrived early enough that you aren't. Good timing,' Hugh congratulates Elle, expression very bland. Gwen gets a significant look. You, me, handcuffs, whipped cream, later. "Agent Bishop," he adds, inclining his head, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

"Yeah, Sabs wants me to tell you you're supposed to - well, here. Just read the memo." Out comes a small yellow post-it, folded once in half, from Elle's pants pocket; she holds it out between thumb and forefinger for Gwendolyn to take.

An incredulous smile drops onto Elle's lips in response to Hugh's, well, subtleness. Her hand lowers a little and pauses in midair, still dangling that post-it. "And that's really too bad. I can go out and come in in a few minutes when you're more worked up?"

Gwendolyn reaches for the memo, the smirk turning into something akin to an aggravated frown. "Is that for my debriefing on Agent Sanders' performance? I don't think I've ever looked forward less to a debriefing in my life." she announces to the room in general. Yes, it will be made of epic fail. But at least she ran over Peter Petrelli v2.0 with a car.

'Are you the type that fancies watching?" Hugh wonders of Elle, with utter and complete aplomb. Again, is he serious, or not? But then eh turns his attention to Gwen. "Oh. I heard about the car. Well done, darling," he says to Gwendolyn, approvingly.

"Nope. Me? I can't /imagine/ doing something like that." Elle sends a hot, blue little spark flitting Hugh's way with a flick of her fingertips; with any luck it won't get onto his clothes.

"Thank you, sweetheart." Gwendolyn replies to Hugh serenely. He's a funny man. She could sashay around in lace all day and he'd hardly blink, but seeing her put together a machine gun blindfolded will wind her up against a wall. Make that 'funny couple'. "The car? Oh, I ran over our observation target. Don't worry, he got back up, no thanks to my trainee." She makes a face. "Agent Sanders was my responsibility, so I shall undboutedly be taking the hit."

Hugh nods approvingly to Elle, but doesn't pursue that further. There's a limit to what the wife will permit before she launches into the Kali-harpy dance of death. And no nookie after that long an absence…well, it's not worth risking. "A tough one, hm?" he wonders, cocking a red brow at Gwen. And then there's a spark, and he skips back, swift if not graceful. "Hey," he protests. "I had that suit made bespoke. Leave it be, would ya?"

Luckily for all of them, the floor is tile-y and smooth and not, say, flammable carpet or wood. The spark dashes its life out against this surface, disappearing weakly. A chortle escapes Elle, and she tilts her head the tiniest fraction. "Oh, Hughie. Just trying to help."

The mention of Niki sharpens her attention, and the look she gives Gwendolen now is far more wry and interested than before. "Agent /Sanders/. I was wondering how she'd do on her oh-so-special first assignment. She didn't go musical sisters on you, did she?"

The door opens to the posh break room, and in walks a Mohinder who looks like he's pulling another allnightandmostofthenextdaytoo. Taking off his glasses, he folds them up and makes his way to the coffee service set up. The time for tea has long past and it's time to do deals with darker demons. He pours it into one of the cups, black and bitter as pitch. He takes a sip, winces. He recognizes at least one of the faces here, the other two not so much. He remains quiet as he finds a place to sit, which is naturally near people.

"No, but I don't think 'partnership' or 'team player' are in her vocabulary." Gwen replies wryly. "She gets her own ideas in the field, and while I'm all for thinking on your feet, there's supposed to be an understanding between partners." She sounds more annoyed in general than personally miffed.

Hugh brushes at his suitjacket. "Thank you, love," he says to Elle. "But I rather like it the way it is." He hmfs at Gwen's description of Niki. "Haven't met her. Sounds like a handful," Mohinder gets a respectful, "Afternoon, Doctor."

The task here is done. Elle really has no desire to linger in this growing crowd any longer, and briskly her legs begin to carry her back towards that doorway. Mohinder is noticed with narrowed eyes, and she gives the doctor a token mysterious smile as she passes him, mildly attempting to scuttle her fingers up one side of his ear like a crab as she goes past. Teehee.

"…Later, guys." Somehow even that casual parting shot sounds sly, coming from her.

Mohinder looks up when he is addressed "Hello there." he says to the agent, his voice polite and pleasant despite his exhausted appearance. At the mention of the time of day he looks up, surprised. "It's afternoon already?" he asks, blearily. "Oh dear." He is teased by the Elle and he twitches a bit. "Ummm..later?" he says, watching her go. He turns back towards the others in the room, sipping his coffee again. "I don't think I'll ever get used to her." he says.

"Namaste, Dr. Suresh." Gwen greets him in their native tongue. "I'm sure Elle's a lovely girl, somewhere inside that landscape of sociopathy that is her unique personality." A grin.

"Amazing, isn't she," Hugh says, with the politeness one reserves for terrifying things. "And Doctor, you look bloody awful. Don't they make you rest here, at least some times?"

