Welcome To Midland



Scene Title Welcome To Midland
Synopsis A fresh start in a familiar town.
Date July 5, 2010

Midland, Texas.

A greyhound bus pulls into the town with a groan and hiss of hydraulics and air brakes.Another hiss, the front door opens, sliding out and back so that the passengers on the bus who have reached their destination can disembark.Five sets of feet make it off, sneakers, dress shoes, high heels and finally, a pair of red flip flops, toes painted a shade that doesn't match.

There's a drop of a bag beside the feet, surplus canvas from a military store, black letters and numbers along it's side as the person goes up on their toes, stretching out presumably before the bag is picked up again. Along the sidewalk she goes, a piece of gum long since discolored and ground into the ground, some dried leaves, other people's feet as they carry on with the day. A little girls pink sandals stop, as do the red flip flops. "Your toes are pretty!" The girlish tone matching the small feet compared to the flip flops. "Thank you! Your shoes are pretty" A light voice, unmarred by any danger, turmoil or emotions. Clear, clean, at peace.

"Come along Teresa, have a nice day young lady" A more matronly voice offers before the simple and conservative flats that accompany that voice take the little girl away, heading off to where their destination lay's. Red flip flops keeps going, a pigeon skittering by with it's forward bobbing head, cooing sounds as it pecks at a piece of possible food on the sidewalk, 143 painted in white on the curb. The flip flopped feet pause, one foot curled at the toes, as if it's bearer is in thought before she steps forward, going up the steps, the corner of the window of the building coming into view.

There's a help wanted sign vibrantly sitting there, 'Waitress' written in black sharpie underneath the white words on red. A bell rings at the door when it's opened, a jeans and t-shirt clad petite blonde opening the door and going in, letting it close behind her and approaching the counter of the diner with hesitant then confidant steps across the red and white checkered linoleum, waiting to get the attention of the older waitress.

"Welcome to the Burnt Toast Diner, my names Lynette, what can I get for you dear? You look like you just came off the bus, all rumpled and weary" The sturdy spikey blonde haired waitress exclaims. The younger blonde turns away from the cork board with the pictures and business cards across the way, smiling at the waitress. "Long bus trip. Your sign says that you need a waitress? I don't have any experience, but, I'd like to fill out a form. I'm a quick learner" She flashes a toothy friendly smile.

"Sure thing dearie, what's your name?" She asks, even as she's turning to get the necessary papers to be filled out.

"Mary-Anne Ma'am" The nineteen year old offers. "Mary-Anne Jacob"

"Welcome to Midland Texas, Mary-Anne, You're gonna like it here"

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