Mohinder gives Gwen a soft smile, "Namaste Gwendolyn, Hugh." he says to the both of them as he sips his coffee. "Yeah, it's like Charlie Manson and the Energizer Bunny wrapped up in a body that could stop a watch." he sips his coffee again. "and yes, we have regular schedule to work like anyone else..but there's too much to do. Not enough time. Too much riding on all of this."

Gwendolyn eyes the retreating blonde warily. "Does she really need to play all electric toy with you?" she notes in mild irritation to Hugh. She looks back to Mohinder. "And how is HomeSec treating you?"

"I think she wants to see if that's my kink," Hugh says, feigning great interest in the state of his manicure. Or lack thereof - he's got worn hands, callused from gun work.

Mohinder sips his coffee quietly, listening to the two going back and forth. "Well, I'm putting in 36 hour days. I've got some stuff done and ready to go, but the more things get done, the more things that spring up that need doing. "I might actually end up getting more than a couple of hours of sleep here in a few weeks." he says to Gwen.

Gwendolyn smiles at that. "Well, you do need a break." she says. "Why don't you join Hugh and I for dinner some time this week? How long has it been since you've had a proper chicken tikka, hmmm?" She moves over to Hugh, putting an arm around his waist, craning her neck up at him. "I have a meeting with Sabra later."

"It'll be tea and crumpets and loads of fun," Hugh says, slipping an arm around his wife's ribs. "You have to take better care of yourself," he lectures Mohinder, for all his tone remains jovial. "What about?" he wonders of Gwen, slightly more seriously.

Mohinder takes a drink of coffee. "It sounds awfully tempting, I have to say.." he trails off as Gwendolyn mentions Sabra. Even the scientist is all ears when she's brought up. He watches, eyes still wide. Also curious.

Niki Sanders comes into the breakroom. She's tired, and looks it, with dark circles under her eyes. She spots the crowd assembled there, and her expression goes curious, as she starts into the room. "Hello, everyone."

"My trainee." Gwendolyn offers, in answer to Hugh's question and by way of introduction. "Niki Sanders, this is Agent Hugh Wickham, my husband. I believe you know Dr. Suresh."

Hugh uses his free hand to give Niki a wave. "Goodness. And I thought squatting in sheepfields in Wales was a tiring vacation. Everyone here looks so worn. And I was told we had such nice paid holiday benefits," Hugh deadpans. "A pleasure to meet you. Miss Sanders."

Mohinder raises his mug to Niki when she walks in. The two know each other oh yes. He sips his coffee, "Ahh, but where they get you is the probationary period which is three to five years with time off for good behaviour." he says. "Hello, Miss Sanders." he says, his voice staying the same pleasant and rich timbre it usually is. He pauses a moment, "When's good for you two?" he asks. He needs a night out like one wouldn't believe.

Niki seems at least a bit surprised by Mohinder's presence in the room. She takes a few steps in, before offering a hand to Hugh, the one person she she hasn't previously met. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Agent Wickham. And good to see you again, Dr. Suresh."

Gwendolyn's lips purses tight, and she doesn't offer much further. It's clear she's displeased with Niki. To Mohinder, "Sometime during the weeknights, perhaps?"

"Our weekends do tend to be terribly busy." Presumably with coffee and newlywed sex, one'd supposed, by Hugh's oh so bland expression. "But yes, weeknights'd be great." He takes Niki's hand and bows over it, graciously.

Mohinder nods, "That works. Just call my mobile, trust me..I'm free all week." he says tiredly to both Gwendolyn and Hugh. He's pretty sure he's not even /allowed/ to think of girls with so much work to do, much less what newlyweds do on the weekends. He's at least a little kinder to Niki than Gwen seems to be, "Good to see you, too. How have things been?" he asks, making conversation.

Niki smiles a bit at Hugh…a smile that fades when she notices Gwen's expression. Yah. Well, she has to expect that. She looks to Mohinder. "I've been better, Dr. Suresh. Two years in a catatonic state will do that to you."

Gwendolyn looks to Hugh. "At any rate, I have a few hours before I'm expected. Shall we?"

"But of course," Hugh says, suavely. "Lead on."

Mohinder glances over to Niki, "I'm sorry to hear that. Are things better now, I hope?" he asks, offering a polite wave to the newly married couple who are going to go out and do something newlywedly like have a life or something.

Niki looks over at the two who are preparing to depart. "It's a step up from catatonic. Beyond that…I don't know." She sighs. "Its good to see you again."

"I'll see you later, Miss Sanders." Gwen offers this over her shoulder as she and Hugh depart. Miss Sanders, not Agent Sanders.

Mohinder sips his coffee and nods when Niki speaks. Gwen's icy farewell to Niki is noted with a cocked eyebrow. He stands up. "Umm. well then, I should really probably be back to work." he does give Niki his gentle smile, "It's good to see you again, too. Feel free to come down to the lab whenever you want to visit." he says.

November 24th: Welcome Home, Honey

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